Escape Game: “The Hidden Truth” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Hidden Truth”


1. Zoom out. Plug in the speaker on the table.

2. Turn right. Take the lightbulb from the lamp.

3. Turn right. Take the camera from the small table.

4. Turn right. Look at the poster on the wall:


5. Turn right and zoom in on the safe. Follow the arrows on the poster, tapping each square until they’re all lit up. The safe will unlock.


6. Open it and take the piece of paper from inside.


7. Tap the stereo by the door until an SD card ejects, then take it (this took a while to get it to work, not sure why).

8. Put the SD card in the camera and look at the pictures. Keep tapping till you get this:


9. There’s a locked drawer that says “What we don’t have enough of”. The answer is “FRIENDS” but we already got “FREN” from the camera. So the answer is the rest of the letters. Input them in the keypad to unlock it:


10. Take the hammer and read through the journal.

11. Turn right and smash the cracked wall with the hammer. Something appears but you can’t read it now.

12. Smash the light bulb with the hammer and pick up one of the pieces.

13. Turn to the chest of drawers. Stick the piece of glass in the gap of the middle drawer to get it unstuck. Open it and take the lightbulb. Also examine the photo.

14. Put the bulb in the lamp and then zoom in on the words on the wall:


15. Look at the CDs above the CD player. Take the third one from the right and put it in the player. Press play to hear “La.”

16. Go to the piano. This was tricky. Not really sure which keys worked, so just play around with it. I think it was La and Mi. When you hear a click, you can open the piano bench and get a notebook. Read through it.

17. Open the map and tap it a few times to learn what all the dots mean. Use the notebook on the map to get the red dots to appear. Tap on it to find out what they mean. Keep tapping until you don’t get any new info.

18. Open the bottom drawer of the dresser and move around some books until you find the photo album. Examine the pictures and take the two batteries from it.


19. Go to the clock on the table. Tap it to see the back. Open the battery slot and place the batteries in. Then look at the time on the clock on the wall. It says 1:50. That can also be 13:50. Set the clock on the table to 13:50 and it will click.

20. Open the battery slot again and take out the batteries. There’s a clue in the clock!


21. Turn to the back of the CD player and take out two more batteries, so you have four.

22. Turn to the Japanese screen and place the batteries in the slots. Use the hammer to press the button and open the door.

23. Walk into the next room. Open the freezer and smash the ice with the hammer. Take the spatula.

24. Read the note above the microwave.

25. Open the top and middle drawers of the dresser and read through the books inside them.

26. Face the window. It’s covered in mold. Use the spatula on it until this clue appears:


27. Use the clue to tap the drawers in order from 1-5 and the drawer without a button will unlock. Take the frozen casserole from inside.

28. Put the casserole in the microwave and turn it on. Take it out when it’s done. Try to use the spatula on it, but it’s moldy.

29. Put the spatula in the pot of water above the microwave. Add detergent and tap until it’s clean. Then use it on the casserole to get a clue:


30. Add 134 (from paper next to water) to 273 to get the password for the bottom drawer of the small dresser to the right of the microwave:


31. Take the can and read the notebook.

32. Use the spatula to open the can. Take out the stuffed bear.

33. Place the bear on the box that says “ANIMAL”. After it clicks, open the lid and take the pliers.

34. Tap the box to the right of it and turn it over. Use the pliers to cut the red wire, then look at the front to see that it says “OFF”. Open the box and take the note from inside.

35. Put the note in the bowl of water and the words will change:


36. Push the toy car. When it crashes, tap on it and take the key from inside.

37. If you use the key on the back door, you’ll get the BAD ENDING. But you can press continue after and get the good ending.

38. For the GOOD ENDING, tap the doll on the floor, keep tapping until you get no new information. Then go to the main room and tap a few times on the picture on the table. Now try to use the key on the back door. It will tell you to use the other door. Do so and escape with the good ending.

Congratulations! You made it out!

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  1. Sarah

    What happened to the rest? Lol

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Haven’t had the chance to play. Bear with me 🙂

  2. Jess

    Take the third cd from the right play it in the cd player it’s a la note. Go to the piano play the la note then the third key to the right of it. It opens the piano bench. That’s as far as I got.

  3. Vannessa

    I opened the third drawer, but i cant get the book.
    It said there are a lots of books and the day will slip away if i search for everything.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Make sure you saw the clue about the photo album. And there’s a bit of pixel hunting involved.

  4. ivy

    can’t open the safe with the pw “FRIENDS”. why? ive read that this game has a lot of bugs. 🙁

    1. Jaime

      The code for draw is IDS since u already got FREN

      1. Jaime

        I meant safe… I can’t get batteries out of clock on table it keeps saying I need to have both times the same and I hear the click but still won’t allow me to take batteries someone please help or is this a bug?

  5. Vannessa

    Where is the photo Album?

    1. Jaime

      The album is in thr bottom drawer move books that are in drawer by tapping then and the album is underneath them

  6. Jaime

    after putting 13:50 in the clock and I hear the click but doesn’t allow me to take out batteries :/ Does anyone else have this problem? Is this a bug? HELP

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Try tapping it again. You need to flip to the back.

      1. Jaime

        Yes I do tap it again to flip it to the back but it still doesn’t let me take the batteries out :/

          1. Jaime

            I finally finished the game and I got a bad ending then I played again but still got a bad ending :/ Do u know why it’s not giving me a good ending? Please again help.. Thank u

  7. vannessa

    i cant move any books. i miss something?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I posted a photo to help.

      But the game just made me update and now I have to start over. So will need to catch up again before completing the walkthrough.

      1. Steve

        I can’t move the books, my wife cant either and she’s using an iPad. How do I get past this?

  8. Gnarkill

    Since the update, and since I have gotten into the other room, whenever I try and open an item to view it, it disappears a second later! Anyone else having this issue?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah it’s been happening to me too. But if you close the app and then start it up again, it should work (for a bit at least).

      1. Gnarkill

        Thanks for the help.


  9. Sam

    Iv just finished. After getting the price of paper about the ocean out of the box, put it into the bowl of water, the paper then says ‘push car’. Go to the car and push it, it moves to the dog, the doll falls off, click on the car and get the key to the back door. The end

    1. Jaime

      I keep getting a bad ending :/ Does anyone else? WTH is going on?

      1. Starr

        It will not let me use the key again to get the good ending.

  10. Sarah

    After you find the code in the rice add it to the number on the note next to the pot of water to open the bottem drawer, 407. You get a can, open it with spatula, get a bear. Put bear on box labeled ‘ANIMAL’, get clippers… That’s as far as I’ve gotten…

  11. Maya

    after you get the note of the ocean changes the words (something like that) put the note you got into the water pot above microwave to get (push the car) then you get the key ir can open any door then use it to get out but dont go out from the pink door or you will get bad end. get out from the main door in the first room.

  12. vannessa

    i tap on the map to find out what they mean and they show only the black dot means.

  13. Tiffany

    Help! I Can’t get the piano keys to work

  14. kritisha

    can someone please tell me the (good ending) of this game i am stuck on bad ending it is not letting me use the key again … so can anyone tell me what happens in the end?

  15. SubSubz

    I’ve got good end 🙂 If anyone’s still playing, who wants help?

  16. Claire

    It took me ages to figure out how to get the good ending but in the end I found that if I didn’t pick up the key til the very last minute and tapped the doll then the photo etc then picked up the key I could go out the front door and get the good ending. Hope this helps anyone that maybe stuck on that one.

    1. Albi

      Help me how to get the books move in the third drawer it keeps sayin I dont have whole day

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