The Act: Walkthrough

The Act
By: Chillingo

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Walkthrough coming soon! Feel free to discuss in the meantime.

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  1. Gv

    Ahhh what do u do with the boss choking

    1. icat1234

      Do big swipes

  2. icat1234

    You do big swipes. Go left, right, left, right, etc. Don’t do them too big or you’ll choke him even more.

  3. Izzy

    How do you comfort the crying nurse? She seems
    To just run off however he is??? Really frustrating me!

    1. Kirsty

      Same here! Answers please.

  4. oscar

    im already stuck at the fat ugly rich bitch level where u need to like put the metal thingy on her chest and stuff can anyone help???

    1. Masumasuha

      If you have got that far can you tell us how to comfort the nurse

    2. Kaykay

      You swipe left to make him brave then you swipe right to go to the lady

  5. Charlie

    Stuck on the upset nurse, has anyone figured it out??

  6. Lugh Kahal

    When comforting the nurse it’s a series of come and goes. Start by twirling the daisy, when she looks your way swipe right till you get the big look then swipe back to the left he’ll be like nevermind. Do this again and then the third time raise the flower back off raise it and half give back off and so on till it’s done.

  7. Lugh Kahal

    only once you’ve partially raised the flower and back off immediately raise it all the way and give it to her and voila your done.

  8. Katy

    Im soooo confused on the choking boss one. Howwww do you make him spit out the cigar???? Help please!

    1. emi

      Yes it works, big swipes left and right, keep doing it and don’t leave your finger off-screen

  9. Lucy

    please tell me how to pass the angry nurse part pleassseeee, i am going crazy here

    1. Katy

      You have to look at her, then look away. Then after a while she puts her clip board down. Then after that, you try to give her he flower you are holding. Come on very gently though, or else she will storm out of the room. Hope I helped!

    2. emi

      try to follow the eye movement of the nurse, edgar’s eyes also looks from left to downward to right, just like the nurse, avoid direct eye contact and somehow he’ll just give the flower to her and done

  10. Escuby Du

    I could never get the Choking Boss scene to work until I realized I was making my left/right motions too high on the screen. As soon as I lowered the motion to the bottom edge, it worked perfectly.

  11. Escuby Du

    I am going to be stuck on that bed with the angry nurse until we are both old and gray. I’ve tried to follow the previous instructions but something isn’t working for me. I can get her to calm down but I can’t get her to drop the clipboard and accept the flower. Woe is me.

  12. Livia

    Me to!!!!!

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