The Lost City Walkthrough

15. Go back to screen 26 and use the machete to cut the branches blocking the way. Continue on to 32. Tap the staircase to the left to screen 35. Use the blue stone to change the season to winter.

16. Solve the winter puzzle on screen 23. Go back to screen 12 and tap left to get to screen 11. Tap on the colored icicles to get a clue for your journal. Then go back to screen 32 and solve the ice puzzle using the clues from the icicles. Take the hammer.

17. Go back to screen 25 and continue on to screen 29. The waterfall is frozen. Hit it a few times with the hammer and it will fall away. Now you can continue on to screen 34. Use the clue in your journal to solve the wooden pegs/rod puzzle. Also, take the tile piece from the box on the ground. Then go through to screen 37. Pull the lever on the door so you can access this room during other seasons, and exit through this door.

18. Go to screen 14 and use the hammer to break the urn. Take the silver lion key. Now go back to screen 21 and tap left to screen 20. Cross the frozen lake to screen 40. Go up the stairs to screen 41 and use the silver key on the lion to get the hook.

19. Go back to screen 1 and get the blue winter flower. Then go back to screen 28 and attach the hook to the chain. Tap the chain to bring it down and take the yellow summer heart stone from the cauldron. Go back to screen 37 and take the right door to screen 39. Place the yellow heart stone in the statue to change the season to summer.

20. Solve the summer puzzle on screen 23. Plug up the water spout in screen 16 and look inside the empty basin to see a clue. Go to screen 14 and tap left to screen 19. Light a fire with the flints. Tap back from screen 14 to screen 6. Tie the rope the the branch above the well and climb down to screen 7. Take the silver bowl and climb back up. Go to screen 27 and enter the cave to screen 33. Place the silver bowl on the grass and the sun symbol will spin around, revealing the iron lion key. Take it.

21. Use the iron key on the iron lion in screen 17 and take the tile piece that drops. Go to screen 32 and tap up to screen 36. Take the orange flower. Go to screen 40 and use the pry bar to open the stone casket. Take the spyglass and coin.

22. Go to screen 41 and use the spyglass on the gold stand to get the first half of the snake puzzle clue. Go to screen 10 and use the spyglass on the stand to get the second half of the snake clue. Go to screen 5 and solve the snake clue. Take the golden snake.

23. Go down the well to screen 7. Place the golden snake in the round slot on the wall to get a clue and open the door to the next room. Walk through to screen 8 and take the rusty key from the wall.

24. Change the season to spring. Go to screen 22 and use the rusty key to open the floating box. Take the amber heart stone from inside. Go to screen 19 and pull the lever to put out the fire. Take the charcoal from the pile of wood. Go to screen 40 and rub charcoal on the unreadable code in order to see it clearly.

25. Go to screen 41 and up the stairs to screen 42. Change the season to autumn. Go to screen 19 and take the pink flower. Solve the autumn puzzle on screen 23 and take the wooden lever. Go to screen 36 and place the lever in the slot to the right. Push it and a bridge will appear. Cross the bridge to screen 38. Read the illustrations on the table. They tell you the order of the flowers. Use the flint to light the ashes in the bowl. Place the flowers in the bowl in the order shown on the piece of paper next to it. Take the trowel and last tile piece. Also take the broom.

26. Go down the well to screen 8. Sweep the dust from the ground. Use the clue from your journal (the charcoal one) to choose the right symbols to press. Take the golden lion key. Go to screen 1 and use the key on the golden lion to open a secret door on screen 15. Change the season to summer and go to screen 26. Dig with the trowel on the X to reveal a box. Solve the puzzle using the golden snake clue and take the crank from inside.

27. Look through the trap door in screen 10. Place the crank in the metal piece and turn it to reveal another coin. Take it. Go back to screen 37 and complete the circle of coins with the two you have. Take the fishing stick. Go to screen 11 and use the fishing stick in the water to get the fish key. Go to screen 18 and complete the tile puzzle to get a crystal. Place the crystal in the sundial on screen 13 to get the first half of the sun code.

28. Go down the secret opening in screen 15. Take the golden moon from the wall. Place it in the moon on screen 33 to get the second half of the sun code. Then go back to the secret room and use the two clues to arrange the lights on the wall. The gates will open. Go to each statue and take back all the heart stones. Place them in the slots by the underground crystal and watch the ending.

Congratulations! You solved the mystery of the Lost City!

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672 thoughts on “The Lost City Walkthrough”

  1. I can’t find the floting box where is it I haven’t done plug up the water because I dont know how to do it and can u tell me with the screens please thank u .

  2. I forgot to do the winter puzzle before I picked the red flower. How do I get the blue stone back so I can complete the winter puzzle?

    1. I am stuck at the very end in the same situation. Everything has been done, sun and moon are in correct positions according to clues, however bars to the last chamber with statue do not open. Any idea what I could possibly missed?

  3. I’ve seen this question asked but can’t quite figure it out. When I try to complete the winter puzzle it tells me that the pieces can’t be moved. I can’t seem to get it to work and I can’t get past this point, help?

  4. I’m stuck at screen 8 with the floor puzzle. I have been to the screen with the clue and rubbed the charcoal on it and swept the floor in screen 8 to do the puzzle but I still can’t seem to get the right code for it… When I go back to look at the clue it is to hard to read… Can someone put up a screen shot for the floor puzzle please!

  5. Help!!! I’m stuck at screen 8 with the floor puzzle. I have been to the screen with the clue and rubbed the charcoal on it and swept the floor in screen 8 to do the puzzle but I still can’t seem to get the right code for it… When I go back to look at the clue it is to hard to read… Can someone put up a screen shot for the floor puzzle please!

  6. Hi! How can I remove the broken tile on Screen 17? the one which is on the entrance of the cave? everytime i click it, it says, the tile is too high.. Help me please. I’m stuck. Thank you!

  7. Hallo
    Ich habe einen Frage
    Laut Tipp soll man im Frühling den rostigen
    Schlüssel verwenden aber wo soll ich den
    Rostigen Schlüssel verwenden???

  8. Hi, I am curious, miniin general, how to know what season I should be in to accomplish all the tasks throughout the game. Is there a clue somewhere each time I need to solve a task?

    1. Usually it’s logical. Like if something’s frozen, you need to get it to melt. Or vice versa. Winter is usually easy to figure out, but the other seasons are a bit trickier, so it takes a bit of trial and error.

      1. Thank You,
        After the season changed initially early on in the game, it never occurred to me that I would or even could go back to the Woman statue to change seasons to keep moving forward in the game play. What a little tricky idea the developer included. I hope I am not the only one who didn’t get it! Oh well, I progressed quite well before getting hopelessly STUCK and happened onto this site to get answers. Thank you for being here. I would have had to just give up!

  9. Eh this sounds bad but I’m at the very start and on screen 3 I do the wee thing with the pattern from the wall onto the door but it refuses to let me in. Please help me. I beg of you.

  10. I have solved the lock puzzle on the box on screen 18. I never get the winter heart stone. I have picked up the machete and placed one tile piece. Am I doing something wrong?

  11. Looking at some other questions…I too, have already picked the red flower. Was the a mistake?? Can’t get the winter stone…have solved that puzzle 10 times!!

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