Escape Game: “Special Cleaning – The Mad Client” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Special Cleaning – The Mad Client”



1. Zoom in on the right coat pocket and look at both notes:




2. Turn right and look at the note in the trash can:



3. Open the china cabinet and take the small bottle that says “B” and a glass bowl:





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That’s it? I’m stuck


From the paper in the coat pocket, the code for the briefcase or “bag” is 04436. The code for the cabinet over the stove and sink is 789.


I try’d the 04436 code. It didn’t work. Am I missing something??


Oops, my fault. I typo’ed it. It’s 044736




All good I figured it out. Thanks man


Check every month of the calendar above the TV. Then you can open the refrigerator. January is ^ cos it has 31 days… and so on.


I’m stuck on the ethanol machine, what does the green ? mean. I can’t even find a clue for it.


1. Read note in jacket ‘_’ correspond to briefcase (think seconds, minutes, hours, week, month, year) 2. Briefcase= 044736, take cloth, read book 3. Cupboard over stove: paper reads PASS:024 = 7+8+9 Keypad=789, take seasoning set and yeast Below sink take grater  4. White cabinet: take ‘B’ and bowl 5. Read paper in blue bucket 6. Bookshelf: read books 7. Fridge: tabs that can move  on top = D U D on bottom = U U D   Take radish Who am I = Teacher, take lemon 8. TV: left side see sign 9. Gas machine: Grampus, add sugar and yeast = ethanol… Read more »


Password for orange fridge is “Teacher”?
I used it and it says error. Pls help


how to get good ending? thanks


ChunLi where did you get Grampus from for ethanol machine?


How do you grate the radish??


All good finished now, Karla you use the grater, which i’m pretty sure you will find under the sink. JJ you need to mix A, B, and C bottles according to bottle weights which you will find on bottles and ratios in green book.


I didn’t escape… I died lOl


The password for the orange fridge is “Teacher”?? I tried it and it says error
Pls help !


Suzi, the bookshelf has two books you have to read first before the machine will accept Grampus(book of animals)….it was just trial and error on my part


Chun Li, I can’t find the rail on the right of the hook..


I escaped finally! Thanks for Chun Li’s info! 🙂


I have tried Teacher on the fridge but it’s not working. Please help


ok figured it out
Clean the frame with the ethanol and cloth first..
(Type ” grampus ” on the machine and add the 2 ing. -sugar , yeast –
AFTER YOU DO THAT , it will accept the password ” Teacher ” on the fridge …
So unless u skip a step the game will not allow u to move further..


hardened clay?????? Help!!!!!


“Teacher” is not working ..
I’m pretty sure i tapped everything and checked everywhere …
Help : (


ok figured it out 🙂
Clean the frame with the ethanol and cloth first..
(Type ” grampus ” on the machine and add the 2 ing. -sugar , yeast –
AFTER YOU DO THAT , it will accept the password ” Teacher ” on the fridge …

So unless u skip a step the game will not allow u to move further..


To get the good ending:
The solution u get from A+B+ C should be blue in color not brown.
For that make sure you check each bottle seperately ( A,B,C) and tap on them until you see their label saying how many grams of liquid the bottles contain..

If u dont the final bottle u get from the machine is brown and u have the bad ending !


u use the grater on the sink
but the grater should be emty .. make sure u used the raddish in it and finished it ( 3 times if i’m not mistaken , first on the blood stain , second and third with the rope to tighten it to lift the tv , and the bookshelf )
( u get the 4 wheels fron the tv table and fix it on the bookshelf )
; )


Tried everything and briefcase not accepting 044736 🙁


For teacher part you need to read the book which gives you the clue, can’t remember where it was, but wasn’t hidden. I don’t think it matters what order you do it in as I did it before I did the ethanol.
With the briefcase have you looked at the note, both sides, in the pocket of the jacket hanging up? If all else fails close the game fully and re open sometimes that helps 🙂


I reloaded it and it worked. Thank you Suzi 🙂


Can someone kindly explain why the code for the keypad above the stove is 789?


Ty the numbers added together equal 24


Now the awnser to the “Teacher” this is…
1.Read yellow book (look at ALL of the pages)
2.Head to fridge (Right after awnsering code, etc)
3.Bottom of fridge tap it (OBVIOSLY)
4.Now when (Playing these games and stuck on word codes)
type in word,name,code,(ETC) in CAPS
(5.Just remeber to get hints before typing)