Infinity Blade II Treasure Maps Guide

The new Vault of Tears update to Infinity Blade 2 brought with it the introduction of treasure maps. I’ll be posting all the treasure maps here as I find them, along with the locations of the treasures. This is a work in progress, so bear with me, and feel free to help out in the comments section. I’m still working on the Skycages update.

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1. Victors Spoils Map:


Go into the arena, and while you’re facing the second enemy (after the Wretch), turn to your right and tap on the door directly next to you. Your treasure will likely be an attack gem around +25.

2. Worn Treasure Map


At the very start of a rebirth, you’ll see this tree. Tap on it to get a treasure (I got a Big Prize Wheel).

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3. Wet Loot Map


When you face Ronin, tap the water under the bridge to the right and you’ll find the Herring.




4. The Vile Map


The Vile set can be found as follows:

Sword: A new path opens up near the beginning of the rebirth. Follow it and try to pull the sword from the tree stump. It will turn out to be a monster. Defeat it and it will morph into a bigger and stronger one. Defeat them both to get the Vile Sword.

Armor: In the arena, climb up the tree. (If you don’t see a tree yet, you have to wait a few rebirths until it grows). Halfway up there will be a lair with a Gargap. Take his treasure to wake him up, then defeat him to get the Vile Armor.

Helm: You need the Crown Map (shown further down the page) to get the helm.

Shield: To the right of where you got the sword, there’s a statue of a woman holding a sword. Tap on it and if you have the Infinity Blade, you’ll be able to activate the statue. You’ll have to fight another enemy (of course) to get the shield.

Once you have all four pieces of the Vile set (sword, helm, shield and armor), equip them in the Shrine (the room where you tap on the weapon icons to get special equipment). After you defeat the guardian, tap on the stone altar. Take the elevator down to get the Holy Band, which pretty much makes you a god. It has 10 Holy power, which does damage and heals at the same time (like leeching the enemy’s life source).

If you wear the entire Vile set, including the Holy Band, you get +30% chance to find rare items. You can also use the heavy or dual Vile weapons instead of the light.



5. Key Treasure Map


You’ll find it on one of the broken pillars at the top of the tower. Once you’re up there, look to the right and tap on this pillar to get a key (I got Medium).


6. Crown Map


The drawing you see is carved into the stone in the area by the Stone Demon. Tap in the spot shown on the map and you’ll get the Vile Helm.



7. Dusty Treasure Map


In the valley, to the right of where you get the Vile sword, there’s a statue of a woman with a sword. You need to tap on the sword the first thing you do when you get to the valley, or it won’t work! You’ll get the Warth from this map.




8. Scholar Map

I won the Scholar Map through a Prize Wheel. It points to a bookshelf. It’s the second bookshelf you see (not the one where you open a chest).



Quickly tap the lower left corner and you’ll get a Glimmer.



9. Old Treasure Map

I looted the Old Treasure Map from an unmarked treasure chest.



Near the beginning of your rebirth, after you cross the bridge, you’ll fight an enemy. After you defeat him, look to the right and tap where it shows on the map. You’ll get a Large Key.




10. The Faceplate Map

I looted this map off an enemy.



In the courtyard, right above the dragon statue, are the three windows. Tap on the lower part of the left window and you’ll get a Crustak, a helmet you may already have.



Click on the little numbers below to continue to the next page of the walkthrough.

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  1. Yardley

    Thank u

    1. Swapy

      Make Rainbow Gem

      All of the required gems, aside from dark and light, can be purchased in the store.

      Fuse fire, ice, and water defense gems together (in that order) to get a light defense gem. All of them can be bought from the store for 5,000. The forge process takes 1 month game time or 30 minutes real time.
      Fuse shock, poison, and wind defense gems together (in that order) to get a dark defense gem. All of them can be bought from the store for 5,000. The forge process takes 1 month game time or 30 minutes real time.
      Fuse the light and dark defense gems (must be the forged ones) together with any hexagon gem (in that order) to get the rainbow defense gem. The forge process time changes depending on the level of the hexagon gem, with a cheaper gem resulting in a quicker forge process, and a more expensive one increasing the amount of time it will take for it to be completed. It is recommended you buy a low-cost hexagon gem from the store for this forge.

      1. Shane Holmstrom

        Ty it worked

        1. ja

          I just brought a light defense gem from store no joke

          1. Zack Iverson

            You can buy them yes, but I you try n use these for the rainbow defense gem it won’t work.

      2. billy

        do you forge light gem,dark gem, and last hexogon gem, or light gem,hexogon gem, and last, dark gem?

      3. jajaj

        how do u forge man

    2. ja

      The gem didn’t work WOW.!!!!!!!! Wasted my money -_-

  2. Yao

    I couldn’t find the armor on the lying lady sculpture as the map show,how come?can you sent me the the answer to [email protected],thanks

    1. dd

      I think you should get infinity blade first and then you will get the armor at the lady sculpture by fighting with titan which lay down on under the sculpture

    2. Nutterbutter

      To get the vile armor you have to kill the giant bits thing in the tree in the arena

      1. Stephen

        It’s called the Gargap.

  3. Johnny

    I got all the maps. The only thing I can’t figure out is what armor and what helmet that is. I got the shield by opening the statue and fighting the big golem monster. And I got the vile sword after killing the two tree monsters.

    If I could figure out the helmet and armor then I could open the casket. Argh!

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You’re talking about the Vile Map? It’s the four Vile pieces in that picture. You need to wear them all in the shrine (where you get items by pressing on the pictures of different weapons) to get the Holy Band.

      You get the armor after killing the Gargap halfway up the tree in the arena. I still need the helmet and shield, but the Crown map seems to be for the helm. I’ve been holding off buying it, hoping that I’ll loot it.


        I completed the set but couldn’t figure out how to get the elevator
        Then I discovered that you have to tap on the side of the tomb
        The ring is beast
        I killed raidriar in 2 hits with it

        1. Zinoxate

          i killed him with 1 hit with the ring “Holy Band” that requires the Vile set…which i have completed. all you have to do is bring down your health.(make sure your magic is active or your going to just die.) lets say i have 7000hp (full hp is 14,000) and raidrar has 7000 hp. use the spell and it’ll take all of his hp and hand it to you.(what i mean is that this will hand you his 7000 and your max health (14000hp) is now full.) this will make a instant kill for raidrar and in the longrun you’ll have full hp. SO you dont have to waste your money on a potion or what-so-ever

        2. Hi

          i killed him with 1 hit with the ring “Holy Band” that requires the Vile set…which i have completed. all you have to do is bring down your health.(make sure your magic is active or your going to just die.) lets say i have 7000hp (full hp is 14,000) and raidrar has 7000 hp. use the spell and it’ll take all of his hp and hand it to you.(what i mean is that this will hand you his 7000 and your max health (14000hp) is now full.) this will make a instant kill for raidrar and in the longrun you’ll have full hp. SO you dont have to waste your money on a potion or what-so-ever

    2. allard

      for the armour go to the arena, than go up on the tree and kill the bird.

    3. God-slayer

      The armor is by the stadium. Go to the stadium and climb up the tree, this will take you to a gargaps nest. Wake the gargap by collecting enough gold bags. When it wakes up you must defeat it and you will get the vile armor. The helmet is in the cavern where you find the stone demon. When you enter the cavern, look over to where the blood seal is. Above it there will be a large stone carving of the picture on the crown map. Tap where the crown should be and you will get the vile helm

    4. Dugan

      For the vile map, I can’t kill the 2 tree monsters what can I do? What works best to kill it?? Please help

      1. AppUnwrapper

        What level are you, what items do you have, etc? I’m pretty sure they stay the same level until you kill it, so you might just need to level up more.
        Some attack/magic/health gems can help. Make sure you have a good healing ring, too.

      2. Pete

        Google how to fordge the rainbow defense gem. Once you equip that your world will be much easier and you won’t leak any more health after blows

      3. tk

        These guys were so hard! I suggest using a large Health Regen potion (+100 health each second during battle) before you start. It will only work for the first guy, but it basically guarantees you get at least halfway through the fight each time.

        Regarding weapons, just get the beefiest thing you can. I think light and dual work best for the big beasts because you can dodge their bites.

      4. Zinoxate

        just save up for the infinity blade if your a light person. it Also makes your world alot easier

    5. Bo

      For the helm you buy the crown treasure map and to get the armor, go into the arena and after you fight the wretch (big dog thing) climb up the tree instead of fighting the next titan.

    6. Miki

      Climb tge tree and fight the bird for the armor

    7. vvks

      the armor is vile armor . once u take a left to the stadium from the centre where u see a dragon statue, in stead of going to blood sentinel 2 go to the the and a creature u have to fight in the nest has it

    8. Baloyhup

      You get the armour by going onto the arena where the arena map is then climb the tree, take the bird things money toll it wakes up and then kill it to get the armour. For the helm you go to the place where the guy gets crushed by the massive monster and look above the guy and you’ll see the pic on the crown map (you need to buy the crown map) tap where it is on the pic and it’ll just give you it. (I needed to get quite close)

    9. Martijn

      The armor is in the tree in the arena, the tree has to be fully grown after that you face a titan defeat it and you find the armor

    10. jade

      in the room with the stone demon theres a huge stone sculpture of a woman putting a helmet on the other person. click on the womans hands and u will recieve the vile helm

    11. Nutterbutter

      I get the helmet you have to have the crown map
      It shows you where it is

  4. Justin Venus

    If I want to get the treasure, that’s mean I need the purchase the map 1st although I knew the location. Cause I keep tapping on the screen with the wet loop map can’t be found anything… And if really need to purchase the treasure map 1st how can I get back to the opening place?

  5. Justin Venus

    If I want to get the treasure, that’s mean I need the purchase the map 1st although I knew the location. Cause I keep tapping on the screen under the bridge with the wet loot map can’t be found anything… And if really need to purchase the treasure map 1st, how can I get back to the opening place?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yes, for each treasure, you need to have the map before it will work. For the wet loot map, if you’re still on that screen, buy the map and then tap on the water. I did that for the crown and it worked. If it’s too late for that, you have to either wait until after you defeat the God King, or reset to Rebirth 1 (make sure you choose to keep all your items, xp, etc. Don’t wipe your save file!). Which one you do would depend on how far you’ve gotten so far.

      1. Justin Venus

        But at the opening I can’t afford with the price like 12 thousand something, any method? Cause you mention that it can’t be reach to the wet loot map again once you have pass.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Like I said, you can reach that area again by defeating the God King or resetting back to rebirth 1 (keeping all your items, xp, etc.).

          1. Justin Venus

            Thank you very much for the guide! Now I understood 😀

          2. jasda

            dude how do u forge item ??

  6. Dq

    I’m trying to get the vile helmet I tried taping the picture above the stone demon but no luck??? Any ideas please help I have everything else

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Did you do it up close or from afar? I got mine when I just entered the room (see my photo). Try it at that point. Make sure you tap on the exact spot shown on the map, above the woman’s head (left side of the carving).

      1. qwert

        im trying to get the vile sword but its really hard any ideas

  7. Leo

    I got most of the treasure but can’t figure out the ‘dusty treasure map’…at all.

    Plz help :-/

    1. Leo

      Dustry map solved.

      Click on the sword straight after you jumped down the new area, DO NOT fight the titan, and you get a heavy weapon, not worth the 210,000 spend on the map :-/

    2. Dj

      When you go to the place where you get the vile sword and sheild, do not fight anyone, but look at the statue of the lady holding the sword. Tapp the blade of the sword. Keep tapping until you get the warth.

      Warth: heavy weapon
      -600 attack
      -60 fire
      – square gem/ attack gem
      – time glass shaped gem/ heavy gem

  8. Bob achaar

    Where are the treasure maps?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You can see the maps under your items list (ie. potions, prize wheels, etc). Some can be purchased but others can only be looted.

      1. Bob achaar

        What about the scholars map? U must pull this one offa treasure chest. Oh btw. What’s the cardboard ring called?

  9. Tyler

    Thanks helped a lot the holy ring seems awesome 😀

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s crazy overpowered! I’ve been breezing through rebirths since I got it.

  10. Shawn

    I got the cheapest maps but it seems to only let me use it once? I have then in my inventory. I use it but then I click the spot a million times and it doesn’t pick it up at all? Do you know why?

  11. rude

    you didnt talk about the scholars map and dusty treasure map

  12. Edgan

    I can’t seem to wake the bird to get the armour.. What have I done wrong?
    Pls help…

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You need to take all the money bags around him to wake him up.

  13. Hedazilla

    I can’t find the arena to get the vile armor.
    Would someone please post a picture of the arena with tree?
    How to climb the tree!?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      The colosseum/arena is through the door to the left of that knight/dragon statue. You might not be able to climb the tree right away. I think I only saw that option after a few rebirths, but could be wrong.

    2. Nath

      The tree grows after a few rebirths in game, so visit the arena, then wait a few rebirths and come back. you’ll begin to notice a tree is growing. wait till that tree encompasses the whole entire tower, that’s when you can climb up.

      1. AppUnwrapper

        Ah ok so I wasn’t imagining it. Thanks, I’ll update the guide.

  14. Nath

    Anyone know what to do with the dusty treasure map

    1. Hedazilla

      The “Dusty Treasure Map”:

      go down from new path in the beginning of the game (where you go to get the vile shield and sword) there is a statue (A lady holding a sword) where the titan that is sleeping in the tomb with the Vile Shield,turn your screen to the sword in the hands of the lady statue and tap on it.
      it will unlock a heavy sword.

  15. Nghtrgr

    I see you found out the dusty map. I was going to tell you how because you showed me the other maps

  16. Ben

    Is there anything after the holy band in this update? It says something about a hidden ally in the update


    1. AppUnwrapper

      There are some more maps that have to be looted, but alas I’m not having any luck looting them 🙁
      As I find any, I’ll add them to the list.

  17. Remzremz

    Where can I find Worn treasure map?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      You have to loot it. I believe I found mine in a chest.

    2. Micah

      I found the faceplate map you have to get it by luck you can get it in a prize wheel, chest, or even a enemy (I found it in a chest where the statue of the knight fighting the dragon is)

  18. simon Rautenbach

    Where can I find that secret ally,I have found all of the secret items(like the holy band and stuff)but I cant find the secret ally anywhere! Help please!!

  19. XanderKrohn

    I have gotten all the maps, but can they be re-used in any way? I’ve looted all the treasures and all I can say is I feel scammed when I pay a bunch of gold for just a single key. I assumed they could be used more than once in the same location, but it looks like that might not be the case, anyone know for-sure?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Even if it can only be used once, I wouldn’t feel scammed. That’s how it works when you buy anything in the game. I think the maps were just a way to make it a little more interesting than simply buying the equipment.

      1. Ausar

        Two things. One, I’ve noticed almost every single map in the game gives you either a blacked out item or something you just wouldn’t care to buy normally.(Large keys, anyone?) Two, the only map that is not single use is the Rune Map, which is (in my opinion) the best map in the game. It gives you three treasure chests. One has a key, one has gold, one has a Prize Wheel, and one has a health regen. The amount or type of each of these is random. They switch around, so any of these could be in any chest at any time. Only one chest at a time, though!

        P.S. I think the stuff respawns every rebirth.

        1. The god king god

          I have the tree map. I looted it from an enemy. It respawns every rebirth.

    2. The god king god

      I have the tree map. I looted it from an enemy. It respawns every rebirth.

  20. Robby

    Does anyone know where is the faceplate map?

  21. Robby

    Does anyone know what the faceplate map says?

  22. Posterboy

    The “Old Treasure Map” indicates an object just to the upper right of the castle entrance. Click on it just before entering the castle and after defeating the titan at the bridge. I found a large key.

  23. Kevin

    I got the Crowns Map but it won’t let me get the Vile helm.

    1. finity blade

      u have to tap the spot as soon as you enter the room.. dont fight the first titan and get close to to it, but just tap on the picture before you fight anything

  24. finity blade

    at rebirth 20 (i think) i was in the room where this boss guy who goes into this big monster
    but then i updated it and there was this guy with black armor and laser sword… i started rebirth 1 and now he isnt there anymore… any explanation??

  25. Nghtrgr

    How do you get the worn map

  26. 1bj1234

    I can’t get the armor.. When i wake the bird it glitches and lays back down. It doesn’t attack me i can attack it but all it does is scratch it. and after 15 seconds or so i walk out of there like nothing happened. Is this a glitch or am i supposed to kill it with scratches?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I’ve had that happen a couple of times to me, as well. It’s a glitch, and I tried to report it. In any case, try closing down the app and see if the problem’s fixed when you start it up again. It happened to me twice and both times that fixed it.

      1. 1bj1234

        Thank you for your help.

  27. Jeff

    Help!! I sold the vile armor not knowing it was a set. I can’t seem to get it back. I bought many wheel spins (like 30) but no luck. I also killed the monster again, no luck. Any ideas?
    We should just be able to rebuy it once it’s unlocked.

    1. dd43

      Same thing happened to me, once you sell it, you’re out of luck. It doesn’t come back and you can’t buy it. I’m guessing new game + might be the only way, but who wants to bother with that.

      1. dd43

        Ugh. So dumb. You CAN buy the vile armor back once you’ve earned it. The trick is that it’s not on the Store tab of the Items menu. It’s on the All tab. Why you’d be able to buy an item in the All tab that isn’t in the Store tab is a question only the mad scientists at Chair could answer.

  28. Jamie

    I can’t find the helmet

  29. Tehknight

    ╬ô├╢├ç╬ô├╗├ªm driving mad about that vile sword monster i can defeat its first form but when it comes to the second form i get beaten up becouse of its swallow attack (btw im at rebirth 33 and lvl 54) any suggestions?….

    1. AppUnwrapper

      That, along with the monsters that give you the shield and armor, get stronger each time you defeat them. But I don’t think they’re affected by the rebirth like regular enemies. So you might just need to level up a bit more and get better equipment before beating it.

    2. numbertenox

      You probably already beat it by now, but I finally got through the second incarnation of the tree monster around level 42. Dring a large health potion before the first fight, so that when you finish off the first incarnation you are at near full health. Save your spell and power attack icons – don’t use them in first fight at all, or time it so they have both regenned. Learn the timing of the second incarnations attacks and dodge frequently – you lock up with him less often, which costs you health. If you lose, you wont waste the potion, it will start at first fight again with potion in effect.

    3. Wheelbarrow

      You can parry the swallow attacks

  30. Raidriar

    Like you mentioned (and how the map showed it), I tapped the place on the stone carving as shown in the Crown Map, but did not get the Vile Helm. I’ve gotten the rest of the Vile set, and just need to get the helm. Any advice?

    1. Brug

      you must have the crown map alsoBrug

      1. Kris

        I do have the crown map and it is still not letting me click it. Can you help with that?

        1. Ausar

          You have to have beaten the first person. Tap it when you’re about to battle the Stone Demon.

          1. The god king god

            To get even closer you can kill the stone demon. When you come back you can click where you normally fight the stone demon but you will only walk closer to the picture.

  31. Vile

    I don’t get the option to go to the new path at the start of the game. Is there a trick to open that up? I want to try getting all the vile stuff.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s unlocked on the second rebirth of a cycle (ie. each time you defeat the God King, it will be locked on the first rebirth after that, then unlocked on the second).

    2. Tom

      You may need to update. The new path is only part of the update along with the maps.

  32. Gurte33

    How many maps r there

  33. Jcolin

    Has anyone figured where the light forge map is supposed to found…? I got everything else except for that. Oh n by the way the faceplate mask map is in the main outdoor room where the big statue is being slain by the knight. You have to look way up the wall str8 in front of you after u defeat Titan.

    1. God-slayer

      the light forge map is in the archive room. There is a big hole in the wall shaped like the shadow in the map. Tap it and you get a prize wheel. ( I got rare prize wheel, but others get big prize wheel)

  34. Luke

    Which chest to get worn treasure map? This website is great and helped me so much. But which chest and what rank lock on it?

    1. Luke

      And other maps. I only have the buy able maps and can’t find or get the others. Any advice would help.

  35. Luke

    I only have the buy able maps and can’t find or get the others. Any advice would help.

  36. Garrett

    I have found two maps in fact that you do not seemed to have found. I got them from fighting enemies, The Old Treasure Map points to the structure on the farthest right (at the very top edge is where you tap) after you face the enemy on the bridge, I got a large key. The Faceplate Map (i’m still trying to find this location) says ill get some sort of armor piece if I find three rectangles near a window or the rectangles are the window Itself, and I have to tap the bottom the the left one. E-mail me if you have a question whoever the admin may be.

    1. Aedroth666

      Faceplate maps points out to the 3 windows in the statue/fountain room on top of the titan that waits for you in the stairs.

  37. Chen

    Thanks so much!! I unlock-ed all the treasure as stated thanks to you~! The holy band is awesome!!!

    1. Chen

      Just an update, I manage to inflict 5000 damage on the God King (HP: 10000) in just one shot using the holy band!! Amazing OMG!

  38. Roy u need a name

    I can’t claim the crown map reward… I havn’t gotten it yet… Help me

    1. Kris

      Did you figure anything out because I’m having the same problem. I have the map and know where to click but it will not let me get it for some reason

      1. Wheelbarrow

        you have to kill the titan first and get across the bridge, then you should be able to tap toe get the helm

  39. joseph

    stupid me, i sold the vile blade can i get it back??

  40. infinityman

    Please help!! I’ve killed the two monsters and now I’m at the arena and the tree has grown but I can’t climb it I’ve tapped evrywhere!

  41. Akhil

    How do you get the the Gargap to fight?? It keeps going to sleep??

    1. Butters

      There’s bags of coins around him, if you collect most of them he wakes up.

  42. infinitybladeaddict

    Does anyone know when the next update will come out? Because ive beaten/done everything in this one

  43. infinitybladeaddict

    oh for the gargap you just collect the money bags around it and he will wake up eventually

  44. infinitybladeaddict

    the victor spoilers map isnt working for me for some reason idk why can someone help?

  45. sree

    where is the treasure for face plate map and scholars map

  46. sree

    found faceplate map treasure

  47. Lui D

    This game is so F***ING GOOD. I like it better than some console games. The way the characters moves with the SFX turned on really gives me chills. I appreciate this guide but i would have enjoyed the game alot more if i did it on my own… LOL THANKS THOUGH

  48. Butters

    I found 2 maps from treasure chest, names faceplate and scholars treasure map.
    Are you going to put more maps on this page?

  49. Butters

    Anybody know where the faceplate maps is?

  50. Logan

    you dont need to get the Warth, i just found out about it.

  51. infinitybladeaddict

    Ive already done everything in this update does anyone know when the next one comes out?

    1. rude

      same question i’ve been asking since May… i guess its going to come out with the new iPhone/iOS6. **gutted** hopefully in less than 2months…

    2. sree

      the new update is out already

  52. Brendan

    New update out, will you be posting them up too?
    Btw could you add me on game centre, BmcGOLD

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I reinstalled the game and my iCloud backup didn’t load. Possibly gone for good. If I can’t restore my old game, I’m likely done with IB2.

      1. spencer

        when the iPhone 5 comes out and i get it can i move my IB 2 stats there?

  53. rude

    we need info on the new maps pple!!! like the arena map in the 1.3 update

    1. sree

      the arena map is where the first part if the arena is the door next to the titan on the left

      1. sree


  54. infinitybladeaddict

    i wish that after u beat the first 3 titans that r locked away there would be something else to do too but the new items are pretty cool too

  55. infinitybladeaddict

    i wish that after u beat the first 3 titans that r locked away when you go to thane there would be something else to do too but the new items are pretty cool too

  56. Elnino195

    Thanks a lot. Really helpful.

    1. Rude

      Who is Ryth? I killed all the prisoners from the new room.

      1. Ausar

        Ryth is the most powerful enemy in the game. He uses a Dark Solar Trans LX, which takes about a quarter of your health every hit if you have around 6,000 health. He can only be accessed by beating MX-Goliath with a Solar Trans weapon. He’ll be waiting in that room until you beat him. My advice? Stock up on health regens, forge a Rare Attack Gem, stick it on your Solar Trans, and forge a Rare Defense Gem. Your prize is suckish, but still pretty cool. You get a +400 Attack Gem of the element you used to beat him. I think.

  57. Confused

    After I have unlocked everything in the shrine I restarted from bloodline 1 the doors locked and cannot be opened again is this normal?

  58. Kris

    Come someone please explain to me why I have the crown map purchased and every time I go into the temple of the stone demon I can click on the stone carving 90000 times and it won’t give me the helm???? Plz help that’s the last piece I need

    1. Andrew

      You need to be very close to the stone picture and hit the screen right above the kneeling guys head. Just so you know once you beat the first guy in that room and you hit the circle to go futher there will be a cut scean where the little boss is crushed by the big boss, it will let you hit the screen one more time before battle i believe will check to make so stand by

    2. Andrew

      ok i was wrong, once you beat the first guy you hit screen once and it brings you closer to the stone picture that when you hit the kneeing guy inbetween the head and the outstrech arms lol sorry about that

  59. sree

    the arena map is the first part of the arena to the left where the first titan is the door

  60. ausar

    thank you i know have the holy band can you put up walkthroughs for all maps idk about some maps

  61. Andrew

    Hello everybody, I dont know what to do now, I have beaten The game (the god king three times and the last time he was lv 350, I have all items mastered a little over a million dollars lv 102 siris and i have over 40 items left that are not unlocked and im at rebirth 23. I would like to know what to do to get everything unlocked so i can keep leveling up. I have a bunch of blacked out maps left as well as alot of other stuff any idea what I can do???

    1. Ausar

      Do you have all the Solar Trans weapons? Have you beaten Ryth? Have you forged the Spectrum, Rare Defense, or Darkfire Gems? Have you beaten Torren, Petrified Noc, or Xyloto? You’ve got a long way to go, man. Beating the game isn’t just killing the God King. It’s mastering every single item in the game.

  62. Aaa

    How do you beat the gargap

  63. infinitybladeaddict

    what do you mean darkfire gems and rare defense? i have all solar trans weapons, beaten ryth like 20 times, and m siris is level 58. but whats a darkfire gem?

  64. Gene-o

    I believe that they increase in levels just as you do. They are also very difficult to defeat and sometimes do elemental damage like: ice, for example. If you have a weapon that can do massive damage and a relatively strong shield, you should do ok. He’s fast, so watch out. Regen potions and triangle gems that heal or damage helps too.

    A small correction for the “Victos spoils” map: if you are facing the first monster, the treasure door is to your right. If you are facing the second one, it will be to your left. It is located between the cavern door and the tree. You ca pick up that gem anytime without having to fight anyone.

    All maps are “one time” use. Once you find the treasure, .you will not be allowed to try and get it again

  65. Nutterbutter

    How do I Baer the scholars map?

  66. Alvin

    Can you tell me where is the archive room?

  67. Sean Lim

    i cant get the herring ( wet loot map ), izit bcos i got no map?

  68. Aaron

    I have the vile set but the shrine won’t open plz help? Yes I have all four pieces

  69. Aaron

    Nvm I tapped on wrong part of tomb

  70. Axis

    Bad news guy,

    for any of you wondering when things are going to get rolling with a new update, party’s canceled

    Chair and Epic games, the co-creators of the infinity blade franchise, had a bit of a spat, and while in the process of creating
    Infinity blade ; Dungeons, have permanently split off.

    aka ; it’s canceled, boys and girls

  71. john

    make the rainbow attack gem!
    you will need:3 500 fire attack gems, 3 500 ice attack gems, and 3 500 water attack gems. ( you can get these by forging 3 of the same gems together over and over. then forge one fire one ice and one water together. (in that order, fire, ice then water.) repeat with the other gems. now once you have all of the forged gems, forge them together and when its done, you should have a rainbow attack gem!
    note: after you forge the fire ice and water, you will get a rainbow attack gem that’s only + 100 or something, but when you forge three of these together, you get one that’s +1000, which is really helpful.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Yeah, I probably would have had a few of those by now if my save data hadn’t been deleted :/. Just recently started over, so it’ll be some time before I get there 🙁

      1. bhobb psmyfe

        Basy the way I got the mechanics map. It leads you to an oversized wrentch that can be used as a heavy weapon. You find it in the room with the mx g or ryths ship.

  72. marq

    The water defense gem isn’t in the store neither is the shock one. do they change with rebirths or something?

  73. john

    I’ve got all the maps and all that other stuff, im ready to take on ryth. how do I get there?

  74. john

    just figured something out.if you equip the noudus, iridx,eridus and seratic armor all at once, you get a bounous that says:on parry get 1,000 health. (if u equip a bunch of gems that get you gold, you can get a lot of gold pretty easy.)

  75. john

    appunwrapper, if u want to spped up ur game, use the Solar trans glitch. I wont say it here, as I h8 cheating, but if u want a good game fast, look it up on u tube

    1. AppUnwrapper

      I got back to the point where I have the vile set and the holy band, now working on making more gold so I can buy the rest of the buyable equipment.

      The Skycages update was what wiped my save data. playing again now, I was a bit bummed to see that bosses have All Defense now and Holy Band is ineffective against them 🙁

  76. john

    2 more things: one, if u like heavy weapons, open up the lock halfway up the stairway that leads to the top of the place. you have to have the widow shriek, nobel and the infinity blade. beat the village headsman, and you will be able to fight a petrified noc, xyloto, and someone named torren. to fight them tap the blue thing on the wall by the cages. about halfway through the fight with torren, he will beg for mercy. SPARE HIM!!! torren is the guy with the sword and shield. after that, get to the next rebirth as soon as possible ( get killed by one of the sentinals or thane.) then in stead of fighting an enemy, torren appears and gives you a heavy weapon called torrens legacy. if he isint there, play through rebiriths until he is there. the weapon does 1300 damage with 3 gem spots. also: does any1 no a way to forge an on 5 combo continue combo gem? it works really well on solar trans weapons with a darkfire gem.

  77. K-Reeder

    I found a way to get all 3 treasure chests from the Rune Map in 1 visit. Click 1 of the treasure chests and once your reward displays, close the program before you leave the room. Once you reopen the game, you will still be in the room with the prize in your inventory and the 2 remaining chests available to open. Then just repeat the process to get the last one. It doesn’t always animate the chests properly, but everything still saves ok.

    My 3 prizes were a large, medium, and small key, not exactly worth the $750,000 but hey, it ain’t all about the money.

    1. K-Reeder

      I’ve tried this four more times and successfully looted all 3 chests every time. So far my prizes have been:
      -large key, medium key, and small key (happened twice)
      -rare prize wheel, large prize wheel, and prize wheel
      -health regen potion, large health regen potion, and $86,000

        1. K-Reeder

          No, sorry. I couldn’t remember the order of the prizes, but it seamed to be pretty random. But I do think the prizes are populated in bunches rather than each chest being random.

  78. The god king god

    How do you guys get money so fast. I’m at rebirth like 40 or something and only have half of the buyable weapons. I always try to go to the gargap to get money but it doesn’t give me enough. Need help getting money.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      If you have the Holy Band and a decent magic gem or two, you should be able to breeze through rebirths. The only fights that should slow you down are the Deathless bc they have All Defense. And you don’t have to fight them on every rebirth if you don’t want to. You make more money when you’re on higher rebirths.

      1. The god king god

        I can’t really breeze through rebirths. The enemies have about 15000 life. I get about a million every rebirth. And do magic gems increase the damage/healing of the holy band?

        1. The god king god

          What would you consider a “decent” magic gem?

    2. K-Reeder

      I make sure I keep enough money in reserve to buy a key for any cheat I come to If I have to sell a few nonessential items to afford a large key, so be it. I keep a blue gold plus gem equipped to increase my chance of getting gold and not some crappy weapon. I also keep one old set of armor equipped with a gold+ hex gem (currently + 37% gold). Once I could afford it, I baught a ring with a hex gem slot and equipped that with a gold+ hex gem (currently + 36% gold). I equip my gold+ armor and ring before opening ANY chest. It’s not really much of a hassle and now I get 73% more money from every chest. I usually get more than twice as much as the key cost ($350,000 for large key, $800,000 in large chest). I also skip the Gargap if I have enough cash to buy keys. By going in the caves & skipping the Gargoyle, you pass a large chest and two smalls, which will give you more than looting the Gargap.

      If you’ve got enough for a few spins, I like to take a chance on the Gem Wheel. That’s the only prize wheel you can really (and consistently) profit from. Every few spins I get a gem worth $100,000 or more.

      The regular and big prize wheels aren’t bad if you still got lots of equipment that you haven’t purchased, that is you can get good value, but you probably won’t come away with more cash by selling your prizes.

      1. The god king god

        Do you know how to forge gold+ gems. Other than combining three gold gems.

        1. AppUnwrapper

          Are you talking about the blue diamond one that makes you find gold more often or that golden hex that makes you get more gold when you do find it?

          I know I’ve gotten rare+ hex gems from combining three blue diamond gems. I can’t remember if I’ve made the gold+ hex gems or not, but I imagine they’re made similarly.

          I open all Large chests as well. I have a gold+ hex attached to my Vile Armor, and I wear the vile set almost all the time for the bonus to finding rares. I’ve been able to get almost all the hidden items that way, and if the chest give me gold I definitely make money off of it.

  79. The god king god

    What equipment is used for money?

  80. The god king god

    Should I use scratch gold gems?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Personally, I always just sell those (or re-forge with other gems). I think the money you make off them isn’t worth the waste of a slot and the amount you make wouldn’t pay for removing the gem later if you need the slot or need to move it to another item. And they usually need to be used while fighting.

  81. Sirius

    I forged the light defense and dark defense then a gold 6% HEXAGON
    BUT I got a TRIANGLE perfect block damage Titan 114
    Seriously now I can’t buy the proper gems to make it now! Please help!

  82. john

    Sirius, did u forge the light and dark def. gems? they need to be forged. u can find the recipe in the second comment. if u forged both of those, try again, but use a different hexagon. Also here’s my advice on money: noudus, iridx, eridus and seratic armor equip them, and I think you get 3 hexagon slots. use all of them on the yellow/gold hexagon that’s like:+x%gold. I believe it goes up to 37% that’s 110% more gold in everything!! then open every chest u find. I would recommend buying the key first, otherwise it might not work. you will almost always get more especially with the 3 gold gems equipped. to get the gems up to 37%, just keep forging 3 of them together. hope this helped!

    1. The god king god


  83. mini

    Is there another god king in Ib2? Then how do i get to him?
    Also i have the Rune map but i can’t find the ‘rune’ or the room with stone? Any helps? ;(

    1. The god king god

      The room with the stone is to your right after entering the castle. (It will be locked if you haven’t killed thane the first time)

  84. john

    yes there is another god king. you can get to him by killing thane the first time, then killing 3 secret guardians. once you do that, you can kill thane again. once you do, you meet the worker of secrets, who tells you to bring the god king to him. you then go back to the temple where the game begins, and fight three titans, the god king. as for the rune map, go to the room with the staircase (just go strait from the statue of a man slaying a dragon. Then after you go inside, fight the guy there and go right kill one more person, and jump down. this is the big stone. kill the person there(who is one of the three secret people you need to kill to get to the god king.) then tap the spot that the map indicates, and 3 chests appear. you can choose one every rebirth

    1. Caden

      It just repeats forever

  85. john

    also, I just beat the game on my new file and choose new game+ then, after I killed the god king, it went straightaway into new game^2. if I want to stay on new game^2, can I still kill the god king without going to new game^3?

  86. john

    in other words, how do I stay on new game^2 and still be able to kill ryth and the god king but stay o new game^2?

  87. Elias

    If I sell the vile armor set, and then restart from rebirth 1, would I still be able to win the whole set again?

    1. Caden

      Sadly no

  88. john


  89. Jacon

    How to get all of the vile equipment:

    Helm-In the cave where you fight the stone demon, right after you defeat the titan on the bridge tap to move forward. Before choosing to battle the stone demon, you now tap on the sculpture like on the map.

    Armor-After a while, you’ll notice that a tree is growing in the arena. Once it is fully grown you can climb it. When you get up you’ll notice that there is a Gargap which is really strong, and a lot of gold lying around. Tap to collect as much gold as possible, and eventually the Gargap will wake up. You’ll imediately go into battle, and right after you win you’ll get the armor.

    Shield-For this one you’ll need the Infinity Blade. After the first battle at the beggining of the rebirth, choose to ho to the right. After beating the next titan, tap on the right by the statue. Now tap to place the Infinity Blade into the stone, and you’ll now start the battle. This enemy is really tough and deals a lot of damage so be careful. Once you beat him you’ll get the shield.

    Sword-At the same place where you get the shield, instead of going to the statue go to the tree stump in the middle. Heal up and prepare for a tough battle, and when you’re ready tap on the tree. The first form will be pretty tough, but once you kill it, it comes back in a new form with even more health. If you used regenerations before the battle, they’ll only work on the first battle, so make sure you can heal up either by magic or with gems.

    1. Please help

      How do you get dual vile weapons??

  90. Caden

    You know that there is a way to farm ryth and you get a large Key a prize wheel and a +400 elemental gem after you defeat ryth restart from rebirth one and do it as quickly as you can to save him from getting too high of levels you’ll make 500K evert rebirth plus a large key

  91. I B Pro

    How i can get the spectrum gem PLEASE HELP ME :,(

    1. Infinity Blade Master

      You need to forge three rare elemental gems together. To make the spectrum, forge three fire +400 gems together, and do the same for ice and water. Then, forge your new fire ice and water gems together in this order: fire ice water

  92. I B Pro

    And how can i get much money very fast???

  93. I B Pro

    And how can i make solar Trans weopons better ( without darkfire or spectrum ) ????????????

  94. jeff

    hey. how can i acquire the infinity blade in infinity blade 2? its needed in getting the vile shield. cant find any guide on how to get it. please help. stuck

  95. jeff

    hey. how can i acquire the infinity blade in infinity blade 2? its needed in getting the vile shield. cant find any guide on how to get it. please help.

    1. AppUnwrapper

      It’s been a while since I played IB2, but if I remember correctly, you just buy it from the store.

  96. I B Pro

    Can some one answer my questions plz…?

  97. eKoKnight

    So let me get this right for the rainbow gem none of the gems can be bought from the store to do the forgeing? or is that just in regards of white and dark?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Just the light and dark can’t be bought. You need to forge them from other gems.

  98. ╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├¡╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼Γò¥╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ë╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├▓├▓╬ô├╢┬úΓö¼Γòù ╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├╗├┤╬ô├╢┬úΓö£├ª╬ô├╢┬úΓö£┬í╬ô├╢┬úΓö

    bookmarked!!, I love your site!

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