Escape Game: “A Plot on the 8th Floor” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “A Plot on the 8th Floor”


1. Look in the trashcan to see this clue:


2. Open the top drawer of the desk to get a piece of a bookmark.

3. Turn right and look through the green book on the shelf:



4. Take the frog doll off the top shelf.

5. Turn right.


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  1. Mattp79

    I swear i’ve tapped eveywhere i can but am at a standstill. I have two puzzle pieces, frog doll, half bookmark, and batteries. Could use help with next step. Also i dont know what to use the numbers under the bomb desk with.

  2. Hev

    The numbers under the bomb desk correspond with the tool box.

    1. Mattp79

      I put the numbers in the toolbox but it keeps saying” it doesnt look right”. The code under the desk-5378?

      1. Mattp79

        Ok, so my game must be messed up bc i put the code under the desk into the toolbox several times and it didnt work, then i searched around the room and went back to the toolbox and didnt put any code into it i just hit the enter button and it said ok and let me in. So if anybody else is having the same problem try moving away from toolbox and going back then hit enter button without any code.

  3. Kenzie

    Do what the book says for the dangerous device. Look underneath the table with the box on top, use the code on the toolbox underneath. Put the bookmarks together, position the frog accordingly, and stick in on the desk in the holes.

  4. Kenzie

    Wow, this ones pretty easy. A lot easier than studio!
    I can’t remember all of it, but in the dangerous box, the lid has a key taped on for the cupboard, there’s a flashlight inside with a key inside it, bulb is in the drawer for brass key. The accessory box is from the puzzle piece you found (four stars on back, 256×4 is 1024) chart on inside is for stove, open up and get another puzzle piece.

  5. Revital

    5378 just doesn’t work I tried walking around and pressing enter but it didn’t work too. I got one puzzle piece from under the refrigerator but where is the second one ?

  6. Micol

    (35 +239) x 5 = 1370 and the design looks the same there on the kitchen cabinets but the code does not work. code 5378 under the desk? mah?!

  7. Revital

    I tried that too and it didn’t work. Should I install and reinstall ?

  8. Micol

    5378 ok in tool box. I don’t know why today and not yesterday!!! The frog doll on the desk? but the legs never turn on the right, only open or closed…

  9. Revital

    Very frustrating , tried a new game but still toolbox won’t open.
    Nothing else works either.

  10. Micol

    1370 in the kitchen cabinet. yesterday did not work! reinstall? why not? but the frog doll is driving me crazy and the torch does not light up! grrrrr!

  11. Sean

    Must be bug or timer in game. Codes didn’t work for me yesterday but did today. The clue for doll is worded wrong. Legs need to be closed to fit in holes. It’s head needs to looking right (dolls right). I’ve managed to assemble torch (can’t use yet) and placed jigsaw pieces in puzzle. Now need a word to open the final safe under puzzle. Any ideas?

  12. Micol

    Yesssss!!! I escaped!!!!!

  13. JMoney81

    What’s the password for under the puzzle?

  14. Micol

    Complete the puzzle, turn off the lights and use the torch. is a sign!

  15. Revital

    I found out that if you back to the appnavi screen and than return to the game the passward works, both on the toolbox and the kitchen cabinet door.
    Now I found all puzzle pieces and completed it but can’t find the light bulb. Did someone say there is a key in the flashlight ? I couldn’t find it.

  16. Micol

    you have to do a lot of tap 4 the key in the flashlight.

  17. JMoney81

    Thanks for the tip on the puzzle. Was able to complete the rest, but got the bad ending, anybody have any insight on how to achieve the good ending?

  18. Revital

    Finally escaped. You need to click a lot on the torch to see the key. But once you get it it’s a piece of cake…

  19. Revital

    I got the good ending I have no idea how to get the bad one. What did you do exactely ?

  20. Revital

    Got it! When you open the electricity capboard ,take the key and examine what’s written in the inside of the door, it’s instruction how to turn off the electricity. After you deal with the fuses open the second from the left kitchen cabinet and turn the knob , than open the door and you’ll get the good ending.

    1. Yi Lin

      Take what key?

  21. Luke

    Where is the bulb for the torch?

  22. Revital

    Light bulb in the white drawer under the accessory box ( the same cabinet with the frog doll )

  23. Emma

    Hi, I have found all but the first and last items, codes have finally worked!! but I am stuck. I’m pretty sure the missing first item must be the first puzzle piece (I’ve found the other four) but I just can’t find it!! Help please if anyone can remember what and where that first item is!

  24. Emma

    DW found it! It was the one in the cabinet under sink. The code originally wouldn’t work and after I’d FINALLY got the toolbox one to work I forgot about the cupboard :)) thanks!

  25. Dolly

    The puzzle won’t let me put the pieces in. I have all four. I highlight the piece, tap the right place on the puzzle but nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Jodon

      You need 5 pieces.

  26. Mahoozi

    Finally ecaped with GOOD END

    Thanks for allof you

  27. Honeybee

    What’s the code for under the stove? I looked in my lid of the box but I just couldn’t figure it out which one press first and so on, pls help..

    1. Jodon

      For the stove…When you look on the lid you will see a diagram. I tapped once for the short ones and two x for the taller ones then the arrow. It worked.

  28. Micol

    the sequence for a button is drawn under the cover of the box in the library. I think you have to press the second button, then the last round and then the arrow.

  29. Kritisha

    AppUnwrapper can you please post all the answers for the games ..

  30. Dolly

    Where is the code for the fuses?

  31. Jodon

    You need 5 pieces before it lets you put them in.

  32. hadeel

    the password for under the puzzle is PEACE
    for good end follow the instruction on the electricity capinet then go to close electricity under the stove
    dont think that ull escape without turning off the electricity
    i escaped finally !!

  33. Honeybee

    Thank you, jordon and micol! It worked! 🙂

  34. Anka

    How do you get the fuse box open? How do you unlock it?

  35. Jhonson 75

    Where is the first elettricity cupboard ?

  36. Imma

    I Got a last puzzle from PEACE. But, I can not find the instruction to open/off electric! Help me.

  37. Nessa

    Imma it is on the door of the electrity cupboard

  38. Yi Lin

    i still dunno how to find the four piece of puzzle and the password for the accessory box. Someone please tell me!!!!!

  39. Anka

    Which electricity cupboard? I need to open the fuse box? Any thoughts?

  40. JungS

    I have all but two items. I have put in the password PEACE, but I cannot advance. Nothing else works, I can’t seem to turn off the electricity. Where exactly do I click to get to the next step?

  41. Vento

    Electricity closet is on the left side wall of the stove , the gray one that is locked .
    The key is found : Behind the puzzle . ╬ô├╢├ç╬ô├╗├ª mean after you complete the puzzle , peace , tap on the puzzle a lot of times and it’ll move and open the lights and find the key to the electricity cabinet 🙂

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