Speed Escape: Chamber Walkthrough

Speed Escape: Chamber
By AA3 Studio

This is a walkthrough for the iPhone game.

Walkthrough (Easy mode):

1. Take the box from the top of the desk.

2. Examine the box to see some spades on the lid.

3. Look behind the poster/picture on the wall to find a round object with a square on it.

4. Open the drawer of the desk to find a TV magazine.

5. Look under the pillow of the bed. There’s a book.

6. Flip through the pages of the book to find a blue spade. Take it.

7. Swipe the screen to move right. Search the couch to find a round object with a circle on it.

8. Tap around the little glass table to find another spade.

9. Swipe to the right. Examine the bottom shelf to find another spade.

10. Swipe right to face a TV. Search under the chair to find a round object with a triangle on it.

11. Swipe right and tap the dart board to find the fourth and final spade.

12. Place all four spades in the correct spots on top of the box. The box will open and reveal a key. Take it.

13. Go back to the screen with the shelves. Use the key to open the right cabinet and take the spanner and “X” sphere.

14.Tap the bed to get a cabinet. Use the spanner to open it and reveal a combination lock.

15. Read the book in your inventory for a clue.


16. The code is the day the boss was born. Enter it into the lock:


17. The clue for the shapes is the magazine, which says TV GAME. They’re talking about a Playstation controller. Put the shapes in this order:


And you’re out! Congratulations!

Hard mode:


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  1. Leanne

    Where is the rest of the walkthrough? I can’t figure out the code on the cabinet.

    1. Help me to escape


      I know what you mean, I have been so far, but no code. I saw the note in the book but this is not the right one. Somebody help me and other people PLEASE!!!
      Sometime the game get stucked, when I want open some items. But the game is very nice. Goodbye!!


      1. AppUnwrapper

        If anyone wants to help me get further in my walkthrough, maybe I can finish it :).

        1. Help me to escape

          Alright AppUnwrapper RESPECT, I’ll wait when something happens. I make a alarm at the hard way. But I will make my way free, goodbye! Grtz.

      2. Charlie

        The code for the cabinet is the buttons on a classic Playstation Controler 🙂 hope that helped 🙂

  2. Clueless

    The code is 1970 0501 the day the boss was born.. Stuck after that.. Help!!

  3. Help me to escape

    Yes! I’m free!!
    I give you a hint: find two batterys, you place them in the CDplayer.
    Klick on the CDplayer and you are almost free.
    I like this game, easy & hard is almost the same way.
    I wish everybody good luck and for now goodbye!

  4. Jcarlan

    What about hard mode? The hint is still saying use the magazine cover for the order. I am past that and can’t figure out what’s next.

  5. Help me to escape

    @JCarlan you don’t need the magazine cover. You have to found 2 batterys and place them in the CDplayer. Now is it possible the alarm to get off. Good luck. You ‘ll make it. Grtz. Help me to escape.

  6. Nessa

    Where do I find the second battery? I found the first one in the controller.

  7. Selena

    I can’t look under the pillow…I have tap all the screen but nothig… Has anyone else the same problem? Is there some specific place to tap??? Help plz!!!

  8. Selena

    The second battery it’s under the desk… You must tap one but for long time…

  9. Roxxie

    I did everything before, I decided to go on here and find out why the key won’t work on any thing… I’ve tried everything!!! It won’t open the cabinet by the shelves!!!! 🙁

    please help

    1. Selena

      The key is for the bookcase!!!

  10. Almost got it?

    On the Hard mode, I got everything, followed all instructions, but I can’t find the 2nd battery! Help please! I long tapped, tapped, double tapped, swiped, etc on and around the desk forever but no luck! Very frustrated.

    1. Triton

      The second battery is under the desk

      1. lee

        speed escape
        I cnt get the battery under the desk? Howwwwwww??

  11. Junior mint

    Crap. This game is far from others mentioned here. By the way, great walkthrous! Cheers

  12. Bob Brov

    I can’t look under Pillow

  13. Almost got it?

    Looking under pillow is a long press. How to find 2nd battery?

  14. ola

    I got the batteries in the Cd player but I still can’t get the alarm of.

    Please help

  15. Laryssa

    You need to press on the right side of the cd player then a green light comes on. Then press alone the left side if the cd payer and it will give you a cd. This cd goes into the alarm on the wall

  16. Anonymous

    How do I get the cd player to open I put both batteries in and it won’t open help me

  17. Revital

    Pressed like crazy all over the cd but nothing comes out, I’ve put the batteries inside and turned on the green light but it’s not working

  18. Cass

    I had the same problem with the CD player. I had to swipe it a it on the left side. Hope that helps!

    1. Phil

      Thanks Cass! This finally helped me. Swiping up opened the CD player. I am finally out!

  19. mase21

    I can’t seen the cd player nd wher is the remote postion:-) tnx I nid help I’m stuck

  20. benissa aghjayan

    I can’t take the tv magazine ! Help!

  21. Gee

    I really can’t find anything under the desk…. Might the battery be covered by the banner? If so, then I’ll forget this game since I dont want to pay money for this game..

    1. acem77

      must tap between the desk and the arm of the couch just above and to the right of the ad.

  22. Elle

    Help, I can’t find all 4 spades.

  23. mark


  24. acem77

    Thanks guide works for room horror story ghost town
    seems to be the same.
    was stuck because of step 8
    8. Tap around the little glass table to find another spade.
    touch one part of the table on my version of the game said there was nothing to find, touch an other spot and the spade was found…..
    because of the 1st msg i never thought of tapping all over the table until i read this guide. thanks

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