Escape Game: “Looking Through the Glass”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “Looking Through the Glass”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Cassielee21

    Has anyone figured out the code to the trap door under the glass wall where you see the dolphin yet please? I get all the way there and get stuck, I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the picture with the two fish but I really have no clue and it’s doing my head in. Please help 🙂

    1. Candy

      I think it’s 5633 but don’t know why!

  2. Nic74

    You need to find a drinking straw, it’s under the vending machine. You click on the straw a couple of times and then you can use that to open the hatch near the dolphin enclosure. You also need to collect the hook, I think this is under the mesh on the outlet for the bending machine, you attach this to the door with the missing handle and you can then open the door to collect a bucket. Not sure what you do with the bucket though. Stuck on answering the quiz. I have a coin too, but not sure where to find the other. Can’t reach the handle for the screwdriver, it’s above the tank with the jelly fish. Can anyone help?

  3. Nic74

    You need to find a drinking straw, it’s under the vending machine. You click on the straw a couple of times and then you can use that to open the hatch near the dolphin enclosure. You also need to collect the hook, I think this is under the mesh on the outlet for the vending machine, you attach this to the door with the missing handle and you can then open the door to collect a bucket. Not sure what you do with the bucket though. Stuck on answering the quiz. I have a coin too, but not sure where to find the other. Can’t reach the handle for the screwdriver, it’s above the tank with the jelly fish. Can anyone help?

    1. Candy

      Quiz answer is 845 but you need to play with the lights in the box on right to see jellyfish change

  4. Nic74

    Code for prize is 845. You have to turn lights off so the jellyfish multiply before the code will be accepted. Not sure what to do with globe! You get key for light box from touch pool, under rock near the sea cucumber. Also find 100 yen coin behind brown unit. Insert this in vending machine to get dolphin coin. Need code for musical note, no idea! Please help ! 🙂

    1. jen

      Hi how did you get the coin behind the brown unit? i click but it says it’s out of reach, thanks

  5. Meowzer

    I am super stumped. Stuck at the musical note code. I have no freaking idea what’s the code. And the drawer where the phamplet is supposed to be at cant be opened. Apparently it’s stuck and I have no idea how to open it. And the untraceable screwdriver at the top of the tank! Aarghhh.

    1. Meowzer

      Unreachable* screwdriver shaft*

  6. Alisha

    Me too it’s killing me I have a bucket screw driver shaft and one gold coin! If you want to get cupboard open under the yellow phamphlets? You get the handle which is in the vending machine little door under the grate to open the left door and to open the right I touched the top left corner of the right door and it opened. Hope this helped

    1. Meowzer

      Alisha, I don’t mean the cupboard with the bucket. That I can open easily, I meant the small little drawer above the cupboard. Have you tried clicking in that?

  7. Tif

    Managed got the key to the light switch panel. But still couldnt get the qua done… Thought It was 195…. Anyone can help?

    1. Meowzer

      Tif, you’ve got to switch off the lights first. Then the jellyfish will emit off lights. And then they’ll multiply and then you’ll notice there’s 4 pink jellyfish. Answer for the question will then be valid as 8-4-5

  8. Sws

    Where can I find the key for the light switch & the capsule for the dolphin?

  9. Gangnam

    Just completed the game…

    You need to find the swimming goggles at the beginning of the game – that’s the hardest part


    1. tokyotaitai

      where do i find the goggles? i’m stuck with the chain and goodbye note. mimi is missing from the tank too.

  10. Gangnam

    Also – here’s a tip/secret: When you go to the creature tank where the bag is kept and where the stones/rocks are in the water – there is a rock which is wobbly which you can move/remove –

    zoom in once and the view will be the brown bricks of the tank – tap the SECOND brick from the right side (smallest one) and it will zoom in- click on the brick for the removal.

    1. 416

      I keep tapping the wobbly stone but nth happens?

    2. Meowzer

      Gangnam, i kept clicking that wobbly brick but it just won’t remove itself. Do I need something to assist me?

      1. Gangnam

        You need to use the screw driver to remove the wobbly brick

  11. Revital

    Can’t move the brick either, I keep tapping but nothing happens. Where did you find the googles ?

  12. Alisha

    The answer to the music notes is 5633 it’s got to do with dolphins names and scale do ra me fa …

  13. Alisha

    I can find one coin but not the other any help?

    1. Gangnam

      behind the brown unit

  14. Gangnam

    Have you guys seen the ladder yet? Attached to the chain

    1. Leanna

      I can’t find the ladder, pls help tell me where it is

  15. Gangnam

    Guys – so a bit of help for you that are confused about the capsule.

    After you climb up the ladder (you need to remove the chain first), you go up and start talking to the dolphin (mimi). you need to throw the capsule in the water and then mimi (the dolhpin) will give you a fishin net….

  16. Gangnam

    After you removed the wobbly brick with the screw driver.. you need to unscrew the “On/OFF’ switch which is under the wobbly brick.

    you then take than and plug it in where the tank is.

    on ALL of the top 3 (you now have 3.. instead of 2.. obviously) and on the bottom switch

    1. Meowzer

      How do I end it. I don’t know what to do with the chains?

  17. d3m1s

    I filled the bucket with sea water in dolphin’s pool. Then using fishing net I filled bucket with fishes in pool with rocks and I found a coin. Use this coin in beverage disponser. You will get a glass of juice: drink it. Now I’m stuck

    1. Meowzer

      After drinking juice, throw cup away.

  18. Keyboard839

    I can’t remove the wobbly brick although using screwdriver. Do I miss something?

    1. Meowzer

      There’s two sides to the screwdriver, the plus and the minus one. Try switching them?

  19. J

    With regards to the wobbly brick, is there anyone out there who can be more specific yet, to tell us if we’re supposed to find a screwdriver handle as well? Otherwise how are we supposed to, to quote Meowzer, “Try switching them?” (The different tips of the screwdriver.)

    1. Meowzer

      code to the musical note lock is 5-6-3-3(so ra mi mi) then the ladder appears with the chain. Take the chain. Go up the ladder. Talk to Mimi. After talking, throw the plastic capsule at Mimi. She’ll get you the long net that was at the bottom of her tank. Use that net to reach to the screwdriver shaft that was on too of the jellyfish tank. Then go and loosen the rock. Unscrew the switch.

      1. J

        Meowzer thank you!

    2. Kaku

      Try pressing the green button on the screwdriver, it will change the tip

  20. Alisha

    I have the coin from behind the brown cupboard need the other it’s stopping me from gettin anywhere!

  21. Alisha

    Sorry it is the one from there but it says it’s out of reach?!!

  22. Keyboard839

    Where is the screwdriver handle? I just found the screwdriver shaft. And why I can’t use the bucket to fill water?

    1. Keyboard839

      Get it. Thanks

  23. d3m1s

    Drunk juice and thrown cup away 2 times… Now I have the chain and goodbye note… I’m tapping everywhere but I can’t use chain nowhere…

  24. Revital

    The screwdriver shaft is ontop of the tank with the jellyfish , you need the net to get it.
    I drank the juice and threw the cup ok so what was that for ?
    The door in the dolphin tank is now open but I can’t climb the ladder because I have the bucket filled with water and the sea creatures.
    Someone talked about googles but I didn’t find any.
    I have the chain and the bucket I retrieved the globular toy so I still gave that but no idea what’s next

    1. d3m1s

      put the bucket on top of the grate in the right corner of the tank with rocks. But I don’t know how to procede…

  25. Keyboard839

    Can somebody help with the goggle?

  26. Delta

    Where is the capsule?

    1. Meowzer

      We’re all stuck at the same problem. Everything done, only has chain and goodbye note left. Mimi has gone to the back. We clicked everywhere but there’s nothing. Someone says to find the goggles but the damn thing can’t be found. Omg!

  27. Alisha

    Still trying to figure out how to get the coin behind the brown cupboard! Driving me mad!

  28. Revital

    You need to tap on the left side of the cabinet, and than tap one on the cabinet itself it moves and you can take the coin.
    I now have the goodby note and the chain but I don’t know what to do with them , I tapped everywhere but nothing worked. How do you get out of this da.. room ???

    1. d3m1s

      The same for me. I tapped everywhere

  29. Alisha

    I have everything but the note I have everything but that. The only thing I have found that’s not on her is to flick the switches off until a warning pops up saying the switch board is off then flick in order 1312131 dont know why just was clicking and a red light came on saying a message went out not sure what it does cause I don’t have the note. How do you get it?

    1. Meowzer

      Thanks Alisha! Escaped!

  30. Dreamy

    Alisha, u can get the note from playing the capsule with Mimi. She will return the capsule with the note.

    I’ve gotten out, thanks to Alisha. Not sure why 1312131. After flicking the switches with the note, the red button appears and pressing it activated the drainage of dolphin pool. Then wait for the water to totally drain off.

    Then climb up the ladder again and tie the chain to the ladder to get out from the dolphin pool.

    Btw there’s no googles involved.

    1. Keyboard839

      Dreamy, I keep playing the capsule with the dolphin but nothing happen. Don’t know why?

  31. Revital

    Thanks dreamy, never would have thought about it.
    I thought escaping through the dolphin pool and I thought that was what the googles were for, someone must have played a joke on us…

  32. Alisha

    Have no idea why mines not working have given the toy to the dolphins a million times it either says she doesn’t want to get it or that she is making fun of me for not swimming! I have even re-started the whole game and it is still doin the same thing I don’t know why?!

    1. Meowzer

      Alisha, if I remember correctly, I played with the dolphin a little until it doesn’t want to do anything anymore. Then I went around the room doing other things. And looked at the phoo behind the penguin bin and all. And then I went back to the dolphin and threw the capsule and it worked and she took it with her and when I took it back, the note was inside.

      1. Mason

        I tried several times as well still not getting note from the dolphin. Have screwdriver and chainsaw left. Please help not sure what I am missing

        1. Mason

          Meant have chains and screwdriver left . No note from dolphin pls help

  33. Keyboard839

    I can’t get the note. The dolphin do not play the capsule. Do I miss something?

  34. Delta

    What capsule??????? This is making me nuts.

  35. Delta

    Finally got all except note. Mimi is a pain. Played capsule with her forever, and still no note. UGH!!!!!

  36. Keyboard839

    Help! Still stuck, cannot get the memo. The problem is sometimes the dolphin don’t want to play the capsule and sometimes when it pick up the capsule it won’t give back.

    Is there any function for the penguin shape garbage pin?

  37. Tina

    What to do with the goodbye note?

  38. Candy

    I’ve started again after playing with dolphin 5 million times! How do you get the screwdriver handle I can’t remember ?!!

  39. Alisha

    Ok so I finally finished! If your up to the part where you have the chain and the screwdriver all you have to do is go to the brown cupboard there is a small drawer above the cupboard doors. Open it with the screwdriver and take the pamphlets. They will auto go into the container pick one up and go to the door and put under gain a coin to get another drink. Once you have thrown this away the penguin will give u a clue so that the dolphin gives you the letter! Once you have this flick the switches 1312131 and you can escape with the chain. This game drained my life!

  40. Tina

    1312131 doesn’t work, this game is driving me crazy.

  41. Tina

    Now I escaped, that was a hard one. Anybody started one of the other free games?

  42. Apeksha

    I am left with the the chain and a note…what to do next???
    Need help…

  43. Silver

    Hey guys um….i found the straw,two golden coins the handle for the cabinet door, bycket,100yen and the screwdriver i have no idea why the music note door is in numbers for u guys and mine says there is no keyhole but its locked and the bag with the fish smell what do i do with that and how do i get the sea cucumber out of the way so that i can get the key
    please help me!!!!

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