Escape Game: “Little Red in Danger”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Little Red in Danger”


Feel free to help each other out with this game until I get to writing a walkthrough.

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  1. Jody

    Does anyone know the password to unlock the bottom draw??

    1. Karrie


      1. Y.CH

        Wine with capital letters

      2. gema

        When i type in wine into the bottom drawer it wont open.i have tried all capitals,all lower case and also makin just the w capital and the rest small.please help.also how do i get into grandmas bedroom?

        1. BOSS'LADY

          Go to the table and tap the wine red will say grandma loves wine or somethings along those lines then type WINE….. it will open

        2. BOSS'LADY

          Use the coin to unlock the door

        3. andyB.

          It hast to be capitalized WINE

      3. fawn

        I tried all veriations of wine to unlock the botom drewr but still can unlock it please someone help.

        1. Dennis

          You need to use the coin to unlock the bed room and read the note on the bed and tap on the wine bottle on the table. Then the code will work. You have to get all the clues.

  2. irene

    @jody the password is case-sentitive. you have to make it capital letter.

    I still cannot open the beige book. Someone said it is 241 but it didnt work.

    1. Carrieann

      You have to at least view the clue before you can’t open the book.

  3. irene

    managed to open 3 books and drawer in bedroom. got another plate.

    1. sue davey

      What was the code number for beige book.241 didn,t work for me neither

  4. Marcus

    Doea amyone know where can I get the oil??

  5. Gloria

    @irene, I opened the left book page 189, what are the pages for the other 2? Thx!

  6. irene

    @gloria, there are 3 set of code for 3 books. Look around these area
    1. left side of side table in bedroom (which you got it)
    2. on top corner of map picture (use eye glasses)
    3. combine numbers you get from grandma’s pillow (use fork), curtain, and cloth on wine basket.

    1. Lizzy-loo

      In what order for the last book?

  7. Micol

    the oil???!!! 🙂

  8. Gloria

    Thx guys! 🙂 @lizzy-Loo, from left to right..

  9. Lizzy-loo

    If anyone needs help finding the last plate, just ask me

    1. Autumn

      Where is the plate with the lady on it

    2. shon

      I need help combining the queen nd king together nd open the drawer by the grandmother bed

      1. Sheryl

        What to do with the plates? I’ve already got all of them.

  10. irene

    please help me to find last plate. i guess it is the one with cake on table but cant get it

    1. Lizzy-loo

      Do you have the block of flint? You’ll need that to start the fire

  11. Gloria

    @irene, there are 2 coins, king and queen. Combine them u can open the drawer with a holde next to grandma’s bed, I think the last plate is inside. I don’t know how to find oil for the lamp, anyone has an idea? I have flints, a stick, 3 plates and a lamp.

    1. Lizzy-loo

      Use the 3 cabnits to make a staircase, put the plates in, and you’ll get the oil

    2. Alisha

      Where do u find the king coin?

      1. Reggi

        You have to step an the wooden stool in front of the cabinet and use the Wood to make fire.

        1. alexa

          How do you break the stool to use the wood

      2. BOSS'LADY

        The king coin is in the Stew you need stick and the potato with the hole in it put them together and tap the Stew and the coin will appear

    3. Reggi

      Dear Irene, where can i find King and Wood for fireplace?
      Thanks reggi

    4. Reggi

      Gloria, where can i get the King?

      1. Capone

        I am also curious about where to find the king. This thread seems to have lost focus on this part of the question.

        1. BOSS'LADY

          t 12:42 pm

          The king coin is in the Stew you need stick and the potato with the hole in it put them together and tap the Stew and the coin will appear

          1. bigbadwolf

            It is not “potato with hole”, but is a “round thing with hole” that you get after the stew is heated up/cooked.

    5. alexa

      It’s not letting me combine coins.. anything i may have to do first?

  12. Gloria

    * drawer not a holde .. :p

  13. irene

    @gloria i have the plate with cat and the plate with night sky. the flower plate is on the shelf from beginning. there is another one left. Please help

    1. Lizzy-loo

      You have to unscrew the screws on the map, bottom right corner, then clockwise

  14. Lizzy-loo

    Once you put all the plates ontop of the shelf, you get the oil

  15. irene

    use the flint to start fire with what?

    1. Lizzy-loo

      Theres a green brick on the fire place by the pile of logs. Pull it out and you’ll get a stick, use the stick to reach into the top drawer, there is a piece of metal. Tie that to the flint, to start the fire.

      1. Ollie

        I can’t find this cat plate , can anyone help?

        1. lisa

          Cat plate behind door of grandmas room surround by. Flowers. Tap flowers and leaves till the leaves come off. Hint: if code you input doesn’t work youhave to first view the clclues

  16. Gloria

    @irene, I just restart the game so I can remember where to find the last plate (a lady with the hat). You need to unscrew the screws on my map start from southeast then go clockwise, map will fell off and u will see the plate

  17. irene

    cant insert the stick into top drawer T_T

  18. Gloria

    @irene, U need to pull it a few times then stick your stick in there

    @lucy-Loo, what do u mean by use 3 cabinets?

    1. Lizzy-loo

      The cabnits under the plates, pull them out, they then make a staircase

  19. Micol

    bedroom with an oil lamp lit. there is a hatch under the bed but the door is too heavy … I’m lost! help!

    I seem to remember that the pot with the woman behind the map

    1. d3m1s

      How to light the oil lamp. I’ve got all items but I’m stuck…

      1. Mimi

        You light the you lamp the same way you lighted ethe fire… 🙂

  20. Micol

    The hammer head should be tied to the flint to light the fireplace and then the oil lamp. But then I’m not retrieve the head of the hammer to slip on the stick … why??!

  21. Halawani

    Micol, the go to the cabinit where you found the oil. open it and close it a few times and it comes of. Use the door to support the hatch then use the stick. and you are out 🙂

    1. mary

      I need help to find the oil for the lamp and every time I put the plates back nothing happens?

  22. irene

    i happended to open the door and got the bad end, hahaha. will try again with the stick thing and drawer.

  23. irene

    am out finally.

  24. Micol

    good ending! thanks Halawani…

  25. Darren

    When you have lit the lamp under the bed go and get the
    Cupboard door which is loose and use it on the door
    Which is too heavy.

  26. Alisha

    I’m so lost I have the flint and the rock the plate with the cat and lady the stick the wooden stool oil lamp and the queen coin so lost have no idea what to do next!

  27. irene

    @Alisha use the queen coin to open the bedroom. Place the wooden stool and step on it to break it and use the wooden pieces on fireplace.

    1. Reggi

      How can i use the wooden stool? I find no Place to use….

  28. irene

    @Reggi place it in front of cabinet and step on it. It will break into pieces so you can use it set fire for the stew

    1. Reggi

      Thanks a Lot!!! This was the Last hint i needed…

  29. Jane Woo

    How can i get the King coin?
    And i can’t place the stool at any place, i’ve tapping it all over the room. Please help????

    1. Reggi

      Dear Jane,
      You have to tap on the cabinet and try it then again…

  30. d3m1s

    How light the oil lamp? I’ve refilled it from the oilcan. I’ve got all items but I’m stuck…

  31. d3m1s

    I used flint and hammer head to light the lamp…

  32. Liz

    How to lit the oil lamp?

    1. Liz

      OoK I got it

  33. Katie

    I’m pretty sure I know what I have to do, but I can’t find the eyeglasses anywhere to get my last page number, any hints?

  34. Jane Woo

    Eyeglasses is in the bedroom, inside white grandma’s cap which is on the table near the bed.
    Wish i can help

  35. Capone

    HOw do I open the night cap? It won’t open…

  36. irene

    @Capone: Tap the night cap until it flips and you will see something inside the cap. Tap repeatedly and you will get the eyeglasses.

  37. Karla

    I keep trying to unscrew the map and it does nothing. I start with the lower right screw and go clockwise. Is there something I must do before it works? Also WINE on the drawer doesn’t work..

  38. irene

    @Karla: You have to open the book that indicated the hint for the map then you can unscrew. Same to the password, you have to look at the paper on Grandma bed first then input the password.

    Hope this helps.

  39. Karla

    Yes it does thanks! One more question. I have all the items but when I click on the door under the bed it just says “the hinges are too rusty” not that it’s too heavy..

    1. Jeni

      You need to use the oil to oil the hinges.

  40. Karla

    Nevermind figured it out 🙂

  41. Rain

    Regarding the king coin since I’ve had a bit of trouble with it. If you’ve already started a fire, you should find something round in the stew.
    You can attach that to the stick.

    From there it should be easy to figure out what to do.

  42. Daniel

    I can’t figure out the page number for the green book. Can someone help me, please?

  43. Casie

    Where is the queen coin? Please help!

  44. Casie

    Queen coin location please?

  45. Lily

    Wolf tricked me -.- Happend to enyone else?

  46. Avani

    Can’t find the flint anywhere! Help please

  47. Avani

    Found it…Never mind… :/

  48. FoN

    pls. help me I put all the plates in the right place but the last one always say nothing happened . How can I get the oil?

  49. Danielle

    The door under grandma bed is to heavy. What do I do next?? Please help. Thanks

    1. Myra

      Wea r the three plates

  50. Wendy

    Use the oil on the door then use the broken grren cupboard door to slip under it and support with the stick.

  51. Wendy

    Put the plate in correct oder and the right side cupboard door beloow will open to get the oil. Plate oder: night, cat, lady.

    1. Myra

      Where is the cat plate

    2. aell

      I also have some problems with the plates. When I put the third one down, it says: “nothing happens” and all the plates gone back to my inventory… The same problem as FoN, I suppose…
      Please help!

      1. aris

        I have the same problem. please help me…

  52. riely

    Where is the eye glass?

  53. Dee

    What do i loosen the screws with

  54. Kaurae

    Face the rocking chair. Tap on the legs of the rocking chair to put it together. Grab the fork. Turn to the cake on the table. Use the fork and queen coin will appear. Pick up the coin. Tap on the basket with the wine to expose a 1. Turnleft to face the bedroom door. Tap on the handle to show the slot. Use the queen coin on the slot. Tap into the bedroom after you’ve used the coin. Tap on the nightcap on the bed stand. Keep tapping until you pick up the glasses. Back up. Tap on the sheets on the bed until you find the note and the wreath. Click on note to read it and pick up wreath. Select to examine wreath. Keep tapping wreath until all that is left is a plate. Then use the fork to tap on the pillow to expose IV (4). Tap the left side of the night stand to show 189 on the side of the night stand. Exit bedroom. Turn to the china cabinet with the poetry books. The password for the bottom shelf is WINE. Once it opens, grab the lamp. Fist click on the curtain next to it to expose the last number for the poetry book. Face the map on the wall. Tap the crate in front of it with potatoes. Tap the potatoes to find rock with the string tied to it. Back out slect the glasses. Tap the upper right corner of the map. It will read 331. Then tap on the bottom right of the map. Tap the screw to unscrew it. Then back out. Carefully tap the lower left corner of the map and tap the screw to unscrew it. Back out and carefully tap the upper left then upper right screw to drop the map and grab the plate with the lady on it. Face the china cabinet with the poetry books. Tap the left cabinet door. It will open to show a step stool. Select the step stool and tap in front of the cabinet. Now click on the stool. It will break allowing you to pick up the pieces. Face the box full of wood. Zoom in. Tap on the loose green brick. Tap on the stick inside of the new found hole. Face the cabinet again. Tap the top drawer. It will only open a little. Select the stick then tap inside of the top drawer. You will see a stone. Combine the stone with the flint on the string. Face the fire place. Tap the wood in your inventory then tap under the cooking pot. Then tap the flint and stone and tap the newly placed wood. You should now have a fire. Tap the pot. Step back, tap the pot, step back. Keep doing this until you get a round wood disc with a hole in it. Select and examine new disc. Insert stick from your inventory into the hole. This will make a laddle. Keep taping the stew until its done. Use the laddle to scoop out the king coin. Face the cabinet with the poetry books.The book with the two coins on the front needs to be turned to page 189. The pink book with the compass is page 331 and the last book with the bunny is page 241. Combine the two coins head back to the bedroom. Use the coins on the night stand in the holes. It will open to give you the last plate. Go back to the cabinet. Tap the bottom drawer once, the second drawer twice and the top drawer once. You have setup steps. Tap on the steps. Now you can reach the plates. Moon plate then cat plate then lady plate. Back up. The right lower cabinet door will be opened and you will find the tthe oil. Add the oil to the lamp then ad the strike and flint to the lamp to light it. Now click on the cabinet door that just opened ( the right side cabinet door ) and it will come off the hinges. Now head to the bedroom. Tap on the dark area under the bed and tap the lamp. Then tap the dark area again. It will light up and you will see a trap door. Try to open to find out its too heavy. Now tap on the cabinet door in your inventory and tap the trap door again. The cabinet door will be inserted under the trap door opening it a little bit. Continue to tap the door until it can not be opened further. Then use the stick in your inventory to prop the door open. Tap on yellow glow. Ta day you are done. Hopefully I didn’t miss any parts.

    1. Kaurae

      Oh I forgot something. When you light up the area under the bed, the hinges for the trap door will be rusty. Tap the oil in your inventory then tap the door again. Now when you click on the door, you will get a message that it is heavy. Continue from there.

      1. rashmi

        thank you ……finally i finished the game…

        1. rashmi

          thank u kaurae..

        2. rashmi9293

          thank you kaurae…finally i finished my game…

      2. Sheryl

        Thank you Kurae…Felt like stuck with the plates and wooden stick for years…

    2. canine9

      I still can’t get WINE to work, it says wrong and I followed everything you said to a tee. Please help.

    3. t3lly

      Where is the last plate I have the moon plate n the cat plate already

    4. rock13

      How do i combine coins. tried everyway i can think of. completed 2 other esape games but cannot join coins really frustrating !!! please help me

    5. rashmi

      thanq so much kaurae …i am at the last step but too many times i have tapped the hinges but it is not getting opened…

    6. MissLilySwift

      Thank you Kaurae, I’ve nearly finished everything 😀 . But, I can’t seem to light the lamp with the flint. I’ve tried combining it but it doesn’t seem to work… Please could you help?

  55. FoN

    Thnx for that but I’m still have the problem pls. help me I put all the plates in the right place but the last one always say nothing happened . How can I get the oil?

    1. aell

      Try to open the poetry books in the cabinet like Karuae wrote before you place the plates again. That was my problem! Thanks Karuae!!!

      1. Kaurae

        No problem, I’m happy to help.

      2. FoN

        Thanks I got it 😉

  56. makimaki

    this game drives me crazy!thx for all these explanations!

  57. olivia

    I still cant start the fire

  58. mai

    I still can not get the map down no matter how many times ive tried..I got all the things u said but stiol can not get to the map HELP

    1. Ayeri

      You have to tap them carefully. What I meant was you can only tap once per screw only. If you tap once and it didnt say unscrew, you have to redo. Hope you can understand

  59. rf

    When I try to place the stick into the round piece al it says is removed hammer n never goes into it?????

  60. Ashu Jo

    I still cant combine d coins. Wtz d trick?? Helppp

  61. Louise

    I can’t unscrew the screws on the map, how do you do it?

  62. babysgramma

    What was that about a bad-end? I did the good-end, but would like to do that one too, how do I make the bad-end? Thanks

    1. MissLilySwift

      To make a bad end, when you have found the plate behind the map; it will say you heard a noise from the door and you have to go to the door and tap the door until you can open it for “Grandma”. There’s your bad ending except for the fact you can still carry on with the game, where you left it at.

  63. babysgramma

    AHA! I figured out the bad-end, very cute. I need to be more investigative!

  64. ervinaejan

    where can i find last plate with a cat on it?

    1. ervinaejan

      pls someone help me…

      1. joy

        the plate with a cat is inside the drawer beside the bed, you have to use the combines king & queen coin to open it…

        1. joy

          *** combined king and queen coin

  65. canine9

    I still can’t get WINE to work all the other clues do.

  66. Rafaela

    i need lots of help! someone please tell me all u know! thanks!

  67. canine9

    I need help trying to open the bottom drawer with WINE, mine keeps saying wrong. I fixed the rocking chair, got the fork ,the coin from the cake, saw the I on the basket cloth on the table, opened bedroom door, got glasses from nightcap, read the note on the bed, got the wreath and tapped until it became a plate with cat, used fork on pillowcase on bed to see another clue, tapped left side of nightstand to see another clue, went to put in password WINE and it still says wrong.

  68. canine9

    finally got out

  69. emdawg

    how do i read the numbers on the map?? this is driving me crazy

    1. Alice

      Click on eyeglasses first then click on the map.

    2. Sheryl

      Use the glasses.The numbers are Rome numbers.

  70. ge1id

    .wine is wrong .. what will i do?

  71. havsnis23

    To get the code wine to work it has to be in all caps but first u have to go to the table and touch the wine bottle then go put the code in

  72. Danielle

    I have the flint and the rock but cant figure out how to light the wood beneath the stew….help

    1. Alice

      You must join them to start the fire after… click on the rock, it appears in the middle of the screen, then click on the flint.

  73. Mickey

    Am i the only one who is having trouble finding that wreath that turns into the cat plate?!! I have tapped everywhere across the bed anf cant find it.. i only get the letter!! Its very frustrating!! 🙁 can someone pls help and tell me where to tap exactly to find that wreath??

    1. TwiinMom

      Its behind grams doo hidden behind flowers

  74. TwiinMom

    Got glasses unlocked drawer (WINE) Got cat plate from behind door king coin in the stew and used fork on cake for the queen coin
    Glasses lit fire moved map got plate with woman on it,used stick on top drawer. WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO COMBINE COINS AND 189 WONT WORK ON FORST POETRY BOOK!HELPPPPP!!

    1. rock13

      Did u ever find way to combo coins ? Im really stuck

    2. rock13

      How did u join coins together ???

      1. Alice

        To join coins click first on the coin with the queen, then it will appears in the middle of the screen. Next, you click on the coin with the king and it’s done 😉

  75. Autumn

    Where is the plate with the lady on it?

    1. Alice

      The plate with the lady is behind the map, you have to unscrew map’s screw following the order of a clock. You must start by the screw down right.

  76. Alice

    Cannot find the number to open the poetry book with the rabbit on it at the good page… Please someone help me !

  77. JL

    K so the code for the rabbit book is 241 but it still wont let me read it. What else do I need to do?

  78. Ayeri

    You have to tap them carefully. What I meant was you can only tap once per screw only. If you tap once and it didnt say unscrew, you have to redo.

  79. lovelife

    I know all the codes to the books its 189 331 and 241 but I those pages r too hard to read help me and also I got the wood for the fire but I can start it any know what to do

    1. rashmi

      press 189 for the first book,331 for the second nd finally 241 for the last….i thnk now u can read them

    2. rashmi9293

      these 189,331 and 241 are the page numbers which u have to type in the enter option…i.e,189-1st book,331-2nd book,241-3rd book

  80. stacy

    I can’t open the third book with the rabbit, gut i know the number 241. What should i do?

  81. anonymous

    how do you break the stool

  82. Jessica

    I’ve tried every way possible to combine the queen and king coins and I’m still having problems. I’ve read every comment on here and I’ve tried to do it the way everyone is saying to do it but its not working.

  83. none


    Make sure you have read the green book. To do so, you will need the page code which can be found on the left side of the table in front of grannys bed.

  84. ninnie

    Pull out the 3 drawers so they create a staircase and click again. Then place the plates then you should hear a clicking sound and go to the cabinet beside the 3 drawers and there should be a oil can on the right cabinet

  85. Tania

    i cant get the map off the wall!! been tryin for 3 days now can some one plz HELP

    1. ninnie

      Have you read all of the books? or at least the one talking about the sputh east thing?
      the book said begin at southeast and go clock wise. it means begin at the right bottom corner and go clock wise. that would mean from bottom right to bottom left, left top and lastly right top. and you have to tap 3 times on each screw. not more and not less.
      good luck!

  86. KateH

    I am having a VERY hard time with this map. Every time I get to the last screw, to loosen it, it says “nothing happened” and then I have to start ALL over! Err! It is so frustrating. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong? Please and thank you.

    1. ninnie

      That probably means that youre not loosening the screws in the right order. Click 3 times on right bottom screw, then 3 times on the left bottom screw. 3 times on the left top screw and lastly 3 times on the right top screw.
      If it still doesnt work try to view all the books again.
      Good luck!

      1. KateH

        Thank you Ninnie, I was able to get the map off of the wall, I had to review the books again. Maybe you can help me with this: I am having trouble trying to get in the drawer in the Grandmother’s room next to the bed. I know something important is in there, but I can’t seem to open it. Can you please help?! 😕

  87. aris

    The plates disappear when i place them up and nothing happens..please help

  88. PrOmIsE

    I’ve made it through!

  89. Anu

    1. Tap the green door twice to check the lock. Now tap
    the left side of the lock below to close it.
    2. Go back twice and click on the rocking chair.
    Continue tapping its broken leg until you fix the chair.
    Then press it again to see something dropping ΓÇô itΓÇÖs a
    fork. Pick it up!
    3. Go back and tap on the table: examine all the items
    there. (the wine, the flowers). Click on the basket and
    then on the cloth to notice number II.
    4. Use the fork with the cake and pick up the coin that
    5. Go back twice, then left and tap on the crates. Tap
    the crate to the left to see potatoes and tap them until
    you discover a rock. Get it.
    6. Go back and examine the pink room ΓÇô it is closed.
    Use the coin on the keyhole to open the door. Go back
    and tap the door again to open it and enter the
    7. Tap the bed to zoom, then tap the blanket until you
    reveal an envelope ΓÇô read the clue
    8. Tap the pillow, then use fork on it (you will see
    number IV revealed on a cloth)
    9. Go back and tap on the nightstand. Tap to its left
    and notice the writing (I VIII IX). Go back and click the
    night cap. Tap it over and over again until you notice
    that thereΓÇÖs something inside. Tap the lower part to
    turn it upside down to reveal hair, then tap again and
    get glasses.
    10. Go back twice and pick up the wreath on the door
    (make sure to tap it otherwise the door opens). Double
    tap the wreath in your inventory and tap it until you
    remain with a picture of the cat.
    11. Go back and tap the door & exit the bedroom.
    12. Tap to zoom on the wood pile near fireplace. Tap
    the green brick that is sticking out and after it falls, get
    the stick from inside the hole.
    13. Go back and right and click the window. Click the
    curtain to close it. Tap the left side of the curtain and
    notice the number I
    14. Go back twice and click on the green cupboard.
    Tap the bottom drawer twice and enter the password
    (what grandma likes the most: WINE ΓÇô make sure to
    spell it with capital letters). Go back and tap the
    bottom drawer to open it ΓÇô get the lamp from inside ΓÇô
    open the lamp from the inventory to notice that you
    need to light it up.
    15. Tap the middle drawer until it fully opens. Tap the
    top drawer, then use the wooden stick on the opening
    to get the metal object.
    16. Now, in your inventory, tap the rock twice to open
    it. Then tap the metal object to select and tap the big
    image of the rock ΓÇô you have a flint created and you
    can make fire now.
    17. Go back and open the left door of the cupboard.
    Get the step-ladder. Go back and place the step-ladder
    in front of the drawers. Tap it to break it and pick up
    the pieces of wood.
    18. Go back and left and place the wood in the
    fireplace. Use the flint to make fire.
    19. Now back up and move around a while until the
    stew is cooked. Tap it to pick up the piece of wood.
    Double click the wood, then use the stick on the hole to
    make a ladle. Use the ladle on the soup and get a
    20. Go back and right twice, then click on the map near
    the door. Use grandmaΓÇÖs glasses on the map to reveal
    the numbers (III III I).
    21. Go back and left and tap the top of the cupboard
    and examine tho books of poetry. Tap the pink poetry
    book twice and use the code: 331. Read the clue.
    22. Go back to the map and unscrew the screws as in
    the clue: bottom right corner of the frame (you have to
    click the area and reveal it behind the boxes), bottom
    left corner, top left and top right. Get the plate.
    23. Go back and hear a knock. DonΓÇÖt answer (if you
    answer, you are in for an unpleasant surprise).
    24. Go to the books and click the green one. Use the
    code: 189 and read the clue.
    25. Go back to the bedroom and zoom in to the
    nightstand. Double click one of the coins then use the
    other with it to make 1 coin. Use it in the hole near the
    nightstand and open the drawer. Take the plate.
    26. Go back to the poetry books and open the yellow
    one to page: 241 to read the clue.
    27. Go back and zoom in the cupboardΓÇÖs drawers
    again. Open them so that they make a stair: the top
    one to the maximum, the middle one just two taps,
    then the top one ΓÇô you will form a staircase.
    28. Tap the staircase to see the plate spots. Place the
    plates: Flower, Moon, Cat, Lady. You will hear a
    clicking sound from below.
    29. Go back twice and get the oilcan from the right
    door. Put fuel in the lamp. Go back once and get the
    door of the cupboard by tapping it.
    30. Go back to the bedroom and look in the hole under
    the bed. Light up the lamp using the flint and put the
    lamp there ΓÇô you will see a door. Put oil on the hinges.
    Use the cupboardΓÇÖs door with the door and tap it
    twice. Use the stick with the door to keep it open.
    31. Go out through the hatch and escape the room!
    32. There is also the ΓÇ£bad endingΓÇ¥ you can
    unlock if you open the front door at any moment after
    hearing the knock.

  90. Emem

    At times it proves frustrating as any mis-tap means missed information, so if you prefer more affable escape-the-room games, this one might not be for you. On the other hand, for those who enjoy creative means for problem solving and an Engrish-faceted scenario to quirkily wrap it up, Little Red in Danger has the perfect basket-full-of-goodies just for you.

  91. Jerry

    At times it proves frustrating as any mis-tap means missed information, so if you prefer more affable escape-the-room games, this one might not be for you. On the other hand, for those who enjoy creative means for problem solving and an Engrish-faceted scenario to quirkily wrap it up, Little Red in Danger has the perfect basket-full-of-goodies just for you.

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