Escape Game: “Led By a Cat” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Led By a Cat”


1. Zoom out and turn right. Look at the clue under the left bench:


2. Look at the piece of paper next to the garbage can:


3. Take the roll of tape from inside the garbage can.

4. Take the scoop from under the tree to the left.

5. Take the black box from under the right bench.

6. Turn left and take the rope from the swing set. Use the scoop on the sand castle to get a handkerchief. Zoom in on the letters:


7. Turn left and dig in the sandbox with the scoop to get a toy cat.

8. Look at the clue on the slide:


9. Look behind the slide to find a radio. Set the station according to the clue from under the bench:


10. Turn left. Move the rock and dig on the X with the scoop. Take the wrapped package and open it it to find a locked diary.

11. There’s some dirt at the top of the slide. Wet the handkerchief by the water fountain and then use it to wipe the dirt. You’ll get this clue:


12. Put the tape on the toy cat’s nose and the rope around its body.

13. Turn the scoop over to see this clue:


14. Use the three clues, along with BAC, to get the code for the black box:


15. Take the clock spring from inside.

16. Insert the spring into the hole on the toy cat.

17. Zoom in on the fence behind the rabbit. There’s a hole in it and a key through the hole. Use the cat to reach the key.

18. Use the key on the small locker by the flowers. There’s a clock inside and a briefcase. Take the briefcase. Notice the tag:


19. Zoom in on the left side of the fence around the pond to see this clue:


20. Go back to the radio and set it to the numbers from before in reverse, like so:


21. The note next to the garbage can said that A.R., so A = R, or Right. L = Left. ~ = middle button. So LALA~ALA~AL = LRLR~RLR~RL. Turn the cat on the briefcase in this sequence and it will open. Take the “cat powder” from inside.

22. Look at the shrubbery to the left of the left bench. There are two glowing eyes. It’s a cat! Feed the cat powder to the cat and it will move, revealing a glowing light. Tap on it a few times to get a flashlight.

23. Place the flashlight in the stand below the notice board.

24. Turn around to where the cat food was. The cat is sitting there and it ate all the food! Tap it till it leaves and then look at the empty plate to find a clue:


25. Turn to the locker where you got the briefcase. The cat is there, digging in the soil. Scare it away and take the pink key on the ground.

26. Use the pink key to open the diary and find this clue:


27. You now know that the star = 9 since the square is 6 and the triangle is 3. So open the small box again where you got the briefcase. Tap it until the star points to 9 and press the red button. The lights will go off.


28. Look at the notice board. Tap on it a few times:


29. Tap on the clip on the briefcase until it comes off (some pixel hunting may be involved). Turn it over to see this:


30. Turn the lights back on. Enter the numbers from the buckle into the blue clock by the slide and get a key:


31. Using the clue from the diary, count the different colors of tulips (P = purple/pink, R = red, O = orange, W = white).



32. Enter the code into the keypad on the big brown locker to unlock it:


33. Take the broom from inside.

34. Turn the lights off again. Then turn to the pond and you’ll see a box underwater. Use the broom to get the box.

35. Use the silver key to open the box and get a green key.

36. Turn the lights back on. Use the green key to open the door and escape!

Congratulations! You made it out!

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  1. Rock

    What about the rest of the walkthrough? Thanks in advance

  2. Ellen

    Combine toy cat with tape….
    This is the only thing I found…Γòº├çΓö£├íΓö£├¡Γòº├çΓö£├íΓö£├¡

  3. Ellen

    A-seven, B-nine, C-one
    Radio said “BAC BAC B-BOX BAC”
    so, Black-box’s password is 971

    1. Ellen

      A-seven is written behind scoop..

  4. Ellen

    open the Black-box and take the clock spring.
    And combine spring with toy cat. (hole on body)

    These are all thing I found after reading your posting.
    I always appreciate for posting. I am korean.
    My English is poor..^^;;

  5. Chaz

    Attach the tape over the nose of a toy cat.
    Tie a rope on the toy cat.
    Then use the toy cat to a yellow key in the grass somewhere(I can’t explain exactly. sorry.)

  6. Chaz

    check the scoop. there’s a hint: A-Seven
    Radio says: BAC -> B-Nine, A-Seven, C-One -> 971
    it’s the solution for the black box. you can get a spring.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Thanks! Just haven’t had a chance to play more. Feel free to help each other out until I get to finishing the walkthrough 🙂

      1. Jaime

        What do I do after opening the black box and getting the clock spring also after inserting it into the cat?

  7. Tina

    971 doesn’t work

    1. Afelty

      You have to open the box BEFORE wetting the handkerchief, then the code will work.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        It works either way. I opened the box after wetting the hanky.

        1. Jaime

          Can u please tell me where the handkerchief is? Thank you

      2. Jaime

        Where can I find the handkerchief? Thank you

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Oops I thought I had it in there. Fixed it. It’s in the sandcastle.

          1. Jaime

            Thank you so much 🙂

          2. Jaime

            Where is the rest of the walk through?

            1. AppUnwrapper

              Working on it, but people have answered some things in the comments section if you need help before I finish.

  8. Afelty

    Does anyone know how to open the locker? I’ve got the hint from the diary but it doesn’t make sense.

  9. Ellen

    Left side of tree behind the Rabbit
    And We can watch the hole of green fence.
    Use toy cat (+rope) and get the key

  10. Kenzie

    Figured I would add this, don’t see it in comments yet.
    Once you have the key from the hole in the fence, use it on the locker. You’ll get the bag, which will have the tag on it saying “play in reverse”. So go back to the radio, change the dials to 596 (695 in reverse), and you’ll hear “LALA ALA AL”
    The square = 6, but I can’t figure out the triangle. I can’t figure out the cat code for the bag, either. This one’s a hard one!

  11. Ellen

    Yellow Key→open cupboard→get briefcase

    reverse means “596”
    Radio says “lala~ala~al~”

    paper (beside garbage can) said “A=R”
    A=R=Right , L=Left , ~ = middle button
    So, “lala~ala~al~” means
    “left right left right button right left right button right left button”
    Then you can open briefcase.

    1. EMH

      Hi – is anyone having trouble working the lock on the bag? I can get it to go Left, then Right, but every time I try to turn it left again, it always goes into the top position. No matter where I tap on the left or right it always goes to the top position and the lock never opens. Is there a trick to getting it to move correctly? Thanks!!

      1. Jaime

        Its ok that it goes to the top just hit the side u want it to go to after it goes to the top and it will work

  12. Ellen

    In briefcase, you can find Some snack.
    Give cat some snack → Get Flashlight.
    Go to the dish. Cat is there and gone soon. Γû│=3 is written on dish.

  13. Ellen

    Watch left fence of pond. Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓòùΓö£┬í=6 in written on it…
    So Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓöÉΓö£├æ=Γò¼├┤Γö£ΓòùΓö£┬í+Γò¼├┤Γö£Γòù╬ô├╢├⌐ = 6+3 = 9 …………
    Cat dig. Find Pink Key. Open Diary.
    locker prow ?????What it means???????
    I’m stuck!!!

  14. Ellen

    Oh I know…
    PROW is Purpel, Red, Orange, White
    Count the number of flower color..
    So locker pw is 12845
    Get the mop….

  15. Kenzie

    The locker code is 12845
    PROW means purple, red, orange, white. count the number of flowers, it’ll give you the answer. 🙂

  16. Kenzie

    Just finished. The ending was cute. The code on the dial isn’t something you need to figure out, just use it on the clock, get the silver key, unlock the box, and get out. This was a fun one.

  17. Ellen

    Cupboard→match☆=9→ moon=7
    push red button and you can turn off light…

    Using broom in pond → get silver box
    Turn on the light……..

  18. Jaime

    Where is the handkerchief? Please & Thank you

  19. Lauren

    I don’t think anybody said this but the lock on the bag comes off and says “0947” on the back. Type that into the blue standing clock to get silver key.

  20. Revital

    After you get the flashlight put it in the box under the notice board. Turn the lights off and go back to the notice board, you’ll see a drawing of a cat upside down , the same cat that is on the briefcase’s lock. That means you need to turn the briefcase’s lock so the cat picture is upside down and the lock is free from the briefcase, now zoom on it and turn it so you’ll see the code 0947. Enter this code in the click near the slide and you’ll get the silver key for the box…

    1. Jaime

      How do u shut off the lights?

      1. Revital

        You need to open the box on the light stand near the pond. You have a clock with a star on the big hand and a moon on the little hand. You press the clock until the star points to 9. Than press the red button and the lights are off

  21. Gnarkill

    Followed the steps…971 doesn’t work for me on the box.

    1. Revital

      Make sure you found all hints and clicked them all the way. If the game dosent register you saw the hint it wont work. Click the dust pan until it alzooms completely , the same With the napkin and the slide.

  22. Amy

    What do you do with broom from locker? I have silver key from blue timer I put 0947 in…

  23. Amy

    Never mind got it

  24. EMH

    hi – I cannot get code 971 to work on the box either. I tried it before I wet the hanky and after. I also collected the scoop and the hanky and saw the code on the slide, as well as turned on the radio and got BAC BAC B-BOX BAC. Is there a step I missed? Thanks for your help!

  25. EMH

    Hi – the black box finally opened! Not sure what I did to make it work, but I am happy :-D..

  26. kristen

    whenever i put in”971″ in the black box it still
    wont open please help!!:(

  27. Slam777

    I can’t get past the 971 either, the box just wont open 🙁

    1. Slam777

      OK, so I turned if off and went back in later… opened up the black box on first screen and put the code in… it worked! Worth trying if it’s not working for you.

  28. Karla

    Can’t get 971 to work. Clicked everything/zoomed in. Went back and have done it over and over. Not working. Even tried slam777 suggestion. Didn’t work..

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