Escape: The Room 2 Walkthrough

Escape: The Room 2
By MocoGames

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1. Turn right twice. Take the red ball, box cutter, and blank sheet of paper from the brown desk.

2. Examine the sign on the wall. Examine both books on the desk.

3. Turn right. Open the fridge and take the cup.

4. Fill the cup with water from the fish tank.


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  1. Help me to escape

    So far so good… And how do I get out this place? And how can I get the item under the fridge? Good luck voor everybody…! Grtz.

  2. Trolley holly

    What’s the coad

    1. alfie smith

      the code is 226154 haha i know it

    2. Spell it right

      Code is not spelled coad trolley holly

  3. HELP

    Then what

  4. Maryam

    1. At the starting screen, you are looking at the door to the outside. Click on the metal post next to the door to look at the setup. There are 9 holes, then a round button on the right.
    2. Click “Back” to return to the whole room view.
    3. Click “Right” 2x so that you are looking at the desk.
    4. Open the bottom desk drawer to get a blank sheet of paper.
    5. Open the drawer on the top left side of the desk and get a box cutter.
    6. Click on the center cubby on top of the desk to get the red ball.
    7. Open the yellow book on top of the desk. On the top left page, it says “2 Circle Triangle Square 5 4.” Below that, it gives you a sequence to figure out: “Circle T T F F S Triangle E Square T.” The given letters are the first letters of the sequence “One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten.” That means that the Circle is O (for One), the Triangle is S (for Seven), and the Square is N (for Nine). Using the chart of the opposite page of the book, we see that O=2, S=6, and N=1. If we plug those numbers into the original code on the top left page, we get “2 2 6 1 5 4.” This is the code on the safe.
    8. Click “Back” to leave the book view, then go Left 1x to look at the fish tank and the safe.
    9. Click on the safe. Enter the code (226154), making sure that you don’t mess up. If you mess up, you have to click “Back,” then start again.
    10. Once the code is entered, click the circular button to open the safe. Grab the silver key.
    11. Use the key to open the top right drawer of the desk. Grab the blue ball and the ruler.
    12. Now click “Right” 1x and open the refrigerator. Grab the cup.
    13. Click the very bottom of the fridge. Use the ruler to slide out the gold key.
    14. Go “Left” 2x to the fish tank. Fill the cup with water from the tank, then use the gold key to unlock the drawer. Grab the package of H3PO4 (phosphoric acid, used to dissolve rust).
    15. Cut open the H3PO4 package with the box cutter, then add the powder to the cup of water. (To combine items, select the first item and click “Check Item.” Then select the second item and click on the large window still showing the first item)
    16. Go “Right” 2x to the fridge and window. Use the cut of chemical on the window to remove the rust and open the blinds.
    17. Grab the green ball from the lower left corner of the window.
    18. Put the blank sheet of paper up to the window. A diagram is revealed.
    19. Use the box cutter to cut out 3 squares on the paper.

  5. Maryam

    20. Now, look at the window. It is a diagram of the top of the metal post next to the exit door, but it the circle (representing the circular button on the metal post) is on the left. This means that the window is a diagram of the metal post, but BACKWARDS. So the red square (representing the spot where your red ball should go), is on the middle right position, right next to the round button.
    21. Go “Left” 1x, and look at the poster on the wall. It reads “A, ?, I, M, O, T, U…” Notice anything about the letters? They are all symmetrical. This means that the “?” should be an H. Again there is a diagram of the setup of the metal post. This time, it is oriented correctly, since the circular button on the right, where it should be. Since “H” is the correct answer, and it is in the lower left corner of the diagram, the blue ball should go in the lower left corner of the metal post.
    22. Click on the gray book on top of the desk. Hold up your cut out diagram onto the book. You can see on the left side of the page another diagram of the metal post. This time, it is SIDEWAYS, because the circular button is at the top of the page. This means that the green ball (given by the letter G) must go in the bottom center location. On the right side of the page, you are given the order of the balls: Green, Blue, Red.
    23. Finally, go “Left” 2x to face the door. Click on the top of the metal post. You now know what order and position the balls go in:
    Green, in the bottom center hole
    Blue, in the bottom left hole
    Red, in the right center hole
    24. Click the button on the right, go back to the door, and walk out!

    1. Embob

      The balls are in the wrong place and so is the code for the safe its 226154

      1. Gg

        I think you have to look at the book with the code then immediately enter the code in the safe.

    2. janis

      Balls are in order but door stiill locked. I did everything and I even followed walkthrough

    3. sleman

      well done
      but i donot anderstand why “h” is mean to “?”
      can u explan that again

  6. Embob

    Oh and what metal pole it is really confusing

  7. Jennifer Baker

    I tried the balls in every possible order and door still locked. ????

  8. Rolf jansen

    On the free vision, on room 2, how must I put the colour balls into the wall into the gray peace of metal? Haha please help me!! Tanx

  9. Nick

    If someone could help me solve the gem weight puzzle that would be great

  10. Cortes Jay'Arr Velasco

    I Got Everything ! But One Thing Left , Guys ? What Is The Pattern Of The Ball .. Please Help 🙂

  11. Becca

    I did everything and put the balls in The right places But the doors still locked?☹️?

  12. Caz

    Hi can someone please help how do you flip the switch on the box, in the room with the small ship and cannons

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