Infinity Blade II Treasure Maps Guide

The new Vault of Tears update to Infinity Blade 2 brought with it the introduction of treasure maps. I’ll be posting all the treasure maps here as I find them, along with the locations of the treasures. This is a work in progress, so bear with me, and feel free to help out in the comments section. I’m still working on the Skycages update.

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1. Victors Spoils Map:


Go into the arena, and while you’re facing the second enemy (after the Wretch), turn to your right and tap on the door directly next to you. Your treasure will likely be an attack gem around +25.

2. Worn Treasure Map


At the very start of a rebirth, you’ll see this tree. Tap on it to get a treasure (I got a Big Prize Wheel).

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3. Wet Loot Map


When you face Ronin, tap the water under the bridge to the right and you’ll find the Herring.




4. The Vile Map


The Vile set can be found as follows:

Sword: A new path opens up near the beginning of the rebirth. Follow it and try to pull the sword from the tree stump. It will turn out to be a monster. Defeat it and it will morph into a bigger and stronger one. Defeat them both to get the Vile Sword.

Armor: In the arena, climb up the tree. (If you don’t see a tree yet, you have to wait a few rebirths until it grows). Halfway up there will be a lair with a Gargap. Take his treasure to wake him up, then defeat him to get the Vile Armor.

Helm: You need the Crown Map (shown further down the page) to get the helm.

Shield: To the right of where you got the sword, there’s a statue of a woman holding a sword. Tap on it and if you have the Infinity Blade, you’ll be able to activate the statue. You’ll have to fight another enemy (of course) to get the shield.

Once you have all four pieces of the Vile set (sword, helm, shield and armor), equip them in the Shrine (the room where you tap on the weapon icons to get special equipment). After you defeat the guardian, tap on the stone altar. Take the elevator down to get the Holy Band, which pretty much makes you a god. It has 10 Holy power, which does damage and heals at the same time (like leeching the enemy’s life source).

If you wear the entire Vile set, including the Holy Band, you get +30% chance to find rare items. You can also use the heavy or dual Vile weapons instead of the light.



5. Key Treasure Map


You’ll find it on one of the broken pillars at the top of the tower. Once you’re up there, look to the right and tap on this pillar to get a key (I got Medium).


6. Crown Map


The drawing you see is carved into the stone in the area by the Stone Demon. Tap in the spot shown on the map and you’ll get the Vile Helm.



7. Dusty Treasure Map


In the valley, to the right of where you get the Vile sword, there’s a statue of a woman with a sword. You need to tap on the sword the first thing you do when you get to the valley, or it won’t work! You’ll get the Warth from this map.




8. Scholar Map

I won the Scholar Map through a Prize Wheel. It points to a bookshelf. It’s the second bookshelf you see (not the one where you open a chest).



Quickly tap the lower left corner and you’ll get a Glimmer.



9. Old Treasure Map

I looted the Old Treasure Map from an unmarked treasure chest.



Near the beginning of your rebirth, after you cross the bridge, you’ll fight an enemy. After you defeat him, look to the right and tap where it shows on the map. You’ll get a Large Key.




10. The Faceplate Map

I looted this map off an enemy.



In the courtyard, right above the dragon statue, are the three windows. Tap on the lower part of the left window and you’ll get a Crustak, a helmet you may already have.



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Thank u


Make Rainbow Gem All of the required gems, aside from dark and light, can be purchased in the store. Fuse fire, ice, and water defense gems together (in that order) to get a light defense gem. All of them can be bought from the store for 5,000. The forge process takes 1 month game time or 30 minutes real time. Fuse shock, poison, and wind defense gems together (in that order) to get a dark defense gem. All of them can be bought from the store for 5,000. The forge process takes 1 month game time or 30 minutes real… Read more »

Shane Holmstrom

Ty it worked


I just brought a light defense gem from store no joke

Zack Iverson

You can buy them yes, but I you try n use these for the rainbow defense gem it won’t work.


do you forge light gem,dark gem, and last hexogon gem, or light gem,hexogon gem, and last, dark gem?


how do u forge man


The gem didn’t work WOW.!!!!!!!! Wasted my money -_-


I couldn’t find the armor on the lying lady sculpture as the map show,how come?can you sent me the the answer to [email protected],thanks


I think you should get infinity blade first and then you will get the armor at the lady sculpture by fighting with titan which lay down on under the sculpture


To get the vile armor you have to kill the giant bits thing in the tree in the arena


It’s called the Gargap.


I got all the maps. The only thing I can’t figure out is what armor and what helmet that is. I got the shield by opening the statue and fighting the big golem monster. And I got the vile sword after killing the two tree monsters.

If I could figure out the helmet and armor then I could open the casket. Argh!


for the armour go to the arena, than go up on the tree and kill the bird.


The armor is by the stadium. Go to the stadium and climb up the tree, this will take you to a gargaps nest. Wake the gargap by collecting enough gold bags. When it wakes up you must defeat it and you will get the vile armor. The helmet is in the cavern where you find the stone demon. When you enter the cavern, look over to where the blood seal is. Above it there will be a large stone carving of the picture on the crown map. Tap where the crown should be and you will get the vile helm


For the vile map, I can’t kill the 2 tree monsters what can I do? What works best to kill it?? Please help


Google how to fordge the rainbow defense gem. Once you equip that your world will be much easier and you won’t leak any more health after blows


These guys were so hard! I suggest using a large Health Regen potion (+100 health each second during battle) before you start. It will only work for the first guy, but it basically guarantees you get at least halfway through the fight each time.

Regarding weapons, just get the beefiest thing you can. I think light and dual work best for the big beasts because you can dodge their bites.


just save up for the infinity blade if your a light person. it Also makes your world alot easier


For the helm you buy the crown treasure map and to get the armor, go into the arena and after you fight the wretch (big dog thing) climb up the tree instead of fighting the next titan.


Climb tge tree and fight the bird for the armor


the armor is vile armor . once u take a left to the stadium from the centre where u see a dragon statue, in stead of going to blood sentinel 2 go to the the and a creature u have to fight in the nest has it


You get the armour by going onto the arena where the arena map is then climb the tree, take the bird things money toll it wakes up and then kill it to get the armour. For the helm you go to the place where the guy gets crushed by the massive monster and look above the guy and you’ll see the pic on the crown map (you need to buy the crown map) tap where it is on the pic and it’ll just give you it. (I needed to get quite close)


The armor is in the tree in the arena, the tree has to be fully grown after that you face a titan defeat it and you find the armor


in the room with the stone demon theres a huge stone sculpture of a woman putting a helmet on the other person. click on the womans hands and u will recieve the vile helm


I get the helmet you have to have the crown map
It shows you where it is

Justin Venus

If I want to get the treasure, that’s mean I need the purchase the map 1st although I knew the location. Cause I keep tapping on the screen with the wet loop map can’t be found anything… And if really need to purchase the treasure map 1st how can I get back to the opening place?

Justin Venus

If I want to get the treasure, that’s mean I need the purchase the map 1st although I knew the location. Cause I keep tapping on the screen under the bridge with the wet loot map can’t be found anything… And if really need to purchase the treasure map 1st, how can I get back to the opening place?


I’m trying to get the vile helmet I tried taping the picture above the stone demon but no luck??? Any ideas please help I have everything else


I got most of the treasure but can’t figure out the ‘dusty treasure map’…at all.

Plz help :-/


Dustry map solved.

Click on the sword straight after you jumped down the new area, DO NOT fight the titan, and you get a heavy weapon, not worth the 210,000 spend on the map :-/


When you go to the place where you get the vile sword and sheild, do not fight anyone, but look at the statue of the lady holding the sword. Tapp the blade of the sword. Keep tapping until you get the warth.

Warth: heavy weapon
-600 attack
-60 fire
– square gem/ attack gem
– time glass shaped gem/ heavy gem

Bob achaar

Where are the treasure maps?


Thanks helped a lot the holy ring seems awesome 😀


I got the cheapest maps but it seems to only let me use it once? I have then in my inventory. I use it but then I click the spot a million times and it doesn’t pick it up at all? Do you know why?


you didnt talk about the scholars map and dusty treasure map


I can’t seem to wake the bird to get the armour.. What have I done wrong?
Pls help…


I can’t find the arena to get the vile armor.
Would someone please post a picture of the arena with tree?
How to climb the tree!?


The tree grows after a few rebirths in game, so visit the arena, then wait a few rebirths and come back. you’ll begin to notice a tree is growing. wait till that tree encompasses the whole entire tower, that’s when you can climb up.


Anyone know what to do with the dusty treasure map


The “Dusty Treasure Map”:

go down from new path in the beginning of the game (where you go to get the vile shield and sword) there is a statue (A lady holding a sword) where the titan that is sleeping in the tomb with the Vile Shield,turn your screen to the sword in the hands of the lady statue and tap on it.
it will unlock a heavy sword.


I see you found out the dusty map. I was going to tell you how because you showed me the other maps


Is there anything after the holy band in this update? It says something about a hidden ally in the update



Where can I find Worn treasure map?


I found the faceplate map you have to get it by luck you can get it in a prize wheel, chest, or even a enemy (I found it in a chest where the statue of the knight fighting the dragon is)

simon Rautenbach

Where can I find that secret ally,I have found all of the secret items(like the holy band and stuff)but I cant find the secret ally anywhere! Help please!!


I have gotten all the maps, but can they be re-used in any way? I’ve looted all the treasures and all I can say is I feel scammed when I pay a bunch of gold for just a single key. I assumed they could be used more than once in the same location, but it looks like that might not be the case, anyone know for-sure?

The god king god

I have the tree map. I looted it from an enemy. It respawns every rebirth.


Does anyone know where is the faceplate map?


Does anyone know what the faceplate map says?


The “Old Treasure Map” indicates an object just to the upper right of the castle entrance. Click on it just before entering the castle and after defeating the titan at the bridge. I found a large key.


I got the Crowns Map but it won’t let me get the Vile helm.

finity blade

u have to tap the spot as soon as you enter the room.. dont fight the first titan and get close to to it, but just tap on the picture before you fight anything

finity blade

at rebirth 20 (i think) i was in the room where this boss guy who goes into this big monster
but then i updated it and there was this guy with black armor and laser sword… i started rebirth 1 and now he isnt there anymore… any explanation??


How do you get the worn map

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