Escape Game: “Mask” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Mask”


1. Zoom in on the bookcase. Move the red book aside to find a manual. Read through all the pages:






2. Zoom in on the desk and open the right drawer. Move the notebook and take the ruler.

3. Turn right. Look to the right of the dressing table to find a pair of scissors.

4. Cut the plant leaves with the scissors and take the screwdriver.

5. Turn right and look at the clock:


4. Turn right and look at the photo on the dresser. Turn it around and use the screwdriver to remove the back and find this clue:


5. Turn left and open the lockers in the order shown on the back of the photo, like so:






6. The bottom middle locker will unlock. Take the pushcart from inside.

7. Tap on the bottom left side of the lockers. Place the push cart in the slot and then tap it to move the lockers. Take the remote from underneath.

8. Flip the remote over to see this clue:


9. Remember the pages in the manual? According to the clue on the remote, you get FT, HT, FT. Go to the wall safe to the right of the bookcase. Not sure why this works, but I turned it left, right, left and it opened. Take the wooden pole from inside.

10. Look at the pictures on the pole:


11. Ok, this next part can be a little tricky because you have to be really precise. It took me a few tries because I sometimes didn’t hit the hole exactly right and had to start over. Go to the desk to the left of the bookcase. There are four holes. You need to insert the wooden pole into the holes in order of the pictures on the pole. They go in this order, like a hand, heart, hat, and shoe:





12. Take the handle that drops to the ground.

13. Turn left and place the handle on the door that’s missing one. Open it and take the big box from inside.

14. Turn the box over and use the screwdriver to pry it open. Take the calculator from inside.

15. Turn the calculator over to see this:


16. Put the box in front of the locker like so:


17. Climb on it by tapping above the lockers to see an arrow. Tap on the arrow to see this:


18. Take the film. Zoom in on it to see this design:


19. Place the calculator in the empty slot on the wall where you found the film. Enter the numbers from the back of the calculator:


20. Some text will appear on the screen:


21. Examine the remote and open the battery slot on the back. The batteries are missing.

22. Turn to the clock and zoom in on it. Flip it over and take the batteries.

23. Place the batteries in the remote.

24. Use the remote on the TV to see this:


25. Place the film on the mirror and a pattern appears:


26. Press the corners of the mirror in the order shown on the film.

27. Take the film back. The mirror will move, revealing a door.

28. Examine the clue on the door:


29. Place the film on the TV to see this:



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  1. d3m1s

    14. Open wooden box with the screwdriver

    1. 555ViK555

      Take out the pad, examine its back: there is 6969

      1. 555ViK555

        15. Put the wooden box in front of the locker, climb on it: you will see an arrow. On the right you will find a red/green film, take it.

        1. 555ViK555

          16. Up there is a hole in the wall, put the number pad in it, type the code 6969. A text will appear: pendulum electric wrist.

  2. Steven h

    What does the calculator do?? Or mean??

  3. Hdent

    Now go to the clock and remove the batteries, place in the remote

  4. Revital

    In the crate you find a calculator, flip it and you’ll see 6969 written on it.
    Pot the crate in front of the locker and clumb it, get to the high shelf and take the green/red film. Put the calculator in the gap and click 6969. Now you can open the clock and take the batteries. Use the on the remote and use it on the Tv. You see 3 letters appear that spell RED. Go to the mirror and use the green film on it ( notice the lightning mark on it ) a pattern spears and that’s the pattern you need to use to press the mirror’s corners. If you press it in the right order the mirror comes off and a door apears. On the door there is a lock with 4 buttons (circle I, rectangle III, square II, star I) on the lower part of the door there is a drawing of the red/green film -the same buttons. Turn the mirror around and find the hammer. Smash the mirror with the hammer you see anither drawing of the same shape. If you put the red film on the TV you get a simliar pattetn only with numbers ( . I this far but can’t decipher the code. I tried every combination possible with the numbers on the TV but nothing works…

    1. Ash

      Subtract the number from the numerals (circle – I or 3-1 to get 2) code is 2146.

    2. Donna

      You take the 3467 and subtract the 1321 to equal 2146. That gets you to the garage. I am stuck now.

  5. Janet

    In garage shake aquarium by clicking on either side of it. You will see a key. Use magnet side of ruler to get key. Use on safe in room. Get device to unlock car. Unlock car. Get watering can. Put water from tank in can. Go back to room and water plant. Get handkerchief. Note “L”. Wrap hankie over aquarium. Use hammer to break aquarium. Move aquarium with cart. Move puzzle pieces to make letter “L”. See the garage door is unlocked. Get in car. Escape.

  6. SubSubz

    Ughhh… Im stuck at the garage too…

  7. SubSubz

    If you tap the aquarium continuosly(I just tapped anywhere)you can shake the aquarium revealing a key that can be caught with the ruler

  8. Grace

    In the garage, look inside the aquarium and tap it left and right, in the bottom right side of the aquarium is the key. Take it using the magnet side of the ruler. Use the key in the safe. You’ll get a thing that looks like a snorkel. Use it in the crack window of the car. Inside you’ll get a watering can. Use it to get some water from the aquarium. Then use that water in the plant inside. Then you’ll see a can buried in the soil. There’s a big cloth and handkerchief. Look at the hanky and take the cloth. Then tap around the aquarium it’s gonna tell you it’ll take a long time etc so use the cloth to wrap the aquarium then smash with with the hammer. Now use the hand cart to move it out of the way. There’s a puzzle. Solve the puzzle and you’ll be out! 🙂

  9. Siumow

    Before entering the password 2146, you have to turn around the mirror and get a hammer and then break the mirror with the hammer.

  10. Mari

    Once you are in the garage you must take the key inside the aquarium, move the water so you can see it and use the ruler to take it, open the safe behind the car to obtain a tool to open the car.Inside the car you’ll find a watering can, fill it with water from the aquarium, water the soil of the plant inside the first room and you’ll find a wrapping clothe and your handkerchief with an “L” mark. Wrap the aquarium and brake it with the hammer, move the aquarium with the cart and solve the puzzle on the shutter, just move the pieces making an “L” form, enter the car and RUN OUT!!!
    Hope it helped.

  11. SubSubz

    Open the safe and aquire the tool to open the car door

    Get the pink watering can from the car and fill it with water

    Take the the watering can to the plant with “hard soil” and water it

    Take the wrapping cloth and view the L on the handkerchief.

    Go to the aquarium and cover it with the wrapping cloth.

    Smash the aquarium and move it with the hand cart from earlier

    Change the puzzle on the shutter to the L you saw on the handkerchief

    The shutter will open(even though I didnt see it open) so go into the car

    You are now out 🙂

  12. Hdent

    Shake the aquarium, there’s a key

  13. Revital

    You shake the aquarium and than put the ruler inside to get the key, use it on the safe behaind the car and get a crowbar use it on the crack in the car’s window and get the watering can. Fill it with water from the aquarium and use it on the plant near the dresser. Inside the soil you see a can , inside it there is a wrapping cloth and a handkerchief , look at the handkerchief there is the letter L written on it.
    Go back to the garage and wrap the aquarium with the cloth, now you can use the hammer to break it and the trolley to move it.
    The is a board on the shutter, move the puzzle parts until you spell L , now it’s open. Go to the car and use it to escape…

  14. Honeybee

    Look on top of the aquarium, shake it to the left and then to the right, the water will be more clear. You will see the key at the bottom, use the ruler with the magnetic side on it. Then you will get the key for the safe and take the crowbar.

  15. Kritisha

    So can any tell me that who was the guy I didn’t understand the last part where the girl said that there was a devil inside him ? Can anyone explain me the ending clearly please…

  16. gexz

    i stuck after collecting remote and i come here to look for clue.
    Step 9 left right left on safe lock didn’t work for me… need help.

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