Escape the Room Limited Time: Walkthrough & Discussion

A lot of people seem to need help with this game, Escape the Room: Limited Time, but I can’t find it in the app store. Until I can play it, feel free to discuss it and help each other out here.

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arghh I am so stuck in second part of room 12 “finality” I cannot figure out the writing behind the figures. I get the order they go in with red and blue, but I am clueless with the writing. any help would be greatly appreciated as I am sooo addicted to this game.


How were you able to get past the first part of room 12? I can’t seem to understand the the numbers on the grout…


well now were in the same boat. what completely throws me off is c+5


For the word die, just add the letters: A=2, C=3, AxC=D so it’s 6, E is A+D so it’s 8 🙂


The grout shows a couple of different figures. Look closely and you can make out a 4, 5, 3, 2, or a 6. it’s a combination of those numbers.


can u help me with the code of room 2..?


it,simple as u thought burn the paper was u combine and find the lock on wall there is a picture beside fire draw used the cutter to opened.

Sakura Dragon

9634 any one know how to enter to the room 13??


u must free all people with room where the bomb is im not sure but i think its 10th room


It’s all algebra. D=6 E=8 A=2


It’s all algebra


severely need help with room 11. been stuck for nearly a week.. im just spent with this dice puzzle at the door


The books from the bookshelf should serve as a clue but if that still doesnt help, then here’s another:
Black dot +black dot=white dot
White dot +white dot = black dot
White dot +blank space(&vice versa)=white dot
Black dot+blank space(&vice versa)=black dot
Black dot+white dot=blank space
Here’s an example= o(white dot) Ņ„(blackl dot) _(blank space)
_o Ņ„Ņ„ Ņ„_

Sorry I cant tell which to swap and where cause it varies every time. But I do hope this helps :Ũ›


you are the best! thank you very much


Also, upon beating room 11 it didnt unlock room 12 but 13 and 14 instead. What room could I have missed something in?


I’m not sure if this is the right answer: In room 10 there are two exits I know. One is escaping and leaving the prisoners behind, the other is saving the prisoners and escaping with them(which I believe what you did) Anyway, to escape using the first given, all you have to do is escape in the same manner ar you did with the prisoners, only to find yourself in another room. You pretty much have nothing to do there, just wait for the bomb to explode. Reenter the first room, pick up the pipe and use it on the… Read more »


Room 12 is only open to people who did not save the people behind the bars .


disregard the previous example, follow this one instead


Ves, youre the man. thats exactly what it was


some please tell me what you are supposed to do with the tool kit in level 9. I can only get two of the safes open!!


john in the lab is a woodplank, get it and combine it with tool box!


this is the problem, the wood plank cannot be taken. this is a bug! crap! i had to resort to walkthroughs because i was left with nothing else to pick up. at least my hunch was right. ‘t is a bug


Keep tryin i had to, as well, several times


It should be the small wood plank in the lab near the computer


Listen the only way with the tool kit is the wood plank in the lab.
Then compound with the toolkit in the inventory then put it on ladder n it will work.


I had the same problem but if you place the hand over the bottom left corner it will finally pick it up


You have to click it several times the hitspot is very hard to find


how can I open the 4th safe with the ((LOSE one’s way)) thing


The numbers that make up the word lose are 1053 its says lose but just in numbers and the hint on the floor says something about reversed thinking so type the number in backwards 3501good luck:-)


I need help!! I cant understand the numbers on the tiles in room 12 and I just dont know what to do in room 13. I’m done with room 14 though


Same here. the scale in 13 im stuck on just like the “memo” in 12


For the note: d=6, e=8, a=2, c=3
On the wall there’s “dead”, substitute the letter with the values


yeah just got it, did you make it to the 2nd room yet?


Not yet. Cant read those stupuid numbers…you?


i did, its hard to see but the numbers are vertical; 4536




Wat shud we enter in d 3rd locker… i cudnt find any clue..


i cleared 12 here is the solution if interested,

the red figures are numbers 4 and 6, as for blue 9 and 3


Those numbers dont work


what does “September” “Baseball” mean ?? in room 5 with that sphinx thingy . It’s really starting to stress me out …


Its 9…september is the 9th month 9 inning for baaeball


September and baseball have a common number…


Its giving u a clue.. baseball player has to be 9 member. September also 9.


September=9 month of the year.
So the answer is 9


What’s the code for room 10


youre missing a key theres 3 above the cells one of which reads the code


Thank you
.. but it only opened room 1210 and eyed the game. What am I missing? How do I access the other rooms?


Dang auto text! Room 12 and ended the game


to get 11 you need to solve the math codes and free the prisoners


Buddy ur awesome that was it! Thank u so much!


I can not figure out the code for the door for levell 8. It says x+y but cant figure out how to read the monitor for y.


Theres 4 waves on the moniter. each wave, count how many times it goes up or down


I cant get passed the code in room 8 either!!!! Im very frustrated


Count the beeps.
On the monitor then add to X-ray.


I need help on room 3. Anyone?

Kelly Sadler

What you stuck on?


Clover- 17

Kelly Sadler

Need help on room 4 with heart locker thing. Please x


Need help on that one too


If your mirror code is 5412, then the safe code will be 9635.


I have 5412 n came up witj 9635 but it keeps saying it wrong.. Plz help n explain


Obtain chalk and penknife. Compound the two to get chalkdust. Use the chalk dust on the mirror. Note down numbers on mirror. Obtain die and examine. Using code given on scratched desktop, figure out the corresponding answer for the mirror numbers e.g. 5(mirror) = refer to number 5 surface of die. If i remember right, it has 3black dots, 1empty dot & 1emptydoubledot Black dot=1, empty dot =2, black doubledot=3, emptydoubledot= 4 so corresponding answer for 5(mirror) = 3blackdot x (1) + 1emptydot x (2) + 1emptydoubledot x (4) = 3+2+4 = 9 figure out passcode for safebox in this… Read more »


How do we know the sides man


Need help.with room 8 the x+y code. dont get it!!?


Did anyone figure out the scales?


seriously, i dont get if youre supposed to weigh them equally or not.. is 1 and 3 supposed to mean anything


I too am at the scales, so frustrated, everytime I think I have an idea how it works, “failed ” I am out of ideas I hope someone can help soon :s


There are twelve gems. Seperate them so that you can put the first six on the first part of the scale and the other six on the other. Weight them and see which gems are hevier. Then from these six gems take three and put them on the first part again and the other threeon the second. See which are hevier. From these three take two and weight them. If one of these two is hevier then you select this gem and you do the same thing with the yellow gems that are going to show up next. If thy… Read more »


But you don’t know if the gem you want is heavier than the other gems. It might be lighter.


you need to get the gems from the clock


I need help with te code in the fourth room where there is a woman being gagged.


Using hand cursor, touch the woman to get a close up view of her. obtain the key around her neck to open the journal


anyone have an idea of what rooms the 4 green developer cards are in? only have one


I have 3 of the cards. I think one is on the tutorial level which always crashes. I can see something sitting on the counter but can’t get it before it crashes.


It is in the first level after the tutorial. Click on the bed.


Deveoper card:

Room 1: Bed (try to touch the bed sheet)
Room 9: closet
Room with a spinx: The spinx foot use a screw driver there.

Room Wher black dies: Look at the statues shadow and at the end of it is a red tile use pick axe there.


For those who need help in room 13,here’s a hint: the other hand for the clock is on the bottom right area of the painting

I’m done with all the basic rooms, all I have to find are two more developer cards, so anyone knows where all the cards are?


thimg is, the trouble is with the actual scale gem puzzle
i have everything just cant figure out if and if so, how, youre supposed to make them equal or not


Find the heaviest gem
Why not start the puzzle with half the gems on the left part of the scale and half on the right


September=9 month of the year.
So the answer is 9


Anyone knows how to get out of the room that has 9 analogue clocks?


The clocks in 14 are 1hr 40mins apart. Just fill in the two it asks


can somebody help me please.. im stuck in room 5.. its been 4days already.. i don’t know about the clock.. reply please


There is this unsual pattern on the ground. Move the hands of clocks to to form that pattern on them.


Need help. How do I view the unique patteen on the floor? I’ve tried everyrhing I can think to do. What am I missing?


Tried to examine pattern all I get is”unique patern engraved on floor”. So all I have to go by is two rectangular shapes on the floor that in no way resemble a minute or hour hand. How bout an actual answer please.


There is a pattern on the floor. Arrange the clock hands to match. It doesn’t matterhour or minute hand positions.


How do I move the clocks…it will only let me move the arms on the clocks


what are the 3 codes on room 5

Kelly Sadler

Baseball/September 9, candles 7 and the time 2 x


can anyone help me w level ten? I cant open all the wages and I dont get the riddles. I’m going room to room and not getting anywhere.


The clover locker is 17 and the heart locker is 03 ( : does anyone kno what all the locker combos are in room 9 and does anyone kno how to unlock the hope room?


Hey guys plz if anyone can help me I’m stuck in room 11 .. I already opened the door with dice code 🙂 and I used one mirror to reflect de laiser BUT idont kno wt to do next ?????


Whats the trick for the dice code?


have you figured out how to get the steel pipe out of the rocks? i got my rock in front but have no lever.. ughh

Someone (Importer)

I’ve completed every level, even found how to get acces to lvl 14. Just ask if you need help 🙂

Kelly Sadler

Help on hope and riddle levels please x


Help with dice

Stefanie Baggott

I am in level 13 and can’t figure out how to open the jewellery box. Thanks!


Help me on level 8. X+ y???


How do you access level 14 plz i need help been on it for days!!!!


how do i unlock room 14?? plz help


What do you do with the memo with all of the numbers on level 17 the secret rooms? I’m not really sure what to do here. Help please and thank you

need help

How do you access room 14! I tried everything!


What is the code for the locked door in level 8 becaise I dont get the heart rate thing

Adva Hamias

Need help in secret Room no. 15 discs problems …


I need help on level 14! The remote dont work! What do i do?


How u get to lvl 14?


What is the code for the heart monitor in room 8???


I can’t seem to get the pattern on the floor of the fann room (below room 5, sphinx) onto the clocks. There are four corners to each shape but nine clocks. Help?


The shapes on the floor are connected with the clocks make the pattern on the wall with the hands on the clock once you have done that click on the fan and use the new code from there to open the door hope this helps 🙂


How do I get All the custom cursor?
I’ve finish all levels but I still have 3 challenges left.

Equip Custom cursor
Collect all custom cursor
Complete All scene

Also how do I get 10th death scene?

Someone (Importer)

@ Ves No do not FIND the heaviest gem. They could be heavier than the rest. But also LIGHTER. I know a trick, if you have patience or luck it’l work 🙂 Use familliar combo’s Like 1+2 3+4 5+6 7+8 … If you see diffriend weight than one of the two gems you’ve inserted, find the one who has a diffriend weight. EX : 1+2, 2 is heavier than 1 then place 2 OR 1 with another gem. EX2 : 2+5 : No diffriences. So the right gem is 1 Keep doing this untill you get the right gems and… Read more »


I see, I see. I did the puzzle in one try and I found all heavy gems so I assumed that that was the answer. Thanks anyway :Ũ›

Oh yeah in. Room 17, “her story 2” do you know what the colored prints are pointing to? And have any clues on where to find all the dev cards? Thanks.

Someone (Importer)

Here’s a WT for room 14 (bechause you people haven’t reached it >:) ) WT14 : Pick up the halved heart. Pick up the hammer, pick up the remote. Examine the remote, numbers 1 5 and 8 have been pressed (BUG: SOMETIMES THIS WONT WORK, RESTART THE LEVEL) Get ‘use’ on the TV, insert the code : 1-5-8 Then you see some history blablabla and the number 1997. Enter on door. Then you see Seulbi, trapped in a fish tank >:3 Leaking water, and yes, THERES A FREAKING SHOTGUN ON THE GROUND, HELL YES, pick it up. Get ammo from… Read more »


How to open room 14


Hey guys I didn’t get the gem trick ?

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