The Mystery of the Crimson Manor: Walkthrough

The Mystery of the Crimson Manor
By: Media City Games

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If you like this game, try “Alice Trapped in Wonderland” by MediaCity Games, the same developer as Crimson Manor.


1. Walk through the gates.

2. Walk into the small building. Read the journal on the table.

3. Go back to the gate and examine the right lion head. Take the key from its mouth.

4. Go back to the small building and use the key to open the box on the table. Take the key from inside.

5. Leave and tap on the house/manor up the path. Use the key to open the door.

6. Enter the left door. Take the key from the bowl and read the journal entry.

7. Enter through the door ahead and take the magnifying glass.

8. Arrange the pictures above the fireplace like so to open a secret door behind the bookshelves:

9. Go back to the main room and go up the spiral staircase.

10. Open the left door in the back and enter the room. Look at the picture above the bed:

11. Arrange the puzzle on the night table so it looks like this:

12. Leave and open the door to right. Enter the the room. Use the clover key to open the closet. Take the blue book and read the journal entry. Leave the room.

13. Enter the room to the right, towards the front. Read the journal entry and take the figure from the night stand.

14. Enter the bathroom and take the light bulb.

Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Le

    Hi – thanks for the Crimson manor walk through -v helpful so far- will you be finishing it anytime soon?

    1. Paul mcsherry

      I’m stuck on number 17 with the phone, when i press it no latch opens and it says no dial tone??

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You need to use the phone number from the computer.

        1. LizzyF

          I have the same problem , I enter the phone number but get the no dial tone msg and I’ve tried many times.

          1. Timothy

            I’ve answered many of the questions in this blog. Scroll down to May 7th,2014 for a review. If you have a question that’s not answered there, reply to this post, I’ll get a copy of your reply, and I’ll send an answer. Please note: the 3 doors in the final act are very tricky, so please limit questions to before the 3 doors in the laboratory.

        2. libby

          please help me im really stuck on the arrows under the lions i put them in in order but nothing works … pleeeeease help !! im gettin quite frustrated with it lol

          1. maruciu

            did you manage with those 3 arrows under lions??? help, please!! 😀 frustrating

          2. Shanda

            You need to tap on the handle on the right hand side afterwards.

          3. Amy

            Top circle : arrow pointing right
            Bottom left circle: arrow pointing left
            Bottom right circle: arrow pointing northwest

            Then turn in circles the handle.

          4. Timothy

            I’ve answered you’re question. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog. (May 7th, 2014)

          5. Nikki

            Yeah I did everything I even copied the picture but no go …. still won’t open

        3. nichole

          i got the microchip but it won’t let me insert it into the computer.. I need HELP

          1. Annie

            Same thing is happening to me with the microchip. Have you gotten this figured out yet?

          2. lily

            Did u figure it out? How to put the microchip in the computer?

          3. angela

            Open chest select chip close treasure chest and insert chip

        4. nichole

          I am stuck on 20… I do the coordinates but there is no lever… after i tap the coordinates they disappear.

          1. beth

            my tablet will not reveal a lever either, even though i enter the coordinates correctly in the proper order. The inside tiles are outlined a bit more, but no arrows or levers. I’ll probably delete the game. It’s a shame. I was enjoying it. Did you ever get a lever?

          2. Timothy

            IΓÇÖve answered youΓÇÖre question. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog. (May 7th, 2014)

        5. DracoFir

          You need to press the numbers, not slide your finger like a real life phone. Also, to everyone who cant get past the co-ordinates, you have to put the magnifying glass on the book first even if you can already see the co-ords or already know them.

      2. Bobs

        How do you get a dial tone on no.17? I dial the computer help number, only get “nothing happens, no dial-tone..”

        1. Amy

          Make sure you have gotten the number from the computer first. Then go to the phone and press on the numbers one at a time.

          504 051 185

        2. Kara

          Same happens with me Please helP someone

      3. Jess

        I am stuck on the same bit except I got the latch unlocked but there is no microchip? How does it come out and where ?

      4. ?

        No you back up and above the phone that is where the lach opens.

  2. Ally

    where are the codes for the rest of the game so lost on green code!!!??? Help me please!!

  3. Le

    Thank you! 😉

  4. Sue

    What is the code for the blue keyboard as it doesn’t give that. Really stuck

      1. Sue

        Thank you. Couldn’t see that screenshot before as it was of a different picture. Much appreciated 🙂

  5. Irene89

    Im stuck on number 20 does the coordinates go In particular order??

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yes, the order you see them in under the magnifying glass.

      1. Sharon

        Can’t find the right order for the coordinates in crimson manor 20 tried all ways

    2. Sharon

      Did you find out the order I tried everything

  6. Helage

    Is there any way to go back in the final act? I managed to enter the correct blue and green codes – but not the red. It says in point 5 to read the journal – I didn╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t see it and now I can╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t get back.

  7. Tammy

    I am also stuck on 17. Have looked at computer and tried to dial phone and I get a message that says “nothing happened, no diAl tone”. What am I doing wrong???

    1. s

      you need to have the sound on. no dial tone=no sound on your phone!

  8. Xatonia

    Great walk thru, but I’m still stuck on the bit I looked for a walk thru for!

    I have the code for the padlocked door on the right in the garden (the code from the bottle), but I can’t get the numbers on the padlock to change. I’n guessing this is because the cog from the right of the padlock is missing, but there’s nothing on the walk thru? Please help.

    Many thanks

    1. Jen

      I was stuck on that too, you just need to slide the numbers along, not tap them 🙂

  9. simone

    how did you figure out the colour codes in the end of the game?!
    i tried to figure it out by my self but couldnt do it? :p

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just complete the sequence of the numbers shown on each keypad.

      1. Helen

        Hi I’m stuck on 20 tried everything and its driving me mad could you plz help thanx

      2. marry

        I am stuck on 20… I do the coordinates but there is no lever… after i tap the coordinates they disappear.

      3. C. Pearce

        Why are there no clues to what the number sequence might be? Blue code, red code…frustrating! I love these type games but need something to go on. I think having to check the walk through is like cheating.

    2. Timothy

      Solving the codes for the 3 doors in the laboratory:
      1. 18 -16 -14 -12 -10  
      Each group has a 1 in common.  Eliminate the ones, leaving 86420.
      Enter the first four digits 8642, hit the enter button.

      2. 1024 -2048 -3072
      This is the second door, eliminate the second group.  Add groups 1 and 3.
      1024 plus 3072 equals 4096…. hit the enter button.

      3. 31-30-28-25-21
      Eliminate the middle group, 28.
      31 minus 30 equals 1
      31 minus 25 equals 6
      31 minus 21 equals 10
      Enter 1610, hit the enter button.

      Took me forever to figure this out.╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡ Here’s the problem: You have to know the answer first to figure out the formula.╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡ In other words, you have to use the cheats!
      For serious game players, this is a slap in the face, we want to solve without cheats.

      Again, without knowing the answer first, one would never know how to work out the codes.
      Very serious flaw!
      Enjoyable game. ..up until the flaw.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        You don’t need to cheat to get the answers. They’re all patterns. You know you need a four-digit code for each. For the first one, each number 2 less than the previous. Continue that pattern and you get 8, 6, 4, 2.

        The second one, you just add 1024 to each one, so the next is 4096.

        The third, you subtract 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, etc.

        1. Timothy

          Aha.. you’ve just proven my point.
          On door 1, you say to subtract 2 digits from the previous.   But how do you know that?
          Why not subtract 3 digits, or 4 digits?  Why 2?     Or why not add instead of subtract?
          You see, you  the answer first. You cannot know to subtract, you cannot possibly know how many digits to subtract.  The game needs some kind of clue to tell you that, so you end up cheating.

          1. Timothy

            On door 2, you say to just add1024 to each one, but why not subtract 1024?
            Or, why not add 2048 to each one, or 3072?  You cannot know that you need to ADD, and you cannot know how much, because there are no clues to help you know what you need to do.

          2. Timothy

            On door 3, you say to subtract 1, then 2, then 3….
            But why wouldn’t you add 1, then 2, then 3?
            Respectfully, I would hope that you’re able to see that your answer cannot possibly make sense, because it’s impossible for you to know what you need to do to get the answers that you gave, using only the clues given within the game.

          3. lissi

            Are you serious? U figure it out cause its a pattern, Team Umizoomi on nick jr could’ve gotten it right. U don’t do it with the other numbers cause its wrong, obviously. 18-16=2 16-14=2,etc.not 3 or 1, the other ones follow suit. I hope u were just joking, or high. Lol

  10. simone

    haha thx, i think i over thought it!

  11. Holly

    I am stuck at the arrows under the lions what order do they go in I’ve trie everything and can’t open the handle to get the wine HELP!!!!

    1. margaret

      i am stuck at the arrows under the lions and cannot turn the lever to get the wine

      1. Gae

        I’m stuck in the same place. I’ve tried all combinations of the arrows, but can’t open anything. I’ve tried the lever….no success.

        1. adriane

          The arrows under the lions are the arrows from the statuettes. Its in thesame place you got the circle medallian things to put over the lion heads

          1. Nikki

            Yea same here I’m still stuck

    2. Timothy

      IΓÇÖve answered youΓÇÖre question. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog. (May 7th, 2014)

  12. Nicola

    I am still stuck on number 20 I can’t figure out the sequence in which the coordinates go please help!!

  13. Lauren Appleby

    Im stuck on 17 I don’t have all 3 emblems where are all of them , I must have missed 1 ?

  14. leia

    im stuck on the coordinates for the map tried all ways to put them in and nothing seems to work help

    1. kim

      I’m stuck in the same place – put them in as shown in screenshot and nothing happens- did you figure it out?

  15. leia

    wont let me change cheerleaders arms or legs help

      1. sarah

        Havin trouble with the cheerleaders can’t seem to get them to do anything help!

  16. Somya

    Hi I have got the first emblem and the third emblem but I can’t figure out where the second emblem is. Can someone please tell me I am really stuck, thanks!

  17. Somya

    It’s ok I’ve got it now, it turns out I forgot to lift it up after completing the arrows puzzle 🙂

  18. Laura Moore

    It won’t allow me to move the cheer leaders legs?

    1. leia

      go in to the room where the map is and go up stairs there is a picture on the wall thats were ya change there arms and legs xx

      1. Red

        You change the arms and legs on theposterup the stairs from the study, not these in the bedroom with the cheer leaders.

  19. M

    Great! Couldn’t have done it alone….wonder what happens if you press the red button at the end?!

  20. Den

    If you hit the red button, pretty much the same thing happens – a speech about making decisions and how Mr Strange didn’t have the guts to make the decision himself. The world continues as it was with time passing normally.

  21. Sus

    Hi. Im at the end of the game where i have to insert the blue code, what is the code, because i can’t see it on your help pitcure, there is another picture, not a pitchure of the code… 🙂 I know it is the nummer thats on the computer screen, But i cant get out from the blue code screen… :/


  22. Red

    I got stuck in the house for so long, thanks for the hints, now at least I can progress beyond the garden, thank you AppUnWrapper.

  23. Evie

    I am stuf on the cheerleader bit how do I move the legs hellpppppp!!!!

  24. Jenn

    I’m stuck on 17, I haven’t got a dial tone even though sound is on?

  25. maegen

    I figured out all the number deals by myself until I got to the red one. I put in 1610 it still says denied what’s the trick with this one so I can work it out myself?; please and thank you very much 🙂

  26. Anne - The Danish girl

    Did any one press the red button at the end? 😛 What happens?

  27. Sarah

    Can anyone help I out the microchip in the computer and clicked on door and it’s says i need to use a valid micro chip! But I only have one! And it’s not working

  28. Tigger

    I am unable to get the arrows. I put them in order but nothing happens. Any suggestions

  29. Leah

    Help !!! I’m stuck on the cheerleader visit it what do I do ?? X great walk thru tho except I really don’t get the cheerleader bit !!??..

  30. Leah

    What order do the arrows go underneath the lions I’m stuck !!??.. Xx

  31. Rikki

    Im stuck at the power section. Your guide looks like it has a handy picture to ex

    1. Rikki

      Silly phone posting before I was ready.

      Anyway, power puzzle. Your guide looks like it has a handy picture to show me exactly what to do, except in its place is the cheerleader picture again so I’m a little stumped.

  32. Kelsey

    I’m so stuck on the phone, too. I’m trying to dial, but I don’t know how to. I touch the numbers, but that doesn’t seem to work, and it keeps telling me there’s no dial tone. Help!

  33. Lmaris

    Don’t have a sword to use on the statue. Where is it found?

    1. Lmaris

      nevermind. used arrow diagram to properly set clock hands.

      1. DS

        Were u able to get the sword out? I cannot get the clock door to open even tho it says the door is now open. Any hints?

    2. nitisha

      when u set up the correct time see in the image then the clock will automatically open the sword is inside

  34. Mia

    Where is the night table? I am really stuck. I am only nine years old though.

    1. Luke

      Go up the stairs, go the the back left room and there should be on the right next to the bed the night table 🙂

  35. Sharon

    Can you tell me what the order is tried everything on the map for coordinates

  36. TINA


  37. jackie bexton

    Help I can’t find the middle coin to put above the lions

  38. Helen

    Help tried everything with the coorndience with the map had a look at pic and followed the numbers on desk help plz would be gratful

    1. sheree

      I need help there too.

    2. Lynn

      Me also ….had no idea how to put them in, had to cheat.

      1. Lynn

        One other thing….the screens arenΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t numbered yet walkthroughs say go to screen B6 or C23 or whatever and get this and go back to screen whatever and do this……how are we supposed to know which screen is what unless they have numbers in the corner or something? That doesnΓò¼├┤Γö£├ºΓö£├╗t help me at all.

  39. Luke

    Im stuck with the number from the ‘help’ on the computer, the phone has no dial tone so I cant call it im please help.

    1. nitisha

      number u seen in the computer u hv to just touch on the phone

  40. Emma

    Im stuck at act 3 number 13. I Dont have an orange key?

  41. Tina

    Media city games!!! Please answer OUR questions. Obviously you have not thought out all the twist & turns of this game because a lot of us are stuck! We can’t do anything. Please!! We love the game but something does not make sense.

  42. adriane

    I am sooooo curious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would anyone please tell me what happens when you press the green button at the end?
    I replayed the whole game to find out but I think I might have accidently pressed the red button again and I am not playing that game for the third time!

    1. Jennifer Solesky


      Can you please help me? I don’t know why I can’t get my shovel to dig? I see the X on the map, but it is not working.

      Thank you!


      1. sheree

        Please tell me the secret i am stuck on the loin area too.

      2. twalker

        I found with the chip and shovel both I had to open the box, select the item, then close the box before tapping where the item goes.

    2. Jennifer Solesky


      Can you please help me? I don’t know why I can’t get my shovel to dig? I see the X on the map, but it is not working.

      Thank you!


      1. Anne-Marie

        No matter how hard I try I cannot get my shovel to dig near the lions HELP! What’s the secret to getting it to dig?

    3. silver

      If you push the green button time is frozen no new life…people who are sick stay in pain for eternity…you have made a self centered choice that influences all…now what happened when you pushed the red button because I am not going back again either

  43. Lin42

    Just started Ellie…Help me out. My numbers are 730 and 630 but I don’t know understand from the walkthrough how to decipher the code and what to do. Please help

  44. Jennifer

    I have tried over and over and can’t get my shovel to dig where the x is marked on the map? HELP!

    1. louisok

      If you make sure you have selected the shovel and click the ground to the left of the water fountain with the three lion heads it should work… it is hard sometimes to make sure you’ve selected the right item at the right point

  45. Jennifer

    I have tried over and over and can’t get my shovel to dig where it says on the map! HELP!

    1. Caroline

      Tap by the bench, not below the lions.

      1. Traci

        I’m having same problem! Very frustrating! I have tapped everywhere!

  46. Jo

    Having great trouble with the dials under the lion fountain anyone else? I have tried every combination wondering if there is a problem with the game?!

    1. tinkie

      How on earth can I get the safe open under the lions help I’ve put the arrows in the right places but nothing happens

  47. louisok

    Loved this game and only one thing puzzled me where are the clues to tell you the sequence for the barrels… is it just a case of guessing there seems to be no order… I had to use the walk through for this bit…

    1. Lynn

      I had to use a walkthrough plus hints a whole lot. Too complicated for me child mind.

  48. nitisha

    i was stuck ..finally i complete the game from walkthrough

    thanks a lot

  49. Shen

    I cannot get the computer to take the ‘microchip’….can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

  50. Andrew

    What is the code for the padlock on the wine cellar door?

    1. Timothy

      Code found in the bottle on the kitchen counter. Open through bottle using corkscrew found in the wine cellar.

  51. Kat

    Thank goodness you were here with a walk thru I never would have been able to complete without you…..where in the hell were these clues?????

  52. M

    I can’t figure it out how to get 1610 for the blue keypad. Can anyone explain it to me?

  53. M

    oh.. sorry… i mean the red keypad…

  54. pnutty51

    Like this game, but who wrote the notes at the end? The English is atrocious and so is the spelling

  55. Caroline

    thanks for the help. I was so stuck. this was easy to follow. but where did you get the keypad codes from?

    1. sarah

      Codes are the next numbers in the sequence of given numbers

  56. glenda

    I need on opening the foreman door. I installed the battery but cannot get door to open very frustrated.pq

  57. jeff f

    Thanks for the good help. Screenshots helped get me through a couple of tough spots!

  58. jeff f

    Thanks for the good help. Screenshots helped get me through a couple of tough spots!

  59. glenda

    I need to get through to the foreman’s door. What do I do after I put the battery in its space. I am stuck. Please help.

    1. Fred

      The instructions are in the groundskeeper’s shed (or whatever he was called). They are on the table, next to his journal, in the first building to the right as you step out the back door. (In the screen with the birdhouse, you click on the stairs on the right hand side of the screen to get there.)

  60. silver

    What happens if you push the red button.

  61. Fred

    I was able to solve all the puzzles without any help, except for the wine barrels. Thanks for posting the solution on here. 🙂 But I am still curious, where was the clue that explained what positions the symbols on the wine barrels should be in? I swear I looked every where.

    1. Fred

      Never mind, I finally figured out that the barrel puzzle contained its own clue as to how to solve it.

    2. Timothy

      IΓÇÖve answered youΓÇÖre question. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog. (May 7th, 2014)

  62. David

    🙂 This helped me a whole lot!Thanks!:)

  63. David

    This rocks,I think it is such a help:(

  64. David


  65. ree

    I cant find the 2nd embalem to open the secretwall its not listed on this walkthrough

  66. DS

    The computer will not take the chip to open the door upstairs. Any hints?

    1. Fred

      Try inserting the chip before you actually click on the computer (which brings the close up view of the computer screen).

      1. DS

        I tried that with no luck so far. Tried everything. I don’t want to give up yet.
        Thanks for replying.

      2. DS

        Wow, ok it worked finally. Thanks.

        1. Annie

          How long did it take you to get the microchip in the computer? got this game yesterday on my Kindel Fire and it wont go in. I’ve been trying for about 2 hours. Both at a distance and up close. It “selects: but will not move. HELP

          1. Fred

            Honestly, it wasn’t an issue with me in the least because I noticed the “slot” wasn’t viewable when I was “at the computer” when I pulled up the screen of available “things” to insert, so I just backed up and then inserted it without a problem.

            I played this game using my Kindle Fire. So if I had to guess, some devices aren’t fully compatible. BTW, the Fire runs Gingerbread… so maybe newer, or older, versions of Android are having problems.

          2. Annie

            Fred, I have been trying but am having no luck with this microchip I have a new Kindle fire that I got a couple weeks ago. I’ve tried what you suggested and it still will now insert to the computer. It does “highlight” or “select” itself when I tap on it but it will not budge out of the treasure chest. I am getting so frustrated with this, I even tried to go back and start the game over again but it won’t let me. Thanks for responding anyways. Hope you enjoy the game.

            1. Fred

              I just replayed it and this is what I did to insert the chip.

              I was at the computer screen and then tapped the chest to open up my inventory. Then tapped the chip to select it. Then tapped the chest to close the inventory… so I could see the slot for the chip. Then tapped the slot. Bingo, chip inserted.

              That’s all there was to it for me. If that doesn’t work for you, you might want to try uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it. Good luck.

          3. DS

            It took me a day and a half to get the chip inserted. I tried all different ways, and finally had to ask in here. I did what Fred said and it worked but after a couple of times trying. Good luck. Fun game!

          4. Timothy

            Put it into the SLOT underneath the screen.

  67. mia

    I just got this game on my kindle fire. How do I get the key out of the lions mouth. Please help

  68. DS

    What am I doing wrong? The clock door doesn’t open even tho it says the door is now open.

    1. DS

      Whew, took me nearly 2 days but I got the sword.

  69. Bodbolam

    Silver… If u press red button get a congratulations for making desicion… And time and life carries on with good bad happening as it was intended to be 🙂

  70. Annie

    I finally got the chip in, didn’t realize I needed to touch the slot on the computer. NOW JUST STUCK ON THE MAP. Tried going in order, backwards, all different ways and nothing.

    1. Fred

      The map is pretty straight forward… just select the locations in the order they are presented in.

      To be honest, there are far more detailed walkthroughs out there than what this site has to offer. Ones that explain things in far more detail. So if this walkthrough isn’t good enough for you, then I would suggest looking for another.

      The reason I say this is that I only got stuck on one puzzle, the wine barrels, which this site gave me the solution… but I still was clueless as to how you were to supposed to figure it out. After posting on here that question, and not receiving an answer, I looked at other websites and finally figured it out.

      *Slight Spoiler*

      What it came down to is that every other puzzle before that one had clues to how to solve it… which was why I was stuck… I was looking for a clue elsewhere in the game. So after looking everywhere, forever, I finally came here. It turns out that the wine barrels, and the last 3 “puzzles”, which I solved easily, are the only 4 puzzles in the game that don’t give you a clue elsewhere. The clues are part of the puzzle.

    2. Timothy

      When you look at the book on the table using the magnifying glass, you’ll see hidden coordinates. Write them down, use THEM on the map.

  71. Jazmine

    i need help with the elevator access card where do i put it

  72. lauren

    I need help on the part where it says “Tap on the opening behind the lions to see a statue. There are three more openings, with a statue behind each one. Place the sword on the first one (courage) and take the medallion.” i don’t know where to click! i can’t find it anywhere and i’m SO frustrated. PLEASE HELP.

  73. nicole sebastian

    i am stuck on the safe box! & the info you have given me has left me completly lost? if you could exsplain more that would be awsome! thanks so much byee!

  74. Gwena

    Thank you so much for the walkthrough. I do not know where I would have gotten the code to the barrols or the blue, green and red code boxes. Everything else was pretty much a easy clue. the ccreenshots helped get me through a couple of tough spots.

  75. Jess

    Can anyone help in act 3 with the crowbar where is it ? I’ve been looking but I can’t see it

  76. Terr500

    Im stuck there too!!! It wont let me place the sword on the courage statue! What the heck am I doing wrong? Have you figured it out yet?

  77. mallmeu

    Fun & FRUSTRATING …..Thank for the walk…..nice realistic ending, eitherway.Those with kindles be sure to select the item u want to place first. The computer hit the slot first then ur chip. GOOD LUCK :))

  78. heath

    Need help with the map and the 4 coordinates been trying for 3 days

  79. heath

    I have tried putting in the coordinates in order and still can’t get the lever in the map, please assist thank you.

    1. stephanie

      Do it the order they were written first CANADA then go down

  80. nushie

    Pls help with #20 the map been trying all the sequence and is not working . someone said just follow it. do u need the world map to do this map? I am getting frustrated right now. pls help or tell me how to do it. thanks

  81. nushie

    If anybody is playing this game right pls I need you to tell me how to do the map entering the sequence . I try Canada and follow the rest still no lever. I love the game so help me pls anybody.

    1. beth

      I have a tablet I was playing this on and the sequence worked fine. I dl’d it on a different tablet and the map would not work. On that tablet, I was permanently stuck at that point. Sad!

  82. lee

    I am stuck on the cheerleaders. I cannot do anything on the picture. Help

    1. Karen martin

      Whoever got past the combination under the lion head please help!!! I put the errows In the right direction, turned the handle and it still won’t open
      Please help!!

  83. git

    Been trying unsuccessfully to get the green access code. Tried everything I could think of (numbers there, following sequence, previous obtained number, nothing worked. Please help before I totally go nuts. Am ready to give this game a low rating, though most of it is pretty good. But its pretty bad if you come that close and then can ‘t finish it.

  84. git

    Never mind – I figured it out. Forgot to “progress ” the first 2 digits along. With. The last 2. Duh!! Thanks anyway.

  85. Carol

    Can someone please tell me about the puzzle on the table in the bedroom with the cheerleader picture? Also, how do I move the clock?

  86. nikki

    I love this game I finish the game

  87. Joe

    Cannot get the 1st statue to take the sword, the other two were no problem. This is played on a Kindle.

  88. barbara

    The game wont let me dig by the bench. Too close and it goes back but Ive tried tapping everywhere-HELP!

  89. buddy01

    I can’t get past the garden safe!!!!! I did the arrows right and it won’t let me someone HELP!!!!!!

    1. mya

      when i go to the garden safebox it wont let me turn the handle

  90. joan

    I used the wong item from my trunk to get the lion mad.Is there anyway I can undo this without starting the game all over.I was supposed to use the gold on the bravery statue and used the shilld.Help

  91. joan

    I sent a question before and forgot to say to send the answer to my email.The question was about being able to undo a mistake with having to restart the game.Help

  92. delboy

    Where is the clue for how all the levers should be set in the secret complex ? Its all very well giving the answer but I want to know what I missed

    1. Timothy

      Go to the ground keeper’s shed, click the paper on the bench.

  93. Dawn

    Can someone please help me? Where is the bag of gold for the statue???

    1. Pulkit

      you have to take the shovel from the right room outside the kitchen and then use it on ground left side of the three lions

  94. barb

    I cannot get the shovel to dig no matter what I try. HELP!

  95. Amy

    I am at the foyer and have open the doors I don’t have a key card to get the elevator to work. I went back to try to find it but can’t. Help

  96. Maria

    good im finish 🙂

  97. Barbara

    STILL cant get the the shovel to dig. I clicked verywhere. Can I get help emailed to me> This is so frustrating.

  98. dawn smith

    I’m on number 20 with the coordinates and it just wont work please help

  99. Viana borrk

    Please hellp me i can’t open safety box. I am stuck on the safe box please help me explain how makeit open the savety box.thank u

  100. Katie

    HELP!!! I need help with painting above the fireplace and how to open the safe behind painting!!!

  101. Viana borrk

    Pleaseee helppp me open save box.

  102. andrei

    “there is a group of portaits above the the fireplace “unavoidable fate “is written below” ???

  103. Delylah

    Can anyone tell me how to open the safe box?????? Been stuck there for ages…. Thanks…

    1. Timothy

      IΓÇÖve answered youΓÇÖre question. Scroll down to the bottom of the blog. (May 7th, 2014)

  104. joan jameson

    Thank you for the codes at the end. How did you arrive at the green and red codes?

  105. Pat

    I have the gold in my treasure chest.. but it refuses to open the third stature for the last medallion for the lions. Was there a glitch in the game at this area ? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

  106. Abbi

    Ok. So, I’ve tried EVERYTHING for the phone, in the vists room. And it keeps saying ” No dial tone.” And I’ve tried just tapping, and turning up my sound. It doesn’t work.

  107. Lesley

    I really want to know how you worked out the end codes. Even working backwards, I can’t see how they are generated!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Look at the sequence of numbers in each one. There’s a pattern for each, involving either adding or subtracting numbers.

      1. Kyler Michel

        How do you solve the wine cellar puzzle?

  108. joan jameson

    Blue…each number is 2 less than the one before.
    Green….first two numbers increase by 10, the last two numbers increase by 24
    Red….each number is less than the previous by 1,2,3,4,5,6 giving 31,30,28,25,21,16,10

  109. Timothy

    Reading through the posts, there seems to be some hard parts that need further help. Computer: click on help.txt. copy down phone number. exit three screens, enlarge phone and type in phone number. in cabinet above, get microchip and go back to the computer. insert micro chip into slot below the screen. click on #1 door.Exe, and say yes. the security door upstairs is now unlocked. click on the open the book on the desk, use the magnifying glass to read the fine print. write down the coordinates, then click the map behind the desk. Enter the coordinates. Once upstairs, open the Divinci drawing. notice the color of any cheerleader, and match that color to the slight with the slider to the right of poster. Position arms and legs to that cheerleader.

    1. Timothy

      The last part should read: Once upstairs, open the DaVinci poster. Remembering the poster of the cheerleaders, note their COLOR, position of that one’s arms/legs. Using the slider to the right of the DaVinci poster, select the same COLOR, then position the arms and legs. Repeat other two cheerleader’s characteristics into DaVinci poster.

  110. Timothy

    Reading through the posts, there seems to be some hard parts that need further help, PART TWO! In the garden, click the birdcage to get the emerald heart. Enter the heart into the mantel piece in the kithen. You now have the clock hands to put on the grandfather clock. Set the hands to the time found on the wood plaque in the bedroom. Now you have the sword. When you get the gold medalions from the angels, be sure to write down the arrow direction, you’ll need it! If you have the shovel from the ground keeper’s shed, use it to dig to the left of the lion/medali on monument. The gold goes in the open hand of the angel. To get the shield for the third angel, you’ll need to solve the barrels. Install the blue light into fixture in winery, click the barrels. Ignore the center barrel. The symbol on each barrel must EXACTLY FACE the same symbol on it’s adjacent barrel. When ALL SYMBOLS FACE EACH OTHER, you’ll get the shield for the 3rd angel.

    1. Timothy

      AND, PART THREE! Now go place the medalions in the lion monument. To open the safe below, you’ll need the arrow directions from the angel statues. Place the 10:00 arrow in a slot, use right and left in the other 2 slots, try the safe handle to the right. If not opened keep 10:00, switch right and left, try the handle! Now make another position the 10:00, the other 2 r/l, try handle. Switch r/l, try handle. Finally, make the last untried slot the 10:00, r/l, handle. Switch r/l. If you’ve followed these directions, the safe WILL BE OPENED!

      1. Timothy

        If this information has been helpful, Please reply below to let me know that my time was well spent. Thanks, and keep playin’.

      2. Nikki

        Huh ? You have place the arrows in a slot in the safe?!? You are not making any sense you can’t remove the knobs under the lion fountain..I tried everything still won’t open !

  111. kathleen

    Hi. I can’t get the shield to stay on the angel. What should I do?

    1. Timothy

      I assume you’re trying to place a SILVER shield on the Angel? If it’s GOLD, it’s a Medallion and not a shield… The silver shield is found by solving the wine barrels puzzle. Is that information helpful?

      1. Timothy

        Also remember, ONE OBJECT PER Angel. Three Angels. Sword on one, Shield on one, bag of gold on one.

        1. Timothy

          Solving the codes for the 3 doors in the laboratory:
          1. 18 -16 -14 -12 -10  
          Each group has a 1 in common.  Eliminate the ones, leaving 86420.
          Enter the first four digits 8642, hit the enter button.

          2. 1024 -2048 -3072
          This is the second door, eliminate the second group.  Add groups 1 and 3.
          1024 plus 3072 equals 4096…. hit the enter button.

          3. 31-30-28-25-21
          Eliminate the middle group, 28.
          31 minus 30 equals 1
          31 minus 25 equals 6
          31 minus 21 equals 10
          Enter 1610, hit the enter button.

          Took me forever to figure this out.╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡ Here’s the problem: You have to know the answer first to figure out the formula.╬ô├╢┬╝Γö£├¡ In other words, you have to use the cheats!
          For serious game players, this is a slap in the face, we want to solve without cheats.

          Again, without knowing the answer first, one would never know how to work out the codes.
          Very serious flaw!
          Enjoyable game. ..up until the flaw.

          1. ceoriginal

            It’s math.
            You subtract 2 each time fire the code.

            Then you take the first number and multiply it by 2, 3 and then 4 for the code.

            Finally you subtract 1, then 2, then 3, and so on until you subtract 5 and 6 for the code.

            No flaw.

  112. RayLinStephens

    thanks! another game finished with your help.

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