The Hauntening: Walkthrough

The Hauntening
By: Glitch Games

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1. Enter the house.

2. Open the right-hand door. Pick up the mop. Also open the drawer and take the Janitor’s Key.

3. There’s also a bucket near the mop, that’s pretty much hidden. I found it by accident.

4. Leave that room and take the staircase to the left. There’s a creepy dummy that keeps coming towards you. I somehow blinded him by tapping him and then got through the door at the back.

5. Take the upper left door. A key appears to the left of the screen once the bicycle comes to a stop. Pick it up — it’s the chest key.

6. Go back downstairs. Take the middle door and open the chest to get some matches (and be prepared for anything here 😉 ).

7. This part is actually really cool. Go back upstairs past the dummy. Open the bottom left door. It’s pitch dark. Swipe your finger across the screen like you’re lighting a match and you’ll get a small bit of light that you can move around. Look around the room, lighting more matches as you need them. There are four numbers in the lower left corner of the room:



8. Leave that room and tap on the upper right door. Zoom in on the keypad and punch in the four numbers, then press ENTER. The door will open.

9. You can pop the water balloons, but they don’t seem to do anything else. Tap on the bookcase and then on the book titled “The Secret Room.”

10. Now you’re in a secret room. Read the note on the desk:


11. Leave the room and tap on the bottom right door. Tap 3, 1, 2, 3 (like on the note) and enter the room.

Congratulations! You made it!

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  1. J

    This game sux

  2. Jc

    There’s ten minutes of my life I’ll never get back….

    1. Megan


  3. Megan

    It was not bad it just needs to be longer and a lot more scary also needs to have thangs falling down at you but it was not that bad

  4. RayLinStephens

    cute! thanks!!

  5. Candy cane

    That game was cute!! I was sorta shocked it didn’t last longer though

  6. Sam

    Stupid! Worst game by glitch

    1. AppUnwrapper

      They made it in only 48 hours, so it’s a good thing that it’s not their best game.

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