A Secret Letter from My Father: Walkthrough

A Secret Letter from My Father
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until I get to posting a walkthrough.

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  1. Mindy

    The codes are so hard to find :/

    1. seb manase

      Hey did you end up finishing the game?

      if so could you help me out ?

      1. anonymous

        yeah sure

    2. Klayr

      Have you got any am stuck :((

  2. Seb Manase

    I have no clue what to do I have the 6 and 9 coin pole with the handles paper with the writing about the blue rose and yeah idk what to do please help?

    1. jing

      hey, where did u get the 9 coin ? I got the 8 coin in the bookshelf.

  3. Adela

    i got all the coins, and i get the shears .. now i have 4 numbers, but they don’t open anything!

    1. anonymous

      they aren’t supposed to…

  4. Elena

    Hey guys, where did you find the 4th coin and the shear?

    1. Klayr

      The 4th coin is in the wee garden in the box find the paper clip in the book on the shelf to open it. Anyone help with the shears or the clock puzzle

  5. Klayr

    Where did you find the shears?

  6. Revital

    I got the 6 coin in the book shelf the 9 coin in the box with the padlock and the 2 coin near the left flower bed. I didn’t find the 4 coin. How did you get the pole and sheers? To open the click you need to look underneath the bench there are 3 clocks drawing , the code is 4216.

  7. Revital

    The pole is under the shelf , the gold coin is in the white cabinet. The code is written on the wall near the right flower bed : 0303. Put the 4 coins in the slots inside the red hatch and the drawer under the statue opens. The sheers are inside. Combine sheers with pole and use it to cut the ivy on the upper right side of the window where the fountain is. You get a green key that fits the door left to the book cabinet. Inside there is a watering can and another locked chest I can’t open. The water valve is also there but it won’t budge. On the door there is note that helps figure the flower code on the box that is on the book shelf (2375) inside there is the fertilizer. I am stuck here.

    1. Klayr

      Flower code 2375 is not working for me? Help

  8. Revital

    Sorry pole is under the bench!!

  9. Dadawa

    Fill water can with some water then Put 3 times fertilizer into the water can. Water the blue rose, tool box code appear. Take crowbar from tool box and open the valve. Water drain… Go to fountain and find words hints for locked chest and rose key. Light in and open the last door. You are out.dada

    1. Melanie

      The correct flower code is 5723 that worked and I got the fertilizer but I can’t seem to figure out how to fill the watering can with water so I am stuck at that point. I saw that you had been able to get the water but how??

  10. Klayr

    Am stuck on flower puzzle 2375 is not working please help

    1. Revital

      Did you look at the note on the inside of the door ? You have to do it and than try to open the lock. I am not sure I wrote the correct order but the two green leaves equels 5 the one leave equals 7 the rose equals 2 and the second flower equals 3

    2. anonymous

      its not…
      it is actually 5723

  11. Jeanne

    I think the code was 5723

  12. Klayr

    Tried it am still stuck without the fertiliser

  13. Reddy

    Klayr the two leaves=7 and one leaf=5

  14. Lula

    Code for unlocking the White cupboard on wall is 0303 & one coin is behind the flower bed by the wall

  15. Fred

    Coins order after opening the box with heart key: 2968. Clip wire used to open the arch on the garden, to get copper coin 2. After pushing the coins, get the scissors by the feet of female statue. Combine scissor with pole to cut the herb and get a key…

  16. Fred

    After openning the door with this key drop from ivy, there is a note on the inside. Calculate the numbers and get the code to open the flower box and get the fertilizer.

  17. Fred

    Next, follow dadawa’s comment.. 🙂

  18. Mindy

    After u exit, it says something else is hidden, anyone figure that out yet?

  19. seb

    YEAH, Whats with that ending? I cant find a thing! but this is a stab in the dark but that water fountain located by the pond or water area i wonder if that got anything to do with it?

  20. Carina

    Code for clock puzzle: 4216

    1. Rafaela

      thanks for the code!

  21. Aimee

    How do you open the gate to the book case? I can’t even do that!

    1. Mindy

      Look at the bottom of the left flower bed, there is a pictue

    2. saba

      To open the grate on bookshelf.. just click on the moustache of male statue this is the moustache key that will be used on the bottom right n small circular key hole .. after using the key over there u will notice that the circle opposite to it glows with green light.. then u will go to flower bed on the left side note the brick pattern.. use this pattern on the bookshelf to open it..

  22. Shawty2078

    Look on the wall in da garden by the arch there is a pattern aimee copy that..!!! I found to get da last coin out of the chest in the garden u have to straighten the paper clip by tapping on it in the items list..!!! Da dose for the box where da heart key Put metal coins in order copper- gold and then the statue woman by her feet opens for the shears which u attach to the pole in the items den go n cut the last ivy branch on da garden which gives u da green key go n open da door on da left of da book shelf n look at the flower code on da door den go back to bookshelf entre code 5723 for flower code..!! Da rest is simple after dat..!!

  23. Chin

    how to fill the water into the watering can? Thanks!

    1. Jodon

      Highlight can and tap pool

  24. Jodon

    How do you get the pole? I’ve tapped everywhere near the shelf

    1. Mindy

      The pole is under the bench

      1. Jodon


    2. Jodon

      Got pole under bench

  25. Jodon

    Can’t find what is hidden after you get out with the bad ending. Help, anyone?

    1. kuut

      turn the dials in closet on 50

      1. Jodon


  26. Pedro

    I am stuck. I have coins 8and 9 but i cant Open the Window suitcase… H╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├╢├⌐w can i go To library? H╬ô├╢┬ú╬ô├╢├⌐w i turn the power on?

  27. Mary t

    Can someone tell me what the code is for the 4 dials that have 50 on them. I’ve tried different things ,nothing,I assume it has something to do with the times under the bench. Please help. Thanks….

  28. Mary t

    Never mind on the dial codes I figured it out and I’m free……. Thanks…

  29. Mindy

    Still clueless on the “other” hidden thing, searched everything :/

  30. vealerie

    how do you cut the ivy?

    1. Jodon

      Combine pole and cutters

      1. Rafaela

        where is the cutter?

  31. anne

    IM FINISH! Need help?

  32. anne

    Finally ! Need help?

    1. Olivia

      Yes! I need help! How can I turn the dials to 50? After I turn the arrows up pointing “50” it didn’t work. Can u told me how can I open that box? Thx

      1. Namuunaa

        Did you find the way to turn dials on 50?

        1. jgarver

          I can’t get 50 dials to work. I turn them all to 50 and still does nothing

    2. Rafaela

      yes! what do i do with the red lock box thing and the box under the clock on the book shelf and what is the code for the stainless box? Please help!

  33. Smriti

    Need help! The paper clip doesn’t open d treasure box in the weed garden. Am i doing anything wrong? The padlock is right under d arrow for changing screens and if i select d clip and click on d padlock, either nothing happens or it takes me back to d last screen! M stuck!

    1. Mindy

      Look at paper clip closer, you need to straighten it

  34. wiwu

    anyone figured out the hidden item yet? or is there really one???

  35. Tiffany

    I got coin 2 from the box, coin 9 in the cupboard and I got coin 8 where’s the other coin? None of the codes work unless I find them first help???

  36. Rebecca

    How can I fill the water can?? I highlighted it then tapped pool but it won’t work for me. Just says about the drain at the bottom or it says fountain?!?

  37. Annie

    I cant open the Red hatch.. Please Help

    1. Balia

      You need a key from the clock. Anyone help on the 50 dials?

      1. Balia

        Never mind, done it 🙂

      2. Namuunaa

        hi did you find the way to turn dials on 50?

  38. Micah

    What is the code of stainles box?

  39. Pat

    Help me please. I have pole 3 coins 6,8 & 9 and a letter. How do I find paper clip. Which book is it in. I tapped red book but it just says something like “I see you have found the bookshelf can anyone tell me what I have to do next. Thanks

    1. Mindy

      Turn the pages of that same red book, you find it, then look at the paper clip closer, you have straighten it

      1. Pat

        Thanks Mindy.

  40. Olivia

    How to use the fertilizer?? After I flowered the blue rose I don’t know how to use the fertilizer. It didn’t help when I highlight the fertilizer than touch the rose. Can anyone tell me??? Thx

  41. Vivian

    Hi, I dont quite understand how to flower code is achieved.

  42. Vivian

    where do i find the fertilizer?

    1. Russ

      The fertilizer is in the lock box on the book shelf. The clue to that box is on the inside of the door next to the goddess statue.

  43. Kimi

    Im having the same problem as Rebecca, I can’t seem to fill the watering can by highlighting the can and touching the pool. It only says that it’s a pool, an something about the drain. It won’t fill it up!!!

    Pls help…:(

  44. Gladys

    How can I put in the coins?
    I stuck in there and already tap many times as it still say the hatch is locked 🙁

  45. Karl Crumpton

    many thanx peeps , easy when ya know how and i did it with ya help

  46. Hannahh

    How do I get coin 9? Can’t find it?!

  47. Lia

    How can I make the bad edd to good edd.what do I have to do?

    1. Jess

      You have to change the dials to point to 50

  48. Jess

    What is the missing item? Help!!

  49. Glo

    I can’t seem to find the 6 coin.. Can someone help me out.

  50. wiwu

    yea what’s the missing item the lawyer mentioned at the end?? is there really one?

  51. Hannahh

    Coin 9?!

  52. anna

    How do you turn the dials to 50?? They revert right back to where they started.

  53. anna

    Nevermind-finally got it. You have to water the rose first.

  54. Kimi

    How do u fill the watering can?! I’ve clicked the can and the pool a million times!

  55. Tony

    What is the code for black box in the white shelf

  56. Shauna

    Ok I finally finished the game. Thanks everybody who left clues on the bias. So is there really a hidden item the lawyer mentioned at the end? Maybe it has something to do with the thick glass? Usually nothing is interactive like the glass unless you are to use it t some point in the future.

  57. Chloe

    I’m still stuck with that flower code in the book shelf. Can anyone help? I had tried all the codes everyone said but the game kept telling me that the code I putted is incorrect.

  58. shan

    I have started this game but i am stuck .i onle have 8 coin; a page in which “fertilize the rose an water it”; poles an a key.please help me guys

  59. dave

    anyone know what the clock pictures under the bench is for? I finished the game but had no use of it….could it be something related to the secret item the lawyer mentioned?

  60. Rafaela

    What do I do with the red lock thing?

  61. vienne

    put water in the can then combine with fertilizer put 3 drops then pour it to the blue rose… the soil will then reveal the code for the tool on the cabinet… get the crowbar… then use it to budge the water drain… then you see a blue rose key get it… then look on the left side for the clue… go to the dial turn all of it into 50. then you can see the right door shining with the key, use blue key and then you’re good to go…

  62. Daniel

    How do i turn the 4 dials to 50

  63. shannen

    thanks a lot guys!

  64. Kick-Ash

    Is there a missing item?????

  65. Lizzy-loo

    Where is the aluminium coin? I have the 2,6, and 8 coin. The 8 was in the White cabnet, 2 was in the bookshelf, and 6 was in the chest with the padlock. But where is the 9 coin? I’m really stuck

    1. miss_Vikki

      Last coin is in weed garden on the wall behind chest 🙂

  66. Rhey-anne Ognilla

    Where is the coin 2 and 6 ?? I can’t find it :((

    1. Shardool

      Check lizzy-loo’s comment

  67. Rhey-anne Ognilla

    How can I open the black box in the book shelf ??

    1. Shardool

      The is a code for that…. Its a white box actually :P… code is 5723

      1. saba

        Hey can u tell me where did u get that code. 5723?

  68. Shardool

    I completed the game… Was only stuck at the point where u have to use the fertilizer on the blue rose, but then used the walkthrough!!!! Also did both the ends… Good and Bad… I think they are building up suspense for a sequel to the game….

  69. imran1515

    where is the 9coin i can’t see plss help

  70. natasha

    I am stuck… Where is the watering can and half of these things everyone’s on about

  71. saba

    Can anyone help me to open bookshelf

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