Escape Night: Walkthrough

Escape Night
By: junjingtong


1. Turn left. Look inside the trash can and take the piece of paper.

2. Take the bulb from the desk lamp.

3. Take the chair.

4. Open the desk drawer and take the screwdriver.

5. Open all the drawers of the dresser to see the words “the dice 1 Num” and pick up the die.

6. Turn left. Pick up the red book and the green book.


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  1. Jay

    Anyone up to the code case and safe part?

    1. gg

      Dude…where’s the rest of the walkthrough?

  2. Gina

    Soak books and papers in fish tank. Also put papers under the desk lamp (using the bulb from the floor lamp). You’ll see various codes…I can’t figure them out yet. (4 sheets of paper and 2 books have secret codes.)
    Turn toy fish over and unscrew for battery. Examine flower, turn over. Put battery in clock and move hands to mimic flower.
    You can also fill vase up w/ water and pour on bed.
    …other than that, I’ve got nothing.

  3. Gina

    After you turn the clock hands to mimic the back of the sunflower, turn it over to the front and click on the red dot in the middle…a key will appear. Use this key to open the door…

    …there’s more.

    Still confused with the safe and case codes. Help!

  4. Jay

    I’m thinking #4 has something to do with it or I even tried 21 the total of the dice. No joy. Does the w on the bulb mean anything? I have tried so many things. I’m stuck!

    1. Mixedup

      I was thinking that the colors on the safe could be a clock. If you look at the RIGHT #’s (2, 3, 5) and their corresponding colors and tilt the safe 45 degrees, the numbers line up like the face of a clock. Also, all the numbers are an iteration away from each other. From 2 to 3 is one hop; from 3 to 5 is two hops; from 5 to 8 (the position of the yellow dot) is three hops. So next would be 12 (4 hops).

      But I don’t know how this informs what squares need to be filled. And I don’t understand the WRONG clues. Are they pointing to what boxes near the colors should be blank or filled?

  5. Mixedup

    Any other thoughts out there?

  6. Gina

    I had to walk away…

    There’s got to be something w/ the wrong papers + the right? Maybe they interact? That safe puzzle is insane.

    But lots of fun!

  7. Mixedup

    Another idea with the safe. The colored dots tell you which way to rotate the safe with the dot being the bottom. The grid is the face of a die. So if green book = 5 then we keep the green dot on the bottom and put dots in the four corners of the safe and one dot in the middle. With the red dot, your looking at the die from the corner and have to make the # 3 (3 dots in a diagonal). Perhaps the WRONG clues are boxes that can’t be filled in starting with the color. Also, there’s the dresser clue of THE DICE 1 NUM. so maybe you delete the dots and it creates a new die face that’s just 1 number.

  8. Jay

    So it’s beaten me for another day. There really are no hints that I can see. I just need a really smart person to solve this for me now!!
    Tried letter w, 21, clock combinations, it seems like #4 is left out of the papers and it is more illuminated on the dice than others but it doesn’t work on the case/safe

  9. Gina

    Any luck, anyone?
    I think you can buy the cheat for $.99…maybe that’s why it’s so hard? Forced to buy?

    1. Mixedup

      I think that may be it. But at some point, you just get tired of it…

      1. Mixedup

        I broke down and spent the $.99 to find out how to solve the puzzles. Needless to say, there’s no way I would have ever figured out the answers on my own. I also take fault with the game creator because as the puzzles were insanely difficult the clues did not make sense. There were too many interpretations of them and the answers were almost nonsensical. I’ll post the answers if you want them but for now I’ll leave a clue.

        The clues that are labeled “RIGHT” are for the treasure chest and the clues labled WRONG are for the safe. Also, remember the number “1” in the chest of drawers – that goes with the “RIGHT” clues.

        1. Mazzpp98

          I give up… This game is too aggravating. What is the solution to the treasure chest?

  10. Vinci

    There are four colors memo. We located x is up to down 1 to 5. And y is left to right 1 to 5. The location is (x,y).
    Red memo show that, don’t put the red dot in (5,5), (4,5), (3,4), (2,4), (1,3)
    Green memo show that, don’t put the red dot in (5,2), (4,2), (4,1), (3,1)
    Yellow memo show that, don’t put the red dot in (2,1), (2,2), (2,3), (1,4) (1,5)
    Blue memo show that, don’t put the red dot in (3,5), (4,4), (5,3)
    So, you can put all dots in the safe. Than you could delete four colors memo located. You can open the safe after that!

  11. thekimeffect

    Holy that was confusing but I somehow managed to open the safe, thank you! Soooo now I have no idea what this gold key goes to and I still haven’t opened the cold case. AND, I still haven’t been able to have anything show up on my green memo and green book. I tried the light and the water and nothing is working.

  12. thekimeffect

    *holy cow. Ha.

  13. Vinci

    You need to turn off the room light to see.
    When you turn off the light, writing will be floated on the green book and green memo.

  14. Paloma

    Safe code: Do NOT click on these (x)!! According to memos
    _ _ x x x
    x x x x _
    x _ _ x x
    x x _ x x
    _ x x _ x Then the safe gives you a key

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