Escape Game: “The Distorted Island” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Distorted Island”



1. Read through the notebook on the table, listen to the tape.


2. Put the lens cap on the camera.

3. Zoom out and read the note on the door, then remove it.

4. Turn right twice. Look at the note on the wall.

5. Open the cooler and take the block of ice with a knife inside it.

6. Notice the logs on the ground. You can use them to make a fire.

7. Look in the box and take a piece of wood. Use it on the logs to make a fire.

8. Put the I e on the fire. It will melt, but you can’t put your hand into the fire. Look in the box again and take the magnet and string. Tie them together and use them on the knife to fish it out. Now you have a knife!

9. Turn back to the first screen and use the knife on the wooden crate. It will scratch it. Then examine the knife and the. Lads will fall off!


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50 thoughts on “Escape Game: “The Distorted Island” Walkthrough

  1. Aref

    I tried to unlock the safe it is not working at all i even restarted the app but still same what shall i do it is driving me crazy

  2. Micol

    Ok. I broke the boulder with a stone, collected the ball so the torch is extinguished and I built a slinshot! I escaped by raft!

  3. Stephan

    Follow steps 1-9 from the site. Make sure you read all the posters on the wall. 
    10. After you use the knife on the box, examine it and it will fall off. Zoom in on the 3 drawer cabinet and look behind it on the right side. Be sure to examine the knife handle and then pick up the new blade. 
    11. Use the knife on the box and it will break. Pick up the stick. 
    12. Light the stick with the fire. It will become a torch. 
    13. In the corner of the room where the box is hanging, insert the torch into the crack on the floor and pick up the stone. 
    14. Use the stone to break the large stone by the cooler. Pick up the pinballs. 
    15. Pick up the rubber band by the large rock you just broke by the cooler. 
    16. Examine the torch and it will extinguish. Use the knife to make a slingshot. Tie the string/magnet and then attach the rubber band and pinball. 
    17. Use the slingshot/pinball to crack the glass. You may have to hit it a couple of times with the slingshot/pinball. Get the construction paper and examine it. 
    18. Open the safe. Code: 6307. Get the fruit. 
    19. Use the knife to cut open the coconut and get the tendril. 
    20. Tie the legs of the broken chair with the tendril. 
    21. Step on the chair and get the hanging box. Use the knife to open the box and get the metal. 
    22. Get off the chair and take tendril. 
    23. Examine the slingshot and take it apart. Attach the metal with the tendril. 
    24. Use the axe to break the door open. Go outside. 
    25. Examine the rock. Examine the sand right in front of the rock. There is a bulge. Use the axe and pick up the handle. 
    26. Examine the box on the rock wall. Use the pinballs to knock the box off the wall. Open the box and get the oil. 
    27. Examine the big red box. It won’t open. Zoom out and examine the left side of the box. Insert the handle into the hole. It won’t turn. Take the handle out of the hole. 
    28.  Use the oil on the hole and smear the oil. Insert the handle and turn it to open the box. Pick up the recorder and listen to it. Be sure to keep listening until you hear “turn small red person into a large one.” 29.  Use the oil on the fire inside of the house to make it bigger. The fire alarm will go off and the top drawer will open. Get the hammer. 
    30. Move the three drawer cabinet by clicking on the left side of it. After you move it, use the hammer to break the crack. Get the compass and scrap paper. Read it. 
    31. Use the hammer on four more cracks to break them open. 
    *Crack on the right side of the drawer. Read the green letters: AH. 
    *Crack behind the poster where the box was hanging. Read the blue letters: CF. 
    *Crack behind the poster by the glass cabinet. Read the red letters: GB. 
    *Go outside and break open the crack on the rock wall where you knocked the box. Read the text to figure out how to open the drawer with the letters. 
    32. Blue (CF)-Red (GB)-Green (AH). A=1, B=2, etc. The code is  367218. Use the code to open the drawer and get the key. 
    33. Go outside and use the key to open the safe. Get the rope. 
    34. Use the rope to tie the logs together to make a raft and ESCAPE!


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