Snappers: World 2 Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the second world of the game Snappers, levels 2-1 to 2-100. If you share with anyone, please link to this page. And please let me know if you find any errors. Thank you.

See the rest of the walkthrough here.


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Are you looking for Snappers World 3 Walkthrough?

The grid goes like this:

A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
A2 B2 C2 D2 E2
A3 B3 C3 D3 E3
A4 B4 C4 D4 E4
A5 B5 C5 D5 E5
A6 B6 C6 D6 E6

2-1: C5, D2

2-2: C3, C3

2-3: E4, C4, C4

2-4: C4, C5

2-5: E4

2-6: C4

2-7: D4, A2, A2

2-8: C2, D4, D4

2-9: C4, C4, B3, B3, B1, B1

2-10: B4, A4

2-11: B2, C5

2-12: B3

2-13: D3, D4

2-14: D2, D4

2-15: C3, B4

2-16: D4, C2, C2

2-17: C5

2-18: D4, C2, C2

2-19: C3, C2

2-20: B3

2-21: C3, B5

2-22: B2, B2

2-23: C5, C4, B5, B3, C6, A2

2-24: C3, D2

2-25: B3, B3, C4

2-26: D3, E4

2-27: C5, A1, A1

2-28: C2, B6, B2, A2, A3

2-29: B2, B2, D2, B6

2-30: D5, B4, E2

2-31: B2, B4

2-32: B4, B4, A6

2-33: B4, D4

2-34: C5, D4

2-35: B4, D2

2-36: C5, C5

2-37: A5, E2, D4

2-38: B5, B4, B3

2-39: B2, A4, C5

2-40: D3, C2

2-41: B2

2-42: D5, D5, C4

2-43: B3, C5

2-44: B4, B4, E5, E5, E1

2-45: C4, C5, C6

2-46: B3, B3, C3

2-47: D3, C5, B6

2-48: C5

2-49: C1, B3, A3

2-50: B4, B4, B4, B4

2-51: B5, B4, C4

2-52: B4, B5, B5

2-53: B3, E4

2-54: C4, B5

2-55: A4, A4, C4

2-56: B2, C5, C5

2-57: B4, B3

2-58: C3, C5, A5

2-59: C4

2-60: C3

2-61: C1

2-62: E5, D3

2-63: B4, D4, C5, A4

2-64: B3, B2, A4

2-65: D3, C3

2-66: B4, B4, B4

2-67: C2

2-68: B2, C4

2-69: D3, D3, D3, D3, D3, E5

2-70: C4, D3

2-71: C4, C4, C4, D5, B3

2-72: B2, B2, B5

2-73: B3, B3

2-74: C4, D4

2-75: C5, D3, D3

2-76: C3, C3, B3, D4, E1

2-77: B3, C1, C1, C1

2-78: C3, C3, B2, C4, C4

2-79: C4, D3

2-80: B4, B5

2-81: C2, D3

2-82: C4, C4, C3, D2

2-83: B3, B2

2-84: A3, D4, D4

2-85: B4, D2, D2

2-86: C5, D3, E2

2-87: B1, B5, C2, C2, C2, C2

2-88: C3, B4

2-89: D3, C3

2-90: B4, D2

2-91: C4, B3

2-92: A4, B5, B5

2-93: C4, C4, B4

2-94: D4, C5, B4, D2

2-95: B2, B2, B2, D2

2-96: C5, C3

2-97: A4, B3, B3

2-98: C4, A6, A6

2-99: B2, A2, E3

2-100: D2, B3, D4

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  1. Krystina

    The Answer to level 2-21 on snappers is…. c3 and then d5.
    The Answer to level 2-22 on snappers is…. b2 and then b2.

  2. Krystina

    The answer to level 2-25 on snappers is…. C3 and then D2.
    The answer to level 2-26 on snappers is…. D3 and then E4.
    The answer to level 2-27 on snappers is…. C5, A1 and then A1.
    The answer to level 2-28 on snappers is…. C2, A5, A5, B2 and then E1.
    The answer to level 2-29 on snappers is…. B2, B2, D2 and the D6.
    The answer to level 2-30 on snappers is…. D3, B4 and then E2.
    The answer to level 2-31 on snappers is…. B2 and then B5.
    The answer to level 2-32 on snappers is…. B4, B4 and then A6.
    The answer to level 2-33 on snappers is…. B4 and then D4.
    The answer to level 2-34 on snappers is…. C5 and then D4.
    The answer to level 2-35 on snappers is…. B4 and then D2.
    The answer to level 2-36 on snappers is…. C5 and then C5.
    The answer to level 2-37 on snappers is…. A5, E2 and then D4
    The answer to level 2-38 on snappers is…. A5, A3 and then A4.

  3. Abdirahman

    Level 30 is actually B3D4 E1

  4. d j

    2-68 ? Doesn’t seem to be working

    1. d j

      It works fine! Thanks

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