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Giveaway: Win a FREE copy of “The Secret of Arcanesium”!

If you're a point-and-click adventure games fan, you won't want to miss the newly released "The Secret of Arcanesium" by Playtinum! Lucky for you, we have five (5) promo codes to give away! Here's how to enter: 1. Make sure you’re following @AppUnwrapper and @playtinum on Twitter. You can also "Like" our Facebook page for an extra entry. 2. Tweet this message: "I just entered a #giveaway for a chance to #win Arcanesium by @playtinum! Follow @AppUnwrapper and RT to enter." You Read more [...]

The Secret of Arcanesium: Walkthrough

The Secret of Arcanesium By: Playtinum Walkthrough: 1. Tap to the left of the door. There's a cracked, loose brick. Use your knife to pry it out and get a key. 2. Zoom back out and tap on the right side of the screen to see the yard. Use the key on the locked box and take the shovel and clippers from inside. 3. Use the clippers on the vines on the wall to reveal a puzzle. Solve the puzzle to get a number keypad: 4. Go back to the front door and put the missing piece in. Then count the Read more [...]

Yesterday: Walkthrough

Yesterday By: Bulkypix & Pendulo Studios Walkthrough: Train station, as Henry White: 1. Enter the train. Pick up the cable near the front. Pick up the empty can near the piece of paper on the floor. And pick up the iron bar next to the mannequin. 2. Go back through the left-hand door. There's a suitcase stuck under the rubble here. Attach the cable to the suitcase. Then use the iron bar on the cable to get the suitcase out from under the rubble. Open the suitcase to find a cutter, a screwdriver, Read more [...]