Escape 3D (e3D): The Jail Pro Walkthrough

Escape 3D (e3D): The Jail Pro


Part 1:

1. Take the spoon off the table.

2. Open the bread and take the saw blade from inside.

3. Take the poster off the wall. Take the loose brick from the wall and the drill from behind. Take the penny from the right seat.

4. Turn right and take the gum from the cell door.

5. Turn right. Take the bed sheet from the bed and the penny from under the bed.

6. Turn right. Take the plate. Take the penny from the shelf.

7. Turn right. Take the rubber gloves from the left side of the toilet.

8. Take the penny from under the sink and the penny from on the sink.

9. Take the sharpening block from inside the sink.

10. Use the sharpening block on the spoon.

11. Turn left and use the sharpened spoon to unscrew the screws on the light cover. Remove the cover and tap the bulb to break it.

12. Combine the saw blade with the drill. Combine the gum with it.

13. Break the plate with the brick.

14. Use the saw on the window bars to cut them.

15. Put the sheet on the bars to make a rope and climb out.

Part 2:


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  1. Hunter

    Quality blog post, wonderful web page design, stick to the great work

  2. lsudude410

    How do I cut bars?

  3. John

    How do you pass part 2

  4. Allyssa

    It won’t let me cut the bars this game is useless

  5. Angela

    You have to cut the mattress with the piece of plate…you will find two wires…combine wires and rubber gloves and attach to light fitting on wall…where you found drill…attach drill to the wires and cut through bars. 🙂

  6. Sophie

    It won’t let me connect the wire and drill, DUMB

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