Escape Game: “The Hidden Present” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Hidden Present”


1. Press the light switch to the right of the door and the lights will go out.

2. Zoom out. Look at the blue object. Zoom in on it to see these symbols:


3. Turn the light back on.

4. Zoom in on the brown dresser with the blue object. Open the second drawer. There’s a pencil case. Open it and take the eraser from inside.

5. Zoom in on the top drawer and enter the code you got while the lights were off. Press ENTER to unlock the drawer.


6. Open the drawer and take the screwdriver.

7. Turn right. Zoom in on the little door in the wall. Use the screwdriver to remove the screws. You can now open the door, but still need something else for the hole inside.

8. Note the big X on the floor and the door in the ceiling.

9. Turn right. Open the bottom cabinet of the bookshelf and take the sketchbook.

10. Open the sketchbook and look through it:





11. Go back to the front door. Tug on the red doorknob until it comes off.

12. Examine the doorknob to see it has an octagonal shape.

13. Go back to the little door in the wall that you unscrewed. Stick the doorknob in the hole and something will click.

14. Zoom out and you’ll now see a ladder! Climb up it to get to the loft.

15. Examine the dishes on the wall. Note the colors.


16. Go back down the ladder and turn to the table with chairs. There’s an Othello game on the table. Organize the pieces according to the dishes:


17. Remove the Othello board and take the toy car from inside.

18. Go back upstairs. Open the bottom drawer of the desk to get a hammer.

19. Open the top drawer and examine the book. Use the eraser on the numbers to get this:


20. The marks left in the book kind of look like numbers. Go to the chest on the floor and input the numbers to unlock it:


21. Take the camera from inside.

22. Examine the kangaroos on the desk:


23. Go back downstairs and look at the book on the bookshelf. It’s about Red Riding Hood. Note the page numbers that are circled.

24. Add up the three numbers. Turn to the desk and enter the number as the password for the bottom drawer:


25. Open the drawer and take what looks like an oil can.

26. Examine the toy car. Open the lid and pour the oil from the can into it. Close the lid.

27. Put the car on the X on the floor (the colors match it).

28. Tap on the car and it will speed off into a wall, cracking it.

29. Hit the crack with the hammer a few times to break a hole in it.

30. Zoom in on the hole to see this message:


31. Turn to the screen with the red safe. On the wall is a green framed keypad. You need to enter the three times from the diary on the wall. Set each one, then press enter. If you do all three correctly, you’ll hear a “click”.




32. The red safe is now unlocked. Open it and take the slingshot.

33. Put the eraser in the slingshot.

34. Look up at the ceiling fan. There’s something up there. Use the slingshot to hit it down.

35. Look at the floor and pick up the film that fell.

36. Put the film in the camera.

37. Go upstairs and look out the window. There’s a landscape. Use the camera to take a photo of it.

38. Look at the picture — it’s of one of the kangaroos!


39. Turn the picture over to see this:


40. Look at the kangaroos again. Tap the one from the photo. Then tap on its pocket to seen it’s been sewn on.

41. Now to unlock the drawer of the desk. Look at back of the picture again. Use the equation with the kangaroos, starting from the right and going left. So kangaroo with hands down X 1 hand up + both hands up. Enter the answer into the drawer keypad:


42. Take the key from inside the drawer.

43. Go back downstairs. Look at the lock on the white closet. Tap the clue to the right of the colored circles. It’s telling you to go from bottom up. So look at the colored papers in the sketchbook and enter the colors starting from the back, like so:
Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue, Red, Blue, Green, Green.
Press ENTER and it will unlock.

44. Open the closet. Look in the pocket of the brown jacket and take the knife.

45. Use the key to unlock the top drawer in the closet and take the tool from inside.

46. Go back upstairs and cut open the sewn kangaroo pocket with the knife. Take the memo from inside:


47. Go back downstairs. Look at all the items such as screwdriver, knife, doorbell (looked at earlier), and green frame. They all have different shapes with different numbers of sides. Green square has 4, blue screwdriver has 5, white knife has 6, red doorknob has 8. Based on the memo from the kangaroo, put the code in the drawer in the closet:


48. Take the key from inside the drawer.

49. Go to the front door. Put the tool in the square where you took the doorknob from. It works as a handle.

50. Use the key in the lock and open the door.

Congratulations! You escaped!

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