Lechuza – horror point and click game

Lechuza – horror point and click game
By Apostrophe Stockholm

Lechuza point and click game title

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Quality, original point-and-click adventure games are hard to come by in the Apple app store. As a big fan of the genre, I’m always looking for new ones to play. While Lechuza isn’t new, it is an easy one to miss, despite its unique art style.

Gameplay: 5/5
Lechuza is your basic point-and-click adventure game. You have to find items and clues and then use them to uncover more items and clues. In order to use an item, you drag it from your inventory to the object you want to use it with. The controls are very responsive and intuitive. Everything feels very polished, and works flawlessly with the touchscreen controls. There are plenty of puzzles to keep you busy, as long as you don’t cheat!

lechuza horror point and click

Story: 3.5/5
The story is a bit confusing, but then again, this is a “horror” game, so it’s understandable. Nothing is really explained in the end, but there may be more to come. There isn’t a lot of dialogue in the game. It’s more of a puzzle/room escape game than a lengthy point-and-click adventure.

Graphics: 5/5
The artwork was the first thing that caught my attention about this game. I’m already a big room escape/point-and-click adventure games fan, but the screenshots I saw made this an auto-buy for me. I couldn’t wait to see more of this strange yet beautiful artwork. And the game does not disappoint. Each screen looks gorgeous. You’ll encounter various disturbing things on your journey, which account for the game being called a “horror” game. The artwork is just so unique, and refreshing to see in a flood of copycat games and rehashes. I can’t wait to see what Apostrophe Stockholm comes out with next.

One thing I should note is that the text can be on the small side, especially for an iPhone. But I was still about to read everything fine.

Audio: 4.5/5
The sound effects and music vary throughout the game. Sometimes you’ll hear birds chirping in the background, while other times you’ll hear what sounds like a music box. There’s even complete silence at times. I rather liked this, because it felt more realistic, and I didn’t get bored with the sounds.
69J96WR7L96N There are also some voiceovers, but they’re muffled and hard to understand sometimes. However, they do add to the creepy, bizarre mood of the game, so it’s hard to complain about it. It also shouldn’t interfere with the gameplay, so I didn’t mind it.

lechuza horror point and click

Replay Value: 2/5
There aren’t any alternate endings to this game, so once you play it, you won’t likely play again, unless you just can’t get enough of the artwork. The game does have a strange ending, though, suggesting there might be more to come.

Conclusion: 4.5/5
Lechuza is a visually-stunning and satisfying point-and-click game. It’s a bit on the short side, but I’ve played much shorter games. I would highly recommend it for the low price. If you like room escape games, point-and-click adventure games, or just quirky and bizarre graphics, give Lechuza a try.

If you need help, see my Lechuza walkthrough.

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