Escape Game: “The Model House”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Model House”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until I get to posting a walkthrough.

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Hi there
I’d appreciate for some help with the game called “the model house” as I’m really stuck. Can’t open either of the safes and don’t know how to use the desk lamp.


So I have a u-magnet attached to a string, a battery and a lightbulb and I’m totally stuck! I have opened one safe with the password Pluto and the only other thin I click in that gives me a prompt is the other safe and the closet doors that are locked. Does the tv or Stan do anything?


Get the metal box from behind the bookhelves using the magnet.


Thank you! I had not discovered that screen yet despite feeling like I clicked every spec Of every view. Any insight
On the puzzle?? I don’t have a clue.


How did you attach the string to the magnet? Ft



1) after assembled, use the U-magnet at the back of the bookshlef, and you will obtain a metal case.
2) find a coat inside the door
3) find a wood stick in the magazine stand next to the tv
4) use the stick on the cloth stand
5) put the cloth on it
6) get the ID card
7) use the ID card on the little cupboard inside the door


How did you get the metal container behind the bookshelves?


use the remote to the door, and get light bulb stand
assemble it with light bulb and insert into the wall next to bookshelf


Where do u get light bulb?


What is the password for the small safe – the one with the numeric password? I suspect it has something to do with the arrows projected from the lamp but can’t figure it out.


Stuck on the lamp picture with the arrows…..any ideas??


Think in terms of a clock. Little dot = little hand Big dot = big hand


Still can’t get the safe code from the arrows


pls help with arrow code dont understand


OK so the first is a little dot with the arrow in the 2 oclock position. Next you have big dot with the arrow at 25. Then you have little dot with the arrow in the 10 oclock position. Next you have big dot at 45. So you should come up with 2251045 for the code


The code is incorrect


thanks Brian.


where to get arrow?i wonder know where to set a desk light


from where do we get u-magnet ..??


where to get the bulb for the desk light stand??


I can’t solve the puzzle of the big safe … is it related to those astronomical terms? I’ve already seen the book on the book shelves and the text on the computer screen, but what is the code to the safe?


Help! I can’t find the light bulb for the desk lamp

Cynthia Swinney

I’m stuck after getting the red key!


Lost. Any help on both safes? Number code doesn’t work for me. Can’t figure out star code!! Help


For the biggest safe (the grey one) u need to click on the 1st triangle of sth that looks like the the shape of an arrow on the wall next to the tv.When u click,u r gonna get a memory card.Put this card in the tablet on the desk and u’ll get the password PLUTO.


Where do I get the light bulb????????


Got it!


Where did you get the bulb from?


THANK YOU Gil !!! Finally!! Feel kinda dumb now. Ahah


Once you have a red key, it is important to check any other locked areas that remain… But I don’t want to draw too much attention to it… Good luck


I can’t get the box behind the bookshelf. Can’t seem to figure out how to combine the magnet and string either, if that’s how it’s done.


Where do you get the magnet?


It was either in the safe by the door (password is Pluto) or in the box on the bookshelf. It’s been a minute so I forgot exactly.


Thanks bird. Double click magnet to enlarge and then add string.


I have the remote, batteries, and the lightbulb I don’t know how to use them and still can’t figure out how to open the safe by the bookshelf. Help please


Thanks bird. Double click magnet, add string on big picture of magnet.


me ajude nao cosigo achar as pilhas do controle;nem os codicos pra nada estou perdendo a paciencia plis!


Frm whr i vl get the lamp??? And this numeric passwrd is not acessing


help me I can not find the control cells, nor for anything codicos’m losing patience please


Where are the batteries and how do I get them?

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