Escape Game: “A Plot on the 8th Floor” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Plot on the 8th Floor”


1. Look in the trashcan to see this clue:


2. Open the top drawer of the desk to get a piece of a bookmark.

3. Turn right and look through the green book on the shelf:



4. Take the frog doll off the top shelf.

5. Turn right.


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46 thoughts on “Escape Game: “A Plot on the 8th Floor” Walkthrough

  1. Honeybee

    What’s the code for under the stove? I looked in my lid of the box but I just couldn’t figure it out which one press first and so on, pls help..

    1. Jodon

      For the stove…When you look on the lid you will see a diagram. I tapped once for the short ones and two x for the taller ones then the arrow. It worked.

  2. Micol

    the sequence for a button is drawn under the cover of the box in the library. I think you have to press the second button, then the last round and then the arrow.

  3. hadeel

    the password for under the puzzle is PEACE
    for good end follow the instruction on the electricity capinet then go to close electricity under the stove
    dont think that ull escape without turning off the electricity
    i escaped finally !!

  4. Yi Lin

    i still dunno how to find the four piece of puzzle and the password for the accessory box. Someone please tell me!!!!!

  5. JungS

    I have all but two items. I have put in the password PEACE, but I cannot advance. Nothing else works, I can’t seem to turn off the electricity. Where exactly do I click to get to the next step?

  6. Vento

    Electricity closet is on the left side wall of the stove , the gray one that is locked .
    The key is found : Behind the puzzle . İ mean after you complete the puzzle , peace , tap on the puzzle a lot of times and it’ll move and open the lights and find the key to the electricity cabinet 🙂


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