Before the Storm Walkthrough

Before the Storm

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1. Go downstairs. Then go downstairs again.

2. Talk to the Thing. He’ll tell you to take the list from the wall. Do it.

3. First on the list is a torch, or flashlight. Go up one floor and take the flashlight from the bookshelf to the left.

4. Next are four batteries. One is on the same bookshelf. Another is in the moose’s mouth. The third is in the chandelier and the fourth is under the rug.

5. Drag the batteries from your toolbox to the radio on the right.

6. Next you need a saw. It’s upstairs in the lab. Take it from the wall behind the mad scientist.

7. Go downstairs and through the door on the back wall.

8. Take the right door to get outside to the yard.

9. Climb up the ladder. Drag the saw to the two different trees to trim the branches.

10. Tap each of the broken roof tiles to fix them.

11. Tap each of the animals to scare them away.

12. Go down the ladder and tap the four different gardening tools lying about.

13. Go back inside and get the first aid kit from the kitchen table.

14. Open the drawer and take the mallet.

15. Now you have to look for beasties. They’re little critters. There are 2 in plain sight on the roof. Another one is in the shoe on the roof. The 4th is behind a garbage bag in the yard. The 5th is in the kitchen freezer. #6 is in the toaster. Another is in a vase on the bookshelf in the lounge. And the last is in the Thing’s filing cabinet (scroll all the way to the left).

16. Drag all the beasties into their cage in the kitchen.

17. Find all three buckets: #1 is on top of the fridge, #2 is next to the mad scientist, and #3 is on the right bookcase in the lounge.

18. Unplug the 7 appliances: 2 plugs in the lounge by the TV, 2 more by the Thing, 1 in the lab, toaster and TV in the kitchen.

19. Go to the yard and tap the man-eating plant all the way to the right. The keys are in its mouth. Then drag the keys to the car to move it.

20. Take the repair kit from near Elv’s feet.

21. Turn on the faucet over the garbage can to fill it with water.

22. Go up to the roof and close the window shutters.

23. Go down to the Thing and talk to him. Tap all the chemicals on the shelves to move them up.

24. Take the cables that are plugged in.

25. Go up to the lab and talk to the scientist. He’ll tell you to plug the cable in. Drag it to the switch on the wall. The. Pull the switch. The monster is gone!

26. Drag the flashlight to the right side of the room. Hit the monster with the mallet and flip all three switches to turn the power back on.

27. Go to the lounge and put one bucket under the drip. Go to the kitchen and put two buckets under the two drips.

28. Go outside and use the first aid kit on Elvis’s foot. Also notice the fallen tree.

29. Go to the roof and use the repair kit on the broken shingles.

30. Go up to the lab and repair the wall. Also repair the window in the lounge.

31. Use the phone in the lounge to call the S.E.S. about the fallen tree.

32. Go outside and watch the cute ending 🙂

You’re now prepared for a storm!

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