Help Purple: Walkthrough

Help Purple
By: Gameday Korea



Level 1: Follow the tutorial to move the window into the hole. Then move the wooden plank into the other hole. Then move the beanbag-like item under the wooden plank (you need to swipe sideways a few times). Purple will slide down all three items, and stop at the exit. It’s blocked, so you need to keep tapping on the rubble until the exit is clear.


Level 2: Watch the cutscenes. Then tap on each rope holding the cloud down. Swipe across the rope when you see the dotted line, in order to cut it. Once all the ropes are cut, tap the cloud so Purple can hop on and fly away!




Level 3: Tap a black cloud and white cloud to absorb them into Purple. Then tap the bowl to the right and fill the left one with black and the right one with white, to make grey. Then suck the grey into Purple.
Absorb another black cloud and white cloud. Fill the bowls on the left with the corresponding colors.
Tap on the broken piece of the pink bubble to the right. Swipe it so the piece falls off. Tap the space again and some pink liquid will drip off. Absorb it into Purple and fill the last bowl, pink, with the liquid.







Level 4:

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70 thoughts on “Help Purple: Walkthrough

  1. Caliegh

    I have no f*cking clue how to get past level 14! I got the snails but how the hell do I put them in the 4 eyed frogs mouth?!

    1. Caz

      Level 27 – when the red eye is coming down head first, put purple under and as they connect, push purple up. He should grab red eye and throw him.
      It’s all about timing but a lot easier once I figured out to push upwards! So frustrating that I had to comment here once completed 🙂

  2. Adlimaliq

    OMG!!!!! What do you do at the beginning of lvl6!!!!!!!i tried everything and still NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTHING HAPENNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  3. Adrian

    How do you beat level 27? The guy keeps dropping either head first or feet first, but I can’t figure out how to grab him and smash him to the ground – it’s happened a couple times but I don’t understand the timing.

  4. princess tayag

    How to wake up green guy on level 6?..
    Is there a pattern of waking him up..?
    Answer me pretty please!..god bles

  5. GABBY

    has anyone passed level 17? i cant seem to figure out of what to do after lighting the beam on the glass container…. and what do i do with the logs?


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