Snappers: World 5 Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the fifth world of the game Snappers, levels 5-1 to 5-100. If you share with anyone, please link to this page. And please let me know if you find any errors. Thank you.


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See the rest of the walkthrough here.

The grid goes like this:

A1 B1 C1 D1 E1
A2 B2 C2 D2 E2
A3 B3 C3 D3 E3
A4 B4 C4 D4 E4
A5 B5 C5 D5 E5
A6 B6 C6 D6 E6

5-1: C5, C2

5-2: C2

5-3: C4, C3, B3, B4

5-4: A3, B4, B3

5-5: C6, C6, D5

5-6: B4

5-7: C3

5-8: A4, B4, B4

5-9: C2, D3, E6

5-10: B3, B3, D2, D2

5-11: C3

5-12: C3, C3, C5

5-13: C5, D2

5-14: D4, A3

5-15: E2

5-16: B4, B4, B3

5-17: B2, D3

5-18: C4, D2, D5, A3, B6

5-19: B2, B2, B3

5-20: B3, B3, C3, D3, E5

5-21: C4, C4, C4, C5, C5

5-22: B5, D5, C1

5-23: A4, A3, D3

5-24: D3, D4

5-25: E2

5-26: C6, D2

5-27: E3, D2, C3

5-28: D3, B3, E6

5-29: A4, A4, C2

5-30: B4, B4, B1

5-31: A2, B3

5-32: C3, C3, A1, D3, B5

5-33: C4, D4

5-34: C1

5-35: D5, C5, C1

5-36: B6, C6, D3

5-37: B5, D4

5-38: B3, C3

5-39: E1, D4, C2, C5

5-40: B2, D5

5-41: A4, C3

5-42: C2, D3

5-43: E5

5-44: A4, A4, E3

5-45: C3, C2, C2, B2, C5, C5

5-46: C3, C4, A2, B4, B5

5-47: C4, D6

5-48: C4, D5

5-49: D3, C3, C3

5-50: D5, D4, A1

5-51: B4, C3, C3

5-52: C4, C4, C3, C1

5-53: B4, C3, A3

5:54: B4, B4, C2

5-55: C2, C5

5-56: A4, D4

5-57: C2

5-58: B6, C3

5-59: C5, C4

5-60: B4, B4, C4

5-61: A2, A2, C2, C4, C3, B5

5-62: C4, E3

5-63: E2, B3

5-64: B4 B4 B4 D4 D4 D3

5-65: C2, C4

5-66: C4

5-67: B3

5-68: C3, B3

5-69: C4, C3

5-70: D5, D4

5-71: D4, D5, D4

5-72: E2, C3

5-73: C2, E3

5-74: D4, C1

5-75: C1, A4, A4

5-76: A3, B3, B3

5-77: B5, D3

5-78: D2, D2, C5

5-79: D2, D2, C3

5-80: B4, B4, C5

5-81: D4, D4, C3

5-82: B3, D4

5-83: B4

5-84: C4, D5

5-85: C3, D5

5-86: D3, B3

5-87: C3, C3, C4

5-88: C3, C3, D3

5-89: E5

5-90: C2, D3

5-91: D2, B4

5-92: E3, E3, E3, E3

5-93: C3, C3, C2

5-94: D2, D2, B6

5-95: D4, D4, D3

5-96: C3, D4

5-97: B3, C4

5-98: B4

5-99: D5

5-100: C4, C4, D4

See the rest of the walkthrough here.

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This Post Has 40 Comments

  1. Fahd


      1. Fahd

        I wanted u to correct me

        1. Fahd

          its C4,D4 for real this time

          1. AppUnwrapper

            Ah, thank you! Could have sworn I tried that already, but guess not!

  2. JOE

    will the rest be up anytime soon? I’m stuck on 5-33, and feel like I’ve tried every combination possible.

  3. Fahd

    5-34 C1

  4. JOE

    any luck on 5-37?

  5. JOE

    5-37 B5, D4

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! I’m out right now and can’t play at the moment. But if you want to post some answers, I’ll add them to the walkthrough and check them later.

    2. Fahd

      whats 5-36?

  6. largueta

    5-35. D5,c5,c1

  7. JOE

    I can’t figure out 5-38, if I do I’ll post. 5-35 and 5-36 were easy.

    1. Fahd

      whats 5-36 though

  8. JOE

    5-38 B3, C3

  9. largueta

    5-36. B6, d6, d3

    1. Fahd

      do u even know what we are talking about?

    2. Fahd


  10. JOE


  11. JOE

    5-44 A4,A4,E3

  12. Troske

    56: A4, D4
    57: C2
    58: B6, C3
    59: C5, C4
    60: B4, B4, C4
    61: A2, A2, C2, C4, C3, B5
    62: C4, E3
    63: E2, B3

  13. Kris

    Can anyone help on level 5-68 please???

  14. Kris

    5-56 a4 d4

  15. Kris

    5-57 c2

  16. Kris

    5-58 b6 c3

  17. Kris

    5-59 c5 c4

  18. Kris

    5-60 c4 b4 b4

  19. Kris

    5-61 a2 a2 c2 a3 b5 c4

  20. Kris

    5-62 c4 e3

  21. Kris

    5-63 e2 b3

  22. Kris

    5-64 b4 b4 b4 d4 d4 d3

  23. Kris

    5-86 d3 b3

  24. Kris

    90 c2 d3

  25. Kris

    92 e3 e3 e3 e3

  26. Kris

    93 c2 c3 c3

  27. Brooke

    What is the solution to 5-4…? Because on my level 5-4 there is not an A4

  28. Brooke

    5-4: A3 B4 B3

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