Escape Game: “Studio” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Studio”

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1. Look at the note on the door:


2. Look at the note on the wall:


3. Zoom out. Zoom in on the clothing. Look at the note in the pocket of the blue suit:


4. Zoom in on the briefcase on the table and look at the clue on the pocket:


5. Turn right. Look under the poster for this clue:


6. Turn right. Look at the clue on the control panel:


7. Take the stepladder from the left. (If it doesn’t work, go back one screen and try to reach the item above the lockers.)

8. Turn left. Use the stepladder to reach the top of the lockers. Take the knife.

9. Turn right twice. Clean up the papers on the floor to see this:


10. Cut open the box above the papers to access some tapes. Take one.

11. Open the instrument case to get bass strings.

12. Cut the checkered part with the knife to reveal this clue:


13. Read all the books on the bookshelf:








14. Turn left and tap on the poster to the right:


15. Keep tapping on it till it falls off the wall, then find it on the ground to see this clue:


16. Also look at the clue on the side of the control panel:


17. Go back to the lockers and open the right one to get a locked yellow box.


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Plz almost at the end I need to know the colours that go to the cable thank you


Two side color added to be white
Like the yellow color on the right hand side
The left hand side must be blue color
You can try another color


Two side color added to be white
If the yellow color on the right hand side
The left hand side must be blue color
You can try another color


Made it! Cheers thanks for that


Open the bag by the nearly CD’s drawer 70-40-90-50-20-30-Enter Take a screwdriver form the bag Open the box by screwdriver to take the recorder key Switch on the recorder and press the red buttom Play the song with piano, drum, and 3 guitars Take the recorded tage back will hear someone knocking the door If you go to the door directly will be going to bad ending If you go to watch TV before, Then go to the door, You will disappear manager is a bad guy, go to the inner room. You will found another exit behind the piano.… Read more »


Thanks, that’s just what I needed to finish it


Wat do i use to open nearly broken lock and where to enter code from bag


Near the CD’s drawer


Where is the blue pick?


On the sound controller’s left hand side, there is a lock.
Blue picks is inside there.


If you mean the lock with the inked out numbers, i got the green pick from there. I also have the red one.


What is the code for the remote control for the air conditioner?




I’m so stuck! I can’t open the locker, what do you use to break the lock?


Make 3 picks to be 1, it will turn to white.
Then put it in , the lock will be opened


Where is the CD’s drawer? I have no idea how to open the bag!


Turn right 1 time, then check the right side of the cd’s drawer


Where do I get the picks…?


What is the code for blotted ink panel


This is insanely frustrating. Where do I get these picks? I’ve done everything I can! I opened the bag, opened the yellow box, have the knife and screwdriver, but I CANNOT FIND ANY PICKS. What do you need to do to find them? Specifically, because I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I’ve gotten as far as possible without them. Please help, someone!


The blue pick is in the stereo (on the same wall with the picture frames). Took me awhile to figure it out. 🙂 Here are the numbers for the codes:
1. Behind poster – 2, 15, 27, 38, 48, 57, 65. (2+13=15, 15+12=27, 27+11=38, and so on).
2. Papers on floor – 4, 9, 16, 25, 36, 48. (4+5=9, 9+7=16, 16+9=25, and so on).
You just use the number with the corresponding shapes.


Blue pick – stereo on the same wall as the picture frames. Pick is where the cd goes.
Red pick – falls out of the AC onto the floor after you put code in.
Green pick – inside locked panel on upper left side of sound mixer.


To open the locker…on the right side of the bookcase is a door on the wall. To get the baton, combine all three picks to make a white pick. Once you get the baton, hit the locker and it will open. The code for the case is on the poster that fell down by the sound mixer. When you look at the numbers upside down its 6153.


The panel with scratched out numbers… What is the code for it? Thanks


The code is 2576. Click on the blue suit hanging by the wedding dress. There is a note in the pocket that tells you the correct number for the buttons that are scratched off.


How am i supposed to play all the music instruments? I tried hitting the red button but nothing happens.


Once you fixed all the cables and piano keys, you have to click on each instrument to play it.


Can somebody explain me the amp cable thing properly? Thanks


The colors correspond to the framed picture. The first cable is green on top, blue and then red. Second cable is light blue on top, yellow and then pink.


Actually, I don’t think I posted the right order earlier. I can’t go back to the cable since I plugged it in. But one cable will be green blue and red. The other cable is pink, yellow and light blue. I’m pretty sure this is the right order.


Where do you put the finished recorded tape to escape finally?


How can i fix the cable?


Can someone tell me where the CD drawer is I am really confused and which place is it located????


How do you get the cable for the acoustic guitar? I’ve tried putting the white pick in but it doesn’t work.. wondering if I’m missing a clue?


I can’t Play the music!


I can’t get the green pick! Where can I get the code for the inked out panel?