Escape Game: “Studio” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Studio”



1. Look at the note on the door:


2. Look at the note on the wall:


3. Zoom out. Zoom in on the clothing. Look at the note in the pocket of the blue suit:


4. Zoom in on the briefcase on the table and look at the clue on the pocket:



5. Turn right. Look under the poster for this clue:


6. Turn right. Look at the clue on the control panel:


7. Take the stepladder from the left. (If it doesn’t work, go back one screen and try to reach the item above the lockers.)

8. Turn left. Use the stepladder to reach the top of the lockers. Take the knife.

9. Turn right twice. Clean up the papers on the floor to see this:


10. Cut open the box above the papers to access some tapes. Take one.

11. Open the instrument case to get bass strings.

12. Cut the checkered part with the knife to reveal this clue:


13. Read all the books on the bookshelf:








14. Turn left and tap on the poster to the right:


15. Keep tapping on it till it falls off the wall, then find it on the ground to see this clue:


16. Also look at the clue on the side of the control panel:


17. Go back to the lockers and open the right one to get a locked yellow box.


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60 thoughts on “Escape Game: “Studio” Walkthrough

  1. Elaine

    I unlocked the code for the bag. But how do u literally open it to get the screwdriver? I’m going insane!

  2. Kritisha

    I still don’t know how to get the blue pick can anyone tell me the code for the blue pick please help I am stuck!!

  3. Elaine

    I’m going insane. Someone just tell me how on earth u fix the piano! I plucked out the keys with the knife, and don’t know what to do next. I don’t get the cable thing. Where on earth u find them? I don’t even know what to do with the base strings(Rain, Cloud, Sun, Moon)

  4. Kritisha

    @ Elaine

    I did the comments above but I don’t get code it is confusing ? I don’t know what to write in the stereo exactly..

  5. Tiger

    Has anyone actually finished this. I have everything. What do you do with the tape after is has recorded?

  6. Kritisha

    I am stuck on combining the 3 picks I don’t know which order they go in I tried everything but it is not working can anyone help me?

  7. Harumi

    Someone can tell me where do I get the amps cable, please?!
    And how do I fix the piano?!
    I’m so stucked at this!
    Please, any clue.

  8. Trish

    Ok, so I put th two sticks together and now I can play the drums.. But it won’t let me. No one knows how to fix piano or play instruments.frustration or wat? Lol please sum one HELP!!

  9. quekky

    Bag – right side of cd
    AC – 6526
    Cdplayer – 5867
    Score behind cdplayer
    Panel – 2576 (see point 3)
    Take box from cupboard
    Unscrew box
    Switch on recorder and put tape
    Nightstick at right of books, combine picks to become white
    Use nightstick on cupboard
    Baton – 6153
    Combine baton and nightstick
    Door – top green, left blue, right red
    cable lock – yellow
    Cable – blue, purple, light blue (there’s sound)
    Unscrew middle amp, White 3, black 5, green 4
    Last guitar – rain, moon, sun, cloud
    baton on drum
    Knife on piano
    Keys on synthesizer
    Start record
    Select score and play everything
    Take tape
    Watch tv
    Open door
    Behind piano, yellow button
    Beside piano a hifi, put tape in
    Escape through ventilation

  10. Honeybee

    I did everything and got the tape, how come I can’t put it in the mini component? Can anybody help me pls?

  11. Aref

    Hi i did every thing and escaped from the door but i have got bad end
    How to get the good end . And what to do with recorded tape

  12. Sonya

    Are these answers all related to can you escape the studio? If so what is the code for the final drawer on level 8 please?


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