The Mystery of the Crimson Manor: Walkthrough

Final Act: Secret Laboratory

1. Read the journal entry on the ground.

2. Tap ahead and enter the code into the blue keypad:



4. Tap ahead and enter the code into the green keypad:


5. Read the journal entry.

6. Tap ahead and enter the code into the red keypad:


7. Read the journal entry.

8. Go up to the machine. Read the journal entry and choose a button. I chose green out of curiosity 😉

Congratulations! You discovered the mystery of the Crimson Manor!

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214 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Crimson Manor: Walkthrough

  1. Pat

    I have the gold in my treasure chest.. but it refuses to open the third stature for the last medallion for the lions. Was there a glitch in the game at this area ? Any help would be greatly appreciated..

  2. Abbi

    Ok. So, I’ve tried EVERYTHING for the phone, in the vists room. And it keeps saying ” No dial tone.” And I’ve tried just tapping, and turning up my sound. It doesn’t work.

  3. Lesley

    I really want to know how you worked out the end codes. Even working backwards, I can’t see how they are generated!

  4. joan jameson

    Blue…each number is 2 less than the one before.
    Green….first two numbers increase by 10, the last two numbers increase by 24
    Red….each number is less than the previous by 1,2,3,4,5,6 giving 31,30,28,25,21,16,10

  5. Timothy

    Reading through the posts, there seems to be some hard parts that need further help. Computer: click on help.txt. copy down phone number. exit three screens, enlarge phone and type in phone number. in cabinet above, get microchip and go back to the computer. insert micro chip into slot below the screen. click on #1 door.Exe, and say yes. the security door upstairs is now unlocked. click on the open the book on the desk, use the magnifying glass to read the fine print. write down the coordinates, then click the map behind the desk. Enter the coordinates. Once upstairs, open the Divinci drawing. notice the color of any cheerleader, and match that color to the slight with the slider to the right of poster. Position arms and legs to that cheerleader.

    1. Timothy

      The last part should read: Once upstairs, open the DaVinci poster. Remembering the poster of the cheerleaders, note their COLOR, position of that one’s arms/legs. Using the slider to the right of the DaVinci poster, select the same COLOR, then position the arms and legs. Repeat other two cheerleader’s characteristics into DaVinci poster.

  6. Timothy

    Reading through the posts, there seems to be some hard parts that need further help, PART TWO! In the garden, click the birdcage to get the emerald heart. Enter the heart into the mantel piece in the kithen. You now have the clock hands to put on the grandfather clock. Set the hands to the time found on the wood plaque in the bedroom. Now you have the sword. When you get the gold medalions from the angels, be sure to write down the arrow direction, you’ll need it! If you have the shovel from the ground keeper’s shed, use it to dig to the left of the lion/medali on monument. The gold goes in the open hand of the angel. To get the shield for the third angel, you’ll need to solve the barrels. Install the blue light into fixture in winery, click the barrels. Ignore the center barrel. The symbol on each barrel must EXACTLY FACE the same symbol on it’s adjacent barrel. When ALL SYMBOLS FACE EACH OTHER, you’ll get the shield for the 3rd angel.

    1. Timothy

      AND, PART THREE! Now go place the medalions in the lion monument. To open the safe below, you’ll need the arrow directions from the angel statues. Place the 10:00 arrow in a slot, use right and left in the other 2 slots, try the safe handle to the right. If not opened keep 10:00, switch right and left, try the handle! Now make another position the 10:00, the other 2 r/l, try handle. Switch r/l, try handle. Finally, make the last untried slot the 10:00, r/l, handle. Switch r/l. If you’ve followed these directions, the safe WILL BE OPENED!

      1. Timothy

        If this information has been helpful, Please reply below to let me know that my time was well spent. Thanks, and keep playin’.

      2. Nikki

        Huh ? You have place the arrows in a slot in the safe?!? You are not making any sense you can’t remove the knobs under the lion fountain..I tried everything still won’t open !

    1. Timothy

      I assume you’re trying to place a SILVER shield on the Angel? If it’s GOLD, it’s a Medallion and not a shield… The silver shield is found by solving the wine barrels puzzle. Is that information helpful?

      1. Timothy

        Also remember, ONE OBJECT PER Angel. Three Angels. Sword on one, Shield on one, bag of gold on one.

        1. Timothy

          Solving the codes for the 3 doors in the laboratory:
          1. 18 -16 -14 -12 -10  
          Each group has a 1 in common.  Eliminate the ones, leaving 86420.
          Enter the first four digits 8642, hit the enter button.

          2. 1024 -2048 -3072
          This is the second door, eliminate the second group.  Add groups 1 and 3.
          1024 plus 3072 equals 4096…. hit the enter button.

          3. 31-30-28-25-21
          Eliminate the middle group, 28.
          31 minus 30 equals 1
          31 minus 25 equals 6
          31 minus 21 equals 10
          Enter 1610, hit the enter button.

          Took me forever to figure this out.  Here’s the problem: You have to know the answer first to figure out the formula.  In other words, you have to use the cheats!
          For serious game players, this is a slap in the face, we want to solve without cheats.

          Again, without knowing the answer first, one would never know how to work out the codes.
          Very serious flaw!
          Enjoyable game. ..up until the flaw.

          1. ceoriginal

            It’s math.
            You subtract 2 each time fire the code.

            Then you take the first number and multiply it by 2, 3 and then 4 for the code.

            Finally you subtract 1, then 2, then 3, and so on until you subtract 5 and 6 for the code.

            No flaw.


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