The Lost City Walkthrough

The Lost City
By: Fire Maple Games

The Lost City title


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Even with the built-in hints guide system, some people have been having trouble in a few spots of this new point-and-click adventure, The Lost City. Here you can find some answers. Feel free to link to this walkthrough to help people find it, but please don’t copy it anywhere.

**A lot of people are still having problems, so I wrote a step-by-step walkthrough. Scroll down below the hints to see it. For screenshots of the different puzzle solutions, look right below this message.***


1. The flower box. Look at the colored rings on the snake. Compare them to the leaves on the flowers. So, the flowers with one leaf are red, the flowers with two leaves are blue, and the flowers with three leaves are green. That’s all! 🙂

The Lost City flower box puzzle solution

2. Flower locations:
Red (Spring): Screen 26.

The Lost City red spring flower location

Orange (Summer): By the bridge.

The Lost City orange summer flower location

Blue (Winter): Screen 1, by the lion.

The Lost City blue winter flower location

Pink (Fall/Autumn): By the fire pit.

The Lost City pink autumn flower location

3. Glowing puzzle:
The Lost City glowing puzzle solution

4. Season puzzles:
Spring puzzle:

The Lost City spring puzzle solution

Winter puzzle:

The Lost City winter puzzle solution

Summer puzzle:

The Lost City summer puzzle solution

Fall/Autumn puzzle:

The Lost City fall autumn puzzle solution

5. Ice Puzzle:

You need to see the clue, then arrange the puzzle like so, only move the last one down one slot (I couldn’t grab a screen of the completed puzzle fast enough).

The Lost City Ice puzzle

6. Snake puzzle: You need to see both sets of clues before this will work!

The Lost City snake puzzle solution

7. Heart stone locations:
Winter: Inside the chest with the sliding blocks puzzle, screen 18.
Summer: Inside the cauldron, screen 28.
Fall: Inside floating chest, screen 22.

8. Tile Piece locations:
A. Screen 31. On the cliff (use rope to reach it).
B. Screen 17. On roof near lion statue.
C. Screen 38. With trowel, after combining the flowers.
D. Screen 34. In the box on the ground.

9. Lion Key locations:
Copper Lion: Screen 31. Behind rubble.
Iron Lion: Screen 33. Behind sun engraving.
Silver Lion: Screen 14. Inside urn.
Gold Lion: Screen 8. Solve floor puzzle.

10. Floating box:
In summer, plug up the water spout. Then switch to spring and go up one screen to find the box floating.

11. Wooden pegs/rods puzzle:

The Lost City wooden pegs/rods puzzle

12. How to access the well: Switch to a dry season (summer or fall/autumn).

The Lost City well

13. Where to place the crystal: The sundial.



14. Moon & Sun Puzzle: You must see both clues before this will work!

The lost City moon and sun puzzle

15. To get past the waterfall, change the season to winter and use the hammer to break it.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Scroll down to see the step-by-step walkthrough.

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672 thoughts on “The Lost City Walkthrough

  1. Lin42

    Oh I’m so near the end. I’ve got the first half of sun code on the sundial and the golden moon is in place on screen 33 but I must have missed the second sun code clue. Where can I find it now

  2. Arielsmom

    Is there a easy way to switch over to a different #ed screen? I find that I need to keep pulling up the map to figure out where I am.

  3. Rifat

    i have done everything, now in screen 23, but its also not letting me complete autumn puzzle, cant figure out what the problem is, its saying tile cannot move, i do have the autumn flower, but still… please help

      1. Rifat

        i figure out what the problem is, there is no particular objective in summer to complete the tile, so everyone skips it, but then when they move to autumn the tile doesnt move as the summer one is unfinished, so first we have to switch back to summer, solve summer tile, then move to autumn again, then everyone should be able to move the tiles

  4. Maria

    Where or how can I find something which holds the chain at screen 28? And how can I take the broken tile at screen 17? It says that I can’t reach it – not even with a rope…

  5. Elly

    Help ! I found tje silver key, but where is the lion ? I thought I found it (on screen 17 ?) but the silver key doen’t work with that lion ! Heeelp

  6. patty

    I ant open the flower box! I’ve followed all your hints and the picture above and it still won’t open. Need help please. Also Can post the pic of the flower color combination on the box to be able to open it?

  7. Alle

    I took the lever and used it to slide 36, but I forgot to use it to the fire and now it doesn’t let me take it again. What can i do?

  8. Alie

    In the last step I want to put winter heart stone back into the statue so I can get summer stone, but it wouldn’t let me. What should I do? Thank you!

  9. chandu


    i am at step 24 and it says change the do i change it when there is no heart at this stage

  10. leia

    what season do you need to be in to get the charcoal i have done everything right put just cant get the charcoal at all

  11. leia

    Yayyyy completed the game am startin all over again ive enjoyed this game kept me busy all dat today yayyyyy xx

  12. Ellen

    thank you so much for this. It took a good 3 to 4 hours to beat this game using this site. Without this I would of been playing for days and most likely get so frustrated and put it down and not finish. The only times I got confused was when you said “change the season to” such and such without reminding which screen the right statue was on. but other than that awesome!!!

  13. Connie

    I am at the box puzzle in room 18 and have no idea how to solve it. It seems to be the only puzzle you don’t have as a screen shot already. Can you help please? I love this game and am scary addicted. Thanks! 🙂


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