The Mystery of the Crimson Manor: Walkthrough

The Mystery of the Crimson Manor
By: Media City Games

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1. Walk through the gates.

2. Walk into the small building. Read the journal on the table.

3. Go back to the gate and examine the right lion head. Take the key from its mouth.

4. Go back to the small building and use the key to open the box on the table. Take the key from inside.

5. Leave and tap on the house/manor up the path. Use the key to open the door.

6. Enter the left door. Take the key from the bowl and read the journal entry.

7. Enter through the door ahead and take the magnifying glass.

8. Arrange the pictures above the fireplace like so to open a secret door behind the bookshelves:

9. Go back to the main room and go up the spiral staircase.

10. Open the left door in the back and enter the room. Look at the picture above the bed:

11. Arrange the puzzle on the night table so it looks like this:

12. Leave and open the door to right. Enter the the room. Use the clover key to open the closet. Take the blue book and read the journal entry. Leave the room.

13. Enter the room to the right, towards the front. Read the journal entry and take the figure from the night stand.

14. Enter the bathroom and take the light bulb.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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Hi – thanks for the Crimson manor walk through -v helpful so far- will you be finishing it anytime soon?

Paul mcsherry

I’m stuck on number 17 with the phone, when i press it no latch opens and it says no dial tone??


How do you get a dial tone on no.17? I dial the computer help number, only get “nothing happens, no dial-tone..”


Make sure you have gotten the number from the computer first. Then go to the phone and press on the numbers one at a time.

504 051 185


Same happens with me Please helP someone


I am stuck on the same bit except I got the latch unlocked but there is no microchip? How does it come out and where ?


No you back up and above the phone that is where the lach opens.


where are the codes for the rest of the game so lost on green code!!!??? Help me please!!


Thank you! 😉


What is the code for the blue keyboard as it doesn’t give that. Really stuck


Im stuck on number 20 does the coordinates go In particular order??


Did you find out the order I tried everything


Is there any way to go back in the final act? I managed to enter the correct blue and green codes – but not the red. It says in point 5 to read the journal – I didn´t see it and now I can´t get back.


I am also stuck on 17. Have looked at computer and tried to dial phone and I get a message that says “nothing happened, no diAl tone”. What am I doing wrong???


you need to have the sound on. no dial tone=no sound on your phone!


Great walk thru, but I’m still stuck on the bit I looked for a walk thru for!

I have the code for the padlocked door on the right in the garden (the code from the bottle), but I can’t get the numbers on the padlock to change. I’n guessing this is because the cog from the right of the padlock is missing, but there’s nothing on the walk thru? Please help.

Many thanks


I was stuck on that too, you just need to slide the numbers along, not tap them 🙂


how did you figure out the colour codes in the end of the game?!
i tried to figure it out by my self but couldnt do it? :p


Solving the codes for the 3 doors in the laboratory: 1. 18 -16 -14 -12 -10   Each group has a 1 in common.  Eliminate the ones, leaving 86420. Enter the first four digits 8642, hit the enter button. 2. 1024 -2048 -3072 This is the second door, eliminate the second group.  Add groups 1 and 3. 1024 plus 3072 equals 4096…. hit the enter button. 3. 31-30-28-25-21 Eliminate the middle group, 28. 31 minus 30 equals 1 31 minus 25 equals 6 31 minus 21 equals 10 Enter 1610, hit the enter button. Took me forever to figure this out. … Read more »


haha thx, i think i over thought it!


I am stuck at the arrows under the lions what order do they go in I’ve trie everything and can’t open the handle to get the wine HELP!!!!


i am stuck at the arrows under the lions and cannot turn the lever to get the wine


I’m stuck in the same place. I’ve tried all combinations of the arrows, but can’t open anything. I’ve tried the lever….no success.


The arrows under the lions are the arrows from the statuettes. Its in thesame place you got the circle medallian things to put over the lion heads


Yea same here I’m still stuck


I’ve answered you’re question. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog. (May 7th, 2014)


I am still stuck on number 20 I can’t figure out the sequence in which the coordinates go please help!!

Lauren Appleby

Im stuck on 17 I don’t have all 3 emblems where are all of them , I must have missed 1 ?


im stuck on the coordinates for the map tried all ways to put them in and nothing seems to work help


I’m stuck in the same place – put them in as shown in screenshot and nothing happens- did you figure it out?


wont let me change cheerleaders arms or legs help


Hi I have got the first emblem and the third emblem but I can’t figure out where the second emblem is. Can someone please tell me I am really stuck, thanks!


It’s ok I’ve got it now, it turns out I forgot to lift it up after completing the arrows puzzle 🙂

Laura Moore

It won’t allow me to move the cheer leaders legs?


go in to the room where the map is and go up stairs there is a picture on the wall thats were ya change there arms and legs xx


You change the arms and legs on theposterup the stairs from the study, not these in the bedroom with the cheer leaders.


Great! Couldn’t have done it alone….wonder what happens if you press the red button at the end?!


If you hit the red button, pretty much the same thing happens – a speech about making decisions and how Mr Strange didn’t have the guts to make the decision himself. The world continues as it was with time passing normally.


Hi. Im at the end of the game where i have to insert the blue code, what is the code, because i can’t see it on your help pitcure, there is another picture, not a pitchure of the code… 🙂 I know it is the nummer thats on the computer screen, But i cant get out from the blue code screen… :/



I got stuck in the house for so long, thanks for the hints, now at least I can progress beyond the garden, thank you AppUnWrapper.


I am stuf on the cheerleader bit how do I move the legs hellpppppp!!!!


I’m stuck on 17, I haven’t got a dial tone even though sound is on?


I figured out all the number deals by myself until I got to the red one. I put in 1610 it still says denied what’s the trick with this one so I can work it out myself?; please and thank you very much 🙂

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