Escape Game: “The Summer Cottage”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Summer Cottage”


1. Zoom out then turn right so you’re facing a bookcase and rabbit statue.

2. Zoom in on the books on the shelf. Open the purple one. It says Rabbit on the cover. Flip through the pages to find a memo.

3. Open up the memo to find this pattern:


4. Turn right twice. Zoom in on the purple box. Open it and arrange the colored pieces to match the memo, like so:


5. Take the key from inside.

6. On the same screen, zoom in on the brown furniture in the back. Use the key to open the top cabinet and take the binoculars from inside.

7. Zoom in on the window. Use the binoculars to see this:


8. Zoom out then look at the flower in a vase to the left. Tap the flower till it comes out.

9. Remove the petals and leaves from the flower.

10. Turn left. To the right of a plant is a xylophone. Zoom in on it and tap one of the middle bars to lift it up. Take the knife that’s inside. The stem from the flower can be used to play the xylophone, but we need a song to play first.

11. Face the front door again. Look behind the partitioning screen to find a bedroom.

12. Zoom in on the doll. Tap the flags in the sequence you saw through the window. Raise each hand one at a time. You’ll hear a click at the end.

13. Tap the doll and he’ll break in two. Take the wooden bar from inside.

14. Turn the bar over to see this clue:

15. Go back to the brown dresser. Open the bottom right door and cut the ropes with the knife. Take the jar.

16. Turn to the bookcase and open the blue book that says “Music” on it. Take the sheet music titled “Zoom Zoom Zoom”. I chose this one because it was the shortest and I couldn’t find any clues to help choose.

17. Go to the xylophone and use the flower stem to hit the bars in the order written on the sheet music. If you do it right, you’ll hear a “Cuckoo Cuckoo”.

18. That sounds like a clock, so go back behind the partition to the bedroom. Tap on the clock and there’s a bee. Take it.

19. Turn the bee over to see a hexagonal shape.

20. Turn to the bookcase. Above it is a small hexagonal protrusion. Stick the bee on it and tap a bunch of times until it tells you it won’t move anymore.

21. Open the bottom right cabinet door of the bookshelf and take out the paper mâché.

22. Put the papier m╬ô├╢┬úΓö£Γöéch╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ë in the hole on the bottom of the jar (make sure it’s turned over). It needs time to harden.

23. Go for he window. There’s a beam of light coming in. Tap on the beam by the floor to see that it’s warm. Put the
jar on the floor. Walk around a bit to let it harden.

24. Come back and it should be ready. Take it and flip it over and you have a working jar.

25. Under the window is a loose floorboard. Lift it and you’ll find some water. Use the jar with the water to fill it up.

26. There’s something floating in the jar. Tap it and you get a red marble.

27. Go to the rabbit statue. Tap the head to see a missing eye. Place the marble in the hole and tap it. The mouth will open, revealing a key. Take it.

28. Use the key to open the lock on the rabbit’s pedestal. Take the screwdriver from inside.

29. Zoom out and turn right. There’s a picture above the chair. Remove the two screws at the top with the screwdriver and then take the picture.

30. Turn the picture around to see this clue:


31. Together they make up 16 x 32. Do the math.

32. Go to the brown dresser again. Zoom in on the keypad and type in the password you just got, then ENTER a few times until it says it’s open.


33. Take the key card from inside.

34. Go to the front door. Insert the key card in the slot, then use the key in the keyhole. The door is is unlocked! You can escape!

Congratulations! You made it!

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  1. laura

    im not good at reading music does anyone know what the notes would be in do ri mi form? for the song zoom zoom zoom?

  2. Manu

    Impossible to solve the xylophone clue. I keep tipping the notes:
    do do so so La la so fa fa mi mi . But nothing happens !
    I can t understand what I miss. Thanks for your help

    1. laura

      i have no idea how to pass that part whats the answer

  3. Goat

    Can’t get past xylophone with do do so so la la so fa fa mi mi. What am I doing wrong?

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