Escape Game: “The Mirror of Truth”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Mirror of Truth”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Jeanne

    Help please. I have found the screwdriver, batteries and tape. I put the batteries in the clock, but can’t figure out what time to set. I found the 7230MP on the computer file and the backwards arrow when u scroll down. I also opened the cd drive. I know there is something on top of the light and something behind the glass shelf, but I can’t reach either one. I can see the fish on the no face poster, and see that I can go on top of the fish tank. I also know about the +0140 on the wall clock. I am thinking that I need one of the codes or the clock time to proceed from here, but I can’t seem to crack them in the combos I have tried so far. Do you have any hints about what to do next? Thank you!

    1. Tiggy

      Same here. I thought the 7230MP with an arrow pointing to the left meant to read the code backwards. Ie PM0327. Meaning 3:27 in the afternoon. Tried that on the codes but doesn’t work. Help pls!

      1. Jeanne

        3:27 PM could equate to 15:27 on a 24 hr clock, which I also tried on the 4 digit lock and on the digital clock – no luck. But what about the +0140 on the wall clock? Are you supposed to add that to the 3:27? I tried those numbers, on both a 12 hr and 24 hr clock, as well – no luck. Let me know if you come up with any other ideas.

  2. Jeanne

    I got the time! Here’s a hint: add 0140 to 7230 then reverse the numbers. Then punch that time into the digital clock according to th 24 hr clock. I am now to a point where I have found another sequence of numbers, but have no idea what to do with them. Let me know when you get here, or if you need more clues.

  3. Tiggy

    505, 5, 302, 2…couldn’t figure it out 🙁

    1. Jeanne

      Hint: take the bulb off of the flashlight. I’m pretty sure you will know where to put it. Then plug in the mathematical formula on the ceiling into the sequence of numbers on the fish tank. The result is the combo to the fish tank. Let me know if you need help beyond there.

      1. Mobes

        Hey Jeanne – hint on the fish tank code pleeeeaase?

      2. Jodie

        I do need help. What is the code for fish tank….not understand the equation

  4. Tiggy

    Yay! I figured it out and escaped! Thx for the hints!

  5. Jenn

    Hint for the password for the SECRET file?

  6. Jakub

    I’m stuck with half key, pointer and transparent fish. Dono what to do next. Pls help

    1. Jakub

      Now I’m stuck on secret file pw. Got the paper with 0123

      1. ditte

        Use the paper with 0123 on the mirror 🙂 then you get code for the secret file

        1. Jakub

          I have tried that code before but without using mirror. Thanks ditte

          1. Mobes

            My math sux whats the fish tank code with x-x?

      2. mair

        Where is the piece of paper with 0123 please? X

  7. anna

    The equation the lamp shows is x-x… Am I missing something???

  8. Krissy

    Multiply 505 by 5 and 302 by 2. When you get the answers subtract them and you will have the fish tank code.

    1. Mobes

      Thanks Krissy !

  9. Krissy

    No problem ; ) let me know if you figure out after that…..I am stuck now

    1. Mobes

      Its the key to drawer, turn note 90 degrees to get glass cabinet code… at coloured squares still going

  10. anna

    I have the fish, pointer, and put one picture in the album and am absolutely astuck. Help please?

    1. Ida

      Use pointer to get half key from the lamp (turn off light), use pointer with tape on to get picture behind glass shelf.

      I have fish and ring, dont know what to do. Help please

      1. Brittney

        I can’t figurw out what to do with only a pointer. I’ve read the comments, I’ve got the one picture behind thw glass but nothing else

  11. Karen

    need help with the wardrobe puzzle… cracking up here! Pretty pleas somebody have a hint?

  12. Mobes

    Once you place the photos in album you can open drawer with coloured squares and get disc for computer. Hint: theres another clue in that drawer

    1. Ida

      Thanks, escaped now 🙂

  13. Jenn

    What do I do with the diamond ring?

  14. julie

    Ahhh! Ive been stuck on the colored blocks puzzle for days! Ive tried following the arrow clues from picture album, but I still don’t get it!! Can anyone help?

  15. Luckycharm

    The clock code isn’t working for me…I added 0140 to 7230=7370 and I reversed it. I have tried all combinations of these numbers together and i can’t get clock open. Help.

  16. alicia

    In the album once u put in the missing pics it says R, w-arrows…follow that clue w-the colored square code… starting w-the (R) =red , rt to yellow…,.etc.

  17. julie

    Thanks alicia! Ugh I was wayyy overcomplicating that. wonder I didn’t figure it out.

  18. kimmyboop

    What do u do with the fish and ring??? Thanks!

    1. J

      yeah, what to do with the fish and ring?

  19. ane

    Hi.where do you get that pointer? Clicked around hundred times / cant find :/

    1. J

      the pointer is on the shelf in the glass book shelf, at the feet of the books on top shelf

  20. L

    what is the clue to open the glass case. I did clock and now only have flashlight and tape. I see the paper but cant reach it, I see the fish on the poster, and I see that the pc has a cd compartment that opens. can someone help please.

    1. J

      clue to open glass case is the “OMN” in the drawer with the photo album. if you rotate that OMN 90 degrees, it symbolises 3 numbers “032”. This opens the glass case. Get pointer. It is extendable. Once you extend it, add the tape to it and it will reach the paper behind the book shelf.

  21. L

    cant find anymore items.

  22. L

    505×5 = 2525 and 302×5 = 604 2525 – 604 = 1921 but that wont open the tank.

  23. lumma

    How do you get bulb from flashlight?

  24. L

    Lumma. Had same problem. Turn flaashlight on and tap on tank.

  25. L

    someone how do you find the other picture to open the wardrobe

  26. L

    Could somebody please reply
    with some help.

  27. vinsick

    The ring isn’t used but for the good ending. The secret file password is in the drawer against the front inside wall. Hold it up to the mirror…

  28. natasha

    I’m totally stuck I have fish tape and half key and i have no clue where to go from here where is this pointer everyone is talking about

  29. natasha

    How do you turn the lamp off?

  30. dann

    Hi can someone tell me where to find the sheet of paper whit the code for secret file please im stuck

    1. mustafa

      It is inside right of the drawer with color cube.

  31. Sheryl

    Hi Natasha, the switch for the light is in the first scene. It’s beside the door. The pointer is in the glass book shelf. After you retrieve it, go behind the glass shelf and pick the picture by using the pointer and the tape. The fish is used to read the secret words in the poster (above the sofa with teddy). Seems like the key is used to open the wardrobe, but I still can’t open it yet.

  32. brittany

    Where is the screwdriver I’m lost

  33. Paula

    The screwdriver is in a desk drawer

  34. Brandi

    Can someone tell me where to find the ring please.

    1. Brandi

      Never mind I found it

  35. steph

    I am very confused. I have figured out all rhe clues up to the pw for the secret file. I held it up to the mirror, but the computer is telling me still that it looks wrong. And i can’t find the diamond ring. Pleaae help?

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