Yesterday: Walkthrough

By: Bulkypix & Pendulo Studios


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Train station, as Henry White:

1. Enter the train. Pick up the cable near the front. Pick up the empty can near the piece of paper on the floor. And pick up the iron bar next to the mannequin.

2. Go back through the left-hand door. There’s a suitcase stuck under the rubble here. Attach the cable to the suitcase. Then use the iron bar on the cable to get the suitcase out from under the rubble. Open the suitcase to find a cutter, a screwdriver, and some electrical tape.

3. Go back to the train and exit through the right-hand door. Go through both piles of toys to get a wound-up action figure and a keyboard. Examine the box of toys a second time to get a toy telephone.

4. Use the cutter on the empty soda can to cut a piece off of it.

5. Use the screwdriver on the action figure to remove the batteries. Then place the batteries in the keyboard.

6. Go up the stairs to the right. There’s a padlocked gate here. Use the piece of aluminum from the can to open the lock, then watch the cutscenes.

7. You need to answer some questions here. Don’t worry if you get it wrong. The game will just let you keep choosing until you get it right.

For the first question, choose “Tell the truth.”
Then choose “Challenge”
Then choose either choice.
Then choose “Higher intelligence.”

You will now have to answer a series of chess questions. Here are the answers:

A. Bishop to E7
B. Pawn to G3 (Although I think one of the others should have been a better answer.)
C. Bishop to E7

8. Now you’re locked in and can’t leave, but you have a token which will enable you to make a call. First, use the cutter to cut the receiver off the toy telephone. Then use the receiver on Boris and you’ll swap it out with his real phone.

9. Take the right exit and stick the token in the vending machine to get the quarter that’s stuck. Use the phone receiver on the broken pay phone. Then use the keyboard on the pay phone to place a call to Cooper. You will then take control of Cooper.

As Cooper:

1. Open the front door of the van to access the glove compartment, where you’ll find a key and a box of matches.

2. Use the key on the trunk of the van to get a baseball bat and a can of gasoline.

3. Rustle through the garbage to get a rag. Then. Real off a piece of the chain-link fence. Put the rag on the baseball bat, then pour gasoline on it and light it with the matches to get a torch. Now you can go after Henry.


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