Temptation of the Diamond: Walkthrough

Temptation of the Diamond


I see people have been looking For help on this game, so feel free to discuss it here.

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I have chocolate melted in cup…….can’t figure out where to pour/mold it. Any tips? Thanks!!

Paul Matthews

How did you melt the chocolate?


Where can u get the chocolate?


Did someone find the code for the safe?
What does we, l, co, me mean?


I melted chocolate by getting match stuck in door. Use diamond in display to open door, get match and re light candle. Safe code is 6186. If you learn what to di with melted chocolate, let me know.


Finally clued in……good ending! 🙂


Can someone please tell me how to use the steering wheel?


Can anyone give me some more clues ? I have the letters h,e,a,r,t , silver cup, the eye ball and the steering wheel. I thought that the void for the drawer under the lamp is heart but it’s not working, please help…


Ok, the code for the drawer is earth and inside the is an hexagonal shape that goes into the hole of the safe door. Than a panel appears and there you put heart and you get a place on the door to put the wheel on. Now you combine the clues in the book and the one stuck under the lamp. Turn left twice for the wheel to firmly attach and than left, right, left and you enter the next room. On the right there is a refrigerator and chocolate is inside . Use the dictionary to learn that pater… Read more »


I am writing it as I am figuring out things. So if you look on the Grated side of the door you see carved: we,I ,co,me which spells welcome so look at the door mat and you see that we looks like 2 threes ( together its 6) I is one , co looks like an 8 and me is the same as we so that’s the safe code: 6186. Now open the safe , get the diamond and put it on its display and the door open and you get the match. Use it to relight the candle and… Read more »


That copper hexagon is is form for that chocolate. Then u have to put it to that fridge. Another great game. Thanks for clues guys


Thanks! Escaped at last


How do you get the hexagon shape out of the door?


Can someone tell me where the rest of the letters are I only have t a r so can’t spell out earth for drawer x


Can somebody help me just have letter t and e snd the cup


Where do you find the letter H?


Read hints: Roman Seamanship (desk next to barred door) Get letter A from under the red doormat. Turn it around, read WELCOME. Get mirror from under the chair. Read hint on yellow poster. Get letter T from empty frame. Put mirror in it, look into it. Write ART on panel below empty frame. Slide frame and get the match. Take all letters from the panel. Go to blue box, open it. Click on eye, until you can take the key. The key opens the left glass case. Take the silver cup filled with water. Read PATER on center glass case.… Read more »


Oh, forgot the steering wheel: You can get it after reading the hint under the candle. Turn right-right.


You have to get the hextagon and put choclate in it and refrigerate it


Hi! Thanks for your answer! But cant get hex out of its place…is there a trick?


With the diamond in the case… you have to try to go out the door. Then you can get the copper hex peice to use as a mold. Pour,the melted chocolate in the hole of the mold and chill. Youralmost there.


Thank you!!!! After xxxx bad ends i did not dare approach the door…

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