Escape Game: “Remote Escape” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Remote Escape”


1. Turn right. Open the right locker to see this:


2. Open the left locker and look at the business card in the top pocket:


3. Take the disk from the bottom pocket.

4. Turn right twice and look at the poster on the wall:



5. Open the right drawer and take the cutter. Also look at the note inside:


6. There are some cards on the table. Arrange them like so (Full House):


7. Open the drawer below the cards and take another MO disc.

8. On the shelf next to the TV is a black briefcase. Enter the code to unlock it:


9. Take the die from inside.

10. Below the game is another locked box. Put the die in the square slot to unlock it:


11. Take the mahjong piece from inside.

12. Use the cutter on the die to split it in two.

13. Go to the keyboard by the computer and place the two pieces on the missing keys.

14. Tap on the extra spot, then tap on the mahjong piece a few times to fold it up. Now place it on the keyboard so it looks like this:


15. Tap the keys: mahjong piece, then the 1, then the 6. The screen will unlock. Tap the screen until it doesn’t change anymore.

16. Take the three pieces back from the keyboard.

17. Turn to the TV. There are three square slots in the audio visual system. Place the three pieces in the slots and the third MO disc will pop out. Take it.

18. Place the three discs in the MO slots under the TV in the order from the instructions in the locker, like so:


19. Look at the TV:


20. Take the discs back and put them in the computer in the order shown on the TV to activate the robot:


21. Examine the computer screen to see that you need the USB drives.

22. Examine the plate of sushi. The one that looks different is a USB drive:


23. Take back the three MO discs. Open the bottom of the wooden doll and put them in this order:


24. Remove the head and take the USB stick.

25. There’s a book on a box near the door. Use the blue USB stick to unlock it and take the white USB stick from inside.

26. Remove the sushi from the drive to get the red USB drive.

27. Examine the computer to see this message:


28. Look at the sides of each USB stick:




29. Place the USB sticks in the computer in this order, then tap them again a few times to see that the robot is moving:


30. Take back the USB sticks, then open the window and there will be a red toolbox there:


31. Look at the clue on the toolbox:


32. Put the USB sticks in the box in this order:


33. Take the USB sticks back, open the box and take the three cards from inside.

34. Look at each card, then put them in order in the card reader by the door:


35. Enter the password to unlock the door:


36. The door won’t open because something is blocking it.


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9 years ago

The numbers for the Black suitcase is 6591. The number from the Year he is Born. I Hope you understand, i’m from Germany, my english is Not so Good 😉

9 years ago

The die you become from the Black suitcase opens the suitcase under the black

9 years ago

I have all three usb, all three cards with numerical data, and a razor. I’ve tried EVERYTHING I can think of. What do I do next? Thank you!

More confused
Reply to  Confused
9 years ago

How did you get that far?

9 years ago

There is a USB Port between the sushi

9 years ago

Then One in the wooden doll and in the box next to the door…
If you have all put them into the USB slots… The robot now moves! Look in the window… There will be a box

9 years ago

Still trying to figure out the next step. If I get it, I’ll post it here if the walkthrough isn’t finished. This is a hard one. The App Navi forums are stumped too. Thinking about dusting off my Japanese dictionary and dive into their forums. (@[email protected])

9 years ago

Kjata for some reason the game won’t let me go on the forum but go to CD player and see it says it needs the color black so take the red blue and green cards and combine then to get black

Reply to  Lauren
8 years ago

lauren, how do you combine the three colours to get black?

More confused
9 years ago

I’ve escaped. Woohoo 🙂

9 years ago

what is the computer pwswrd!!!!?

9 years ago

can’t get keyboard to unlock computer screen. keep pushing: majhong piece, red 1, and then the 6

Reply to  Ky
9 years ago

Did you get it to work yet?

9 years ago

The order of the USB stick is blue red white!

Even more Confused
9 years ago

i tap on the mahjong and dice on the keyboard but nth happened….help me.

9 years ago

Why will ‘color’ not work on the door panel?! This is so infuriating!

Reply to  K
9 years ago

Try writing it all in caps lock or all in little characters one of them works

9 years ago

Escaped..!! Any still stuck?

Reply to  J
9 years ago

Still stuck, I got door unlocked but it’s saying some thing is stuck.. Help please and thank u

Reply to  J
9 years ago

Yes… I’m stuck in the other room

9 years ago

What’s the password for the computer after the cd inserted ? (min max)

Reply to  Revital
9 years ago

Look on cd. Numbers are password from min to max so 155789

9 years ago

Where’s the rest of it?????

9 years ago

Look at cd player black square. Then combine blue red and green card to make black use on cd player and take cd. Look at cd put in pc password clue is min >max hope this helpsx

Reply to  SaraStar
8 years ago

my cd player just says “it’s a cd player”

9 years ago

Im in the other room with the cord tied to the winch, and the USB devices plugged in. What now??

9 years ago

Never mind… Figured it out.

9 years ago

I’m also not able to get the keyboard keys to work. I even restarted the game. No matter how many times I tap the keys in the right order, nothing happens. Any suggestions?

9 years ago

after get to the other room.
1. in the old room … collapsed the black card to 3 color cards(Red Green Blue)
2. go to the small windows, put 2 color cards, 2 flash drive(Red Blue) and cutter.
3. go the the other room by click computer screen (switch your cha to robot)
4. pick up the things for the small windows.
5. go to the vacum cut the wire by cutter.
6. go to the prototype … connect the wire to it.
7. connect that connected wire to the shelf.
8. put the 2 cards 2 flashs into the prototype (look it work)
9. back to the old room go out from the door.

Steven h
9 years ago

Rest of walthrough please??

Steven h
9 years ago

I can’t get the door open!

9 years ago

Just out of curiosity, how did all of you know that the password for the door is “color”? There weren’t any clues in the game leading up to that.

9 years ago


When you line up the cards in order, the word ‘color’ is spelled out

Reply to  Teng
8 years ago

how do you line up the cards in order to get the word Color??