Cryptic Caverns: Walkthrough

Cryptic Caverns
By: 3D Methods

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1. Take the rope and tie it to the tree. Then step off the boat onto land.

2. Take the left path and go inside the ship. Take the crate, which has gold in it.

3. Go up the ladder, then up the stairs. Take another crate which has good in it. Then leave the ship.

4. Tap to the left of the ship to find yourself in front of a small building. Tap the crate next to it to get more cold coins. Enter the building and take the painting off the wall. Take another crate of the top of the bar. Also open the back door.

5. Go back to the first screen with the torch.

6. Take the right path this time. Tap on the building and take another crate from the porch.

7. Open the door and enter to talk to the Withered old man. Find out everything he knows and get the Sanctuary Key from him. Trade the painting for the Captain’s Key.

8. While you’re there, look at the sculpture on the wall and read the book on the bookshelf:



9. Go back to the screen with the torch. Tap left, tap left, tap left. Zoom in on the axe. Notice the green eye by the axe. Look at the book and focus on the green letters. Select them like so, and the green eye will glow. Take the axe:


10. Tap the windmill to see the cavern opening. Then go back to the ship and use the Captain’s Key to unlock the door to the cabin. Go inside take the ruby figurine. Read the book next to it. Also, examine the sculpture on the wall.

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where is the rest of the walkthrough?

Claire turner

I love it


I’m lost I got the belt and bone and I’m left speechless can’t fiqure out how to work the pillars after placing the handle thing in…. Weres the rest of the walkthrough can some one tell me how to find the rest is it moved to anther site..


I get to the sanctuary and have no key, because I have used the key in the captains door 😕


Howdo I get thesanctuary key how do you have a conference with the witherd man


Also I don’t get given the sanctuary Key from the withered man all I get is the captains key


The same thing happened to me. Go through his entire conversation and you will get the sanctuary key at the end.


I need help with the cavern columns…


How do you solve the puzzle with the wheel at the top of the ship I’m guessing it’s to do with the green emerald …. Half a walkthrough isn’t a walkthrough


Green gem on top. Spin the dial so that blue is right under it. You also need the topaz and the other wheel is green gem on top and purple under it.


I just went through the pillars. You basically need to write down/ remember the patterns on the slabs and put them together on the pillars – in correct order. Start with the right side – do it on the pillars. Then it will open to show you ‘arrows’ like the ones on pillars with colours. You rotate the colours till they match the pattern from the left slab. This one opens and you rotate the arrow inside – to put it upside down. Then you match the pattern from the middle slab by moving the stuff on the pillars –… Read more »


This isn’t working! I’m not able to open the middle door no matter what I do. The pillars are correct and the right and left doors opened no problem. ideas anyone?


U need to change jewels behind 1st door to match those on the3rd door as well as turning dial behind 2nd door b4 matching symbols


My door on right have3 arrows but the are right left upper can’t make it turn so it is left right lower. Did I make any sence


I’m really stuck now, ive done all of the above no problem and am now confronted with 2 puzzles, one is a statue of a lady with switches behind and the other is a stone circle with posts around, some combination is required for both but i have no idea how to get past them snd where to find clues, ive been trying for the last day but no luck


The statue needs an amulet to activate the switches. The amulet is in the tower and the door needs four red gems to open. Check the hint section in the game. If you can figure it out , please write it here. I’ve read it twice and can’t active the blue lines


Another area lies to the left of the stone circle with 3 pillars.
Its the tower. It has 4 pillars and a locked door with red gems. There’s an elevator in the tower and you need the bone and the belt to use the elevator to get the amulet. But I still can’t unlock the door.


No consigo resolver los pilares de la torre. Hay marcas en los cuatro pilares de la torre que no hay en los tres pilares. Hay señales en los círculos exteriores y en los tres pilares junto el interruptor no existen.Por favor ayuda. Me ha costado mucho encontrar esta página.


Each of the 4 small pillars in front of the tower has a code on. You need to set each code seperately and then go through to the tower and activate the pillar. When all 4 are done the tower door will open


But how do you activate them? I am trying and I think I have the combinations right but nothing shows to activate…


I have managed to turn each of the pillars around the circle on and also activate the back left pillar in front of the tower door, unfortunately i don’t know how i did it. Ive tried matching them up but not having any luck. At present i have 3 blue lines on the stone circle and one white line that i can move


Ive cracked it, look at 1 of the 4 pillars and note blue line positions, find which of the 3 pillars indicates them 2 lines, 1 at a time put the white line that correponds to the blue in the correct position in stone circle, when in position go to whichever of the 3 pillars you got the position from and activate the pillar by pressing the button, red light will come on, repeat this for the 2nd blue line, both should now be highlighted in the circle, if correct you can activate whichever of the 4 pillars, repeat this… Read more »


Poor ending


My problem is that I can’t activate the circles at all. I assume it shoud be activated with the lever. I do that but nothing happens so I don’t see any blue or white lines on the big circles… 🙁


Press the middle of circle to get white line, you only get blue line if you put white in correct place and activate the correct pillar around the circle, each white pos corresponds with a blue


Ok. I have activated all 3 red lights on the 3 stone pillars. And the door still didn’t open. What step am I missing.


You need to match the blue lines in the circle to each of the 4 pillars 1 at a time, look at the pairs on the 3 pillars, each white line represents a blue (its pair), copy the white line pos in the circle, activate the pillar you copied and the blue 1 will also appear in the circle,you need to do this twice so the 2 blue lines match 1 of the patterns on the 4 pillars, if its correct that pillar will activate snd you will have 1 red light around door, repeat for each pillar, you need… Read more »


Well, I made it up the lift to the top of the tower. I opened the book, touched the last page and……… “Directed by …..” screen appears them then graphic for the menu … Them the game hangs! Is that it? Have I finished? I rebooted, got the game back at the “top of tower” stage. I looked at the hints (first visit) and there don’t seem to be any beyond where I am. I guess I have finished it but it is a poor ending to an otherwise great game.


Exactly the same ending as i got, including the game hanging, really poor considerin the effort to get there


Thanks Brad, that tower door was a headache. Wish the ending was different but I’d get the next Cryptic adventure.


How do you use the knobs behind the statue to move the slabs in the church?


For the puzzle behind the statue wearing the amulet. (she must be wearing the amulet) select the symbol in the middle – the one with four legs activate the left knob. The one with two arms -activate the top center knob. And the last one activate the right knob. You’re almost done.


I dont get it to work? I do as you Say..


This is gonna sound lame, but For the puzzle in step #28, is the recent UPDATE required to get it to work?

I only ask because me and my friends decided to give something up for LENT and I chose UPDATING/BUYING apps (except for Sunday, but I’ve only chosen to BUY apps, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating too much).


I don’t think so. When you walk through the stone entrance- look at the diagram above it. There’s a red line a large V shape – 4 symbols an upside down V and a blue line. Make the puzzle look like that. Use the lights to form the V’s.


I need help With the #28.. Ive read the comments in it but i dosent work? What am i doin wrong?


I have the same problem.

I had things looking like the pattern over the door but nothing happened.

Looked at the hint in game and it seems to indicate that I was doing things correctly.

One difference that doesn’t make sense is the red and blue line. The puzzle only has red and blue circles. I moved the red one to the top and used it on the right most symbol to make it stay close. The blue one did the same thing on bottom left.

Not sure what is being done incorrectly.


I followed the instruction to open the three doors, when I got to do the middle be, I turned the left arrow upside down as instructed, but it kept pointing down, is there any instruction I missed. I restarted the whole Mae four times, result s tge same, I give up, I spent so much time on thus crap crap game with no skip button, it sucks


I’m stuck at this stage too – got to the 3 pillars with the doors, did the right one, arranged the colours, did the left one and turned the arrow, lined up the pillars for the middle door and can’t open it. I checked on the right and left door again and sure enough, the arrow has changed position on the left one. Can’t get any further. Pressing the delete button for this game I’m afraid. 🙁


You have to re-arrange the colors on the first (right door) again, so the order on the pillar marks match the order of them on the middle door. The walkthrough did not specify that, but changing colors on that first door will switch pillars positions. The middle door will open then. I got stuck there too, but then figured it out.


Please help
I’ve been with you guys and girls through out
But I can’t get the middle slab to open I’ve done
The right and left fine but well stuck now


I managed to get the middle door opened, didn’t know what I did, but all. Saw is just white light. I reloaded the game, managed to get through the door, but now got stuck in the three pillars ( was said to have four pillars, but I only saw three) and the circle.


When you’re looking at the stone circle (lever is on the right side of the screen). There’s another screen to the left. It has a set of 4 pillars and the tower.


I managed to go inside the tower, I put the bone and the belt on those gears, but nothing happened. I got stuck again.

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