Escape Game: “The Cage of Envy” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Cage of Envy”


1. Turn right twice. Open the top drawer and take the paint brush. Open the bottom drawer and take the block of wood that looks like a key mold.

2. Turn right. Read the four books on the shelf.

3. Look at the two wine bottles in the win rack.

4. Go back to the three drawers and use the year from the red win bottle to open the middle drawer and get the hammer:


5. Examine the wooden block until it tells you to hit it with a hammer, then do so to get a wooden key.

6. Turn left and use the wooden key to open the brown door. Enter the next room.

7. Open the right drawer of the piece of furniture to the right and take the glasses.

8. Examine the note on the wall and turn it over:



9. Go back to the first room. There’s a mask on the wall with the brown door. Place glasses on the mask.

10. Turn to the bookshelf and zoom in on the safe. Use the clues from the bulletin board (counter-clockwise around the clock) to get the password:


11. Take the triangle piece from inside.

12. Turn to the screen with the computer and zoom in on the wardrobe. There’s a clue above the keypad:


13. Enter the password into the keypad and open the wardrobe:


14. Take the knife from inside the wardrobe.

15. Turn to the bookshelf and look at the blue book again. Turn the page to see this:


16. Go to the small room and turn right. You can see through the mask. Tap the arrows next to the eyeholes in this order: Right, Right, Up, Left. Look through the eyeholes to see this:


17. Zoom out and open the bottom drawer of the furniture near the eyeholes. Take the rainbow paint from inside and use the paintbrush on it.

18. Go to the main room and face the blank canvas on the wall. Paint on it to see this:



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  1. Amy

    Wow! That was the first time I ever finished a game by myself.

    1. Mach

      What with thé knife?

  2. Amy

    Wow! That was the first time I ever finished a game by myself.

  3. Tim

    Where’s the rest

  4. Jkh

    I’m down to the paintbrush and a knife. I came to this walkthrough as a last resort only to find the walkthrough ends at exactly the same spot. Oh no! Anyone who has already finished on their own, could you give a couple clues or a few more steps please?

  5. Steve

    I’m in exact same spot. Have knife and paint brush. I did figure out the clue for the torn paper on the desk, but I think it’s premature since I didn’t find the rest of the torn paper so I cant use the answer to that clue. Help.

  6. Jkh

    I found another step everyone! Go back to the blue book and turn another page. It tells you what arrows to push beside the eye holes in the second room. I also think I’ve figured out the roman numeral code goes with the ripped alphabet by the desk and spells “sunset”, but I haven’t been able to use it anywhere yet.

  7. Jkh

    Ok, next step, I clicked on the rainbow paint several times and finally got it, then put it on the brush and painted the blank canvas to get another clue. I’ll let you all know if or when I get more.

  8. Jkh

    Next step, the number on the rainbow paint tube plus the number that appears on the canvas is the code to the drawer on the hutch in the second room which gives you the rest of the torn paper. When you put it on the desk to match up the ripped pieces, then you can enter the password “SUNSET”. Must be all CAPS. That’s where I am now, I’ll come back and let you know more.

  9. Steve

    Thanks Jkh with the clue about the blue book I was able to solve entire game and escape. The rest is pretty easy but let me know if you get stuck again.

  10. Jkh

    When the computer is on, open the CD drive and get a key.
    Use the key to open the jewellery box and get a circle.
    Put the circle in the treasure chest and use the code from the book to press the buttons in order. Get a DVD.
    Put the DVD in the computer drive and look at the monitor.
    You will see a series of colored circles. When you press the play button at the bottom of the monitor, you will see the circles disappear one by one. Note the order.
    Go to the cords under the TV and remove them in the right order. I happened to have the knife selected at the time so I don’t know if I cut them or just pulled them off. Open the grey box and get three sticks.

    I have to get the kids to bed, I might have to continue later or someone else take over from here. Good luck everyone!

  11. Jkh

    Ok so I couldn’t stop, here’s the end.

    Look at the close up view of the sticks and click on them to put them together.
    Use the stick to knock down the notebook.
    Read all the pages and see a clue that shows cloth + stick + cat.
    Go cut the curtain with the knife and put it on the stick.
    Go to the vent and use the stick to Kure out the cat.
    Get a key from the cat’s collar.
    Unlock the door and ESCAPE!

    1. Jaime

      Can u help me please? I look at clue on wardrobe then put in 441 on keypad but still says error. What aren’t I doing?

      1. Jaime

        Never mind lol got it

  12. Jodon

    How do you get 441 from the clue?

  13. Jodon

    Also…I can’t get the paint. Nothing happens when I tap on it… Help

  14. Jkh

    Hi Jodon, 441 was the result of the math problem from the clue. You add the numbers from the paint tubes that correspond with water drop and cloud and divide the total by 2. As for the paint, I had to tap on the rainbow paint several times before it let me pick it up. Good luck!

  15. Jkh

    Wait sorry that calculation is wrong I’ll have to try to find the paper I was using and find how I worked that out. I hope it’s not in the garbage. I’ll get back to you if I find it.

  16. Jkh

    Here we go. It’s the WIND and the water drop, not the cloud. 390+492, divided by 2=441

  17. Jodon

    Great work! Thank you!

  18. Cardamomum

    Can someone explain why the memo regarding the clock gives a password of 1211109?

    1. Cardamomum

      I know the numbers go backwards, 12, 11, 10, 09 but how does one know that the number should start at 12 and not at 1, or 11 for example?

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