The Lost City Walkthrough

Step-by-step walkthrough:

1. You start on screen 2. Tap left to screen 1 and take the flint stones (yabba dabba doo!). Also look at the design on the wall to get a clue in your journal.

2. Tap right twice to screen 3. Copy the pattern from the journal onto the wall by pressing the squares. The door will open.

3. Walk through to screen 4 and place the green/spring heart stone in the slot on the statue. Press the button to change the season to spring.

4. Go back to screen 2 and walk through the door that just opened to screen 5.

5. Tap right to screen 9 and climb up the tree to screen 10. Take the rope and open the trap door.

6. Go back to screen 9 and tap the road ahead to screen 12. Take the stone plug from inside the tree stump. Then tap ahead to screen 15.

7. Tap the right door to go to screen 16, then continue up to screen 22 and 25. Take the pry bar leaning against the cave.

8. Go back to screen 15 and take the middle door to get to screen 21. Use the pry bar on the loose stone in the ground and take the tile from inside.

9. To back to screen 15 and take the left door to screen 14. Place the tile in the empty slot on the ground. Tap on the glowing tiles and solve the puzzle to get a belt.

10. Go to screen 22 and tap left to get to screen 24. Put the belt on the gears to open the door. Enter to screen 28. Take the jewel from the stone face’s forehead. Also look at the clue near the ceiling to add it to your journal.

11. Go back to screen 21 and place the stone in the slot on the door to open it. Go through to screen 23. Solve the spring puzzle.

12. Tap left to screen 26. Take the red spring flowers. Tap left to screen 30. Tie the rope to the ring and climb down. Pick up the tile piece. Use the pry bar on the rubble to find the copper lion key. Climb back up and take the rope back.

13. Go back to screen 23 and tap right to screen 27. Use the copper lion key on the copper lion and take the slingshot.

14. Go back to screen 12. Tap right to screen 13. Use the slingshot on the bullseye and continue on to screen 17. Go inside to screen 18. And solve the puzzle on the chest to get the blue winter heart stone. Also take the machete.

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672 thoughts on “The Lost City Walkthrough

  1. Buket

    I can’t find the floting box where is it I haven’t done plug up the water because I dont know how to do it and can u tell me with the screens please thank u .

  2. John

    I forgot to do the winter puzzle before I picked the red flower. How do I get the blue stone back so I can complete the winter puzzle?

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      You can change the seasons as much as you want once you have the stone for that season in the statue. Just press the button on the right statue and the season will change.

    1. Peter

      I am stuck at the very end in the same situation. Everything has been done, sun and moon are in correct positions according to clues, however bars to the last chamber with statue do not open. Any idea what I could possibly missed?

  3. Jean

    I’ve seen this question asked but can’t quite figure it out. When I try to complete the winter puzzle it tells me that the pieces can’t be moved. I can’t seem to get it to work and I can’t get past this point, help?

  4. Crissy

    I’m stuck at screen 8 with the floor puzzle. I have been to the screen with the clue and rubbed the charcoal on it and swept the floor in screen 8 to do the puzzle but I still can’t seem to get the right code for it… When I go back to look at the clue it is to hard to read… Can someone put up a screen shot for the floor puzzle please!

  5. Crissy

    Help!!! I’m stuck at screen 8 with the floor puzzle. I have been to the screen with the clue and rubbed the charcoal on it and swept the floor in screen 8 to do the puzzle but I still can’t seem to get the right code for it… When I go back to look at the clue it is to hard to read… Can someone put up a screen shot for the floor puzzle please!

  6. Lady

    Hi! How can I remove the broken tile on Screen 17? the one which is on the entrance of the cave? everytime i click it, it says, the tile is too high.. Help me please. I’m stuck. Thank you!

  7. Kim

    Ich habe einen Frage
    Laut Tipp soll man im Frühling den rostigen
    Schlüssel verwenden aber wo soll ich den
    Rostigen Schlüssel verwenden???

  8. Jenny

    Hi, I am curious, miniin general, how to know what season I should be in to accomplish all the tasks throughout the game. Is there a clue somewhere each time I need to solve a task?

    1. AppUnwrapper Post author

      Usually it’s logical. Like if something’s frozen, you need to get it to melt. Or vice versa. Winter is usually easy to figure out, but the other seasons are a bit trickier, so it takes a bit of trial and error.

      1. Jenny

        Thank You,
        After the season changed initially early on in the game, it never occurred to me that I would or even could go back to the Woman statue to change seasons to keep moving forward in the game play. What a little tricky idea the developer included. I hope I am not the only one who didn’t get it! Oh well, I progressed quite well before getting hopelessly STUCK and happened onto this site to get answers. Thank you for being here. I would have had to just give up!

  9. orlaith

    Eh this sounds bad but I’m at the very start and on screen 3 I do the wee thing with the pattern from the wall onto the door but it refuses to let me in. Please help me. I beg of you.

  10. Meg

    I have solved the lock puzzle on the box on screen 18. I never get the winter heart stone. I have picked up the machete and placed one tile piece. Am I doing something wrong?

  11. Meg

    Looking at some other questions…I too, have already picked the red flower. Was the a mistake?? Can’t get the winter stone…have solved that puzzle 10 times!!


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