Escape Game: “Eternity for the Dying”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Eternity for the Dying”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section while waiting for the walkthrough.

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  1. Dolly

    I need the handle for the small screwdriver please

  2. Anka

    I got color sticks, half a note, metal file, minute hand, big screwdriver, camera and flyer! Im now stuck! Help please!

    1. MD

      Where’s the minute hand?

      1. kirine

        In can. Use screwdriver in the hole on the top

  3. Mach

    Where did you find color sticks? I’m stuck : I don’t know how to use any clue, I don’t guess any password …

    1. Anka

      Use the file on the door to the toilet and then in the sink there is a box, color sticks are inside

      1. Dolly

        Where did you get the file?

        1. Dolly

          Got the file. How did you know code for drawer was 256?

          1. Anka

            On the drawer on top it gives you the clue, it works like a sudoku puzzle

    2. Anka

      The only clue i guessed was the one to the drawer next to the bed, 256

      1. Revital

        Same as you , no clue

  4. Noosy

    U put the sticks in the drawer next to bed first choose the colors

    1. Revital

      It said there aren’t enough sticks

      1. Dolly

        Also I think you need a white stick but there isn’t one.

  5. Dave a

    Totally stuck . Think one answer is 680 but can’t use it. Can’t get colours in either

    1. Dolly

      Tap On the carpet beside chair left side and you get a key.

  6. Noosy

    No u just choose 3 colors the ones arnt in the rainbow picture I got the second half of the note but still clueless

  7. Dolly

    Put the sticks in the holes get scissors. Go to bathroom use scissors on packet. Get second half of note. Now what?

    1. goodlygrey

      Color sticks were inserted and accepted (shown as used in inventory). Drawers will not open. Where do I tap to get scissors? Thank you.

  8. Dolly

    Tapped the left corner of the carpet under the backless chair under the picture with the red, blue and yellow stripes. A key was revealed. Said something about using it after escape. Tapped on key but it did not go into my inventory. Now when I tap on the carpet nothing happens. Weird.

  9. Gigi

    Turn over the camera, no card inside. Where to find card? Still can’t fix small screwdriver. Need help please.

  10. Dave a

    Window opens but why???

  11. Arthur

    Look at the note book on the bed. Add the numbers to get 37800. Look at the wallet in the trash bag and remember the brand OASARAM. Look at the note in the suitcase which says: A=10, B=20, … So adding the values of OASARAM gives you 680. 37800+680=38400. That’s the code for the case in the suitcase.

    1. Tiff

      The code is actually 38480 to get into the little box inside the briefcase. Then you get the batteries. The clues were 680+37800

  12. Gigi

    Stick wire into small hole next to password panel under books, lights turned blue, then?

  13. Revital

    Our batteries inside clock to get another part of note and wire. Which colors did you use? I tried several combinations

  14. Gigi

    Light blue, green and purple

  15. Arthur

    The code for the safe witj the blue light us a quite tricky thing. Remember the note with ” add the red to the odd ones out”. It’ s in fact ” add the red to the missing ones. AGLLSSCP refer to zodiac. A=Aries, G=Gemini, …
    So the missing ones are Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Aquarius. So this makes TCVA. Add the red, which are ZO, so the code is ZOTCVA

  16. Noosy

    Ok so I got the 4 notes and the hint is escape the beginning and the end , I tried it with the notes but nothing ??

  17. Revital

    Where did you find the 4th note? Still can’t find the handle for the screwdrivers shaft. What do I do with the plaiers ? Did anyone figure out the drawing paper ? The one with the : picture, door, panda ,4,8 written on ? Did anyone open the safe in the cupboard ?
    By the way in order to know the colors to use you need to turn of the lights and than the rainbow picture changes, otherwise it will not work.

    1. brooke

      where can i get the pliers and the wire?

  18. Mach

    Arthur, bravo ! You’re very imaginative. Thanks a lot !

  19. Mach

    For the drawing paper, picture =9, door =3, panda =7; then complete the boxes to make the same sum on every row across and down; the boxes numbered 1,2,3 give 256. That’s the code for the drawer next the bed.

  20. Tif

    How did u get the 4th note? I lit the candle. So what now? I stuck! For the shaft, u need to make use of the metal file!

  21. Tiff

    Once you get the pliers, you can use them on the metal file. It removes the grip, which can then be used for the grip for the small screwdriver

  22. Tiff

    Use the small screwdriver on the mirror, the mirror can be put on the stand in the table by the window. Also used the screwdriver on the divine in the table by the bed, and got the SD card for the camera

  23. Tiff

    Oops *device* on the table

    1. Dolly

      Thamk you for the tips Tiff. You’re brilliant!

  24. Tif

    I got a scrap of iron with muddy color in the middle! But still can’t open the save in wardrobe.

  25. Tif

    Got 4 notes already but still no clue for the save. Anyone help?

  26. Sarah

    Where to get the metal file?

  27. Donna

    Help. I can’t get the 256 PW to work. What am I missing?

    1. Revital

      Did you find all clues? You need to make sure you find all clues before you try to use the password : look behind the picture on the wall of the desk, move the panda and make sure you get as close as you can to the number on the floor and also make sure you get as close as you can to the number on the door

  28. Arthur

    If you got all 4 notes read whats aritten in the camera. From all 4 notrs take zhe middle part –> ZTKATRLF discard beginning (A) and end (Z) si yoi get TKTRLF which is the code for the last safe

  29. Mach

    What can we do with the 4 notes? How make a password for the wardrobe ?

  30. Noosy

    Very smart arthur

  31. Revital

    Used large screwdriver on the metal scrap and got a drawing that is actual the numbers 5247 attached, still don’t know where to use it. Where did you find the 4th note ??? How do I open the blue box on the chair near the entrance ? I tried several combinations from those numbers – no success.
    Please tell me where is the 4th note!

  32. Noosy

    They r just three numbers Flip the device and read it then enter the numbers in the opposite order

  33. Revital

    4th note is in the blue box. Password is 745 not that I understood why I just kept trying combinations of the numbers I found in the metal scrap Z. Thanks to Arthur’s brilliancy I escaped… Good ending

    1. Dolly

      Where is the metal scrap?

  34. Dolly

    Found scrap of metal. Put flyer on mirror, cartches fire, lights candle, candle burns down revealing scrap of metal.

  35. Dolly

    Thank you everyone. Good ending.

  36. Anka

    Escaped, thanks everyone, thanks Arthur!

  37. Mach

    Excuse me, my question was silly because Arthur has already given the answer. Thanks !

  38. Daniel

    The code ZOTCVA won’t work

  39. mair

    Please can you tell me how to get the pliers I’m very stuck x

    1. cheryl

      Where are the pliers

  40. goodlygrey

    Color sticks inserted and accepted (shows as used in inventory). Drawers will not unlock. Where do I tap to get scissors? Thank you.

  41. cheryl

    Where can i get the wire

  42. Help!

    I can’t find the pliers!

  43. patoloco

    Which stick colors do i have to use?

  44. amboro

    where is the last paper? iam stuck with that

  45. amboro

    i did put the color stick and nothimg happen and the color stick cannot used any more… anyone can help me with it? pleaseee its making me going crazy

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