Escape: Geisha House: Walkthrough

Escape: Geisha House

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1. Zoom in on the slippers. Pick up the book behind them.

2. Open the book and take out the candle holder. Also read the clue inside:


3. Zoom in on the pail and take the oil pot.

4. Look at the note on the wall behind you:


5. Open the sliding doors and enter the second room.

6. Zoom in on the small dresser and open the top right lid to get some matches.

7. Turn right and take the string from the cabinet doors.

8. Open the cabinet and take the box.

9. Open the box to get a can of oil.

10. Turn right and open the little drawer on the table to see some tobacco leaves:


11. Turn right until you face the big dresser. Open the drawer that says “k” on it and take the note from inside:


12. Use the oil can on the note to see this:


13. Go back to the first room. There’s a stone stove in the corner. Put the wooden box inside. Use the matches on the note to light it on fire. Then put the flaming paper inside to light the box/logs.

14. Step away and then tap the pot of water to see that it’s boiling. Steam will rise up through a hole in the ceiling.

15. Go back to the big chest of drawers. Use the clue from the notebook and push in the drawers in this order: hhshkhk. Drawer t will open. Take the plate from inside.

16. Pour oil onto the plate. Then place the string on it. Put the plate onto the candle holder and then light it with the matches.

17. Enter the dark area that you couldn’t enter before. Near the ceiling is a box. Open it and turn on the circuit breaker. Now the lights are on and you can see the second floor!

18. Open the door to the left and take the trick box from the window sill.

19. Look at the ceiling in the right corner:


20. There’s a rolled up carpet against the railing. Tap it a couple of times to knock it down and see this clue:


21. Leave that room and take the right room this time. Turn on the light to the left, right by the ceiling.

22. Examine the pile of cushions. Tap on them until they’re laid out like so:


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23. Zoom in on the flower on the trick box. Tap the right side, right side, then the middle button. Then right, left, middle, right, left, middle. The box will open, revealing a key.

24. Flip over the arm rest on the floor to find a red tile.

25. Go back to the room across the hall. Look under the purple kimono for a box. Solve the puzzle, like so, putting the last tile in the middle.


26. When it’s done, look at the front of the box to find the other half of the key.

27. Combine the two parts of the key.

28. Go back downstairs to the chest of drawers. Use the key to open the bottom drawer, z. Take the tool from inside.

29. Go upstairs to the left-hand room and use the tool to poke each of the X’s on the ceiling until a rope appears. Pull the rope to get a ladder.

30. Try to go up the ladder. It tells you you’ll trip on your kimono. To the left is a small night table. Enter the code to unlock the drawer and get a string:


31. Use the string on the ladder so you can get to the attic and escape.

Congratulations! You made it out!


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Code for drawers: hhshkhk open the ‘t’ drawer to obtain a plate to put the oil and carry some light to second floor and turn on the lights. Now I’m on the room of the right side.


How come no matter how many times I use the code: hhshkhk, I still can’t open t?


U have to tap the handle( to show a sentence; there is a clinking sound….)
Tapped in the sequence of HHSHKHK.
Drawer T will open auto. Think u have to do it not too slow nor too fast..
Good luck


Try tapping on the handle


I still can’t open the cabinet even after typing it.. Millions of time..


Tried the code to hhshkhk still won’t


wats the code for the cabinet in the second floor? i


I need help deciphering the code on the carpet 🙁 Been stuck there since last night 🙁


The code for the cabinet on the second floor is 7429.


please can u elaborate more…i really wanna know…asap


Follow the pattern on how the sticks rotate clockwise with their dots as center. It will give you the number 7 4 2 and 9.


I still don’t understand the logic behind it.. Can u elaborate more on that dot and the sticks turning 90degree clockwise for all the sticks?


For the sticks puzzle, notice the angle they turn clockwise? From the original position to the new position? It all turn clockwise by a little angle. You just need to turn the sticks in the same angle clockwise in your mind or draw it down and the number 7429 will come out. Just that 4 and 9 is mirror-ed. 🙂


Me too! I do not understand the logic behind the line and dots. Please elaborate more!! Thank you. I appreciate it!


Took a while but I understand the puzzle on the red carpet. Picture them as matches, the top puzzle shows three matches in a reverse L with another match horizontally underneath. The matchheads for these three matches are the pivot points, turn each match an eigth of a turn clockwise. They will now be in the position as pictured to the right. Repeat the eighth of a turn clockwise for each of the three matches and you’ll find the top match is now horizontal and the two below it are vertical and the three of them will be in the… Read more »


In the dresser you find a kimono string. Look under the purple kimono and find a box on top of it there is a puzzle, arrange the tiles until there is one missing. Go to the next room and tap on the floor pillow, there is a pillow on a wooden pedestale tap on it until it flips down , you can see the missing tile stuck , tap on it to free it. Go back to the puzzle box and complete it. The box opens and you get half a key. Go back to the next room and zoom… Read more »


The key goes to the last drawer (k)
Get a hook from it and tap on xxxx in second floor


Thanks Mahoozi. Didnt see this before I Commented 🙂


I am stuck also with the key and string. there are some x’s on the ceiling above railing where steam is coming up which might be linked but cant figure that out.


The ladder fell down from the ceiling..but I don’t know the pw of the dresser.I found the clue in the red carpet next to it. I tried to escape by the ladder but I fell down and broke my leg..


Use the string and click the ladder(: it’d toe up the kimono hem


Use the kimono string and click the ladder.


Help!! The hhshkhk code! The drawers open and close but no T! thanks


I am having the same problem


The code cann’t open the t


U have to tap the handle( to show a sentence; there is a clinking sound….)
Tapped in the sequence of HHSHKHK.
Drawer T will open auto.
Good luck


I don’t know what to do when the ladder is down? If I click on the ladder then the girl falls down and it is the end. Really stuck someone please help!!!


Tap on the kimono string ten tAp the ladder


When I climbed up the ladder, I fell n wt should I do now?


for those who died in the ladder, you miss kimono string. Get it from the 7429 first, and then put the string on the ladder to complete it. And then escaped.


I can not get out of drawers


I open & close the drawer well in order (hhshkhk) but can’t open t ? Pls help!


I’m so bad help me out of the drawers


Same for me. Impossible to solde the drawers clue. Help


for those who have problem with the hhshkhk drawer try not to tap at the middle of the drawer. instead, tap the right/left side of the drawer which will show the text of “pushed the drawer….”


you love has been my savior


I’v complete the puzzle & arranged the cushion. Pls tell where I can get the (box w/ flower)?


Well, I got the box!


Cant open “t” drawer by prushing hhshkhk code! Do I need double cilck to open all these in order or just touch once when it shows the letter on side? If the second option, how to deal with two H at a time?


hey did u get it right cause i’m still struggling with the same issue.


O my goodness, I did it but finally ain’t know how to get through


I’m pressing the code hhshkhk. But t isn’t opening. I get the clicked sound . Am I doing it wrong???


You need to get the message that a click sound is heard for each of the letter in the sequence, then the t drawer will open automatically.


how to solve the puzzle for the box under purple kimono


I’m stuck on the puzzle box to


The puzzle is easy. You get the missing tile first. Then rearrange the puzzle. The missing piece is bottom row 2nd piece. Click the tile you got and then click the puzzle.


i cant solve the puzzle under the kimono too. been a day!!!


Gina thank you thank you thank you!