Escape the Room Limited Time: Walkthrough & Discussion

A lot of people seem to need help with this game, Escape the Room: Limited Time, but I can’t find it in the app store. Until I can play it, feel free to discuss it and help each other out here.

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  1. cindy

    arghh I am so stuck in second part of room 12 “finality” I cannot figure out the writing behind the figures. I get the order they go in with red and blue, but I am clueless with the writing. any help would be greatly appreciated as I am sooo addicted to this game.

    1. ves

      How were you able to get past the first part of room 12? I can’t seem to understand the the numbers on the grout…

      1. abovetheclouds

        well now were in the same boat. what completely throws me off is c+5

        1. phoebe

          For the word die, just add the letters: A=2, C=3, AxC=D so it’s 6, E is A+D so it’s 8 🙂

        2. robert

          The grout shows a couple of different figures. Look closely and you can make out a 4, 5, 3, 2, or a 6. it’s a combination of those numbers.

    2. abhanshu

      can u help me with the code of room 2..?

      1. heru

        it,simple as u thought burn the paper was u combine and find the lock on wall there is a picture beside fire draw used the cutter to opened.

    3. Sakura Dragon

      9634 any one know how to enter to the room 13??

      1. Valithor

        u must free all people with room where the bomb is im not sure but i think its 10th room

    4. cece

      It’s all algebra. D=6 E=8 A=2

    5. cece

      It’s all algebra

  2. abovetheclouds

    severely need help with room 11. been stuck for nearly a week.. im just spent with this dice puzzle at the door

    1. ves

      The books from the bookshelf should serve as a clue but if that still doesnt help, then here’s another:
      Black dot +black dot=white dot
      White dot +white dot = black dot
      White dot +blank space(&vice versa)=white dot
      Black dot+blank space(&vice versa)=black dot
      Black dot+white dot=blank space
      Here’s an example= o(white dot) ╬ô├▓├▒Γö£├▒(blackl dot) _(blank space)
      _o фф ф_

      Sorry I cant tell which to swap and where cause it varies every time. But I do hope this helps :כ

      1. abovetheclouds

        you are the best! thank you very much

        1. abovetheclouds

          Also, upon beating room 11 it didnt unlock room 12 but 13 and 14 instead. What room could I have missed something in?

          1. ves

            I’m not sure if this is the right answer:
            In room 10 there are two exits I know. One is escaping and leaving the prisoners behind, the other is saving the prisoners and escaping with them(which I believe what you did)

            Anyway, to escape using the first given, all you have to do is escape in the same manner ar you did with the prisoners, only to find yourself in another room. You pretty much have nothing to do there, just wait for the bomb to explode. Reenter the first room, pick up the pipe and use it on the area, where the cell was, nearest to the door. And there you go :כ

          2. Olive

            Room 12 is only open to people who did not save the people behind the bars .

    2. ves

      disregard the previous example, follow this one instead

      1. abovetheclouds

        Ves, youre the man. thats exactly what it was

  3. Jon

    some please tell me what you are supposed to do with the tool kit in level 9. I can only get two of the safes open!!

    1. abovetheclouds

      john in the lab is a woodplank, get it and combine it with tool box!

      1. chitgoks

        this is the problem, the wood plank cannot be taken. this is a bug! crap! i had to resort to walkthroughs because i was left with nothing else to pick up. at least my hunch was right. ‘t is a bug

        1. thatuglything

          Keep tryin i had to, as well, several times

        2. phoebe

          It should be the small wood plank in the lab near the computer

        3. Atrin

          Listen the only way with the tool kit is the wood plank in the lab.
          Then compound with the toolkit in the inventory then put it on ladder n it will work.

        4. TaintedAngelx2

          I had the same problem but if you place the hand over the bottom left corner it will finally pick it up

        5. Meow

          You have to click it several times the hitspot is very hard to find

      2. Smayia

        how can I open the 4th safe with the ((LOSE one’s way)) thing

        1. lauren

          The numbers that make up the word lose are 1053 its says lose but just in numbers and the hint on the floor says something about reversed thinking so type the number in backwards 3501good luck:-)

  4. ves

    I need help!! I cant understand the numbers on the tiles in room 12 and I just dont know what to do in room 13. I’m done with room 14 though

    1. abovetheclouds

      Same here. the scale in 13 im stuck on just like the “memo” in 12

      1. ves

        For the note: d=6, e=8, a=2, c=3
        On the wall there’s “dead”, substitute the letter with the values

        1. abovetheclouds

          yeah just got it, did you make it to the 2nd room yet?

          1. ves

            Not yet. Cant read those stupuid numbers…you?

  5. abovetheclouds

    i did, its hard to see but the numbers are vertical; 4536

    1. ves


      1. mrudula

        Wat shud we enter in d 3rd locker… i cudnt find any clue..

  6. abovetheclouds

    i cleared 12 here is the solution if interested,

    the red figures are numbers 4 and 6, as for blue 9 and 3

    1. treyman

      Those numbers dont work

  7. Kevin

    what does “September” “Baseball” mean ?? in room 5 with that sphinx thingy . It’s really starting to stress me out …

    1. chrissyj

      Its 9…september is the 9th month 9 inning for baaeball

    2. ashley

      September and baseball have a common number…

    3. min

      Its giving u a clue.. baseball player has to be 9 member. September also 9.

    4. blank

      September=9 month of the year.
      So the answer is 9

  8. ashley

    What’s the code for room 10

    1. abovetheclouds

      youre missing a key theres 3 above the cells one of which reads the code

      1. ashley

        Thank you
        .. but it only opened room 1210 and eyed the game. What am I missing? How do I access the other rooms?

        1. ashley

          Dang auto text! Room 12 and ended the game

          1. abovetheclouds

            to get 11 you need to solve the math codes and free the prisoners

          2. Atrin

            Buddy ur awesome that was it! Thank u so much!

  9. chrissyj

    I can not figure out the code for the door for levell 8. It says x+y but cant figure out how to read the monitor for y.

    1. abovetheclouds

      Theres 4 waves on the moniter. each wave, count how many times it goes up or down

    2. joey

      I cant get passed the code in room 8 either!!!! Im very frustrated

      1. barry

        Count the beeps.
        On the monitor then add to X-ray.

  10. Stuck

    I need help on room 3. Anyone?

    1. Kelly Sadler

      What you stuck on?

    2. nikki

      Clover- 17

  11. Kelly Sadler

    Need help on room 4 with heart locker thing. Please x

    1. Victoria

      Need help on that one too

      1. meg

        If your mirror code is 5412, then the safe code will be 9635.

        1. ceec

          I have 5412 n came up witj 9635 but it keeps saying it wrong.. Plz help n explain

    2. thatuglything

      Obtain chalk and penknife. Compound the two to get chalkdust. Use the chalk dust on the mirror. Note down numbers on mirror.
      Obtain die and examine. Using code given on scratched desktop, figure out the corresponding answer for the mirror numbers
      e.g. 5(mirror) = refer to number 5 surface of die. If i remember right, it has 3black dots, 1empty dot & 1emptydoubledot
      Black dot=1, empty dot =2, black doubledot=3, emptydoubledot= 4
      so corresponding answer for 5(mirror) = 3blackdot x (1) + 1emptydot x (2) + 1emptydoubledot x (4) = 3+2+4 = 9
      figure out passcode for safebox in this manner to obtain key for locker with heart

      1. Jared

        How do we know the sides man

  12. joey

    Need help.with room 8 the x+y code. dont get it!!?

  13. ashley

    Did anyone figure out the scales?

    1. abovetheclouds

      seriously, i dont get if youre supposed to weigh them equally or not.. is 1 and 3 supposed to mean anything

      1. cindy

        I too am at the scales, so frustrated, everytime I think I have an idea how it works, “failed ” I am out of ideas I hope someone can help soon :s

        1. Alkost

          There are twelve gems. Seperate them so that you can put the first six on the first part of the scale and the other six on the other. Weight them and see which gems are hevier. Then from these six gems take three and put them on the first part again and the other threeon the second. See which are hevier. From these three take two and weight them. If one of these two is hevier then you select this gem and you do the same thing with the yellow gems that are going to show up next. If thy balance, chose the other one. For example: weight 123456 and 789101112 . 123456 is hevier. Weight 123 and 456. 123 is hevier. Weight 1 and 2. If they balance, chose 3. If 1 is hevier chose 1. If two is hevier, chose 2!
          Sorry for my bad english, hope that helped!:)

          1. Kyle

            But you don’t know if the gem you want is heavier than the other gems. It might be lighter.

    2. ves

      you need to get the gems from the clock

  14. Zen

    I need help with te code in the fourth room where there is a woman being gagged.

    1. thatuglything

      Using hand cursor, touch the woman to get a close up view of her. obtain the key around her neck to open the journal

  15. abovetheclouds

    anyone have an idea of what rooms the 4 green developer cards are in? only have one

    1. ashley

      I have 3 of the cards. I think one is on the tutorial level which always crashes. I can see something sitting on the counter but can’t get it before it crashes.

      1. Cayla

        It is in the first level after the tutorial. Click on the bed.

    2. blank

      Deveoper card:

      Room 1: Bed (try to touch the bed sheet)
      Room 9: closet
      Room with a spinx: The spinx foot use a screw driver there.

      Room Wher black dies: Look at the statues shadow and at the end of it is a red tile use pick axe there.

  16. ves

    For those who need help in room 13,here’s a hint: the other hand for the clock is on the bottom right area of the painting

    I’m done with all the basic rooms, all I have to find are two more developer cards, so anyone knows where all the cards are?

    1. abovetheclouds

      thimg is, the trouble is with the actual scale gem puzzle
      i have everything just cant figure out if and if so, how, youre supposed to make them equal or not

      1. ves

        Find the heaviest gem
        Why not start the puzzle with half the gems on the left part of the scale and half on the right

    2. blank

      September=9 month of the year.
      So the answer is 9

  17. Zen

    Anyone knows how to get out of the room that has 9 analogue clocks?

    1. cman

      The clocks in 14 are 1hr 40mins apart. Just fill in the two it asks

    2. Jaii

      can somebody help me please.. im stuck in room 5.. its been 4days already.. i don’t know about the clock.. reply please

      1. Atrin

        There is this unsual pattern on the ground. Move the hands of clocks to to form that pattern on them.

        1. lahz

          Need help. How do I view the unique patteen on the floor? I’ve tried everyrhing I can think to do. What am I missing?

        2. Jones

          Tried to examine pattern all I get is”unique patern engraved on floor”. So all I have to go by is two rectangular shapes on the floor that in no way resemble a minute or hour hand. How bout an actual answer please.

    3. michelle

      There is a pattern on the floor. Arrange the clock hands to match. It doesn’t matterhour or minute hand positions.

      1. Jes

        How do I move the clocks…it will only let me move the arms on the clocks

  18. jesse

    what are the 3 codes on room 5

    1. Kelly Sadler

      Baseball/September 9, candles 7 and the time 2 x

  19. shannon

    can anyone help me w level ten? I cant open all the wages and I dont get the riddles. I’m going room to room and not getting anywhere.

  20. nikki

    The clover locker is 17 and the heart locker is 03 ( : does anyone kno what all the locker combos are in room 9 and does anyone kno how to unlock the hope room?

  21. Joe

    Hey guys plz if anyone can help me I’m stuck in room 11 .. I already opened the door with dice code 🙂 and I used one mirror to reflect de laiser BUT idont kno wt to do next ?????

    1. nikki

      Whats the trick for the dice code?

    2. Nikki

      have you figured out how to get the steel pipe out of the rocks? i got my rock in front but have no lever.. ughh

  22. Someone (Importer)

    I’ve completed every level, even found how to get acces to lvl 14. Just ask if you need help 🙂

    1. Kelly Sadler

      Help on hope and riddle levels please x

    2. nikki

      Help with dice

    3. Stefanie Baggott

      I am in level 13 and can’t figure out how to open the jewellery box. Thanks!

    4. min

      Help me on level 8. X+ y???

    5. bella

      How do you access level 14 plz i need help been on it for days!!!!

    6. linz

      how do i unlock room 14?? plz help

    7. Lady

      What do you do with the memo with all of the numbers on level 17 the secret rooms? I’m not really sure what to do here. Help please and thank you

    8. need help

      How do you access room 14! I tried everything!

    9. lolly

      What is the code for the locked door in level 8 becaise I dont get the heart rate thing

    10. Adva Hamias

      Need help in secret Room no. 15 discs problems …

    11. Linda

      I need help on level 14! The remote dont work! What do i do?

    12. Unnamed

      How u get to lvl 14?

      1. asdfghjkl

        What is the code for the heart monitor in room 8???

    13. teradon

      I can’t seem to get the pattern on the floor of the fann room (below room 5, sphinx) onto the clocks. There are four corners to each shape but nine clocks. Help?

      1. lauren

        The shapes on the floor are connected with the clocks make the pattern on the wall with the hands on the clock once you have done that click on the fan and use the new code from there to open the door hope this helps 🙂

    14. blank

      How do I get All the custom cursor?
      I’ve finish all levels but I still have 3 challenges left.

      Equip Custom cursor
      Collect all custom cursor
      Complete All scene

      Also how do I get 10th death scene?

  23. Someone (Importer)

    @ Ves

    No do not FIND the heaviest gem.

    They could be heavier than the rest. But also LIGHTER.

    I know a trick, if you have patience or luck it’l work 🙂

    Use familliar combo’s Like 1+2 3+4 5+6 7+8 …

    If you see diffriend weight than one of the two gems you’ve inserted, find the one who has a diffriend weight.

    EX : 1+2, 2 is heavier than 1 then place 2 OR 1 with another gem.

    EX2 : 2+5 : No diffriences.

    So the right gem is 1

    Keep doing this untill you get the right gems and then you get acces to the room to kill… Black 🙁

    1. ves

      I see, I see. I did the puzzle in one try and I found all heavy gems so I assumed that that was the answer. Thanks anyway :כ

      Oh yeah in. Room 17, “her story 2” do you know what the colored prints are pointing to? And have any clues on where to find all the dev cards? Thanks.

  24. Someone (Importer)

    Here’s a WT for room 14 (bechause you people haven’t reached it >:) )

    WT14 : Pick up the halved heart.

    Pick up the hammer, pick up the remote.
    Examine the remote, numbers 1 5 and 8 have been pressed (BUG: SOMETIMES THIS WONT WORK, RESTART THE LEVEL)

    Get ‘use’ on the TV, insert the code : 1-5-8

    Then you see some history blablabla and the number 1997.

    Enter on door. Then you see Seulbi, trapped in a fish tank >:3 Leaking water, and yes, THERES A FREAKING SHOTGUN ON THE GROUND, HELL YES, pick it up.
    Get ammo from dresser, get Jigsawpuzzle16 from other dresser. Load shotgun, shoot 2 closets, pick up the tweezers and that cutter. Use tweezers at ground to get diamond.

    COMBINE diamond with that cutter to get some sort of knife.


    1: Memory puzzle, nothing to say here…
    2: You see 8 clocks, DONT SCARE! you only can and need to move 2. Every clock has a 1h+40m + time. so watch the previous clock and insert +1h40m.

    Defused. now DONT use the shotgun on the glass if you are a complete moron -.- (Only if you want to collect death scenes) Use the Cutterknife to make a scratch in the glass. Then break it with the hammer. Seulbi is free and she gives you a halved heart2.

    Combine the halves to a heart to open the lift. There you go, you get the best ending… 🙂

    1. Joe

      How to open room 14

  25. Joe

    Hey guys I didn’t get the gem trick ?

  26. Someone (Importer)

    @ Joe.

    Have room 12 & 13 played out.

    Then play room 11 again, then you’ve unlocked lvl 14 🙂

    1. nikki

      Can you help me with the dice and bookshelve? Im soo confused

  27. nikki

    Please help with dice! Soo confuseddd!

  28. Tilai

    Help Stuck On Room 9

    i found all the same ccombinations but the 2002 door… i cant figure out the the number on the books… Anybody knows them??!

    1. nikki

      I think 2002 is 0130

      1. tilai

        I’m talking about the safe combination inside the 2002 door

        1. Nikki

          its either 2569 or 3507 cant remember which one.

  29. shannon

    I am stuck in the room that black is in the glass tube. it says something about a red floor? and there is a switch on the ground missing a red button. I have a hammer a flashlight and a pick axe. not sure what I’m supposed to do? anyone have any helpful hints?

    1. Atrin

      In the other room there is a cabinet/ safe on the frounf. Break the red tile infront of it.

  30. shannon

    okay nevermind I beat the game lol but can anyone tell me where to to find the first and last “green cards”. I’d really like to play the extra boards. oh yeah and is there anyway to Finished the level where you gas and kill black without killing him?

  31. Tina

    Need help with room 5! what do you do for the room with the 9 clocks??

  32. abovetheclouds

    yeahh im pretty sure i only have 1 card, 1 is bright and ones dim. anybody know all 4 locations? and how is it possible to get the card in tutorial if it crashes everytime?

  33. ShadeZ

    Need help for room 5 with the 9 clocks

    1. Kelly Sadler

      Turn the clock hands to make the shapes on the floor x

      1. brooke

        Can you explain it any better or give me the clock times I still cant figure it out been stuck on it for a couple days now

      2. rohan

        get me the time on the clocks

  34. Someone (Importer)

    @ Ves


    1: In room 1, on the bed (touch the blanket of the bed)
    2: Room 5, use screwdriver on sphinx’ leg.
    3: Room 9, Open closet
    4: Room 13, somewhere under a red tile near the ‘bright’ tile (use pickaxe).

    But one thing, the Dev’s level is too hard for me X.X I can’t figure out those computer riddles :@

    1. ves

      Thank you very much:כ

    2. abovetheclouds

      thank you,much appreciated. you werent kidding about the computer haha

    3. cman

      Where and how do u get pickaxe in 13 I’m stuck on the scale with the gems puzzle.

    4. ilsa

      Ive. Bn thru lvl 9 n can’t find the open closet 4 the developer card. Where is it?

  35. Someone (Importer)

    Wanna find all Developer cards? Here’s the Walktrough: ^^

    1: In room 1, on the bed (touch the blanket of the bed)
    2: Room 5, use screwdriver on sphinxΓÇÖ leg.
    3: Room 9, Open closet
    4: Room 13, somewhere under a red tile near the ΓÇÿbrightΓÇÖ tile (use pickaxe).
    But one thing, the DevΓÇÖs level is too hard for me X.X I canΓÇÖt figure out those computer riddles :@

    1. autumn

      What closet in room 9??

  36. Someone (Importer)

    @ Shannon.

    You couldn’t resist? :l

    Don’t skip the text they are saying you missed a great hint.

    Black said : ‘The awnser is under a bright red time’

    Use pickaxe at the tile where the light is shining on.

    There is a button, good job! 🙂

  37. Someone (Importer)

    I ment a ’tile’, not ‘time’. Sorry…. :S

  38. ShadeZ

    I had to make the clocks like the time at the wood?
    So its bad to read the clocks

    1. sabzee

      hey i cant get through it ….just say wat are the times

  39. ShadeZ

    And whats the code of room 4

  40. rr

    plzzzz help with rrroom 7 as i’m stuck in the 2nd room

  41. Christina

    Need some serious help on level 9. If it weren’t for this site I would’ve never found out 2 codes for 2 of the safes. I ha e obtained contents from the 2002 and 2004 rooms.. I need help for the safes in rooms 1988 and 1992. I have been at this for hours and developed a migraine just from being confused. Please for anyone that can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!! 🙂

  42. branddee

    Room with the guy behind bars, and the computer. What’s the pass for the comp? Looked around, maybe I’m blind

  43. Stefanie Baggott

    Ok, here it goes! First take the journal on the bench and look at the dates for each year. This will give you the codes for the doors. First open the 1988 room. Pick up the switch on the plank. Press the elevator button and walk into the elevator.

    In this room, you can open the brown cabinet for a bonus. But open the blue door and walk in the child’s room. Use the switch on the slot on the left wall. Turn it off. Write down the glowing numbers from top to bottom, left to right. Turn on switch and pick up cutters on the floor. Return to the basement in the safe room. Enter the code you just wrote down onto the safe keypad. Take memory card and balloon.

    Walk into the main room. Insert the memory card into the holder with four slots. Look at the monitor and click on blue button. Write down the number.

    Enter the corresponding date onto the lock for the top right room (1992). Enter room and use cutters on the ropes that are barring your way. Walk in. Take screwdriver from red toolbox and take small toolbox from blue toolbox. Also take the plank from the floor. Combine the toolbox and the plank. Finally, examine the flashing bulbs on the wall. If you look carefully, you will see 4 numbers that are lit up. Write them down in order.

    Return to the safe room and enter the code from the lights. Open safe and take filler and memory card. Return to main room and insert memory card into slot. Look at monitor and click on red button. Write down number.

    Now walk to top left room. Enter corresponding date for 2002 for lock code. Use toolkit to repair ladder and walk up. Take steel pipe. Use hand on bookshelf. Rearrange books to form 4 numbers. Write it down when its says clear.

    Walk down ladder to return to safe room. Enter code. Takememory card and yarn. Return to main room. Enter memory card into slot. Examine monitor and write down number.

    Go to bottom right room and enter corresponding date for 2004 to enter. Use steel pipe on fan to stop it and walk in. Open box for bonus. Read sign next to door. Look at the word highlighted in red. If you turn it upside down, you will see the 4 numbers you will need for the safe. Write them down.

    Return to safe room. Enter code into safe. Take memory card and helium tank. Return to main room. Enter memory card into slot and examine monitor. Write down last number.

    Now look in your inventory. Compound filler and helium tank. Combine helium filler and balloon. Combine balloon and yarn. Now tie balloon to lever and grab key. Enter code into keypad from the memory cards. Then enter key into hole and you are free!!!

    1. jp

      Do I have to complete something to be able to pick up the book and/or the wrench? I know one sometimes has to try a couple of times to get it right to pick objects up but I have tried on every part of both objects and it’s not doing any good!!!

    2. Beth

      Thank you !! thought i was going to stay stuck on this level good walkthrough very helpfull!

  44. branddee

    Room after the colored blocks? With the Darth Vader hat lol

  45. Tina

    How do i solve the room with coloured blocks? >< i put the blue block back in place already.

  46. ShadeZ

    Code for room 4 plzzz!!

    1. judie

      Its 7736

    2. Mahogany Legette

      I need the code for room 8

  47. Pro

    Need help in the first room of secret room …

    1. keisha

      What exactly do you need help with?

      1. Pro

        the disc with 36 numbers

        1. keisha

          Are you talking about room7 room of secrets?

          1. Pro

            i mean room 15, the disc for MJ i think, i don’t understand that

  48. ves

    Hey guys! I really need help in room 17 I don’t know the code for the glass tube…oh and here are the codes for the lockers in room 15:(these are from left to right)

    1. shannon

      hey ves how did you come up with these codes? I know the 5869 is the color blocks and the 0679 is adding the 2 numbers upside down without the 1 which makes no sense but how in the world did you come up w the other 2?

    2. shannon

      you’ve got to find the four color notes and they have little weird symbols on them its a box with a extra box attached. then there is a paper on the wall w numbers. match up the number with wherever the extra box is. then put the numbers from each color into the color lock.

      1. Stefanie Baggott

        I tried this, but it wouldnt open. Is there a switch i have to press? I have blue=2, green=4, red=2, yellow =2. Is this right?

        1. Lady

          Blue=6, yellow =3, green =1, and red =7

    3. burnttuna

      How did you get these numbers. I am stumped on how you got the 2nd set from those weird math problems.

  49. alisha

    I can’t understand the flashing light bulbs and the glass case with the rubber gloves and the computer password, and the sparking electric wires, the guy behind the bars isn’t helping at all! Help!

    1. keisha

      @ alisha. The bulbs are flashing a certain number. Pay attention to what bulbs are flashing and which ones are not. They are trying to sgow you numbers. Hope that helps you a bit

      1. B

        Houe do you do the wires

        1. Lauren

          The wires go a centern way you just have to follow the way the wires go

  50. Dani

    Has anyone done 18 or 19 yet?? I cannot get past either one… Nor can I get level 14 to open.. I went back and played it both ways( savin g prisoners, & not saving them)… Then went back and played level 11 again & it still wont open.. Please help Also I can only find 3 of the Dev cards.. I went back and double checked all 4 spots and still dont have the last one… Am I missing something somewhere??? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

    1. Pro

      the one you are finding is probably in the stage with gems, use the pickaxe on the red tile above the table and there you go

  51. keisha

    Ive been stuck on level 8 since last night, and for the life of me, I cant figure out about the x+y thing. What am I adding up? They give me 1423 for x, but I don’t understand how to get y. And when i do get y, how am i supposed to add it to get the code? Please someone help me. I keep running out of time and dying because I cant figure it out. I know someone is nice and smart enough to run me they this step by step. This game is addictive and stage 8 is driving me nuts.

    1. Pro

      every time it goes up or down, it counts 1

      for example, a “w” shaped rate means 4

      1. keisha

        So am i adding x which is 1423 to equal 10? Plus y?

        1. Pro

          Nope, there are 4 waves of rates in Y, count how many times did the rate goes up and goes down, then add up with 1423

          1. keisha

            Thanks pro, but one more thing I need help with, do you know how to do the scale thing in room 13. It’s a bit frustrating. I’ve been in this since yesterday afternoon. Please help me on this one. Do you have a clue on what to do it how to do it. I’m trying to have patience and try everything. I’m a bit slow on this part.

          2. nessy

            okay so for example 3423 + 1423? that give mes 5846 still not workin… i have the rates Γò¼├┤Γö£┬¼Γö£┬ú M A Γò¼├┤Γö£┬¼Γö£┬ú so it gives me 3 4 2 3 still it says failed i tried to sneak up on youtube to get some clear explanation and yet i cant find any if theres any one who can explain this thing clearly please help meeeeeeeeee :/

  52. Matt

    Was just wondering if anyone could tell me how to read the heart rate monitor in room #8 to get the four digit code for y?

    1. Pro

      check my comment above you 😉

      1. Lauren

        I still dont get it 🙁
        Plzzz just tell me I give up
        iv been at this for 2 weeks
        now Plzzzzzz 🙂

    2. keisha

      Our heart monitor reads differently from each others, so there’s no same answer. I just dont know how to read it.

      1. Atrin

        Just count how many time it goes up n dowm buddy.

        1. nessy

          not working >< i keep on retrying and retrying yet it says failed 1423 + 4443= 5866 right but still it says fail and the golden key inside the smole hole i keep on opening that but i dont see any golden key there is this some kind of bug?

          1. michelle

            Listen to the tones of the monitor.

  53. cman

    Anyone know how to get through level 13?

  54. rr

    Urgent helpwith room 7 stuck for 3 days now
    I got into the 2nd room but what’s nxt
    Plz help

    1. Pro

      describe the room i forgot already

  55. shannon

    alright guys I’m on the very last room of the secretrooms I Have collected everything and cannot figure out what to do? I cant do anything in the bathroom. I cant find a slide for the microscope? I Have no idea what to do????????

    1. Evets

      Take the drill to the wal, then hammer it. There will be a bo, combine it with the key to get the slide for the microscope.

  56. Ulrika

    Can anybody explain how to do with the 9 clocks in room 5…I╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒ve tried everything. I been stuck on this for 2 days and I’m soon to give up.

    1. judie

      Im stuck in there too
      all i know is that u should turn the clocks to match the pattern on the floor but its not workin with me x(
      try it and plz tell me if it worked

      1. sabzee

        yea some one plzz tell wat are the timings of the 9 clocks plzzzzzzz

        1. marija

          me too…number on a fan are 0430….help

          1. dvd

            you have to move the hand and minute like it show on the floor.
            all clock should join with hand ands minute.

  57. alisha

    I am stuck at room 8. It seriously killing me. X is 1423 and I know how to get y, but I key in, its still wrong. Ahhh…… I tried about 20 times alr.. help!

    1. judie

      u should combine 1423 with the numbers u have for y and then u have to put in the numbers that u got if i remember correctly i used to get 1232 for y so that makes 2655 and it worked with me

      1. alisha

        That’s what I did. But its still failed and failed… Did u save the doctor?

        1. judie

          Yes i did i think u shoud safe him before trying to solve the x and y thing

  58. rr

    Room 7
    The room with the colored cubes and a safe in one room once i took the key from the safe i opened a blue door
    The other room has two safes one z empty and the other has a lever and there r cubes in near the eleveator
    There z a mask that shouldn’t be taken at the corner
    I’m stuck i tried to use tbe lever but nothing
    They said there’s amissing block
    I can’t find it anywhere
    Plz help

    1. Pro

      use the pipe on the elevator, then get the cube.

  59. judie

    I need help with room 5 2nd part
    i know that i should turn the 9 clocks to match the pttern on the floor but its not working
    Plz tell me what exactly am supposed to do

    1. cman

      Pay attention to where the dots are on the figures they will help you to know whether the hour hand or minute hand is
      supposed to go that way.

    2. hotinaz

      What do u do after u put in the codes? Is there something u have to push or what? I put the codes in and then what? Plz plz help

  60. Tina

    Codes for the SAFES in the room 9 please? ):

    1. judie

      The lader room : 2569
      the elevator room : 2418
      But i cant give u the code to fan room cuz i havnt figured it out yet and the codes in the last room keeps changing so u will have to do it on ur own according to the light bulbs

    2. judie

      Hey i got the code to the room with the fan too its 3507
      now u have only the last one on ur own gd luck

      1. Tina

        Thanks Judie, buti already solved those three safes, i just need the last one which you didnt mention ): thanks though

        1. judie

          Sorry the problem is that the code to this safe keeps changing but it’s really easy all u have to do is to cut the ropes that r blocking ur way to the next room and find the light bulbs, they wil blink and show u 4 numbers that u will need to use to unlock the safe

    3. isa

      someone can answer me please!?

  61. cman

    Are the scales with the gems in 13 random as far as the heaviest gem goes? I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to find the solution but three tries and then fail screws me.

  62. Natalie

    Hello!! I’m so stuck on room 5 and the analogue clocks!! has anybody got a fool spoke solution they can help me with?! thanks!!

    1. keisha

      Does anyone know how to do the scale thing in room 13. It’s a bit frustrating. I’ve been in this since yesterday afternoon. Please help me on this one. Do you have a clue on what to do it how to do it. I’m trying to have patience and try everything. I’m a bit slow on this part. Help pleeaaasseee!!!

      1. foshizzle

        You have to find the lightest gem, start with 123789, on left and the rest on the right. Whichever is lighter put 3 of each of those on each side. That should leave you with 3 possible gems pick 2 of them and weigh them seperately if either is lighter that’s the choice. But if both are even pick the last gem of the 3 leftover you didnt weigh. I hope this helps its the best way I can describe it to you.

        1. Lady

          How do you even get the gems? All I have is a hammer, a flashlight, and a key. I have no idea what to do here. Please help!

          1. val

            you need to click the sword twice. combine the hammer and sword then use it on the blue brick.

      2. Lady

        Did you ever figure out level 13? I’m stuck with a hammer, a flashlight, and a Jerry and have no idea what to do. This is so frustrating!

  63. foshizzle

    Anyone know where the rose and window cursors are?

  64. foshizzle

    I could use a hint for the puzzles on the wall in the second room of memories 2. I still have a hammer, pencil, ballpoint pen, and broken mech. Pencil. I just can’t get my brain to solve this one yet

  65. branddee

    Need help with the dice puzzle. I do NOT understand it at all and the comments above are NOT helping. Easiest way possible? Thanks

    1. foshizzle

      Anyone figured out the colored memos in room 17 her story 2? Ive tried everyway I could imagine so far.

  66. tomimura

    Keep trying to solve room 17

    1. foshizzle

      I have been going at two levels relentlessly 17 & 19. Once I get fried I go and play a random room to try and find cursors

  67. Ashley

    Need help on room 20 of the secret rooms.cant figure out how to get the stove working with the matchstick. Can anyone help?

    1. foshizzle

      Put match on ground in the light by piano then use lens by the right corner of they keyboard and it will light the match.

  68. foshizzle

    Ok so I finally beat all the levels except for memories 2 room 19 I believe I’m stuck on the wall puzzles in the second room behind the number locked door. And I am looking for cursors to complete my challenges.

  69. becky truscott

    Hi I need help in room 8, I’ve saved the doctor but I can’t figure out how to get the machines to work. Can someone help?

    1. judie

      Use the empty glass cup and fil it with hydrochloric acid and the use it to melt the cover on the ground and then u can turn the machines easly 🙂

      1. becky truscott

        Thanks I’ve tried to add x (1423) and y (4442) but it doesn’t work am i counting the y properly? 🙂

        1. keisha

          Listen to the beeps, it has 3 different beeps. Add that plus x and see what you get. If you can’t hear it right, then use this:


          1. aibo

            Ok so I heard seven beeps in the heart monitor, but I still don’t get what to do lol

          2. Atrin

            Guys!. Line one monitor goes four times on the screen plus one line that shoes their series is over. U need for numbers n it goes like this, for each line count how many times it goes up n down. It gives u four numbers at last. It y.

  70. kjub.s

    Stuck in room 4… Cant solve the code

    1. KopyKat

      Ok the mirror is the random number…but the die is always the same; Side 1= 3, Side 2= 5, Side 3= 8, Side 4= 6, Side 5= 9, Side 6= 7…There is a typo in the Legend on the desk…where it says x2 it is supposed to be o=2, so like Side 3= 4+2+2=8…ignore the x symbol and just look at it like the others look…Hope that helps…Oh then just plug in the corresponding number sum to the Side Mirror code- 5412 answer would be 9635

  71. peeg

    anyone help with the dice number?
    or the safe in the room 4?

  72. isa

    Hi can someone tell me how to save all people in the room 10 and what i do in the second room in room 12? Please

    1. B

      U need to solve the math equations on their cells

  73. abovetheclouds

    can anyone help me with finding gold keys? ive completed all but the last hidden room and im short 3 keys. ive been looking through all levels with little luck

  74. Teisn

    I am having trouble with room 17. I cannot find the yellow memo. I have looked everywhere. Could someone please help.

    1. foshizzle

      Teisn have u disassembled the pen? It should be in there.

      1. Teisn

        No I didn’t. Thank you 🙂

        1. foshizzle

          No problem

          1. Evets

            How do you read the codes on the memo there are alot of numbers that each color covers

    2. Alkost

      Where did you find all the developers card so that you could unlock the secret rooms? Actually where is the closet in room 9? i am missing only one developers card and i really need to find it to unlock the secret rooms and i’ve been stuck here for like two weeks:(

  75. snopoy

    PLZ help me… how can i find out what the code of exit room is ? in room number 10?

    1. snopoy

      ohh…sorry…I mean exit door in room number 10 🙁

    2. foshizzle

      Read the key closest to the exit door above the cells. It should say

      put that in the pad and use that key to open lock. Viola! Ur out with or without the other people.

      1. snopoy

        thank you very much 🙂

  76. B

    Need help with room seven…clocks??????.. The code to thr door..thr only thing I’ve been able to do if turn thr light on.plz help

    1. keisha

      Make the clocks match the pattern on the floor

      1. B


      2. lahz

        How do I view the pattern? I just keep getting the statement.: a unique pattern has been engraved on the floor…?

  77. Specksus

    To get the safe code in room 4, after u use the chalk dust on the mirror use the magnifying glass to get the 4 digit #, the dice has 6 sides not just 3, using the code on the desktop get a # for each side then use the 4 digit mirror code to put it in the right order. Even though the dice will give u 6 #’s u will only need 4 of them. It took me so long to get the code because I didn’t realise that there were more than 3 sides. I hope I have explained clearly enough. 🙂

  78. B

    Ok got it but how do I turn the computer on in room six???

    1. B

      How Do you fix the wires

  79. ciarra

    I need help with the room with the spinx. I can’t get past it please help!!!”

  80. jodie

    I’m in room 12 in the second room ihave no idea what to do with the blocks.

    1. B

      What blocks

  81. peter

    Cant get past room 17 done the rest of the rooms help please been awake 2 days trying it

  82. treyman

    So im the 4th person to ask ” What is the damn code to room 12 part 2. With the colored blocks” All of you guys at like level 17 help us out !!!

  83. treyman

    Room 12… grab note from floor, grab flashlight from cabinet, grab hammer from ontop of safe, grab glass off microwave, grab batteries off table, smash bottom mirror with hammer get gaucet, use faucet on sink, turn faucet, use safe code 6826 get red paint, put red paint in sink, use cup in sink, use redcup on blue tiles, get code 4536, use code for bottom door to room 2 of room 12. From here im stuck

    1. B

      Once ou open the second lock walk thru the door..look at all for of the mirrors..they have writing, write down…i dont know how but it tells u the password to the levet…9634..pull the lever..go back to the other room use the flashlight w batteries an go thru….im stuck after there… Keep talkinfg to black for more keys..u can walk thru the door…it ends my game though..i cant get to the next level at all

  84. Yabuu

    I can’t figure out the patterns in room 5 after you climb down from the Sphinx room. Can anybody tell me how?

    1. B

      Is that the clock room

  85. aibo

    How do you read the heart monitor?

    1. B

      There are four sets of waves… For example…mine went… Up once the first wave, up once second wave and twice third wave, nothing the forth camt remember…what else wa tv are the other clues

      1. aibo

        Thanks I got it, awesome =)

  86. aibo

    How do you read the keypads in the room with the bombin order to release the prisoners? Its pretty confusing.

    1. jessila

      That got me for a while but if i remember right the red lights on the right upper side tell how you how many puzzles you will have to solve for that prisoner and the lights on the upper left tell you how many numbers you have to use to add up to the big number. They get harder as you go on and you have to complete all four pads for any of the cells to open. If you cant figure it out i have all the answers.

      1. KittyGurl

        Please help me, I can’t figure out the last two puzzles :'(

    2. alyssa

      i didn’t lol i let them blow up.

  87. becky truscott

    I need help with room 11, Im in the third room untied White and got the glue and 2 mirrors but stuck after that!?

    1. jessila

      I dont know what other stuff you have so ill starr from the beginning go in to the bomb room and collect the rock the iron pipe and the bent pipe(click twice) place rock at top of room above the bomb where there is a pipe sticking out of the bricks use the iron pipe you collected earlier on the rock and collect the pipe. Go back to the middle room and collect the screwdrive out of the box behind the blue door. Use the screwdriver to losen the bolts on the fire extinguisher then collect it. Use the screwdrive on the floor under the table to get a cursor. Use the bent pipe on the lever between the lasers ( dont touch it with the hand). Use the extinguisher on the lever and you will be able to see where the laser lights are. Go to the third room intie white collect the glue from the drawer and use the screwdrive to get the mirrors. Compound the glue with both of the iron pipes then compound each glued pipe with a mirror go back to the middle room use each laser on the lever( they will block the laser lights) then pull the lever with your hand and exit.

      1. Lady

        For some reason I can’t compound the glue and the bent pipe. Am I doing something wrong..? Or is this a glitch. This is sooooo frustrating. :-\

  88. jessila

    Has anyone completed the challenge hand of minus? Every time i shoot the large tank after i turn the lasers off I die. Am i doing this wrong?

  89. kim

    Please help room 5. The clocks. i tried all kind of things and cant seem to decipher that patterns for the clocks. just tell me the time to. Put. plzzzz

    1. Atrin

      Form the clocks hands like the pattern on the ground

    2. hotinaz

      I can’t even get to the clock part. What do u do after u put the codes in? Hit the red buttons?

  90. NonyrBuisness

    Can anyone gv some help on 17 i cant find the red memo and the number (password) on the door 🙁 Helps !!!

  91. Atrin

    Some one plz help with room 12, I got blind to find the red n blue numbers! Its jus doesnt match in the mirror.

  92. MBites

    This is beyond frustrating i cant read the heart monitor n i keep getting
    4314 idk if im reading it right. But im seriously about to give up if i cant get passed room 8

    1. aibo

      Its better if you listen to the beeps. The first set of beeps goes for the first number in the 4 digit clue, the second set of beeps for the second number and so on. There will be a sraight line with no beeps which equals 0. Add the 4 digit number you got from the machine and add it to the 4 digit number on the xray of the hand and you should be able to open the door

  93. aibo

    How to you sole the puzzle in “Finality” with the red and blue boxes?

    1. aibo


      This game is messing my head up lol

  94. MBites

    Okay so i got new beeps n its 21210. I add it its 6 i add the one from the xray its 10. Im confused

    1. aibo

      Ok so now what you do is take the whole number from the machine……which is actually 2121…..and add it to the number on the xray which I think is 1423, I don’t know if its different for you. So you’ll add

      + 1423

      3544 will be the code you use to open the door

      I hope it helps

      1. Vicious

        2654 is the answer for the lock. Add 1231+1423. (X=1423 Y=1231) 2654 is your answer

  95. MBites

    Omg Le THANKS!!! 🙂

  96. Desiree

    Need help with room 6. Can’t figure out the computer pw :/

    1. aibo

      You need to look at the lightbulbs flashing on the wall. Its different for everyone

  97. Tiffles

    I’m gonna have to uninstall the game because I’ve tried every which way to do the clocks in the fan room and it doesn’t work? Any suggestions before I do?

  98. Desiree

    Stuck at level 17. Need help with with the tube thing. Whts the code for it??

  99. Summer

    Stuck in rm 13 >< I have ni idea how to move the painting or that door with the word exit on it !!!

    1. judie

      The missing minute hand from the clock is hidden near the bottom right corner of the painting just keep on trying to to grap it untill u get it and then use it on the clock .
      Btw u r not supposed to open the exit door untill the end so dont try now, u still have to go through the other door first but dont worry its easy 🙂
      Hope that helped

  100. judie

    Hi i need help with room 15
    6128 + 9091 = 9825
    8158 + 1912 = ????
    i cant figure this out plzzz help X(

  101. Gaz

    Pls can you tell me the hidden password in the slide on the micoscope on the last secret room (21) its all I need to complete the game

    1. Poch

      How did you get the slide?

      1. Poch

        Ok, I’ve completed Room 21 🙂 as for your question, here’s how to solve it: count the number of viruses that has one dot, then two dots, etc. Here’s the number: 4658 (four viruses with one dot, six with two dots, etc).

        1. Joy

          excuse me,how can you get the shiny thing inside the drain on the bathtub?

        2. Kandi

          How do you get the balloon and the magnet out of the bathtub???

  102. judie

    Need some serious help in room 17 with ths colorfull nots and glass tube
    Plzz help

    1. Desiree

      The code to the tube is 6317

  103. morena

    S.V.P. La chambre 10 comment faire pour s’╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├«├ëvader avec les prisonniers ???? merci!

  104. morena

    Please how i can escape with the prisonners at the room 10 thk!!

    1. lighto86

      then take the keys above the prisons and read the number behind the 3rd one
      then run away
      good luck

  105. lighto86

    room 9
    2002= 0130 -2569
    1988=0521 -3507
    1992=1118 -6457
    2004= 1224 -2418

    then the last door 4444
    mix the object from locker then used to got the key
    and use it in the door and done
    good luck

  106. lighto86

    room 10
    then take the keys above the prisons and read the number behind the 3rd one
    then run away 🙂
    good luck

  107. Joy

    i’m new here,i just need a help because i stuck in Room 5
    what is the answer to the riddle up on the wall,like
    6 – 2 = 4
    8 + 7 = 3
    9 + 5 = ?
    Time treats everyone fairly.

    you lit 10 candles, but 7 of them were put out by a sudden wind. how many candles are still lit?


    1. lighto86


      1. Irina Brooks

        What about the fan thing?How will I solve the Clocks?It’s too hard.

  108. Someone (Importer)

    I’ve completed the whole game, shall I make an walktrough?

    BTW I only need one thing to complete my game 100%, I only need death scene 9, not 10 , not , 9!

    Please thank you, Shall I make the WT or not?

    1. Stacey

      Please give me a walkthrough for secret room 19?! I can’t find help anywhere!

  109. Someone (Importer)

    Need Dev cards? Here’s a WT :

    First, why do you need them?

    You need to get all 4 to unlock room 15 (Which is a huge bitch and almost impossible to solve)

    Room 1 : Under the bed blanket
    Room 5 : Use screwdriver at sphinx’ leg
    Room 9 : In closet, left of desk
    Room 13 : Use pickaxe under a red tile near the ‘bright’ red tile

    ‘Hope this helped you !

    1. Alkost

      What do you mean left of the desk? I cant find the closet and i really need this last developers card so that i can unlock the secret rooms! Please help im stuck here for like two weeks!!

  110. Someone (Importer)

    Pleae, someone tell me death scene 9, then I have all scenes xp

  111. Joy

    a little help here i’m stuck in room 18
    and i don’t even know what to do in this room,…-_-“

  112. Joy

    can anyone help me?
    how to get in room 13?

    1. emiiy3

      you have to play room 11 again

  113. hotinaz

    I still need help in rm 5 i can’t even get to the clocks. Plz Help

  114. Jen

    I really need help on room 13 on the scale. I have read all other comm numerous times and still cant get what im looking for, heavier or lighter, and how the scale works( how to get it in three tries with each color before fail and have to restart). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. emiiy3

      put 1 2 3 4 5 6 on one hand and 7 8 9 10 11 12 on the other, then press weight , see wich one is heavier . lets say 123456 is heavier so now put 123 on hand and 456 on the other hand , press weight and see which one is heavier. lets say 123 are heavier . now put 1 on one hand and 2 on the other one and see which one is heavier . the heavier one isthe right one, but if they are equql then the last gem is the right one.
      example 1 on the right , 2 on the left if 1>2 then 1 is the correct answer.
      if 1=2 then 3 is the correct answer. and so on
      now we can’t be sure if they want the heavier or the lighter but if you get it right from the first try then purse on your choice
      example, if the first try you choosed the lightest one and its turn to be correct then all te other will be the lightest also. and vise versa.

      I hope you understand my explanation. :”)

  115. bella

    I’m stuck in room 11 the room after da explosion. Plz help wit da two codes near the door. I dnt know how 2 fix da books nor the dots?!!!!

  116. michelle

    The code you get in the chimes room in the dark doesnt work 2481 please help

    1. michelle

      Childs room sorry

      1. Jen

        It is 2418, I believe.

  117. Jumpy

    why the hell the game always crashes when i’m about to finish the tutorial stage I can’t get the dev card D:

  118. emiiy3

    How to unlock room 13??

  119. fab z

    room 3 i took voodoo doll but i ve to take the key in the water how can i take it ! !

    1. Yum

      Disassemble the voodoo doll, get the yarn to combine with the magnet to get the key.
      Code for Heart: 03
      Code for Cloverleaf: 17
      Have fun!

  120. money

    Help stuck in room 13 have hammer knife from statue and combined batteries with flashlight…now what????

    1. judie

      Break the Knife with the hammer, use the sharp edge on the blue brick then use the hammer to take the brick then place it on top of the other brick . U will have to solve three puzzles before the bricks reveals a kye . The missing minute hand is hidden in the painting find it and use it to get the clock to work again . Take the jewellry box and open it with the kye . use the scale to get the right gems, it could be the heaviest or the lightest gem .
      Hope that helped

      1. money

        Thx I finished the game but couldn’t get to the secret rooms….

  121. Dana

    Stuck on lv 8 x+y I’ve tried every possible way!!!! help plz

    1. judie

      X is the numbers from the xray 1423.
      Use the machine to get y , there r 4 lines eache line goes up and down several times.
      Ex: ^v^ = 3
      ^v= 2
      ^ =1
      ^v = 2
      so y is 3212, add this number to 1423 and u will get the code

  122. jenbear

    Need help in room 11 been stuck on it for awhile the lock on the door with the dice puzzle I read what you said and I’m still confused please help

    1. zlc

      Me too. Please helpppp!!!!

  123. Logan

    Is it bad that I’m stuck on level 2….. How do you get the rust off of the metal in the secret room.

  124. ashley

    ok im in the second part of room two with the clocks i know ur suppose to follow the pattern on the floor but i still cant figure it out does ne one know what time each clock is suppose to be on??

  125. ashley

    logan combine the lube and the cut rug and then wipe it off

  126. Kp

    The room 8 code it x+y so x=1423 and y=1222 and 1222+1423=2645 code

  127. zlc

    Need help with room 11 with those dice. Stuck for about a week I read what you said but i dont understand that. Help me pleaseeeeeee

  128. zlc

    Exit room 11 pleaseeee. I dont understand the dice puzzle.

  129. fab z

    again here lol! need help rm 4 classroom, i don t understand how get the final code using desk and mirror! sorry 4my english tnx

  130. Rebecca

    Escape the room limited time is an app on Android. The iPod app is called escape the room 2 by SK telecom. It’s the same game. Could you please check it out and write a walkthrough on it? I’m stuck on level 4. That would be really helpful. Thank you in advance.

  131. zlc

    How supose use the gems in room 13? How i separate that gems to use in the scale? Sorry for my english

  132. Kristin

    Ok…i need help with the dice in the classroom…please! I get how to add up the sides to get which side equals what and that the mirror code.tells which side to enter kn…but how do you know which side is.which? Ive tried.every number combination and nothing works 🙁 can anyone help? Its driving me.crazy!

    1. Rebecca

      Ok. Each side of the die represents a number. 1=3, 2=5, 3=8, 4=6, 5=9, and 6=7.
      The numbers on the mirror shows you which sides to use and which order to type them in. Hope this helps. Reply if confused.

      1. Island_Life

        Thank you soooo much for helping with the calculations! I had a HEADACHE!!!! I’m now stuck in the red room with the clocks – everyone says to ‘follow the crest on the floor’ but i am lost…tried that and nothing happens 🙁

        1. Rebecca

          You have to turn the hands on the clocks so that they make the shape shown on the floor. Use the hour hands for the horizontal sides of each shape and the hour hands for the diagonal sides.

  133. dvd

    i need help on secret room 19. how to open the door opposite the frog emblem door? pls help tq

    1. michael

      Frog door combo = R,R,L,L,R,R,R,L,R,L,L,L

  134. taryn

    I need help in the computer room, can’t find fuses or get cabinet open!

  135. li

    I need help room 2

    1. Rebecca

      For room 2 first check the guys pulse. Then look for these things:
      Mysterious Book1
      Mysterious book 2
      Mysterious book3
      Rusty cogwheel
      Combine the rusty cogwheel with the lubricant. Take the result and place it in the machine. Then take the three books and place them in the bookshelf. Then arrange the books so they will spell “money”. The bookshelf will move to reveal a secret passageway. Before you leave cut a piece of the carpet on the floor and domineering it with the lubricant. Go through the secret passageway and use the lubricated carpet on the sign. It will reveal the code to the safe. Open the safe and take out the key. Go back to the main room and use the key on the locked door. You are free!

  136. Whitney

    I need help with the clocks in room 5 i cant figure out the pattern *sigh*

  137. pink93

    How do u get the key out of the fishtank in room3

    1. April

      Cut down the voodoo doll and disassemble it and then put the string and the magnet together and use it on the tank to get the key.

      1. Neshae'

        What magnet? Whats the code to the safe please

  138. danniwho92

    trying to get out of door 4 can anyone tell me the code please?

    1. danniwho92

      all good figured it out 🙂

      room 4.

      their the two passwords i got.

  139. leah88

    tell me exactly the answer room 5 the 9 analog clock.i dont understand the pattern on the floor.thank you so much.

  140. honey

    Please help me i can find developer card in room 9 .. someone said open closet… what im must suppose to do wt the closet. tq

  141. April

    I still don’t get it. What’s the code?

    1. April

      On room 4

      1. April

        Never mind I got it. 7736.

  142. April

    Stuck back in room 4 and IDK how to get back out.

  143. April

    Stuck on level 8.. Ugh.. Tried everything. Even listened to the beeps. Someone help me please.

  144. babyloveu

    Which room to get all Puzzle?

  145. Rebecca

    Combine not domineering. Stupid autocorrect

  146. taylor

    in room 13 i need help with the scales. i have been on them for three days.

  147. taylor

    i need help with the scales in room 13. i am so confused.

    1. babyloveu

      My solution for Room 13:
      Place Gems 1&2 on the left and Gems 3&4 on the right then weight it. Look which 1 is heavier. If both balance use the next gems 5&6 with 7&8. Do it until u find the heavier gem and select one of two that heavier from all gems << I got lucky and finished it. Good Luck.

  148. babyloveu

    Why i can’t unlocked Room 14. I have completed all rooms. But Room 1 miss something and 4 pieces of puzzles. Isn’t because of this? Please help!!

  149. Kandi

    I’m stuck in the last room room 21 and idk how to get the balloon out of the bathtub.

    1. honey

      Just turn the faucet fill it with the water

  150. heidilfc

    The fifth memory carx everyone seems to have missed is in the room with the two safes one safe marked with a club the other markex with a heart. You have to cut the pillow on the bed with the box cutter 🙂

  151. sera

    So confused on room 18 please help!

  152. areti

    Does anyone know why I’m in level 13 after 11 and not in 12?I try to open it but it says it’s locked? Am I missing something?

  153. dionne

    The x ray room code is 4636

  154. psyko

    okay guys…in room 12 where the hell do u put the mirrors…

  155. rashmi dixit

    i’m stuck wid room 18. i need codes for S I N plz help me so that i can move further n cant solve the wire puzal in room no.6 do help plz.

  156. the black flame

    at room 9
    there is the a 2002 door after it there is a cracked ladder what shall I do with it ?????????

  157. dhouchlei

    So I’ve completed all regular rooms 1 – 13 only exception is room 14 . I can’t figure how to even unlock it to try it . Anyone know what I’m doing wrong ? I would really like to unlock room 14 .

  158. Suchismita Bhattacharya

    pls simeone post the waljthriugh of room no 19…..thnk u

  159. Ica

    Room 5 – Clocks
    Follow the pattern on the floor. The long form is NOT the minute hand.
    What follow the pattern means is that you form the pattern IN ALL clock. like a picture. The top left clock would be the corner of the formation. 3.35 i think it stands on. the clock bellow would be 1.15 so they form the short side of the formation….
    Hopefully you get it this time!

  160. Jessie

    Ok stuck on room 8, I figured out lock code, but where do I get the key to open up the medicine cabinet to mix the medicine in syringe to save the doc???plz help

  161. sterry

    i m stuck on rm 7 how to filp the lever?

  162. oceoncaster

    Stuck in room 11 for the dots puzzle promblem Help Plzz

  163. burnttuna

    I have all the rooms completed but i cant figure out how to unlock the secret rooms. I have 25or so of those keys that say they open hidden rooms and i have al the puzzle pieces but i cant figure out how to open the secret rooms. Help please.

  164. Ana

    Hey guys.
    I have everything completed exept: two first windows cursors, one last magic and rose cursor. I am aware that one of them could be in tutorial… If it is, we aren’t able to get two challenges. I also don’t have 6th death scene.
    Do you know how to get these (especially death scene)?

  165. Ronald

    can anyone please tell what I am supposed to o in room 13? I got the hammer, the key and the flashlight, but I’m stuck, no idea what to do next

  166. Claudia

    Can anyone help with room 18??? I just found the first code (2316) and have no idea what to do next! How to do with the watches? Functioning, malfunctioning?? Totally lost here

    1. crystal

      Did you figure out level 18 with the watches can not figure out code s thx:-)

  167. Claudia

    Oh, and what is “1P+2P-3P+4P” ?

    1. dinichka

      there’s a yellow journal with the values for each of those and then you follow the math:
      1p= 1212
      2p= 4215
      3p= 1221
      4p= 1389

  168. tony

    For roon 5 fan room match the faces of the clocks to replicate the two trapezoids angles on the floor. The second clock from left is 915

  169. Lauren

    Please can someone help me I dont get level 11with the dice on the door I have solved the book shelve but can someone plzzzzzzz help me thank

  170. Island_Life

    I was stuck in the red room with the clocks FOREVER – the fan room, after the sphinx…NOW..everyone was saying to copy the crest of the floor and I could not get it – until I realized that what they were REALLY telling you to do was to duplicate the design using the clock…now if your design looks like the hands are opposite each other, like Then you would do something like this:(it doesn’t matter which hands are on the numbers)from left to right the top clocks are: 3 and 5, 3 and 9, 7 and 9, 7 and 3, then 10 and 7. The 2nd row would be : 11 and 3, 10 and 1, 1 and 3, 10 and 1. Now, when you look at the clock you are actually going to see the design of the crest…for the longest time I was adjusting the time of the clocks individually to the design 😐 I hope this helps someone ( I just downloaded the game today…lol)

    1. Island_Life

      When i said “this” I meant that my crest, if it was a clock resembled the time: 3:45 or 9:15…

  171. shabree

    hello I am stuck in the level with the doing sphinx. please help

  172. Joy

    can someone help me one the ‘finality’ i kinda stuck on how solve the ‘DEAD’ word?

  173. Arief Rakhman

    need help with level 21. i have no idea how to find the password in the virus/preparat.

    btw how to get developer cards? i have 2, and i forgot how i got it. need more 2 to unlock level 15.

  174. Dna

    Please help me !! I’m stuck in room 11 :'( i don’t understand that dots in the red door I’ve tried to break the codes but i can’t :'((( HELP !!!

  175. novelia

    Cam someon please gonobia over room 3. I’m seriously stuck

  176. james

    Level 6.. what is the easiest way for the pattern to connect electrical wire

  177. naysa

    How can I escape of the Fan room???

  178. aimee

    With secret room 19 it was too easy to work out the frog door. There must be a way to figure out the code for the other door. Why else would you have the magnet and pens etc

  179. Angel 105

    Hi I’m still having trouble opening the level 14 its still locked how can I open it really?!! Cuz with all the comments I’ve read I have no proper results on how to really unlock level 14. So pleaseeee help

    1. Kristina

      I can’t open room 14 either, ive googled it to death and cant find it…please anybody why cant we open room 14

  180. Josh

    ***THE JUSTICE ROOM (with the GEMS****
    There are 3 sets of gems (I was stuck on this for the longest). You are not always looking for the heaviest or lightest. You are looking for the one that is different (see below)

    1st gem set (RED)- Looking for Lightest gem
    2nd gem set (yellow) – Looking for the HEAVIEST gem
    3rd gem set (BLUE) – Looking for the LIGHTEST gem

    Hope this helps! PS – I’m stuck on 18 🙁

  181. Vanessa

    I’ve finished level 11, but I can’t play level 12. But level 13 and 14 is unlocked and I can play..what do I do? Lol

    1. Cass

      You have to pass 10 2 ways save the people and don’t Save the people

  182. haruto

    Plz help on room 4!! How do u know the sides of the die with the mirror code??

  183. Cass

    I’m stuck in 11 in the bomb room I can’t figure out where to use the rock and get the other iron pipe

  184. Michael

    Stuck at the end of Room 9. Can’t figure out the “y” code. Another site says to watch the peaks/valleys and pay attention to the number of beeps…

    I tried that:
    3 beeps and peaks/valleys
    2 beeps and peaks/valleys
    1 beep and peak
    2 beeps and peaks/valleys

    However, neither 1431 nor 1439 will unlock the door. Am I missing something?

  185. Me

    I’ve seen a lot of people asking about the reason for the code ‘3568’ on CD 1 of room 15 (the one with the number grid).

    It took me a little while to put it together because I was chasing the usual thinking of number sequence.

    The answer is much simpler actually. Each number (1-8) should be represented in the grid as many times as its value. Thus there should be one 1, two 2’s, three 3’s, etc. The grid shows two 3’s, four 5’s, five 6’s, and seven 8’s. Thus the ?’s, in numerical order, is 3568.

    I hope this eases some of the wtf? questions surrounding this answer.

    1. metoo

      Can you tell me how to get out of room 18?

  186. jaggie

    I have already saved Seulbi in room 3 but room 14 did not unlock why did it not unlock

  187. Lala Da GREAT

    The answer to room 8 the lock is 3744

  188. jigoku08

    I have beaten every room but room 14 is still locked how do I unlock it?

  189. Dany

    Hi! I need the solution of the “MEMORY PUZZLE” in the room 14.
    Please HELP ME!!

  190. Shreshth Dixit

    Need help with clocks room five.. I know it’s about pattern on the floor all not working can someone help with the time in the clocks

    1. escaper27

      just copy the image on the floor to the clocks by moving the hands of the clock

  191. lauren

    Can someone please help me im stuck on room 13 weight of the truth i have a key a torch and a hammer i think but i dont know what i am supposed to do now can someone pls help me thanks xxx

  192. Lissy

    I’m stuck on the level where you free all of the people behind the bars/in the jail cells and can not figure out the answer for the equation for 250 I have to use 5 numbers added together to get 250 my choices are 23 89 26 52 37 17 75 and 94

    1. CaramelPiggy

      250 = 26+26+52+52+94

  193. Ryan

    In room 3, I’m not understanding how they came up with clover-17 and heart-03. Can someone explain? The walkthrough just gives the answer but not how it came up with those ans. Thanks!

  194. maria

    I ve finnished room 13, but I cant unlock room 14.. Please help me, tell me what i need to do. I ve completed the room many times but nothing happens…

  195. Kon

    I’m new here and for the game.., I don’t understand why the protagonist would die just because the child inside the mirror? (I hit the mirror with the hammer in room 4 : hope because i’m curious with the hammer)
    Anyway.. Did anyone finish the challange? And the jigsaw puzzle, I need one more piece to go
    *bad english, sorry

  196. Nixie

    I’m new here… I need help, I’m stuck in room 3. How do I take down the voodoo doll? I know i have to cut the string but I don’t know how.

    1. ád

      use the papercutter

    2. escaper27

      use the box cutter to cut the string

  197. William

    Has anyone finished level 18? I’ve already got two of the codes, I just need the code for S.

  198. hln

    hi , i have finished the game from the rooms 13 and 14 but i can’t go to the room 12 and i dont know why.. how i get in?

  199. Nesriii

    In room 9 Judjment … i cant find the wood im stuck right there .. i know where its upposzd to be i saw a video but i cant find it ????

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