Escape: Little Hero: Walkthrough

Escape: Little Hero


1. Search the bin to take a name card.

2. Tap the toilet paper roll to see some drawing, there is a dot on a brick, so search that brick then click it to find a pair of gloves.

3. Search the shards using gloves, then you find a shard with an “X” mark on it.

4. Use the shard to rip the mattress, so you can see hand tool.

5. Use hand tool to grab a plate on top of the wall and under the bed to find a clip.

6. Go to the door and tap it, still locked. Open the inventory, tap on name card until you release the pin, and tap on clip so it changes the shape.

7. Use both the pin and clip on the keyhole.

8. Search for the weight scale, place the plate on it, remember the needle position of the weight of the plate.

9. Open the cabinet to take a thinnish liquid.

10. Tap on you bag (yellow) at the top of the wooden barrel, to find that it was locked.

11. Tap at the bottom barrel, to find a valve, turn it.

12. Back to the old room, use the thinnish liquid on the glued cup, find a key for ur locked bag.

13. Unlock your bag.

14. Inside it you’ll found a memo, remember the sequence. Apply it on the drawer, also take the rabbit ornament.

15. Input the sequence on drawer to find a weight with green symbol on it. Tap the weight. There is something at the bottom of the weight, remember the number (9g), take the white rabbit.

16. Tap the white rabbit to remove the screwdriver.

17. Tap the gap between a little house and drawer and take the small hoe. Placed the hoe on the white rabbit.

18. Tap the small house and placed both rabbit in it to unlock the drawer under it, take a weight with red symbol.

19. Go to the box on the wall and use screwdriver, you’ll see another valve, turn it on.

20. The 3rd valve was next to the white cabinet, turn it on too. Tap the sink and pick up the memo with drawing.

21. Go to the bookshelf, remember the color of the book, tap the lower shelf, apply the sequence (Black-Red-Green-Black) to find a scissors.

22. Use the scissors to release a weight with blue symbol on the torture table. Use the scissors on name tag to find another clue.

23. Go to weight scale, apply the last clue, (Blue-Red-Green). Remember the weight position start from 12. When you put blue it goes to 5, red 10, green 6 (so you found the code for the handle. Take it and put it on the exit door, dont forget to break the shard with screwdriver to find a bolt.

24. When you tried to turn the handle, it was stuck, so go to the panel, there is a rabbit__g, remember the number at the bottom of green weight? So 12 (plate) – 9 (green weight).

(Thanks to Michel for the walkthrough!)

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  1. Mikyaal

    Need help what is the password for that handle in the game little hero

    1. Dana Phillips

      Yes please!

      1. Dana Phillips

        JUst need th bolt. That goes in the wheel!

  2. Terri

    need to know how to get the paper out of the sink i have tried everything and nothing seems to be working.

  3. Tay

    plz can someone tell me how to get the code for the cage room ive tried everything and loosing it lol

  4. lyle

    Not sure about the code for the handle yet. The paper in the sink, u have to turn all 3 valves, then turn the water on in the sink. And its not a code to get out of the cage, its the paper clip under the bed and the pin in the garbage can. Anyone know where all the weights? And the book code?

    1. becca

      How do you get the paper clip from under the bed? And whats the hard thing under the blanket?

    2. cq

      I got the valve in the box and by the bag, where’s the third one?

  5. Mike

    The weights are in the bag and u have to and open one with the bunny in it any
    one know how to get the last weight off the table

  6. lyle

    Hard thing in bed is to reach under bed with. U need a shard from the toilet. Look at toilet paper to get gloves. Last weight on table? Anyone know? And door on med cabinet?

  7. mike

    What is the bolt for and the what are the weights for I just cut the card and it gave me a peace of paper

    1. lyle

      The weights may be the code for inside the cage? I dont know havent figured it out. What card did u cut?

  8. mike

    Never mind I finished the game

  9. Tay

    what to do with the 3 weights and the bolt im stuck and what to do with the 3 symbols that came from the red card ? Ive tried everything !

  10. Tilla

    Touch the books in order to the piece of paper

  11. Tilla

    GOTCHA!!! 😉

  12. Megs

    Ok I have the dish and everything but I’m still stuck in the cage. What do I do next?

  13. Megs

    Now I have the paper clip but don’t know what to do with it??

  14. lyle

    Go to the details page for the paper clip and tap it a few times, it will bend. Then the name tag in the garbage can be used with the paper clip in the lock on the cage door.

  15. Megs

    Thanks. Now i have the rabbit and I found two valves and turned them. But idk what to do with the piece of glass that has something inside of it.

  16. Megs

    And idk how to turn the sink on.

  17. Megs

    Now I have the hoe. Still don’t know what to do…

  18. B Rock

    I have weight from cupboard and
    bunny but i dont know where the other 2 valves are….help

  19. Danielle

    Well i followed everything except i keep tapping the paper clip and it wont bend!! Also i found out behind the piece of shard was an X and it “rattles” Is that something we need to know of?

  20. Tilla

    Does anyone still need a walkthrough?

    1. B Rock

      Yes please – bring on a walkthrough

  21. Megs

    Where is the second weight at? I have the green one

  22. Megs

    How do you get the medicin cabinet open?

  23. eza

    I turned on one valve,where are the other two valves?what to do next?anyone i need help….

  24. Tilla


    1. Look at the waste paper basket und take the name card.
    2. look on, under and above the bed…you can╬ô├╢┬╝╬ô├╢├▒t do anything this time
    3. go to the toilet paper and tap twice – something is written on it.
    4. turn left, find the brick, open it and take the gloves.
    5. go to the toilet and use the gloves to pick up one shard.
    6. go back to the bed an cut it. Take what you find and use it with the thing under the bed and the plate above the bed.
    7. go to the locked cell door. Tap the clip twice and use it with the door. Tap the name card twice and then once more to remove the safety pin. Use it with the door.
    8. (next room) turn right and look left beside the chest of drawers. You’ll find a small hoe in the corner.
    9. go to the medicine chest. Left side is a valve – turn it. Open the left door and take the liquid.
    10. Go back to the cell. Lift the right cup on the board – it’s glued. Use the liquid, then take the little key.
    11. On the right side of the medicine chest is your bag. Use the key, open your bag and take the memo. Touch the bag again and take also the rabbit.
    Look down. There is a pipe with a valve – turn it.
    12. Go to the chest of drawers and tap the doors like the memo says. Take the wight an tap twice on it. Once again and the wight turns. Keep the heaviness in mind! then tap again and take the rabbit. Remove the screwdriver and give the hoe to the rabbit.
    Tap the shard twice. Tap it again and use the screwdriver. Take the bolts.
    13. Left beside the chest of drawers is a little house. Open it up and place both rabbits on the field. Open the drawer and take the wight. By the way look at the bed and the wight – you can’t remove it this time.
    14. Go to the box on the wall and use the screwdriver. Turn the valve.
    15. Go to the washin bassin and get the water running. Take the memo.
    16. Turn to the chest with books and move the books in order to the memo. Take the pair of scissors, use it with the name card and pick up the little paper. Then turn back to the bed and cut the wight.
    17. Place the plate at the scale left beside the medicine chest. Place the wights one after the other and keep in mind what the scale (long hand) shows (Do you still keep the heaviness of the green wight in mind? Surprise).
    18. Go back to the cell and insert the code in order to the little paper. Take the handle.
    19. Use the handle on the heavy door and fix it with the bolts.
    20. Turn right and insert the code. (Which wight is the rabbit?)

    1. B Rock

      You rock Tilla. TQ for the walkthrough

    2. Mun

      How to open the chest drawer following the memo? I try many times, is still nothing? click all the number or just the red 5? pls help me~ Thank you

      1. seppytan

        The numbers are the sequence you need to open the chest drawers from 1 to 5

        1. Mun

          I did it.. Thanks ya~

    3. lisa

      plz plz help me with the memo av got there n did it n nothings happning xx

    4. Rick

      I weighed the 3 weights. Am I missing something. Can’t figure the code out. I’ve tried 1095,1065,5910,5610,

    5. roberto

      I need help I can get the screw drive nor scissors

    6. pariza

      how do we move the book? which coloar is firs??

  25. Megs

    I can’t figure out the code and the weights

    1. Tilla

      use the pair of scissor with the name card and you’ll get a little piece of paper. It’s important to look at this – it shows the order of the code. Otherwise you’nt be able to insert the code even though it’s the right one

  26. Gaby

    But someone I need the code I did everything but I don’t know the numbers I don’t understand please can someone give me the codeee

  27. Ebonee

    I need help with the drawers. i have tried the red one. Help!;(

    1. seppytan

      Open them using the sequence from the memo in the bag from 1 to 5

  28. Allan

    Please anyone help with the book codes

  29. casey

    How to get the water runing

  30. Sheree

    Please can somone tell me the password for the handle ive tried everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Sheree Anne James Rozario?

    damn, i gt da weight fr da drawers, but i dun understand wat u meant aft tt. mind explaining again?

  32. Sheree Anne James Rozario?

    gt it nw, pheww

  33. suusaanaa

    i dont understandd the whole weight on the scale thing , i still dont got the code :O

  34. casey

    Heeey, I really need help here! How on earth do you get the water running? Can anyone tell me?

  35. Ebonee

    How do you do the sequence thing with the memo? To the drawers?

  36. Yaniah

    I have the two weights, the bolt, the sink on, and the memo from the sink. The memo from the sink has a book laying flat, then I think it is the red weight, then the green weight, then the blue. I’ve tried pulling the books in every order there is. I have not found a memo that tells me how to pull them. There are only three books to pull.

    1. Dana Phillips

      Did you find this out yet?

  37. casey

    The memo shows the picture of the weight ,there are colours on the weight .

  38. kaye

    what to do with the 3 weights on the weighing scale?

  39. kaye

    – use the scissors to cut the name tag. ull get a code with the mark of the weights
    – go to the scale put on the weights according to the code u got from the name tag
    – look at the LONG HAND of the scale where it is pointed at thats the code (5610)

  40. Dana Phillips

    I can’t find the bolts? The sequence for the code doesn’t matter, because I can’t find out how to mash the buttons it won’t work!

    1. Dana Phillips

      Just need bolts for wheel!

      1. Dana Phillips

        Found already , Nevermind.

    2. Derick castro

      When i put the weights it tell’s me that there’s somethings missing??

  41. ellen

    HI. would u mind helping me find the 3rd valve? A lot of people said that there are three valves but i’ve found 2 only. Please help.

    1. Nicole

      Go to the medicine cabinet its on the top left.

  42. Nicole

    What box and why wont it turn? For the valve?

  43. baher

    how I can let water running

  44. Kay

    Help? I can’t work out how to get the water running from the tap to get the memo?

  45. Bree

    How do I get whatever is inside the toilet shard out of the shard?

  46. Bree

    How come I can’t seem to add two items together? And how do I get the cup unglued from the shelf thing?

  47. PONG

    What is The Code
    Can Someone just post it already

  48. mahla

    I opened my second valves and plates in my weight and I found a rabbit, but water does not flow solution is really stuck in my mind and would not sleep at night!
    I’m in Persian and translated through Google Translath this text, I feel God help me Thank you very much

  49. rtvk

    why can’t I get the name tag to work with the door??? I keep clicking and clicking and clicking and nothing happens. am I missing something here? plz help

  50. Tysangel

    The code for the handle is 5106

  51. parisa


    how to move te books??
    i dont undrstand the memo of book ! what does it say??

  52. Mikyaal

    Yupee Finally did thank u all

  53. sufiya

    Hello friends. The second step of placing the dish on what weight should be done? I am really confused and do not know what to do where there are three weights and a second rabbit If you can answer my question soon and I’m curious Please please please I am very much

  54. me

    how should we move the books?

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