Escape Game: “Falsely Accused” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Falsely Accused”


1. Read the book on top of the bookcase. Tap on the the number 315. Then find the pink celluloid sheet tucked between the books.

2. Turn right. Take the ice cube from the freezer.

3. Zoom in on the pink dresser. Take the spoon from the top left drawer.

4. Examine the sun and moon drawings in the drawer. One of the sun’s rays says “.com”.

5. Turn right and examine the calendar:


6. Turn right and lift up the pillow from the bed. Take the cell phone.

7. Look out the window at the plant to the right:


8. Face the front door. Zoom in on the plant to the right. Dig through the soil with the spoon and take the key.

9. Turn right and open the brown closet. Move some items around to get to the blue safe. Use the key to open it and take the flash drive from inside.

10. Go back to the book on the bookshelf. Open it up and place the celluloid sheet over it. A word will appear next to the number 315:


11. Look behind the pink dresser (it has a fish tank on it) to find a charger.

12. Put the cell phone in the charger.

13. To the right of the bed, on the wall, is an outlet. Plug the charger in.

14. Walk around a bit, then go back to the charger. When the light is green, it’s charged. Take the phone.

15. Open the phone and look at the screen. You need a password for it:


16. Go to the foot of the bed. Lift up the sheets and the. The mattress. Use the phone to light up the dark area below.

17. Take the steel rod from inside.

18. Face the front door. There’s a circuit breaker above and to the right. Use the steel rod to turn it on.

19. Face the fish tank. There’s an air conditioner above the tank. Use the steel rod on it and you’ll get an extension cord.

20. Plug the extension cord into the computer.

21. Face the fish tank again. Press the light switch to the right of the dark room to turn on the light.

22. Enter the room.

23. Open the left purple cabinet and take the tea kettle. Grab the ladle that’s hanging near the sink.

24. Turn on the water in the sink and fill up the kettle.

25. Put the kettle on the stove (left side) and turn on the flame.

26. Put the ice cube in the sink.

27. Take the kettle off the stove. It should be boiling now. Pour it over the ice. The ice will melt. Take the fruit knife that was inside.

28. Turn off the stove.

29. Go back to the main room. There’s a cushion by the desk. Cut it open with the knife and take the DVD from inside.

30. There’s an air pump behind the fish tank. Turn it on. Then look inside the fish tank (from above) and use the ladle to get a ring.

31. Open the DVD tray on the DVD player (below the TV). The middle piece is missing. Put the ring there in its place. Now put the DVD in and close the tray.

32. Use the knife on the cell phone heart to get a note:


33. “FRIEND” is the password for the phone. Type it in and press ENTER.

34. Tap the screen to turn the remote control function on.


35. Use the phone to turn on the TV and see this clue:


36. Look at the symbols on the flash drive:


37. Look at the symbols on the steel rod:


38. Insert the flash drive into the PC.

38.Turn on the PC and enter the password based on the partial numbers on the drive and rod:


39. Enter the URL, based on the word from the book, the letter on the plant, and the clue on the sun:


40. Read the message on the computer, then go and unlock the door.

Congratulations! You made it out!

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