Escape Game: “The Lonely Young Man” Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Lonely Young Man”

Thanks to Mobeee3 for the walkthrough!

1) Start in the kitchen, open the fridge, bottom drawer – take the pumpkin

2) Zoom out and notice the door and poster next to door

3) Go Right, Zoom in on white book case, read book – click through to last page “ I like cabbage”

4) Zoom out and turn right, zom in on table with glass box and zoom underneath table – take marble

5) Go to white drawers to left of this table and put marble in top left hole & take elastic band

6) Take marble back & combine with elastic band

7) Go to glass cabinet and break with marble on elastic – read sign “I Like Carrots”

8) Go to brown cabinet covered by ball on string, open lid, tap until board lights up in Z

9) Go Back to white drawers and open second drawer – take knife

10) Go back to ball on string and cut with knife – breaking the glass box on small table – take catridge

11) Go to sink & put pumpkin on chopping board, cut with knife and read note “I Like This”

12) Put catridge in gaming device under television

13) You’ll see Nanzille – you need to feed it – Cabbage, Carrot & Pumpkin

14) Congratulations! Nana zilla leveled up! Attack up by 15, Defense up by 10, Intelligence up by 4, Speed up by 7!
15) Read sign above safe “Raise my ego”

16) Read Book “ How much did I grow?

17) Go to Safe type in EGO in re arranged numbers code is 036 – open safe & take screwdriver

18) Go over to painting and use screwdriver – take key

19) Go back to white drawers, use key to open bottom drawer read diary – flip to last page to see blue & red X

20) You Now have the color codes for the robots X, Y, Z
Organize robots in colors you have seen with letters X = Blue, Dark Red (From Book), Y = Black, Dark Grey (From Door in Kitchen), Z = Yellow, Light Grey (From Poster in Kitchen) to look like below

21) This will open drawer under TV – take the radio, unscrew the back and take battery

22) Go to portable gaming device and put battery in & attach game cartridge it reads “ The season of meetings and partings. A flower blooms” Here’s your password for the door sakura – take battery back

23) Go to door enter SAKURA (in caps)

24) Enter room, go to desk and read the side “ The giraffe always watches east”

25) Go to hanging dinosaur and cut with knife – take the dinosaur

26) Go to desk and open drawer, look at photo (read back) and read diary

27) Look above desk and read notes, put battery in radio and tune to 1237 and listen to message “Crackle! The rising flames crackle! Always watch north”

28) Look at four compasses on desk – turn dials to the below diagrams

29) Clicking sound from the door to the cabinet on the left – take the music box, click on music box until you get the screw

30) Go over to desk where compasses are and use screw as key for box – take glue

31) Use glue on dinosaur to attach marble to bottom, click a number of times to place the dinosaur at hole beneath where you found it – it will push the button and open wardrobe (white drawers to the left).

32) Take the hammer, use the hammer to open 3rd drawer and take the pot

33) Go back to kitchen and fill the pot with water

34) Then put the pot of water on the stove and lit the gas by pushing buttons, this will boil water

35) Go over to freezer, use boiled water to melt the ice block – take the thin silver key

36) Use the key on the red doors in other room, take out the vacuum and use on floor you need to tap just to the front

37) This will reveal pliers and read the diary

38) Use the pliers on iron window – and escape!!!!

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  1. melanie

    i see no diagram below for compasses, can someone help …..

  2. Melanie

    I see no diagram for dials … help I can’t figure out what on to start with and what to set them too

  3. natalie

    SAKURA won’t work in the door, what else can I do?

  4. danielle

    The reason the code is 036 for that safe is not bc ego is re arranged..its bc the numbers u gained on that game add up to 36.

  5. alicia

    Yellow compass – east. Green compass -west.
    Blue compass – south. Red compass – north. in that order.

  6. Philip

    I cant find the note on the side of the desk that tells me the giraffe looks east

    1. Awesomesauce

      The note is on the right side of the red thing next to the dresser.

  7. gwen

    weird! i cant seem to figure out what the compass dials unlocked!! anyone have a clue???

  8. gwen

    figured it out…but i seemed to have dropped the hammer i picked up somewhere!! no clue what it did!!

  9. RDS

    I cant seem to put game cartridge in system under television. Am I missing something?

  10. lawrence

    RDS, you need to just tap the tv screen to see the game. But what I don’t know is how you feed the darn thing, I keep tapping and it just keeps talking about what the game is, doesn’t actually do anything. Help?

    1. Linna

      You have to view the foos clues then feed the game monster.

      1. Linna

        *Food clues*

  11. Werrini

    Entering the word SaKURA all caps, it doesn’t work even if I’ve done every passage you’ve written before. What’s wrong?

    1. AppUnwrapper

      Go through everything again. IDAC games can be finicky.

    2. jelli

      You have to back out of the door completely and start frsh. It was the same for me. At some point it even tells you to start fresh.

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