Escape Game: “The Black Case Files”: Walkthrough

Escape Game: “The Black Case Files”


Feel free to ask for help in the comments section until a walkthrough is posted.

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  1. Empty

    Has anyone started the black case file yet that could help me out? Thanks.

  2. Empty

    Here’s a little help on this.
    1) hold the blue money bag card up to big square on wall and you’ll see (pee or psi).

    2) click on stand in front of chalkboard until you see the case. Put in the pse/psi can’t remember and u get a small block.

    3) go back to wall with small square input the block it will open a safe.
    Put in 8429(#s found in room of 3587 and +4842 on paper.

    4) set lamp on the end table and u see lac(not solved that yet). Go to left cushion of couch cut with glass shard to get dog collar.

    5) put the blue card on top of fish tank and it gets wet. Go to end table put the card there to dry and exit room and walk around abit . Go back to room and the blue card should be dry now with a reindeer.

    Theres a sliding door by the couch tap and it reveals a dog and bowl(not figured how to solve and also there’s a dial on bookcase not sure either.

    Also,there’s a little sliding door by the couch tap it and it opens to reveal a dog bowl

  3. Empty

    Sorry, I forgot to include to get the paper with +4842 you go to the drawers attached to the chalkboard and tap the left one on the side.U remove the screw and tap to open to get the need this before entering code.

  4. Samson

    Reindeer = Christmas = 1225 -> use this to open the bottom of the bookshelf along with the clue “LRLR”

    1. Dan

      Hi how did u solved the puzzel i dont get it how do ineed turning the dial

      1. sleepy

        push left side white spot once, than , push next white spot on the right side, the one on the rt side after that , than towards the left side white spot 1 and then 2, then…..

        1. Dan

          Thanks but i tried but it seems not working either i dont know what spot i need to push to turn the dial or i m missing an item
          I have active items : the broken miror peace, the reendier blue card and the red dogbrace
          What spots do i have to pusch and in what ordrer

          Heres the graph of the dial
          2. 3

          4. 5

  5. Anka

    Im sruck, i gave brad roll to the dog and put his collar, looks like im missing 2 more items…. I have no clue what to do next

    1. Dan

      Anka how did u turned the dial to open the shelf?

  6. Zazie

    Return to the dog (after ate the food) and take a red card with letters B and K, then go to the bookshelves, open a black book, take an envelop, cut it with the piece of mirror, take the key, and leave the game!

    1. Dan

      Where can i find food?

    2. Dan

      Turning that dial makes me crazy i dont knoe how it works

  7. Dan

    Samson how u solved i dont get the dial open

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