Perilous Homecoming: Walkthrough

Perilous Homecoming
By: WaveA (IDAC)


Feel free to ask for help on the comments section until I get to posting a walkthrough.

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  1. thekimeffect

    I can’t find this game in the app store anywhere. 🙁

    1. Dolly

      Neither can I

  2. Alisha

    I did it under name search it has it has what looks like speedometer as the pic 🙂 god luck finding it!

  3. Jeanne

    Download “Gotmail” in the App Store – you can play this one free right now from there!

  4. Maya

    Hi I just started (perilous homecoming) I found fire extinguisher, pielers, ribbon with letters and one battery from the mouse. I can see 2 keys one hanging from the roof and another behind the wheel but can’t take any of them…. I’m stuck. Can you help… Thx

    1. Anka

      Where did u find the pielers, the ribbon and the battery? I got the fire extinguisher and a stick from behind the green locker…

      1. Katusha

        Use the extinguisher on the wheel with chains and you will get a tool box. There you’ll find the pielers and the next clue. The battery is inside of the computer mouse.

        1. nat

          what computer mouse?

  5. Katusha

    Use the pielers to cut the wire on the blue cabinet next to the wheel and you will get the ribbon

  6. Katusha

    Wrapped the ribbon around the stick, got EF4. Clueless what to do next

  7. Nate

    To open the 3 lids next to the computer, click on the dials above it, code is 5475. You’ll get the red ribbon and a bulb. Stuck on the ribbons and the wooden rod: ELFA46

    1. Katusha

      5475 doesn’t work, I saw the book and the number on the garage door. What am I missing?

    2. Empty

      I can’t figure what code to use on the box on the table do u know? I’ve tried the LEAF46,365 from the garage door looked in the book and nothing works.HELP!!!

  8. Maya

    After you get the white and red ribbon put them to the stick u get ELFA46 read the clue on the computer of red>white and read it as LEAF64 password for the tool box on the desk and look at the note. U get **Γò¼ΓòíΓö£┬¼╬ô├╢├▒1 etc… Use this to open the small box inside where u found extinguisher and get key.

    1. Nate

      Turn the autopilot off!!!

    2. Empty


      I’ve tried using the code u said of LEAF64 to open the little box on table and it does not work. Are u sure it’s correct? Thanks.

  9. Maya

    Use the key to open green cabinet Abd take broom use it to pick the key hanging from roof and one behind the wheel then double click on the broom to get one string

  10. Maya

    Use the star key to open small box behind blue files take the oil can and notice the shapes graved. Go up to the music box and open it to take a plate. Put oil in the plate then add string. Go next the green cabin use key to open lock and take the blowtorch

  11. Maya

    Ps from the tool box last drawer you take lightbulb socket and you attach the lightbuld… 🙂

    1. eric

      where’s the socket

  12. Maya

    Then break the buld with the pliers and attach it to the oil plate and add the battery it will lit then use it to lit the blowtorch go up open metal box take round key use it to open lock on right of hangar door an aircraft will appear click on it to see clue of ID: star put password on the computer a SMS of autopilot appears press off the go open hangar door get on aircraft press start ((((GOOD ENDING)))))

    1. Empty


      U said to use pliers to break buld. What is buld? I get the stuff to burn in plate,but when I try to use on blow torch nothing happens.please help. Thanks.

    2. Dolly

      When I try to break the bulb the message days if I destroy it now it can’t be used what to do with light bulb before breaking with pliers?

      1. Empty

        Hi Dolly,

        I’ve got the same message on the bulb. Were u able to get the blow torch lit? I get the bowl with oil to lite when I use the battery.BUT,when I click to use on the torch it doesn’t work.

  13. John

    I feel like an idiot. I got nothing :/

  14. Sarah

    5475 doesn’t work. I’m stumped!

  15. Katusha

    Can’t get 5475 password to work, tryed everything. Please help!!!

    1. Maya

      Hi did u zoom on the carage door? Zoom and click until it says there’s number here or something like that then go to the computer room 5475 it’s not the password for I’D under it u see 4 round keys just above the 3 pockets you use it there… Wish this helps

      1. Katusha

        Thank you! It helped. Turns out I was using it in a wrong place…

  16. Ming

    Cantget through leaf64
    Hows after i get this code??

    1. Katusha

      Use capital letters LEAF64

      1. Ming

        Yea,, but its incorrect
        I mean the box on the desk

  17. Mahoozi

    How to open the mosaic box??

  18. Mahoozi

    Got bad end

  19. Mahoozi

    Got the good end

    Thank you all

  20. Emm

    Hi guys! Where do I find the fire extinguisher? I’m stuck 🙁

    1. Empty

      Emm, Use code from 4 hanging wrenches and the box for extinguisher is in back by garage door.

      1. Maya

        At: Empty
        Did u get the LEAF64 code or not yet??? If u need anything just post it

        1. Empty

          Yes,I’ve already for the ribbons on the stick and that code doesn’t work on the safe on the table. I also tries 365 times 15 to no avail. How did u get it open? Thanks.

  21. Ming

    I reli got stuck on LEAF64
    I have tried it but not success
    Did i miss sth???

  22. Emm

    Thank you Empty 🙂

  23. Empty

    Hi Maya,
    Never mind I figured it out. The code for the safe on table is LEAF64. (u have to use all caps).
    To open the code with stars in fire extinguisher box: tap bottom right,top right,top left,bottom left.You get an atomic key. Go to green locker and u get the mop.use mop on the key hanging form the ceiling. I’ve not found where to use this key yet.hope this helps everyone…

  24. Empty

    I’m not sure if I’m missing something. Does anyone know the password to access the computer?

    1. Empty

      HELP!!!!! I have bowl with oil and mop string,I use battery to lite and it’s burning.BUT,when I tap on the torch then tap burning bowl it doesn’t work.what am I not getting”??????? Thanks……

  25. Daniel

    LEAF64 doesn’t work

    1. Empty

      Hi Daniel,
      Have u got into the room with computer? On the screen it shows red ,white,etc with arrows. So if u have the stick and ribbons wrap on stick tap it.if u follow the code it is LEAF64 and should open box on the table. Good luck.

    2. Nicola

      Make sure you tap on the stick with the ribon on it till it comes closer then try putting in the code to the box on the table.

      1. Empty

        hi Nicola,

        Have u got to the part with the blow torch???? How do u get it lit. I have the bowl lit,but when I try to use it on the torch it won’t light. Please help. Thanks.

  26. Tinku

    How to open the mosaic box????

    1. Nicola

      Bottom of wooden box is the code to unlock the slat box

    2. Empty

      Where can i find the stick?

      1. Katy89

        Behind green cabinet. Click on the right side of it.

  27. Nicola

    Where is the string

  28. Kate

    The string comes from the mop after you have used it to get the hanging key

  29. eric

    how do you lite blow torch

  30. Kaluisa

    Same Problem with Lighting the blow torch. No light socket in the tool box. What’s the trick? Or is this a bug?

  31. Katy89

    on the table where you entered the LEAF64 password, the bottom most shelf can be opened. There is a socket. Take it.

    1. Kaluisa

      Thank you 🙂

    2. Empty


      Thank u. But,have u figured how to lite the torch and where is the bulb/socket is to be used”???????

  32. Empty

    For anyone who needs help.
    1) check the last drawer for the lite socket.
    2) attach the bulb & socket,take the pliers and break the bulb.
    3) if I remember click on the bowl ,battery and then the bulb and the mop string should stay lit to get the torch going.

    Now,can someone tell me what to do with the torch. Hope this helps u guys…..

    1. Katy89

      So oil goes in the bowl. the string from the mop goes in the bowl with the oil. The bulb attach it to the Socket. Then use pliers to break the bulb. And then you attach the broken bulb/socket to the bowl of oil. Then once it’s all attached, attach battery.

  33. Empty

    Some more help for u,

    Computer password is inside the jet.STAR password 5923
    Turn off autopilot to get good ending.

  34. Katy89

    I think once you lighted the self-made oil lamp, you should be able to handle the rest. Good luck!

  35. natalie

    Can anyone help me get started ? Im usually ok at these games but can’t seem to get going on this one and im very frustrated ! I have a stick and don’t know what to do next. sorry to be an idiot but there doesn’t seem to be the guidance i need on here yet. thanks

  36. Imma

    LEAF64 didn’t work for me! I restart to try again all cap and still can not pass it. Poor me.

  37. Sarah

    Will you ever post the walkthrough?

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