The Spear of Destiny: Walkthrough

The Spear of Destiny
By: rupas games



1. Tap near the toadstool (mushroom) to find a blade.


2. Go back and take the middle path. Click on the face puzzle and solve it to get a key. Here is the solution, just rotate the upper left tile to complete it.



3. Go back to the first screen and take the left path. Put the key in the statue:




4. Continue down the path and take the rope.


5. Continue down the path, then take the bridge to the right.


6. Tap the puzzle on the cave mouth and solve it to open the cave:




7. Walk into the cave and take the sticks from the ground.

8. Go all the way back to the first screen and take the right staircase. You’ll end up by some water and a bridge:


9. Tap the bridge. It’s missing some planks. Use the sticks/planks you found on the bridge to fix it. Now you can cross.



10. Ahead is the Spear of Destiny, but you can’t get to it yet.


11. Go back to the first screen and take the left path again. Keep going until you get to a door. Tap on the red toadstool (mushroom) by the door to get a clue about the date. This is the clue for the door. Enter today’s date and it will open.


12. Walk inside and take the binoculars. There’s also a drawing on the wall. Make note of it.



13. Go back to the first screen. Take the middle path and then continue forward. Use the blade to cut the plants to the right. Then continue on to the next screen.


14. Use the binoculars on the rock face to see the clue for the asterisk puzzle.


15. Go back to the cave and tap on the right wall for the asterisk puzzle. Match it to the clue you saw with the binoculars.


16. Go back to the screen with water. A stone path will now allow you to cross the water. Go up the steps and you’ll see a body of water between you and some ruins. Use the rope on the door and then go inside.


17. There’s a hole in the ground here. Climb down and use the clue from the room where you got the binoculars to solve it.


18. Go back up and the statue will have moved, revealing a gem. Take it.

19. On your way out, look in the pool of water to find a crowbar. Take it.

20. Go back to the screen with the statue. Go forward and use the crowbar on the chest to open it. Take the lever from inside and read the note.

21. Go back to the screen with the Spear of Destiny. There’s a skull with one eye. Put the gem in the other eye socket and a glow will emit from the right side.


20. Tap on the white light and you’ll see some holes in the wall. Place the lever in the holes and push it down. The wall will lift up, revealing eight switches.


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60 thoughts on “The Spear of Destiny: Walkthrough

  1. Meriry-Maem

    To solve the switch puzzle you should go back to the chest, read the letter and remember the direction written(North-up, south-down) . You’ll find that there are 8 times written about the north and south. Then you return to the switch panel and make it down-up-up-down-up-up-down-up. That’s all.

  2. Deitra

    So the date puzzle for the tree is wrong because it’s 8-28, but 7-28 opened it, so even though it’s August for some reason don’t know why July was the answer


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