Escape Game: “The Woe That Befalls Me” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Woe That Befalls Me”


1. Zoom in on the garbage can and take the hose between the garbage and the tires.

2. Turn right twice and take the screwdriver off the cart.

3. Look behind the washing machine and take the detergent.

4. Turn left. Zoom in on the drain on the ground and use the screwdriver to open the metal panel. Take the part of a jack.

5. Turn right twice. Open the door and enter the room.

6. Zoom in on the plant and take the blue bucket behind it.

7. Read the note on the table:


8. Leave the room and turn to the washing machine. There’s a faucet to the right of it. Turn on the water and fill the up the bucket.

9. Turn your back to the car and look into the drain. There’s something shiny:


10. Put the hose on the faucet.

11. Face the back of the car and pour the bucket of water down the drain:


12. Turn around and look at the drain to find a key:


13. Use the key to open the grey door by the tires.

14. Enter and open the locker. Take the metal stick.

15. Open the top left drawer of the filing cabinets and take the Check Sheet.

16. Leave that room and face the garage door. There’s a towel stuck up above. Use the metal stick to get it down.

17. Attach the metal stick to the jack.

18. Use the jack to lift up the car and take the knob that was under the wheel.

19. Attach the hose to the washing machine, then tighten it with the screwdriver.

20. Use the towel to wipe the wall above the tires to see this:


21. Try to wipe the mirror, but the dirt is too stubborn. Put the dirty towel in the washer and add detergent. Walk around, then come back and take it out.

22. Go back to the office. Put the knob on the cabinet below the sink and open the door to see this:



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  1. Dreamy

    After obtaining bucket, go outside to fill it up with water. The fix the hose to the tap. Follow by fixing the hose to the wash machine. Still solving.. How to get the towels down from the roof which shelters the car?

  2. Arthur

    Take a close look at the towel at the top corner of the car washing system. take a close look at the jack, see the hole. Look into the drain at the other end from where you got the jack. You can see shiny but can’t reach it. Zoom out and turn left twice. Pour the Bucket in the drain in the middle of the yard. Turn left twice and look into the drain. Get the key at the end of the drain. Open the door next to the tires with the key. Get the check sheet from the top left drawer. Open the locker and get the second part of the jack. Use this metal stick to get the towel. Use the towel on the dirty wall above the tires. There is something written. The code is: A=1, B=2, C=3 … so the Code for “Key is 11525. Zoom out turn right once. Zoom in on the left back wheel of the car. Combine the metal stick with the jack and use the jack on the car. Get the knob.zoom out twice an turn left twice. Use the code 11525 on the safe at the wall. Use the knob on the hole of the safe and open the safe. take out the car key. Get the knob back Zoom in on the right side of the car and open the door with the key. Take the spray and open the trunk. Take the certificate from the left of the steering wheel. Start the engine with the car key and move the stick shift to R. Open the trunk and get the ballpoint. Use the ball-point on the check sheet. Look on the floor at the left front of the car. There is written. Open the wasting machine, put the towel in add some detergent. close the machine open the water. Remove the clean towel from the machine. Zoom in on the mirror left to the car. Use the spray on the mirror. Use the clean towel on the mirror. Wash the towel again in the same way as before. Take e look at the towel. There is a pattern. Combine the pattern with the pattern you see in the mirror. The result is 3805. Go to the office and open the door at the sink. Look at the paper. Take a look at the certificate and turn it round. combine the check list with the certificate. Zoom in on the management device for certificate cards and put the completed certificate in. Turn to the laptop and enter 3805. Zoom in on the safe left to the management device, take the key. Open the glass door at the end of the office, use the key on the keyhole of the second door. Well that’s it.

  3. Gladys

    I cleared the game. After getting bucket with water, at the view where you can see the car directly in front of you, pour the water into the drain. From there everything is very straightforward and easy 🙂 good luck

  4. Yo

    Can’t find the certificate pls help

  5. Sarah

    Yeah can someone please give some clear instructions on the certificate part? I’m stuck there and “combine the certificate with the check list” doesn’t tell me how exactly to get the certificate.

  6. Akhtar

    I am unable to take the metal stick grom the locker, locker is opened but nothing is happening

  7. SubSubz

    It is mentioned that you must take the certificate from the steering wheel.

  8. Keyboard839

    I can’t get the metal stick too… I can see it but can’t take it.

  9. Keyboard839

    Really need help!

    dun know y can’t get the metal stick from locker… I get the check list but stuck at the metal stick part. Is there any step need to do b4 can get the metal stick?

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