Help Purple: Walkthrough

Help Purple
By: Gameday Korea



Level 1: Follow the tutorial to move the window into the hole. Then move the wooden plank into the other hole. Then move the beanbag-like item under the wooden plank (you need to swipe sideways a few times). Purple will slide down all three items, and stop at the exit. It’s blocked, so you need to keep tapping on the rubble until the exit is clear.


Level 2: Watch the cutscenes. Then tap on each rope holding the cloud down. Swipe across the rope when you see the dotted line, in order to cut it. Once all the ropes are cut, tap the cloud so Purple can hop on and fly away!




Level 3: Tap a black cloud and white cloud to absorb them into Purple. Then tap the bowl to the right and fill the left one with black and the right one with white, to make grey. Then suck the grey into Purple.
Absorb another black cloud and white cloud. Fill the bowls on the left with the corresponding colors.
Tap on the broken piece of the pink bubble to the right. Swipe it so the piece falls off. Tap the space again and some pink liquid will drip off. Absorb it into Purple and fill the last bowl, pink, with the liquid.







Level 4:

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  1. Sevestre

    i can’t save Navy (blue one), CAN you help me?

  2. Tiffney

    I’m stuck on level 6

    1. Sam

      IM stuck on level 6 too. Anyone out there got some advice? How do I overcome the toxic exploding flowers?

      1. Shachlle

        You only have to touch the last flower that moves.

        1. Sara

          How do I save the green guy on level 6??? What is the pattern? And where do I put the blue thing?

          1. Kel

            Start at the bottom. Purple, blue, yellow, red. Wait about a half a second to place them so theyΓÇÖll all enter the frogs mouth at the same time.

  3. guy

    i’m stuck on level 11

    1. princess tayag

      Can i ask something?..
      How can i pass the green one on lvl 6?..
      Pretty please..:)

  4. Bella3589

    I need help on level 5 it won’t let me save the orange guy any one know how if so please help!!!

  5. Marina

    I can’t get past level 9 please help!

    1. princess tayag

      Can i ask how did you pass the green on 6?..

  6. Anjelica

    Stuck on level 10

    1. Chrystel dione virtudazo

      I am only a child please help me in help purple level 7 where can i put the blue thingy here i am only 9 years old anyone know this please help me

    2. Dredd

      I’m stuck on level 10

  7. Jen

    I can’t get past jellyfish on level 10 can anyone please help?

    1. Emma

      Did you get pass the jellyfish? I’m stuck! Help?

      1. Gail

        You have to like hear the sounds if its good or bad…
        Here’s the lil jelly hand answer c:
        Press the middle jelly hand, then the last left hand, between the middle and the last left, last right, and then between the middle and last right

        1. Chrystel dione virtudazo

          Can you help me in level 7 ? I can’t go to level 8 please help

        2. Miku


  8. Jordan

    I am stuck on level 4 I keep going around In circles

    1. Chrystel dione virtudazo

      I am stuck on level 7 anyone knows how to do this?

    2. Chrystel dione virtudazo

      cut the icicle above the hole and it will fill the hole with water
      cut the icle above the soapy thing and it will have bubbles click the bubbles and you will have it
      Click the hole full of water and click the ball with the question mark and click the bubbles
      Then click the bubbles and click the square of backrounds
      Then click the passage way

  9. Jordan

    I am stuck on level 4 I keep going around In circles and I’ve only got flame

  10. Alex

    I’m stuck on level six

  11. Rudy

    I’m stuck on level 20! Is there some sort of pattern or something???

    1. Yanet Magana

      You have to look at the popping bubbles and repeat them

  12. Jessica

    I’m stuck on level 12 I can’t save the blue guy .. Is there some type of pattern I’m supposed to do ?! I can’t save him in order to use his power 🙁 anyone please help !! >.<'

    1. Gail

      1. Look the ladder you’ll see fire.. Use your water element… Click the diamond
      2. Move the picture frames…use water element on the saliva on the frame and move it….click the diamond
      3.outside the teeth you’ll see a half circle crack blue strip structure with broken woods…use metal element…. A light will appear click it and use light element… Click the diamond
      4.put a diamond in the icy colored tooth… Wait for the monster to bite… The tooth will crack, do it again for the next 2 diamonds on the Lego tooth and move it up for 3 each..
      6. Click the blue man & use the purple element and click the bubbles fast
      7. You’ve got a ice element….use it for the tongue Silvia your purple buddy skip like an idiot and your done C:

  13. Jessica

    Im stuck inside the mouth I NEED SOME HELP

  14. Yanet Magana

    I’m stuck on level 20, I know what to do but I can’t pass it.

  15. kristofer

    i do not understand the instructions in level 27?can you help me

  16. kristofer

    try letting you uncle do level 20.i tried it alredy it worked

  17. kristofer

    sorry about the wrong tipeing

  18. kristofer

    evil purple is on level 20 and 27

    1. Mck

      if your on level 20 can u help me I’m on level 17?

  19. Kristofer

    Put the blue thing in level 6 in level 7 somewhere

    1. Chrystel dione virtudazo

      Where would i put the blue thing
      Please answermy question

  20. Martina

    Qualcuno i pu╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├╗├┤ dire come andare avanti dopo aver sconfitto il mostro del liv. 6 (quello con i fiori tossici) devo salvare l’omino verde acqua??!!!!……….

  21. xshinkox

    I need help with level 14 what snail goes what speed and where do I put them in the bush in what order???? I’m so lost it’s frustrating! Please help ):

    1. Emma

      I’m stuck on level 14 I’ve collected 4 snails I’ve tried clicking the 4 eyed thing what next plz help

      1. Caliegh

        It took me a while but you click the bottom right corner bush. Than click the purple question mark. That you place the purple snail. Wait almost one second than click the one ontop of it. And put the blue one. Wait a second than do the other one on top and put the yellow than wait just a bit over a second and put the red snail on the top. If it dosnt work keep doing it until all the snails go in it’s mouth and all his four eyes shut.

      2. Caliegh

        Now I’m on 17 what do I do? I got the beam on the wood of the fire place I don’t know what to do now ;-;

    2. Mck

      Purple blue gold brown/red that order but wait a couple of seconds also I’m stuck on17 how do I get past

  22. Kel

    Start at the bottom. Purple, blue, yellow, red. Wait about a half a second to place them so they’ll all enter the frogs mouth at the same time. 🙂

  23. Autumn

    OMG IM STUCK ON LEVEL 14! I don’t understand what the 4 eyed alligator or crocodile I saying! Someone plz give me a hint ):

  24. Autumn

    Wait now I’m stuck on level 20 I know you have to do the same thing with the bubbles but how many times?!

  25. Kaitlyn

    How in the world do I get past level 14 ?!?

  26. Caliegh

    I have no f*cking clue how to get past level 14! I got the snails but how the hell do I put them in the 4 eyed frogs mouth?!

  27. Kayla

    I can’t save the green one

  28. Terry

    I can’t get past 20 it’s a bubble game and tell me the patern

  29. Lena Warren

    I can’t get pass level 27! I don’t understand the instructions! CAn someone help me out?

    1. Caz

      Level 27 – when the red eye is coming down head first, put purple under and as they connect, push purple up. He should grab red eye and throw him.
      It’s all about timing but a lot easier once I figured out to push upwards! So frustrating that I had to comment here once completed 🙂

  30. Lena

    There is no pattern! It changes every time and you have to repeat it all the way through!

  31. Maryam

    Help I can’t get through level 5 I can’t get the orange guy’s powers

  32. Adlimaliq

    OMG!!!!! What do you do at the beginning of lvl6!!!!!!!i tried everything and still NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTHING HAPENNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  33. Adlimaliq

    Stuck on lvl 11 know what to do to the bridge after you build it??!!!

  34. Adrian

    How do you beat level 27? The guy keeps dropping either head first or feet first, but I can’t figure out how to grab him and smash him to the ground – it’s happened a couple times but I don’t understand the timing.

  35. Jennifer

    How did you pass the bubble clicking one? Are there any tricks?

  36. princess tayag

    Stuck at lvl 5 nid a help….please…

  37. chelle

    HELP!!! how or what do you do on level 5 I’ve tried everything and nothing happens please please help thank you

  38. princess tayag

    How to wake up green guy on level 6?..
    Is there a pattern of waking him up..?
    Answer me pretty please!..god bles

  39. Tabooskunky

    Can someone tell me the last piece to the teleporter on level 9? I can’t find the last piece!

    1. Steph

      Sorry I forgot to hit reply but I posted an answer to your question.

  40. Steph

    For level 9, the last piece. Use the magnetic power on the spot with the sparkling redish stars.

    1. princess

      Hi steph how can i wake up green one in lvl 6

  41. Gamer

    How do you do lvl 15

  42. Gamer

    Help on lvl 17

  43. Lulu

    How do you do level 5

  44. Amelia

    Someone help, I’m stuck on level 25. What do I do?

  45. GABBY

    has anyone passed level 17? i cant seem to figure out of what to do after lighting the beam on the glass container…. and what do i do with the logs?

  46. anon

    does anyone have a copy of this game still

  47. NaR

    Same, finding this game over the year

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