Escape Game: “The Wandering Calico Cat” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Wandering Calico Cat”

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1. Turn right twice. Look in the lower right corner of the window and take the wooden spatula.

2. Turn the spatula over to see this:


3. Zoom out. On the right side of the wall is a grate. Insert the spatula to see this:


4. Turn right. Open the cat carrier and take the mat.

5. Look inside the carrier to see this:


6. Turn right twice so you’re facing the sink. On the shelf to the right is a small box with two buttons on it, L and R. Tap R 4 times and L 7 times (from the spatula) and it will unlock.


7. Take the block with a cat on it from inside the box.

8. Turn right. On the table is a machine for weaving. Look on the left side of it for a crochet needle and take it.

9. Turn to the desk. Tap the top drawer until you get this message:


10. Tap the right side of the desk and you’ll see a hole. Stick the crochet needle in the hole and something will click into place.

11. Open the drawer and take the pliers.

12. Turn to the sink. Open the door under the sink and use the pliers to remove the pipe.

13. Examine the pipe and take the pendant from inside.

14. Use the pliers to remove the chain from the pendant.

15. On the shelf to the right of the stove is a small scale. Put the pendant in the jar and the scale will level out. Open the drawer under it and take the knife from inside.

16. Cut open the green mat with the knife to get a mirror.

17. Turn to the cat in front of the door. Use the pliers to remove his left leg.

18. There’s a bag of water inside the leg. Use the pipe on it. Then poke the bag with the crochet needle to fill the pipe with water.

19. Turn to the brown closet to the right of the yellow desk. Open the top doors with the pliers. There’s a metal plate inside but it’s screwed on.

20. Go back to the sink. Plug the drain with the cat block. Then pour the dirty water from the pipe into the sink. Put the pipe back under the sink and remove the cat block. The water goes down the drain and there’s a clip in the sink. Take it.

21. Go back to the brown closet. Open the top again with the pliers. Look at the left side to see this clue:


22. Look at the right side to find the metal panel again. Use the clip to remove the screws. Push the lever under the panel.

23. Turn around and the key that was hanging from the ceiling is now at arm’s reach. Take it.

24. Use the key to unlock the bottom drawer of the desk. Take out the watering can and look at the other side of it to see this clue:


25. Face the cat again. Tap on the upper left corner of the mat he’s standing on to find this message:


26. Look at the back of his head to find a thermometer. Look at his right arm (your left) to find another. Now use the clip on the cloak above his right arm to clip it up.

27. Remember the rod where the blue key was hanging? Place the mirror on and turn back to the cat. It will have moved from the door. Now you can see this on the door:


28. The word you saw is the closet (TEARDROPS) was 9 letters, and this clue has 9 numbers. Compare them (use the 6 for R, not the X) and you get the numbers for ROSE. Tap 6792 on the door and then ENTER to unlock the door.

29. Open the door and enter the room. Take the cat poster off the wall and look at the back to see this:


30. Turn on the PC and look at each file:




31. Take the 4000 from the clue. Cat = 6 (the carrier). Multiply the two to get 24,000. The clue on the PC says to subtract EATER from Cat. Based on the TEARDROPS code earlier, you get 23127. So, 24,000 – 23126 = 874.

32. Input the code as the password on the PC:


33. Tap the screen a few times and get information about the animal abuser.

34. Tap the water icon on the screen again. Now you can turn the water on.


35. Go to the main room and turn on the faucet in the sink. Fill the watering can with water.

36. Wet the green mat with water from the faucet and use to to wipe the dirt in the sink. It will reveal this clue:


37. Go to the small room and zoom in on the planter to the left. Use the wet mat to remove the dirt and reveal this clue:


38. Water the plants with the watering can.

39. Walk around a bit and then look at the plants again. They’ve bloomed into flowers. Note the order of the flowers based on the numbers on the pot.


40. Zoom out and tap the keypad on the door below the pot. Match the colors to the roses, like so and press ENTER:


41. Open the cabinet door and take the ball of yarn. Also press the button inside the cabinet.

42. Go back to the main room. Put the yarn on the wooden shuttle.


43. Put the shuttle on the weaving machine. Use the crochet needle with it. Tap it to see this clue:


45. Open the second drawer of the yellow desk. Use the crochet needle on the two holes, B2 and D4.


46. You’ll get this clue:


47. Turn it over to see this clue:


48. Look to the right of the brown closet on the floor. There’s a bottle with oil in it. Try to put the piece of yarn in — it’s too short. Roll up the poster like the diagram shows. Place it in the bottle.

49. Pour water from the can into the bottle.

50. Go to the stove and turn on the flame. Light the piece of yarn on fire.

51. Place the thread in the bottle. It will create some soot on the wall. Wipe it off to see this clue:


52. Go back to the small room. Dig out the dirt on the right side of the planter to find the Ray block.

53. Go back to the first room. Open the bottom cabinet of the brown closet and place the cat block in the upper right slot. Place the ray in the bottom slot.

54. Press the different pieces the correct number of times based on the clues you found.

55. Open the box and turn the wheel.

56. Turn around to find a ladder. Climb up and escape!

Congratulations! You made it out!

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