Escape Game: “Fragments of a Lie”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Fragments of a Lie”



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    1. Go to the left and look at the poster on the wall that says Orange →Red → Pink. Look around the room and notice the large numbers on the walls: Orange = 3, Red = 7 and Pink = 0. Input the number 370 in to the safe on the wall near the pink 0. Take out a computer power cord.
    2. Go to the set of green and white box shelves and read the receipt titled nazo. Turn it over and read the phrase. Go to the bear on the top shelf near the front door and y take a key from its back. Use the key to unlock the 2nd drawer in the chest of drawers. Take out a keyboard. Go to the red letter 7 on the wall and swing the power cable to knock down a mouse from on top of the 7. Read the cards in the boxes marked Yuji, Eita and Koli near the front door and the book on the shelf below.
    3. Connect the power cable, keyboard and mouse to the computer and read the files. In the blog notice the initial of the guys Marina writes about: Yuji on the 14th, Eita on the 13th and Koji on the 12th. The diagram in the other file tells you that the password (for the 3rd drawer in the chest of drawers) relates to the 3 guys in order. Enter YEK in to the drawer keypad. Take out the frame of a magnifying glass.
    4. Open the microwave and take out the lens. Fit the lens in to the magnifying glass. Use the magnifying glass to read the text on the business card with the name ΓÇÿTaiki NishinoΓÇÖ on the green and white box shelves.
    5. Fit the magnifying glass in to the holder on the wooden shelf next to the Orange →Red → Pink poster. Angle the upright mirror to the right. Angle the handheld mirror on the desk to the right. This should reflect the light on to the black box on the table in front of the sofa. Press the buttons and take the gloves.
    6. Using the gloves, move the hot mug on the table. There is a note underneath that reads ΓÇÿRed BallΓÇÖ with a picture of scissors on it showing the ball should be cut. Open the fridge, and see the red apple. Retrieve the magnifying glass and take out the lens and it will break in two. Cut the red apple in half with the broken lens. Inside is a USB stick.
    7. Put the USB stick in to the computer and a new file appears. At the bottom of the file, notice the letters LT RT C in red. This refers to the keypad on the door to the left of the desk. Press the Left Top, Right Top and Centre circle and the door will open. Before you go in there use the broken lens to cut open the bag located in the green and white box shelves and see the CDs.
    8. In the second room, knock the landscape painting off the wall and read the message on the back. It refers to the pillow. Take a candle from under the pillow and a can of red paint from under the bed cover.
    9. Read the t-shirt hanging up: GTYA. Rearrange the pink books on the shelf so that the first letter of the titles are in the order GTYA. Take a gas cylinder from the drawer. Fit the gas cylinder in the gas burner next to the fridge, turn it on and light the candle.
    10. Look under the chest of drawers in the second room with the candle and pick up a green panel. Read the message on the poster entitled ΓÇÿlollipopΓÇÖ. Heat the green panel with the candle and it turns blue. Insert it in to the box on the book shelf. Take out a ruler from the box.
    11. Use the ruler to remove the staples from the document on the desk in the second room. Look at the picture displayed and move the hands on the alarm clock by the bed to match the picture (9:00). Take a can opener from the drawer. Listen to the voice message on the phone.
    12. Use the can opener to open the black can (in the second drawer) and look at the photo. Open the red can and pour the water on to the hole in the floor near the chair. Take the tooth pick and insert it in the red box (in each hole in turn), see the necklace. Look back at the booklet next to the red box. Click on it a few times to turn the pages and read what it says (otherwise you will get bad end). Walk out the front door.

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