Escape Game: “The Howling Atelier”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Howling Atelier”


1. Take the grey box off the bookshelf and take the cutter from inside.

2. Turn right and take the replacement blade off the sink.

3. Use the new blade on the cutter to replace the old one.

4. Open the book on the top shelf (it says “underworld” on the cover). Look at the words inside:


5. Then close it and look at what fell from the book:


6. Turn right. Look at the book in the statue’s hand:


7. Turn right and look at all the paintings on the wall:






8. Go back to the book on the shelf and take off the metal plates that make up the word “underworld”.


9. Turn right and zoom in on the door. It says “LOCK”.

10. Zoom in on the metal plates in your bag and choose “UN”.

11. Place it in the gap before the word “LOCK” to unlock the door:


12. Open the door and enter the second room.

13. Move the wooden crate over to find a hidden storage space. There’s a hole in the lid.

14. Take the long stick that’s leaning against the wall and use it on the lid to open the storage space. There’s a keypad inside.

15. There’s a metal box under the desk. Look at the clue:


16. Red + yellow = ORANGE. Type it in and press enter to unlock the box and take the rope.

17. Use the cutter to cut the piece of twine that’s binding the rope and see this clue:


18. Go to the keypad under the crate and enter the password:


19. Take the stake from inside.

20. There’s a box of paints on the desk. Take the tubes of red, blue and yellow.

21. Look at the sheet of paper on the wall:


23. Look at the red toolbox on the desk. There’s a clue on it:


24. Leave that room and turn to face the sink. Look behind the right side of the bookcase to find a small ball. Use the long stick to fish it out.

25. Look at the five pictures on the wall from before. Focus on Knife, End, Young (KEY). Then enter the numbers into the red box on the desk in the small room:


26. Take the palette from the box.

27. Put the paints in the palette.

28. There’s a paintbrush in the pencil case on the desk in the small room. But before getting it, you have to use the palette on the white ball to get this message:


29. Now you can take the paintbrush.

30. Examine the paintbrush to see that it’s hardened. Take it to the sink and run some water on it. Now you can use it.

31. First dip the brush in blue paint, then in red — to make purple!

32. Paint the little white ball purple.

33. Go back to the shelves in the first room with all the paint supplies. Take the purple box off the shelf and put the purple ball in the round groove to open the box.

34. Take the bottle on the right and zoom in on it to see the shapes. Then go back to the small room and rub it on the blank canvas to get it off the wall.

35. Go back to the first room and put the canvas on the easel. Also put the palette on the small table next to it.

36. Go to the sink and wash the paint off the brush, then put it on the stool next to the palette. The brush will move on its own, writing this on the canvas:


37. Zoom out and close the blinds on the window so it’s dark. Then zoom out and see this on the ground:


38. Open the blinds again. Look at the book on the shelf with the alphabet. Spell out “Grudge” and count the spaces on the line to get the password for the safe:


39. Open the safe and take the piece of artwork.

40. Go back to the easel and the words have changed:


41. Turn to the art rewards on the wall and rub the bottle of remover on it to get it off. Then turn it over to see this clue:


42. The book the goddess is holding tells you that you don’t need two of the same thing. So remove “DD” and “SS” from the word “GODDESS” and enter the remaining letters in the keypad on the base of the statue:


43. Open it and take the lighter. Light the lighter and use it to melt the wax on the frame. Then remove the back and take out the awards.

44. Go back to the easel to see this:


45. If you listen to the easel, you get the bad ending, but can continue after to get the good one. You need to open the window and put the stake/rope through it in either case.

46. For the BAD ENDING, burn the awards and the flamingo painting, then climb out the window.



47. For the GOOD ENDING, look at the bottom right corner of the flamingo painting. You can see a faint message. Use the cutter on it and you’ll see the message clearly:



48. Now you can climb out the window and get the good ending.

Congratulations! You made it!



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  1. Matías

    You have to combine The rope and The stake. But i cant figure out what to do next.

  2. Mari

    Painting the ball purple (put brush in bith red and blue paint) will open the navy box on shelf…stuck there.

  3. Jaci

    Clue for bottles in navy box is the piece of paper that fell to the floor in front of the bookcase.

  4. Tiff

    When you open the blue box, take out one of the bottles. I think it’s the one on the far right. Use it on the blank canvas in the other room. Take the canvas and put it on the easel.

  5. Mari

    Got to the lights on the floor! But the code for the safe still eludes me…

    1. Luke


      Look at the book with alphabet, note 7 letters in each line.
      U=7 etc

  6. Siumow


  7. Lisa

    Ask the What is the password?

  8. Lisa

    Goddess part .whats the password??

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